Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

Rode Hard Put Up Wet Workin up a hot sticky sweat is pure pleasure with a hard ridin cowboy or two Struggling stock contractor Gemma Jansen swallows her pride and tracks down circuit rider Cash Big Crow to offer him a jo

  • Title: Rode Hard, Put Up Wet
  • Author: Lorelei James
  • ISBN: 9781599988368
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • Workin up a hot, sticky sweat is pure pleasure with a hard ridin cowboy or two Struggling stock contractor Gemma Jansen swallows her pride and tracks down circuit rider Cash Big Crow to offer him a job managing her ranch Cash agrees on one condition theirs won t be strictly a working relationship She s the boss during the day, but once she s corralled in the bedroom, CWorkin up a hot, sticky sweat is pure pleasure with a hard ridin cowboy or two Struggling stock contractor Gemma Jansen swallows her pride and tracks down circuit rider Cash Big Crow to offer him a job managing her ranch Cash agrees on one condition theirs won t be strictly a working relationship She s the boss during the day, but once she s corralled in the bedroom, Cash calls the shots Despite concerns about their age difference, Gemma consents Cash suspects the sexy widow hides an untapped wild streak He intends to loosen her tightly held reins of control even if he has to break out his horsewhip to do it But Cash is in for a surprise Gemma proves a rough and ready participant in any leather n lace game Cash dreams up Between riding herd on his wayward daughter, Macie, and rowdy cowboy Carter McKay doggin Macie s every boot step, Cash struggles to hide his true feelings for Gemma except this time, Gemma s grabbed the bull by the horns and she s playing for keeps Summer s going to be a hot one at the Bar 9.Rough Riders Book 2

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      Lorelei James is New York Times USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary erotic westerns and erotic romances She lives in western South Dakota.

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    1. morning, sunny!i am probably going to spoil huge chunks of plot in this review. and i am okay with that. there is no way anyone is reading this book for the articles. this is just about the frequent and inexplicable intercourse between some bipolar couples and their friends.oh, bodice ripper club, the things i read for you. people seem to love this book/series. and i don't want to rip on a beloved series, so let me just say right here that i am completely the wrong market for erotica. i don't ge [...]

    2. Rode Hard, Put Up Wet is book two in the Rough Riders series by Lorelei James. In this book you will get not one but two couples’ stories, Cash Big Crow and the woman he has dreamed of for years, Gemma Jansen, and Cash’s daughter Macie and Carter McKay. I didn’t completely fall in love with this book as much as I did the first one but it was still a sexy, steamy good book that I couldn’t put down.Gemma Jansen is finally ready to move on from the death of her husband. She needs help badly [...]

    3. Giddyup western-themed romance lovers (yeah, I never knew there was a market for it either). This book has something for almost everyone (if you're looking for a book containing tons of sex and you don't mind that most of the characters are assholes.)In alphabetical orderAnal: CheckBig strong man protecting little woman from thunderstorms: CheckBlindfolds: CheckBondage: CheckBoss/employee sex: CheckCougar: CheckCowboys: CheckCowgirl position: CheckDaddy issues: CheckDildos: CheckLube: CheckM/M ( [...]

    4. I understand the need to cut slack to authors whose viewpoints are racist or bigoted in light of today’s values. This is particularly important when an author’s views were progressive in their day. For instance, Thomas Jefferson can hardly be called a racist when his views were downright radical in his time. Yes he owned slaves (during a time when this was the norm for men of his stature), but had he been around today his views on equality would likely put most of today’s liberal minded fo [...]

    5. Wonderful read! Hot, explicit, erotic and ultimately romantic book! In this one you get a "two-fer": the May/December romance of 38 yr. old Cash Big Crow and 48 yr. old Gemma Jansen, and the story of Cash's long lost daughter, 22 year old Macie Honeycutt and 26 yr. old struggling artist Carter McKay.This book is all about second chances. Widowed Gemma gets a second chance at love, Cash gets a second chance with the daughter he barely knows and neglected all her life. Carter gets a second chance [...]

    6. My Carter McKayMy Macie HoneycuttMy Cash Big CrowMy Gemma Jansen

    7. HOLY COW! I LOVED THIS BOOK! Not only do we get to read about Gemma and Cash getting into one HOT relationship, we get a two-fer with Cash's daughter Macie and her smokin' hot relationship with Carter McKay. I literally read this book in one setting. Cash is trying to establish a relationship with his daughter Macie. Having her at a VERY young age (16) he hasn't been around much. Guilt-ridden and hoping to change their relationship to the better, he asks her to spend the summer with him on the r [...]

