Broken Faith

Broken Faith England October The great slaughter of the battle of Towton is two years past but England is still not at peace The Northern Parts of the land remain in the hands of the Lancastrian king while

  • Title: Broken Faith
  • Author: Toby Clements
  • ISBN: 9781780891705
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
  • England October, 1463.The great slaughter of the battle of Towton is two years past, but England is still not at peace The Northern Parts of the land remain in the hands of the Lancastrian king, while in the south, the princes of the house of York prepare for war.Uneasy alliances are forged and just as quickly broken a friend one day might be your enemy the next, and thEngland October, 1463.The great slaughter of the battle of Towton is two years past, but England is still not at peace The Northern Parts of the land remain in the hands of the Lancastrian king, while in the south, the princes of the house of York prepare for war.Uneasy alliances are forged and just as quickly broken a friend one day might be your enemy the next, and through this land, pursued by the Church and the Law, a young man, Thomas, and a young woman, Katherine, must make their way, bearing proof of a secret both sides would kill to learn.Bent on revenge for a past outrage, Thomas and Katherine must turn their backs on their friends and journey to the mighty castle of Bamburgh, there to join a weakened king as he marshals his army to take up arms in one of the most savage civil wars in history the Wars of the Roses.

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    1. The thing that I like most about this series is that it isn’t told from the point of view of historical figures; it is told from the point of view of two normal people. The Wars of the Roses is a very popular era for historical novelists to write about, so it’s quite hard to come up with something new. By the protagonists, essentially, being commoners we get to see how the wars affected the everyday man as well as the major political figures of the age. So that, in itself, is a fresh take on [...]

    2. The Wars of the Roses were a bleak and bloody time for England, for all levels of society from its displaced kings and disgraced lords to its archers and farmers, as well as the surgeons who had to sew the soldiers back together after the battle. Toby Clements spares us none of the horror and drama. It's so good to return to the story of Thomas and Katherine.

    3. For me, this was a substantial improvement on 'Winter Pilgrims' although to be honest, I didn't think so for the first quarter of the book. Katherine and Thomas are very much prey to the twists and turns of malign fate. On this occasion it seems that fate has a nasty sense of humour and drops them straight back into Haverhurst Priory. Thomas (missing presumed dead after Towton) and Katherine (caught in what can best be called an assumed identity trap) need to be reunited. Sending them both back [...]

    4. 4.5 stars. Great MP3 recording as was the first in the series. The 3rd book Divided Souls is not on MP3 so I am going to miss the voices. I have seen some people on didn't like this 2nd book as much as the 1st. I liked this one more and I understand the 3rd in the series is even better. I will be reading the book version. I highly recommend this series which has Hilary Mantel's approval.

    5. This book seemed much shorter than the first. Again 3 stars as it falls in the "ok" category. I actually feel like this book wasn't nearly as good as the first.This book started off weird. Almost like the author changed his mind as to how the story would go. Which is fine, if it worked out well and I didn't find it did. More of politics and unanswered questions that continue from the first book. I'm sure it will be told eventually but it feels like it's just dragging on and on. To some up this b [...]

    6. Still good but It feels like the author took the writing plan from th first book and repeated them. Mind you I suppose that is the war of the roses for you.

    7. This second book in the series though not as good as the first and following dissapointingly similar lines is still a fantastic read. It is very visceral and gritty which helps to bring it to life.

    8. Kingmaker: Broken Faith is an engaging historical adventure full of period detail. Convincing strong characters lead this heroic and action packed story.It is set in 15th century Northumberland during the violent period of history with the warring Houses of Lancaster and York. Edward IV is on the throne having deposed Henry VI following his victory at the Battle of Towton in 1461. However this is the story of the ordinary man and woman, of heroism and love. It is the story of Thomas, a monk turn [...]

    9. I adored the first book in the Kingmaker series, but unfortunately the second did not live up to my (admittedly high) expectations. For the most part, it was still an enjoyable enough read; our two main protagonists are back, two well-written, believable characters thrust into the War of the Roses by happenstance. The supporting characters are different, but likeable (Jack, John Stump, and Master Paine come to mind). The descriptions of battle and the surgery Katherine performs are vivid and som [...]

    10. If you like books that grip you from the very start, that are fast-paced with fascinating characters, then this is the book for you. Beautifully written, with an exciting plot, this book kept me engaged on every page. Kingmaker: Broken Faith is Book 2, and follows Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims. Although the two books are supposed to stand alone, I regreted that I had not read book one first, because of the many references in the second book to the earlier story. So I recommend reading these books i [...]

    11. ReviewBook two, that terrible, fateful demand on the author, especially on an author who has produced something as exceptional as Winter Pilgrims. Can the author recreate that magic, meet it, and hopefully surpass it?The beauty of Winter Pilgrims was always in the simplicity, in avoiding the major players as much as possible, or staying on the fringes, but still allowing the horror of the war of the roses to playout in the imagination of the reader.full review and Q&A follow the linkparmenio [...]

    12. Toby Clements is a fabulous writer. Seemed so long since the previous book that I had forgot the plot. But the storyline is rekindled through a terrific idea. The main character had lost his memory (like me) so he had to repeat significant points that brought it all back. One Riven down, one to go. Edmund. Can't wait for the next in the series.

