Love is Enough

Love is Enough Angie Antonelli has the life she s always wanted a promising political career a supportive family and great friends The one thing missing is what she hoped she d have by now a committed relationshi

  • Title: Love is Enough
  • Author: Cindy Rizzo
  • ISBN: 9781311248657
  • Page: 214
  • Format: ebook
  • Angie Antonelli has the life she s always wanted a promising political career, a supportive family, and great friends The one thing missing is what she hoped she d have by now, a committed relationship with the woman of her dreams.Jan Clifford has been taking a break from dating while she figures out how to create a life that is fulfilling than the country club socieAngie Antonelli has the life she s always wanted a promising political career, a supportive family, and great friends The one thing missing is what she hoped she d have by now, a committed relationship with the woman of her dreams.Jan Clifford has been taking a break from dating while she figures out how to create a life that is fulfilling than the country club society of her parents and her job in the family s investment firm.When Angie and Jan are set up on a blind date to go sailing, the chemistry is immediate and the attraction undeniable, but each wonders if she can really fit into the other s world Can the politician who fights for the little guy make things work with the financier who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth Before it has time to get very far, this new relationship is put to the test First, Angie must decide how she really feels when the woman who broke her heart many years ago suddenly comes back into her life And then the worlds of politics and finance collide when Jan refuses to walk away from a business deal that threatens Angie s re election to a second term in Congress.Can the intense connection they feel keep Angie and Jan together Only hopeless romantics believe that love is enough Or is it From the author of the award winning debut novel, Exception to the Rule, Cindy Rizzo once again delivers a riveting story that blends romance with the important issues of our time.

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    1. Cindy Rizzo

      Cindy Rizzo lives in New York City with her wife, Jennifer, and the requisite two cats issued to every lesbian household well, most She has worked in philanthropy for many years and has a long history of involvement in the LGBT community, including membership on the founding board of Gay Lesbian Advocates and Defenders GLAD , the organization that first brought marriage equality to the US In the 1970s and 1980s she wrote for Boston s Gay Community News and has published essays in the anthologies, Lesbians Raising Sons and Homefronts Controversies in Non Traditional Parenting She was the co editor of a fiction anthology, All the Ways Home, published in 1995 New Victoria in which her story Herring Cove was included She serves on the boards of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah in New York and Funders for LGBT Issues She and her wife have two grown sons, a wonderful daughter in law, and a baby granddaughter.

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    1. Is it fate or a lucky coincidence that I read this right after Madam President ? All the political fireworks I was expecting but were non-existent in the former is right here, in all its glorious colors. And all the while, I'd merely expected this to be just another fluffy romance, from the title and the cover. Well, I'm very pleasantly surprised.The romance between the leads is of the love-at-first-sight variety. Friends and family applaud and approve, so most of the first half is pretty smooth [...]

    2. Great romance! The blurb precisely outlines the novel's plot - there's not much more to say about it. This review might get a bit spoilerish.Angie and Jan meet each other, sparks fly, they start dating - the first part of the book, in addition to dealing with the initial phase of the relationship, also deals with Angie's insecurities regarding a previous relationship gone terribly wrong. At first this made ​​me a little skeptical - I confess I'm a bit tired of the whole "someone broke my hea [...]

    3. I enjoyed Love is Enough even more than Exception to the Rule. It's really a great romance novel. Just a little sappy at the end, but very well written with great dialogue. With these two novels Cindy Rizzo has proven to be a good romance writer.4.5 stars

    4. Drama.Angie is a congressman going into bat for the little guy. Jan is the scion of Boston old money. They fall in love on a blind date, and spend a few blissful pages realizing how perfect they are for one another. Abruptly, an old flame of Angie's unexpectedly appears back in her life, and a new mall project which threatens small businesses pits politician and businessman against one another.Yeah, it's alright.Although the book tries hard to paint Angie and Jan as a meeting of unlikely souls, [...]

    5. Let me get this out of the way right at the top: I don't like politics. I never really have. That was a tough row to hoe when I was living with a mother and grandmother who spent about 75% of their waking hours watching or talking politics.Don't get me wrong. That doesn't mean I ignore politics. Not at all. I have to pay attention to it because, you see, I vote. And if I'm going to vote intelligently, I have no choice but to pay attention to politics. And, being a lesbian, I have a lot at stake [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading Love is Enough. I loved the pace of the book, from the steamy love at first sight connection between Angie and Jan to the behind-the-scenes political wrangling. I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends Robin and Tracy from Exception to the Rule and meeting new characters who added a lot to the story. Rizzo's inclusion of transman Hadley gave the reader a peek at the life and challenges trans folks have to deal with every day in their lives. Angie's mother Jeanette was a t [...]