    8. 5 stars – Contemporary/Western Romance/Erotica/BDSM/MénageH-O-T, HOT, hotI LOVED this book!! I enjoyed this second installment in James’ potently erotic, fun Rough Riders series as much as, if not more than, Long Hard Ride, which is saying a whole hell of a lot considering how much I loved that one. While Rode Hard, Put Up Wet still has lots of yummy, kinky sex in a delicious variety of ways and positions, including some light bondage and spanking, a (dream) m/m/m nekkid cowboy threesome, a [...]

    9. From back of book:Warning: this book contains explicit sex nine ways 'til Sunday - including menage a trois, inventive use of ropes, naughty girls getting spanked, stubborn men getting hog-tied, graphic language and whoo-wee! hot nekkid cowboy action.You have been warned.Good for you if you're still here because this book is so so HOT!! This is my first read by Lorelei James seeing as her books are fairly unattainable in the UK unless you have about £50 to blow on Ebay. If you keep on the looko [...]

    10. Opening line: That horse nearly throwed you clean into the funeral parlour, boy."Giddy-up Cowgirls, Welcome to another deliciously hot read from Lorelei James’s addictive Roughriders. This is book 2 in the series although for some reason I missed it the first time through. So now even though I’m up to book 9, I had a super fun time going back to the beginning and revisiting the delicious McKay boys before they all grew up, got married and started acting responsible and repopulating most of W [...]

    11. First things first, you all should be very proud of me because it only took me a couple of days to read this one, whereas it took me a whole month to read the first! *does happy dance*But down to my analysis of the bookI think the characters in this book might have been more ridiculous than the ones in the first. Not, of course, in the sense that they infuriated me more, because they certainly didn't, but because they were just so fucking bipolar! The constant mood swings, especially Macie's and [...]

    12. "Age is just a number and there are no age restrictions on when you might find true love."^ Ole Trace Adkins there is not wrong. I'm going to make this short and sweet seeing as I have about 15 more books to go in this series, I don't want to be too repetitive. This is Cash Big Crow and Gemma's story along with Carter McKay and Cash's daughter Macie's. The story started off a good while after the first book ended. Gemma pushed Cash away in order to get her head straight to move on from her dead [...]

    13. What a great story by Lorelei James. "Rode Hard, Put Up Wet" is a two-romance book. We get an older couple and a younger couple.n't get much better than that!! Word of warning tho, this book has oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, menage sex, sex with ropes, and sex with toys. YIPPEE!Gemma finally gives in and contacts Cash, the rodeo circuit rider she's been attracted to for over a year. She needs his help on her ranch and he quickly agreeswith one condition. He wants Gemma in his bed and under hi [...]

    14. Well, I must say the first 3/4 of this book I was going to rate it 4 stars. I was worried that maybe I should not have read Long Hard Ride and then Road Hard, Put Up Wet back to back. Now 4 stars is still not a bad rating but as I was finishing the last 1/4 of the book this morning, the story hit me and WOW, it became a 5 star rating. This is the third book in this series that I have read and I LOVED all 3. I am going to continue this series but I feel I need to read a book or 2 in between them [...]

    15. I forgot I hadn't written a review for this one. Oops!Since others here at GR have summarized this book already, I'll skip over that part of my review.I enjoyed this one probably about the same amount as the first book in the series. Though the two have a rather different tone to them. Long, Hard Ride had a sort of darker vibe to the book, and played around with BDSM a little bit. But Rode Hard, Put Up Wet has a softer feel to it. The emotions and love are a stronger presence throughout the book [...]

    16. This review posted on Guilty PleasuresI first read Lorelei James when her book Slow Ride was free on B&N. Within 24 hours I had all the Rough Rider series loaded onto my Nook and, within a week, I not only read them all but was half-way through them a 2nd time. Seems I couldn't get enough of Rodeos, Cowboys or hot, sweaty cowboy sex. Yee-haw! I fell in love with every McKay and West and envied all of their girls and a few of their guys. I fell in love with the word “nekkid”and don't thin [...]

    17. review at shamelessromancereviewsspWhoo-wee!!I think ill be gettin' my self down to a rodeo very soon and findin me a cowboy!Just another fabulous story in the Rough Riders Series. Still trying to figure out who this story was really meant to be about. In the beginning I though the book was going to be souly about Gemma and Cash but I feel the story focused more on Cater and Macie. I loved both stories and didn't feel torn between which or who I preferred. The switching of story lines flowed bea [...]

    18. The title still makes me giggle like a schoolgirl,(Snicker!!) but I am sooooooo reluctant to start reading the book. Deep breath.Well, how bad can it be?Well, very bad; I know that there will be sex (lots of sex- Rode Hard, right?) but the opening chapters are so dull, (the characters uninteresting, the plot flat, the descriptions pedestrian and lifeless) that I really don't want to continue reading! I still think the title is amusing, (call me puerile) but none of that humour is reflected in th [...]