    13. Originally reviewed here : bit/1F2kgSoA historical fiction based against the backdrop of the War of Roses - a reimagining well done. Grim, cold and brutal - If ever a war-novel was called atmospheric, then this one fits right into that mould. I got a NetGalley approved copy and Hilary Mantel's faith in Toby Clements' ability was enough to spur me on with the reading. And the writing - Damn, it's good - kept me glued to the happenings as the War of Roses played out in the background to another in [...]

    14. It was in the Hitchhiker's Guide that the concept of the Infinite Improbability Drive was launched. This book certainly has one. From the first chapter you have to suspend a tremendous amount of disbelief as the two central characters move through the wasteland and mess of the warring factions. I looked forward to this one despite the over-detailed and gruesome surgical stuff as I thought it captured the period well. Now I still acknowledge the research and the ability of the writer to put you i [...]

    15. I really enjoyed the historical backdrop of this novel. It was an audiobook and the narrator did an excellent job. Unfortunately with audiobooks the narrator makes or brakes the experience in a lot of cases. The characters are believable and one of the most enjoyable aspects of reading is when you come across such a vile character that almost induces physiological responses. And conversely also such noble characters that stay with you long after the novel is finished.

    16. The War of the Roses and the world of that era are the backdrop for the story of the two main protagonists, Catherine and Thomas. The narration can be a bit earnest and a distraction but the books is so well written and so packed with detail that it does not detract overall. Adding the third book in the series to my reading list.

    17. Beim zweiten Mal hören gefiel mir der erste Teil dann doch besser, somit gute Voraussetzungen für diesen Roman. Und das Hörbuch konnte es erfüllen. Ganz nette Geschichte, nicht zu überraschend, aber eingebunden in der Historie gut erzählt. Der dritte band wird auch gelesen oder gehört.

    18. Não foi o melhor do ano (bem longe disso), mas serviu de divertimento em algumas horas de tédioEsperando a Rocco traduzir e lançar o terceiro (se bem que tenho minhas dúvidas se isso vai acontecer ou não) pra ver até onde vai essa história.

    19. Having just finished Conn Iggulden's Wars of the Roses and Rise of the Tudors series, I found this book too lacking in substance far too much fiction & not enough history for my liking.

    20. The second novel in the series brings even more adventure and drama! I loved every page of this novel and couldn't put it down.

    21. In the aftermath of the battle of Towton, life in 15th century England has changed. King Henry is a fugitive and King Edward is on the throne. Various nobles have changed sides, pledging their loyalty to the ascending forces in the hope of retaining their lands and benefits. Kathryn is at Cornford Castle, impersonating Margaret Cornford and married to a blind husband. Thomas Everingham has lost his memory after the battle and is living on his brother's farm. Fate, however, has other plans and, a [...]

    22. Fans, who, like me, have been eagerly awaiting the return of Kingmaker, will be pleased to find that Broken Faith continues in much the same vein as Winter Pilgrims. We are back in the midst of the disquiet that surrounds the War of the Roses and our protagonists, Katherine and Thomas are just as thickly immersed in the controversy which surrounds the quest to put the deposed Henry VI, back on the throne. Using as its starting point, Katherine's deception as Marjory Cornford, the wife of Richard [...]

    23. gripping, better than the first book even, ignore the horrifically annoying circularity of the opening set-up. I do wish all historical novels didn't currently feature a woman who becomes a doctor by being magically instinctively half a millenium ahead of her time despite having no previous experience, but it makes a change from the previous century where people magically became rich and influential by being able to read and write, more likely but yet more of the 'being a writer makes you specia [...]

    24. This part of the story was not as engaging for me. I can't really put my finger on why but perhaps has something to do with all the deception required for Katherine and Thomas to continue on their journey. Indeed some part had me rolling my eyes wondering "How could so-and-so not have realised that?" To his credit Clements addressed it front on and his characters count themselves lucky, but I still felt they were sometimes 'too lucky'. Knowing how history turned out meant I was very worried for [...]

    25. Thomas and Katherine's struggles during the Wars of the Roses continue in this quite differently, perhaps even more intimate, sequel. Thomas was badly injured at Towton and everyone thought he was dead; indeed, in one sense, he was since he remembers very little (if anything at all). We follow his return to life, as it were, and reunification with Katherine and the continued struggle they face in these dangerous times. I found this book less dramatic but still quite gripping. Thomas really is in [...]

    26. Good - it was much easier getting into the present tense narrative this time.I just found the 'deception' part of the plot rather unbelievable, although it was handled well. Just didn't ring true to me, although it didn't lessen overall enjoyment of the book.(If you've read the first book you'll know what I mean about the 'deception'. If you haven't well, read the first book, then you will.)

    27. Another good read. Fairly fast moving with the interest on the same two characters from Winter Pilgrims. Again they meet Dukes and Castellans who provide links to various situations, but do not take away interest in the main two people. With a very nasty villain having moved through the First novel into this one and also being joined by an even worse son, the tension can be quite gripping. Looking forward to the last book in the series.

    28. a worthy successor to the first novel admittedly, it is a little repetitive at first but as our intrepid duo heads north it all kicks off double crossings, brutal, gory battle scenes and a touching emotional human story in the midst of it, Clements does it again. great stuff

    29. Second in the trilogy and takes our heroes (who must have cat ancestry as they seem to have nine lives!) up to the castles of Northumberland so the places and the family names of the Lords are very familiar. Still enjoying the tale - book 3 not published yet so will have to wait for the conclusio

    30. Pre-ordered the next bookI enjoyed this book even more than the first and given 5 stars as I couldn't put it down. Lots of surprising turns it never seemed to go where I expected but did not disappoint.

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