Philip Dru: Administrator

Philip Dru Administrator First published anonymously in this novel describes for the overthrow of the U S government in favor of a socialist regime House was an advisor to Presdient Wilson

  • Title: Philip Dru: Administrator
  • Author: Edward Mandell House
  • ISBN: 9781406813708
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • First published anonymously in 1912, this novel describes for the overthrow of the U.S government in favor of a socialist regime House was an advisor to Presdient Wilson.

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      Edward Mandell House Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Philip Dru: Administrator book, this is one of the most wanted Edward Mandell House author readers around the world.

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    1. I think the best way to sum up this book is to call it the prequel to Orwell's nightmare world of 1984. If you have read 1984 and wondered how could it get so bad, then just read Philip Dru and you will see how to create a nightmare world controlled by government dictators, I mean "Administrators".Mr. House is a horrible writer, and getting through this book is a chore. But worse than his writing is his ideas! The novel brings about numerous Marxist ideas to destroy the U.S. Constitution and ind [...]

    2. The worst book I've ever red in my life; at best its a shoddy preachy novel, at worst its propaganda on how a dictatorship in America would actually be good for the people. A bland hero, powerful yet moronic bankers & corrupt politicians and the hero overthrows the republic while giving himself the title of "Administrator of the Republic". After which he runs a perfect country where he provides for the needy and strikes down the wicked, maintaining himself as Administrator until such time as [...]

    3. Several months ago, I heard Glenn Beck refer to this book. He said it was Woodrow Wilson's favorite book. First, a little bit of the plot line from the book.The story is about a man, Philip Dru, who leads a revolt against the United States government because it had become too corrupt. After the revolution, he scraps the Constitution and makes himself "Administrator." He then changes every concept of national and state governments to reflect his view of governance.I had a hard time believing the [...]

    4. The edition which I read not only included the story related in the book of how a short military campaign is conducted to overthrow and replace the USA government and replace it with a socialistic form of democracy, it also commented on how the author actual worked in the government of the USA to accomplis these objectives. This was paramount in the administration of Woodrow Wilson but continued into FDR's also.

    5. Philip Dru: Administrator, Edward M. House, B.W. Huebsch, 1912A novel of the near future, this is the story of one man’s dictatorship of America, and the taking back of the US from the moneyed special interests.Philip Dru is your average, smarter than normal, West Point graduate. Stationed in the desert Southwest, Gloria, his girlfriend, and sister of Jack, his best friend, comes for an extended visit. Philip nearly destroys his eyesight when he and Gloria get lost in the hills, and almost die [...]

    6. Look, dude: it's okay to write a political manifesto. It's not actually necessary to try and force it into the shape of some vague utopian novel; especially if the very concept of plot and characterization escape you. The titular character spends the entire novel breathlessly describing everything from tax reforms to railroad regulation to the superiority of cremation over burial to anyone who will listen. That's everyone, by the way--everyone listens. That's because every single other person on [...]

    7. After finishing "Philip Dru: Administrator", the best thing I can say about it is that author Edward Mandell House might have created a semi-autobiographical character to explain the political boss system the dominated American politics for nearly half a century. The story of a former West Point graduate who leads a revolution against a corrupt government is not even believable and the 1 million man battle of Elma is laughable. To call the main characters, Dru and Gloria, flat would be an instal [...]

    8. This is fairly obscure (and badly written) novel written at the turn of the century that explores the idea of rewriting the "outdated" U.S. Constitution and changing American government. In the story, Dru rises to prominence and leads an armed revolution against the current corrupt government, replacing it with his own ideas of a perfect benevolent government. He acts as the "Administrator" (read dictator), changing the federal and state constitutions to reflect his collectivist policies. He eve [...]

    9. The book was written in 1911 by Col. Edward Mandell House who later became the closest advisor to President Woodrow Wilson. While the book itself is tedious reading, it is important reading for those who would like to understand American history. Even though the book is a work of fiction it reveals the mind, the ethics, and the political "faith" of the man who wrote it who was himself a secretive individual, a secretive Marxist, working behind the scene to bring about big changes in America in p [...]

    10. Ok, so I read this after hearing Glenn Beck talk about it. Honestly, I do not see the big deal? This book was bad. Yes, the subject is bad, but the writing is horrible.<>A guy overthrows the US gov't and becomes a benevolent dictator (but don't all dictators claim to be benevolent?). He sets about writing a new constitution with limited representation within the judicial and legislative bodies, and, abolishes the current supreme court in favor of a series of courts through out the country. [...]

    11. Ignoring the ideological issues of the book, the simple fact of the matter is that it was poorly written and lacked any kind of character whatsoever. I've read electronics manuals with more depth of feeling, and the character development was completely absent. Why? Because the entire piece of (fiction) nothing more than propagandist conjecture regarding the implementation of a Socialist/Progressive Society by a "Benevolent Dictator" who overthrew the US Government (by Civil War, I might add) and [...]

    12. This is a ridiculous book written by a hypocritical sociopath. Self proclaimed "Colonel" House (not to be confused with someone with actual military experience) romanticizes the violent overthrow of Washington and Jefferson's Republic and the imposition of a benevolent hero "Administrator" (read Dictator). It is interesting, however, to read the enemy's own blueprint on how they are working to dismantle the Republic and install a global government system. It is no surprise that after publishing [...]

    13. This trite bit of self-indulgence was written by a failed presidential advisor kicked out of the the Woodrow Wilson administration for political and personality differences. What do you do if you are Edward house and your hopes and dreams for the future come crashing down? You write a "fictional" story in which you live them out. Philip Dru, a "humble" man of seemingly unending intellect somehow finds himself vaulted to the top of the American political structure where he is "forced" by circumst [...]

    14. If I were teaching a class on early 20th century history, I would definitely assign this as a book to read. It's a fascinating portrait of an ideology from the era: the author, "Colonel" House, was a close friend and advisor to President Wilson.It reminds me a bit of "Atlas Shrugged" in its unfettered defense of an ideology.

    15. The anti Atlas Shrugged, this book is about a thoughtful young soldier and writer who leads a civil war against a corrupt American government and institutes a series of reforms to root greed, corruption, and selfishness out of American public life.Quite possibly the worst book I ever forced myself to finish.

    16. The wet dream of an influential Progressive of the early 1900s in which Dru becomes a benevolent dictator of the US. It'd be a bit laughable if the author wasn't a foreign policy advisor to Woodrow Wilson and the mentality of a necessary nanny state wasn't all too prevalent.

    17. On the "To Read" list but the novella, Col. House's rant on "ideal fascist America" is not the critical part of this edition. The Forward by essayist & blogger William Norman Grigg is worth the price of admission.

    18. Researching the origins and meanings behind this book, not to mention the lengths I had to go to in order to read it, were much more exciting than the actual book

    19. Well written book that gives you the mindset of a progressive. Quick question thoughIf the "new" America was so perfect then why on earth would Phillip Dru decide to leave it?

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