Truly, Madly, Famously

Truly Madly Famously Lights camera love After being plucked from obscurity Hollywood s newest starlet Paige Townsen has a hit film to her name and Rainer Devon on her arm But being half of the world s most famous cou

  • Title: Truly, Madly, Famously
  • Author: Rebecca Serle
  • ISBN: 9780316366403
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lights, camera, love After being plucked from obscurity, Hollywood s newest starlet, Paige Townsen, has a hit film to her name and Rainer Devon on her arm But being half of the world s most famous couple comes with a price No matter where Paige goes, someone is always watching Soon she finds herself dodging photographers hiding her feelings for her other costar, JordanLights, camera, love After being plucked from obscurity, Hollywood s newest starlet, Paige Townsen, has a hit film to her name and Rainer Devon on her arm But being half of the world s most famous couple comes with a price No matter where Paige goes, someone is always watching Soon she finds herself dodging photographers hiding her feelings for her other costar, Jordan Wilder and navigating tabloid scandals that threaten to tear her and Rainer apart and end her career as quickly as it began.As she navigates her new L.A life in this sequel to Famous in Love, Paige finds that she doesn t know who to trust Old friends could be betraying her secrets, and new friends are keeping secrets of their own.

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      For all inquiries please email rebecca rebeccaserle Rebecca Serle is the author of When You Were Mine and is an obsessive lover of all things pop culture She blogs about The Vampire Diaries for New York magazine s Vulture and can be found on Twitter RebeccaASerle She, like Caggie, lives in Manhattan just far from the Upper East Side.

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    1. 5 Words: fame, relationships, friends, family, betrayal.Time: 23:10Me: Hmm, I think I'll read a chapter or two before bed.Brain: Good idea.Me: This is fluff, a chapter of this and then time to sleep.(Picks up Truly, Madly, Famously)Me: See, fluff. End of chapter. Let's sleep.Brain: But that was just a short chapter, let's read another.Me: OK, one more chapter.Time: 01:15Me: Damn. That was actually pretty good.Brain: More. I need more. Where's the next one? When?Me & Brain: 2016?!?! NOOOOOO!* [...]

    2. STOP - before you read this please be aware that there may be book 1 spoilers included DO NOT KEEP READING if you don't want to know them! Let me just start off saying that I think I loved this book more than Famous in Love. I wasn’t sure that was going to happen, in fact, I was kind of on the fence about reading this because I didn’t love love book 1. I’m so stinking glad I did because once I started this, I couldn’t stop! I’ll be honest, book 1 didn’t end quite where I wanted it to [...]

    3. Very, VERY love-triangle-y. If you don't like the love triangle AVOID. But, if you can tolerate the stereotype of two insanely attractive boys falling for an 'average' girl who is, in herself, quite beautiful, set to the backdrop of Hollywood, this is a great book. Unfortunately, I hate when a girl has to choose between two guys, especially when she loves both of them. My preferred ending would be that they all went their separate ways, and realised they only fell in love because they were co-st [...]

    4. Disclaimer: I work for Team Serle, so I'm definitely going to read this book more than once, but oh how I WANT to reread. So much. Famous in Love and Truly Madly Famously are these two books that are, on the one hand, totally Hollywood drama love triangle, but, guys, this is Rebecca Serle. If you've read a Rebecca Serle book (WHICH YOU SHOULD - I don't officially have a favorite but ask me about When You Were Mine and I might never shut up) you know that no matter how much drama, there's always [...]

    5. CORA AND THE REREADSI just love these books, OK?They make me feel happy, smile a big cheesy grin.They are not the best written books ever. I know that they're pretty poor.But I am in love with the characters and the tension and how it makes me feel, and that's what really matters.

    6. As fun as the pop culture and Hollywood aspects of this book are, the plot and my overall enjoyment of this book went downhill fast. The love triangle really bothered me, but then again you know what you're signing up for when you read this series I liked book 1 better, but oh the glitz and glam was fun!

