The Night That Changed Everything

The Night That Changed Everything Rebecca is the only girl she knows who didn t cry at the end of Titanic Ben is the only man he knows who did Rebecca s untidy but Ben doesn t mind picking up her pieces Ben is laid back by Rebecca kee

  • Title: The Night That Changed Everything
  • Author: Laura Tait JimmyRice
  • ISBN: 9780552170826
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rebecca is the only girl she knows who didn t cry at the end of Titanic Ben is the only man he knows who did Rebecca s untidy but Ben doesn t mind picking up her pieces Ben is laid back by Rebecca keeps him on his toes They re a perfect match.Nothing can come between them Or so they think.When a throwaway comment reveals a secret from the past, their love story is rewRebecca is the only girl she knows who didn t cry at the end of Titanic Ben is the only man he knows who did Rebecca s untidy but Ben doesn t mind picking up her pieces Ben is laid back by Rebecca keeps him on his toes They re a perfect match.Nothing can come between them Or so they think.When a throwaway comment reveals a secret from the past, their love story is rewritten.Can they recover from the night that changed everything And how do you forgive when you can t forget The Night That Changed Everything is a funny, feel good and bittersweet story, told in alternate chapters by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice.

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    1. 4,5 *Me ha encantado. Una historia que me ha hecho reír, llorar, cabrearme pensar Reír porque tiene algunos puntos realmente fabulosos, el personaje de Jemma es para mí, EL PERSONAJE, su humor lleno de verdad ha sido se lo mejor. Llorar, porque sí, hay algo de drama y si ya estás metida en la historia, pues lagrimilla que va. Cabrearme porque más de una vez me han dado ganas de darle un buen meneo a la prota a ver si espabilaba, ¡Qué orgullosa y cabezona! Y pensar, que a veces nos aferra [...]

    2. Originally reviewed for Bookaholic Confessions Things are going well for Rebecca and Ben. They might be complete opposites personality-wise, but don’t they always say opposites attract? They’re living together, Ben has met Rebecca’s Dad (AND gained his all important approval) and they’re both looking forward to spending their future together.However, when a secret is revealed during Ben’s birthday get-together, it looks as though something that happened over a year ago is about to comp [...]

    3. jerasjamboree/2016/0Jamie is the central character knowing Rebecca, Danielle and Ben and his bar is the setting where key scenes take place. I was enjoying finding out who these people were and their relationships when the event turns everything upside down. And of course what happens after that. I thought I knew where we heading but I couldn't have been been more wrong. Architect Rebecca has always known what she wants to do as a career. Emotionally, she always has her barriers in place for sel [...]

    4. This was so, so good! I loved the characters, the leads and all their crew, and the overall storyline, which felt fresh and unexpected. This book had the perfect mix of levity, humour, and heart-in-stomach moments. I was completely swept up, equal parts swooning and bereft. Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice are really onto something with their alternating chapters (each author writing their male/female counterpart POV). I enjoyed their combo in their previous work as well ~ they have the right blend of [...]

    5. This review was originally posted on [Between My Lines]What really caught my attention about The Night that Changed Everything by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice (apart from that fab cover) is that it is dual perspective with Rebecca’s point of view written by a female author and Ben’s point of view by a male author. I think that’s a fab way of really making the characters feel authentic and ensures each one has a unique voice.   First Line of The Night that Changed Everything by Laura Tait an [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book surprisingly much. The design and summary weren't too appealing so I put it on hold for quite a long time. The story is taking turns from Rebecca and Ben's points of view. So you as the reader can see how both of them struggle and develop during the months following the omnious comment that changed everything. You can see how their paths almost cross sometimes or how they're redirected due to various clever misunderstandings some other time. The respectively other point of vi [...]

    7. Hm, I'm not sure how to start Well, the story follows Rebecca and Ben, who seem to be the perfect couple. Then, on Ben's birthday some annoying and unwanted person reveals a secret from the past and their relationship falls apart. The rest of the story shows, how they struggle to live without one another and also how difficult it is for Jamie, who is a best friend to both of them. What else can I say?I liked, that the story was told from either Rebecca's or Ben's view. You could experience diffe [...]

    8. Can't Rate this Book Okay I have got all this mixed feelings when comes to this book, damn I thought this would be a sweet romantic novel but it was no such thingIt was a bitter sweet novel of love , friendship , knowing your self , letting go of inner conflicts & so much moreIt made me cry. gosh y did I have to get a book , which was not norm wid my usual reading list, I asked for it to feel more to experience more its true when they say : " Careful what you wish for, you might actually g [...]

    9. Ben and Rebecca. It's pretty obvious that despite the fact that in most things they are the complete opposite; Ben's likes tidiness, Rebecca leaves things laying around; Ben shows his emotions, Rebecca keeps a stony face, they really are the perfect couple.There was that spark, the first time that they met, and the sparks that have flown in the following eleven months, as they've grown to love each other. Things can only get better surely?The Night That Changed Everything is narrated in alterna [...]

    10. This had me at its blurb's very first two sentences, and you may judge me for still being all 'hung up' about Titanic but frankly, I do not care. (If you are like me, though, hello.) Titanic got me to this book (lol, no, I picked it up from the most reliable Nomes of Inkcrush) and I can't be any more grateful. Because I loved this. It's a breaking-up/coming-together story that made my heart flutter, giggle, blubber, yearn, accept. It's also about family, friendships, relationships and everything [...]