    7. This book is significantly better than the previous 'Exception to the Rule'. It was awesome to meet all that great characters again.

    8. Great story, once again, from Cindy Rizzo. Angie, I knew and loved from Exception to the Rule, but getting to know her in all her glory was fascinating. Smart, funny, political, compassionate and driven: Angie's an amazing character. Jan's just as wonderful, and sharing dressing dilemmas was interesting. How can you be yourself when everyone around you fits a certain mold? Mix these two with their eclectic group of friends and a political arena and you have a story that will entertain as much as [...]

    9. Loved itI liked the characters and supporting characters as well and look forward to reading more from this author can't wait.

    10. Angie Antonelli’s life is well ordered and going smoothly. Her political career is jogging along steadily, she has a loving family backing her every step of the way and some fantastic close friends she’s known since college. There is one thing Angie’s missing and dearly wants, a loving relationship with her dream woman.Jan Clifford has a top notch job in her family’s investment company. After breaking up with her previous girlfriend, she’s currently taking a break from dating. That is, [...]

    11. A book about friends, family and finding yourself. As adults it’s difficult to change the direction of our lives, careers, loves. Love Is Enough is a gem of a book, a traditional romance with strong female characters striving for success. A loving family and supportive friends surround Angie Antonelli, her work consists of building up support for her re-election and hopefully a second term in Congress. With her mother heading her campaign Angie has to stay focused and as little personal time t [...]

    12. First, let me say up front that I really enjoyed this book. It had romance, political intrigue, interesting characters, and a few good plot twists.As the book blurb states: Angie Antonelli has the life she’s always dreamed of—a promising political career, a supportive family, and great friends. The one thing missing is what she always hoped she’d have by now, a committed relationship with the woman of her dreams. Jan Clifford has been taking a break from women while she figures out how to [...]

    13. I'm giving it a 4 (maybe 3.5 but better than 3 - like the Olympics maybe a 3.75!!!!). Anyways I did enjoy the political backdrop of the book, the ethical/ moral issues they faced. I not normally a fan of sequels (ie characters being carried on and on - sometimes it's nice to leave them where they left off and imagine life was good). In the case of Robin and Tracy from Exception to the Rule, I didn't really like them all grown up. But overall I really enjoyed the story, it's pacey and interesting [...]

    14. The characters were were perfectly drawn, each and every one of them. Not a single black-and white cookie cutter character, they were all layered, well wrought, with flaws and strenghths. Their growth over the course of the story was relatable and engrossing, and I think I fell in love a little bit with Jan and Angie both. The writing was smooth, abundant with fact without ever resorting to info-dump.Overall, a very enjoyable read.

    15. I could not even get past the second chapter of this book. This writer captures the male mentality well with the assumptions of 'what I got in my pants will satisfy any woman' and 'we gotta keep the brainless, little woman happy'. None of these things are said its just the feeling I get from this book. What is with another woman acting like that. And referring to a woman as 'handsome'. VERY unappealing! I would give this book zero stars if I could.

    16. Politics and business is at the center of this read. Which can make for interesting storytelling. I thought the read was engaging and entertaining from the beginning with the instant chemistry between Angie Antonelli and Jan Clifford. Angie's mom, Jeannette was a hoot. I thought the Nicky and Maria storyline was very different from the usual reads because of how much Maria wanted to make things better for Angie and her friends. Warm and fuzzy feel good read.

    17. Ultimately a good example of what I don't like about romance novels. It's just too much of everything. Too fabricated in places, too painfully sweet in others, plot points too predictable. The characters don't come alive in their molds and in the end everything ties up too nicely.The writing made me cringe in places but I can't exactly put my finger on why that was.

    18. Read this book over the last two evenings - didn't want to put it down. It's a great follow up to the author's first novel, Exception to the Rule. The focus is on Angie Antonelli and her political career - and how this impacts her new relationship. Characters from her past, both good and bad, also feature in the story.

    19. This is an enjoyable, feel good read. I liked the story, variety of characters and deep friendships. Reading 'Exception to the Rule', I would say that the author only got better in her storytelling. Recommend reading.

    20. Love is Enough by Cindy Rizzo: reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwid 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

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