    7. I loved Famous in Love because its plotline is one of my favourite contemporary plotlines: average teen turned into a hollywood star overnight and the book revolves around their adjustment to this new life as well as the struggle to stay true to themselves. Of course who can forget the usual cute romances that occur with a fellow celebrity counterpart? Rebecca Serle's first book had that as well as being set on Maui, a Hawaiian island, for their movie shooting; talk about beautiful scenery descr [...]

    8. I'll post a full review closer to pub-date, but for now I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH! I was lucky enough to read an arc of Famous in Love and I did fall in love with it. That was almost a year ago and I didn't know how I was possibly going to wait for the sequel, but I got lucky again and received this arc so early. It's everything I could have asked for in a sequel, and more. Rebecca Knows her stuff and I ant WAIT for more!!!

    9. Graded By: PoshdeluxeCover Story: Keepin' It ClassyBFF Charm: Single White FemaleSwoonworthy Scale: 9Talky Talk: Straight Up JuicyBonus Factors: Fame, Love Triangle, The MTV Movie AwardsRelationship Status: Swimfan 4 LifeRead the full book report here.

    10. This book made me happy, then broke my heart and then sorta mended it. I still feel like it could fall apart at any moment because the way it fixed my heart is kinda like a little kid using elmers glue to put their piggy bank back together; its doing the job nothing more, but still extremely fragile. This book takes place almost immediately after Paige’s big announcement at the press conference. She is still learning how to deal with her new found fame, Rainer is dealing with his sleaze ball d [...]

    11. Just when I was about to give up on this, Rebecca Serle hit me right in the feels: If two years ago someone would have told me that I'd be August, that I'd be starring in Locked, that my face would be on the cover of Vanity Fair, and that I'd be the number one Googled celebrity on the planet, I would have never believed them. But that's just it. Life isn't meant to be believable. It's meant to be magical. Haven't you heard? Truth is stranger than fiction.(No, I'm not crying, lemme alone.)Oh, and [...]

    12. Well. I did not like this one nearly as much as the first one. I liked Paige in the first book, but she was super annoying the whole time in this one. Cheating in books always makes me angry, too. Paige and Rainer were officially together in this one so all her pining over Jordan was just not ok anymore. I didn't like the additional characters that were introduced. The one lesson Paige learned that I did appreciate was that she finally realized she was just 18 and choosing between the two guys w [...]

    13. Actual rating: 4.5 starsDidn't I finish the first book some hours ago? Yes. Do I have to study? Well, yes. But is this book great? HELL YES. The sequel is as good as the first one. Maybe better, because I do have to say I love Alexis very, very much. It was still predictable but nonetheless cute and enjoyable. I love how it ended but I'm a bit confused because it did feel like the end but has a third book listed that's supposed to come out this year? It would make sense considering the trilogy [...]

    14. Another series that went down the tubes. Clearly Paige wasn't meant for the Hollywood life. It amazes me how one minute she loves Rainer and is sleeping with him but by the end of the book supposedly she is in love with Jordan. Are you kidding me? I tried to like this book because the first one was good but this was just too much for me.

    15. I loved this, even more than Famous in Love. I read the entire book the one sitting because there was no way I could put this down. I can't wait for the third book but at the same time I'm apprehensive since the ending was absolute perfection.

    16. All of the must-readness from the first book is gone and replaced instead with bland encounters and the toll of celebrity. The magic was lost on this one.

    17. A truly delicious sequel--it's as simple as that. It was dramatic and swoon-worthy, just like I wanted it to be. Bravo, Rebecca Serle.

    18. Das Cover:Abgebildet ist auf dem Cover des zweiten Bandes eine junge Frau mit Sonnenbrille, die ihre Hand vor die Kamera eines Fotografen hält, da sie nicht fotografiert bzw. erkannt werden möchte. Wieder ein sehr passendes Cover, da auch Paige mit dem ständigen ungewollten Fotografieren Bekanntschaft machen muss.Die Geschichte:Paige ist mit ihrer Rolle als Augustine in dem ersten Film der ‚Locked‘-Reihe ein bekannter und beliebter Star geworden. Dass sie mit ihrem Co-Star Rayner zusammen [...]