    11. I liked reading the story and reading about authors Laura and Jimmy became mates while studying journalism. Now they are writing books together. Laura and Jimmy have interviewed each other about writing as a double act, what they'd do in their characters shoes, and what they really think of rom coms.

    12. Hero sleeps with heroine's best friend the night he meets her and then does not mention it to her, even though he is about to propose to her. What an ass.

    13. Being bedridden meant slowly culling my tbr list (I don't even remember why I added half the books on there) and finding something fluffy to read in my misery.And this WAS fluffy to a pointter that it became a torrential downpour of angst that was almost fascinating. Not a bad book necessarily. Just nothing special, we've all read/heard it before.

    14. The Night That Everything Changed is one of those books you just HAVE to read. And it will also frustrate the living daylights out of you. Because, as it turns out, The Night That Everything Changed is not a love story. It’s the story of a break-up. A WARNING WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE, LAURA, JIMMY. ANYBODY. Yes, I was suckered in on the promise of what sounded like the most amazing love story ever, and assumed that the hiccup that changed “everything” might well not be something quite so drast [...]

    15. Originally posted on: albainbookland/2016/03 I recently read Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice's debut, The Best Thing That Never Happened to Me, and I absolutely adored. It was clever, fun and original. So I had huge hopes for their new book. And the truth is that it surpassed all my expectations. Their debut was good but their second book is just brilliant. It is also clever, fun and original but it goes a step further. Its dry humour made me chuckle more than once but what really got to me was its un [...]

    16. Rebecca and Ben are complete opposites; Rebecca is messy and Ben is tidy, Rebecca is closed off, keeping her emotions to herself while Ben isn't afraid to show his feelings. But they seem to work and they're happy together. Until a secret is revealed and their relationship isn't quite as it once seemed. Can they put this revelation behind them and continue as they were or will it change their relationship beyond recognition? After reading The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me by Laura Tait an [...]

    17. Review: ok so I just finished this book and I just want to shout all about it. This is the first book this year I've totally wanted to give more than five stars to and shove it into the hands of passers by-I loved it! Ok now that's the gushy bit over and done with, what did I love so much about it? Firstly this book is a dual narrative, which I LOVE, and so we got to see the story from both sides. The books is also broken up into sections so it jumps about a bit in terms of time so that we can r [...]

    18. "But you don't make many allowances for people. It's like you're so scared of needing anyone that as soon as they let you down once, you bail."This is a story about love, but not a love story. You find out fairly early on in the book that this is what happens after a break up, the way it fractures friendships, and how the story is more about friendships than anything, connections, relationships, family and the families you choose. The prose is easy, the characters are very relatable and the rela [...]

    19. This is written by a writing duo and I loved the way they create the story. They've written alternating chapters They have a great writing style together and the book draws you in, keen to turn the pages and find out where the story is going to lead next. It’s about friendships and relationships and how everything can be changed in an instant when a secret is revealed. The characters are so interesting and they meet in Jamie’s bar. Ben and Rebecca are in a relationship and the story is told [...]

    20. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review which I am more then happy to give.Rebecca and Ben seemed to have the perfect relationship, they were happily in love. That is until a secret is revealed and their perfect love story unravels.Can their relationship recover from that one night that changed everything?I really enjoyed this book and loved that each chapter was alternatively written by the two authors, Jimmy Rice and Laura Tait. [...]

    21. ****Copy sent by publisher in return for an honest review*****I loved this book so much. It's funny and sad and unexpected and very very good. I liked the characters, I liked the set up and it's really quite different to a lot of the other books out there. I've had Tait and Rice's first book on the to-read list (if not the actual pile) for a while - and it has just jumped right to the top of my to-buy list (once the pile is slightly more under control) because this is witty and bittersweet and v [...]

    22. What a lovely book! Romance and friendship and humour abound as this group of London based friends realise life is continually changing. I laughed and cried my way through this one, a belter of a romcom that makes me desperate to read Laura and Jimmy's first novel. 4.5*

    23. PURE PERFECTION. I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. Laura and Jimmy are the best writing duo evaaaaaa. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS. It's unpredictable and real and funny and sad and happy and everything in between. A MUST read for 2016.

    24. Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase.Having absolutely adored The Best Thing That Never Happened to Me by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice, when I heard about their second book, The Night that Changed Everything, reading it was a no-brainer. And this is such a fantastic read!Rebecca and Ben have been together for a year, and they're perfect for each other. They're chalk and cheese, but they balance each other out, and they have never been in a relationship that felt more right. This is it for them [...]

    25. After reading and loving Laura and Jimmy's debut novel "The Best Thing That Never Happened to Me" two years ago (two years, guys! TWO years!!!) I was waiting impatiently for their next novel - it isn't often that you have such a gem of a debut in your hands and I couldn't wait to see if their second book will live up to my expectations. The first thing I thought when I started reading "The Night that Changed Everything" was how comfortable I immediately feel, how the writing embraces me and how [...]

    26. Originally posted at Rachalesreads. Gratefully received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.When I started blogging nearly 2 years ago, ‘The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me’ was one of the first books I reviewed on my site, and it was one of my favourite books of that year, so I was absolutely thrilled to be sent a copy of this. The cover is beautiful with its purples and a turquoise-blue.The prologue is instantly captivating, you’re introduced to Arch 13, the coolest [...]

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