    19. ordered 8/6Gotta love hot cowboy sex and a good story to boot!!! gemma has reservations about being with Cash maily that she is older than him. But Cash has been in love with Gem from the moment he first met her a couple of years before. but she was just getting over the loss of her husband so Cash waited. Now he has his chance.This one also has the story of Cash's daughter Macie and one of them Bad Boy mcKay's, Carter. But Carter is not the bad boy that they all think he is.Just loved this stor [...]

    20. I'm not even going to read the synopsis. This is one of my favorite Southern/farm sayings. I hope this author knows it's not a complimentary saying, it means you look like shit. Either way, this looks awesomely ridiculous.

    21. Oh Lorelei James, you do make me blush girl. (Imagine me saying that in my best Western accent).Only 2 books in and I already love this series!! It is so raunchy and HOT, HOT, HOT. I am going to have to drop all my other books until I finish this series.

    22. This was really fun to read, extremely entertaining, and smoking HOT! The Rough Rider series is my new addiction!This story focuses on two couples, Cash and Gemma and Carter and Macie. I loved Cash and Gemma's story and the second chance at love theme they had going on. It was sweet and endearing. I enjoyed Carter and Macie’s story as well, they had an instant lust thing happening that was hot and intense at times. There are ups and downs for both couples, issues to deal with, a bit of emotion [...]

    23. Holy hell, this read made me cry. Is erotica supposed to do that? Is this erotica? Cuz it sure as hell read like pure romance to me. With raunchy sex, but still. Spoilers ahead. All right, so never in my life did I think I'd up pick books with this much explicit sexual content. And I have to say, sometimes I roll my eyes at the variety of sexual encounters that these people engage in. As my girlfriend recently asked me after reading some of her own erotica, wouldn't her muck hurt? I told her she [...]

    24. Spoiler AheadThis was a good book and I love reading Ms. James books. Gemma Jansen's struggling to take care of her ranch on her own while continuing to supply animals for the rodeos. Only none of the promoters seem to want to use any of her animals and none of them can give her a reason why. She's in need of a ranch foreman and believes she knows the perfect man for the job. Cash Big Crow is doing odd jobs now that he has quit the rodeo when Gemma offers him a job as the foreman of her ranch he [...]

    25. Loved this one so much more than the first book. Two great romances, with two terrific couples, and lots of crazy hot sex. I enjoyed all the characters, the story line, and oh my, that Carter McKay sure does like it dirty and wet. What he does with Macie in the mud and rainWOW! But he is also so sweet and charming. Cash and Gemma explore their feelings for one another and a lot of other things too, with the use of blindfolds, rope, handcuffs and a third person! If this is what's in store for the [...]

    26. I gave this book 3 stars on the sex scenes alone. Gemma and Cash were good but they weren't great. I just plain didn't like Carter, his personality was so volatile, causing me not to care about his relationship with Macie. The best thing about Carter was when Cash beat him up. But it won't keep me from continuing with the series.

    27. Manese books are making me wish for a long detour to cowboy land! (although I'm sure my husband wouldn't allow it) Never had a thing for cowboytill now!!!! This book was good, I'm liking all the characters and looking forward to more of the McKay boys!!!

    28. "For seein' me. The real me. You seem to know what I need. No one else ever has. No one has ever cared. You make me feelwhole." Before you pick up a book like this you have to be prepared. This isn't your run of the mill popular erotic romance like Fifty Shades of Grey, this is heavy on the erotica. There is romance and HEA in there but there is also menage, anal play, and a huge amount of hot sex with sexy cowboys who can almost make a woman pass out from orgasms. Don't pick this book up if you [...]

    29. What a great book! Chock full of smut with an actual plotgo figure! Although this second book in the series is said to be Gemma and Cash's story, I thought it was more about Carter and Macie. Carter is the quiet and artistic McKay brother who has been waiting, quite literally for the girl from his dreams--enter Macie, Cash Big Crow's adult daughter. Both Cash and Carter struggle with opening up to their women--there is also a power struggle in and outside the bedroom for both couples which makes [...]

    30. 3.5 starsMeh. This was a two romance erotic novel. First was the story Cash and Gemma. Gemma asks Cash (a traveling retired rodeo guy she's secretly crushed for) to come work at her ranch. She's a 48 year old widow, he's in his late 30's. I did not really feel them at all. She remarks on his little pudge, his long braid. He just seemed much older than his late 30's She seemed like a worn out, hard life kinda farmer gal Even the sex was just not doing it for me. Kinda ewe. Just didn't bond with t [...]

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