    19. 1.5 starsIn case you needed further proof that I make poor life choices, here it is. I actually wasn’t going to put myself through the tragedy of writing that is Truly Madly Famously, but a friend who will remain anonymous unless he/she chooses to confess requested that I do so for their enjoyment. I live to please.Truly Madly Famously is actually better than Famous in Love. It’s still not good though. Like, it’s not. The writing is simply atrocious. Serle is marginally better about dialog [...]

    20. This is book 2 in the Famous in Love Series.The story continues with Paige being torn between two boys: the one she REALLY loves and the one she feels a sense of loyalty to. That loyalty is also love, but the kind one feels for a close friend, not someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Straight out of the tabloid headlines, Paige gets herself into compromising situations. More on those soon.One of my most favorite characters in this book is Alexis. She's strong, sensible, authenti [...]

    21. Let's get the Portland details out of the way first. For most of the book I was thinking, "Thank god, the main character hasn't been back to Portland, so there are no Portland details to get wrong." But then, on 227, one teenager says to another: "We were going to do Nob Hill."And yes, I know what she's talking about. But no Portlander talks about Nob Hill, we would say "Twenty-third Avenue." Then, on the next page, "You have a protest in the Pearl in forty-five minutesat community garden is not [...]

    22. SIGH. I don't know why I did this to myself because I hate both trilogies and love triangles. But I also love YA and behind-the-scenes Hollywood stories. Dammit Rebecca Serle, you know how to make a girl give up her convictions.Nothing about this book is surprising. If you think something is going to happen, it totally will. That said, whatever, we all know I'll read the last one.I remembered pretty much nothing from the first book, so I'm making myself spoiler cut to refresh my memory when the [...]

    23. Famous in Love was one of my favorite books from last year and I knew that if I only got one book from BEA this year, it was going to be this one (and that it would be my first read of the books I got at BEA). There are rumors that the planned trilogy will only be a duology now and, if that's true, I am content with the ending we got. (Although I hope to see Paige, Rainer, Jordan and Alexis again---and please, Rebecca Serle, give Alexis a spinoff novel!)In this novel, Paige is a lot more comfort [...]

    24. This book was amazing!!! The first book was slow for me, but Rebecca Serle really brought it together for me in book 2. Personally, I was more interested in hearing about the hollywood life rather than hearing about Paige being so unsure of herself. I loved Alexis's character , and thought it was such a great addition to the story. I was happy about Paige's choice (i won't spoil it). I think this is great YA writing, and I recommend it for anyone interested in the celebrity life like i am. Im lo [...]

    25. SO GOOD. I absolutely adore this duloagy and i think it's so good. I really love all the characters and their stories. I also love a lot of drama in a book. all the inspirational quotes and life quotes I really loved. I loved the squad of Paige, Alexis, Rainer and Jordan it was so cute and I wish we could have seen more of it. it was dragged on how Paige like never picked and struggled the whole time, but she finally did. I loved the ending and I was so sad to see it and leave these characters. [...]

    26. I loved Famous in Love. The scenes with both the boys were amazing -- because they're both amazing -- and it was just fun to read about a regular girl's rise to stardom. So I was all ready to love Truly, Madly, Famously as wellI wanted to love it. I really did.ButI didn't. This book starts with Paige being a full-blown celebrity. And she doesn't like it. She is so miserable about being famous, that she made me, the reader, miserable tooFull review on BookNerdsAcrossAmerica: booknerdsacrossameric [...]

    27. 3.5 books. This series is so addicting. (Is there going to be a third?!) I'm always speculating about the love lives of my favorite celebs so Paige and her dilemma was so addicting to read about. Interesting to see how the "machine" works with her picking new roles, paparazzi and fun stuff like that. All in all, a lot of fun to read while out and about doing summer-y thing.

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