Bury Me Deep

Bury Me Deep Jean is on her way to Hawaii for a week of fun but the vacation gets off to a gruesome start The boy beside her on the plane chokes and dies Jean tries to push the incident out of her mind when she ar

  • Title: Bury Me Deep
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780671690571
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jean is on her way to Hawaii for a week of fun but the vacation gets off to a gruesome start The boy beside her on the plane chokes and dies Jean tries to push the incident out of her mind when she arrives on the island but it s impossible Part of the reason is because Mike keeps coming back to her in dreams horrible dreams filled with blood.Two of Jean s friends are aJean is on her way to Hawaii for a week of fun but the vacation gets off to a gruesome start The boy beside her on the plane chokes and dies Jean tries to push the incident out of her mind when she arrives on the island but it s impossible Part of the reason is because Mike keeps coming back to her in dreams horrible dreams filled with blood.Two of Jean s friends are awaiting her in Hawaii Mandy and Michele They have already made friends with two young men who teach scuba diving at the hotel, Dave and Johnny Jean and Johnny quickly become friends but there are problems in paradise Dave and Johnny have recently lost a partner in the ocean No one knows how he died No one can find his body Then Jean does It isn t where it s supposed to be and seems to have some life in it

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    1. Christopher Pike

      Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of Kevin McFadden He is a bestselling author of young adult and children s fiction who specializes in the thriller genre.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name McFadden was born in New York but grew up in California where he stills lives in today A college drop out, he did factory work, painted houses and programmed computers before becoming a recognized author Initially unsuccessful when he set out to write science fiction and adult mystery, it was not until his work caught the attention of an editor who suggested he write a teen thriller that he became a hit The result was Slumber Party 1985 , a book about a group of teenagers who run into bizarre and violent events during a ski weekend After that he wrote Weekend and Chain Letter All three books went on to become bestsellers.

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    1. First we have to talk about the cover of this book. You guys, the tombstone just says "Mike." No last name, no date of birth, no date of death. Just "MIKE." You know, like actual tombstones. MIKE. Oh Christopher Pike, you disappoint me with this one. I was going to give it one star, but then it would have been rated the same as the Twilight series, which is in a category all to itself. This book is simply ridiculous. The basic story is that an 18-year-old girl named Jean goes on a trip to Hawaii [...]

    2. This was my first Christopher Pike book. Will probably be my last. Thought it would be fun and easy to read. In truth, this book was a real drag. I did not read it for nostalgic reasons or ironic reasons. Was just interested in reading some popular young adult fiction. The main problem was the repetition of certain events. If you cut out the parts that are repeated over and over again the book would be very short. The book contains about 7 full pages of text about a skull with a hole in it. Ever [...]

    3. I don't remember much of this one, and even skimming it isn't bringing much back. Seems decent enough, though - a supernatural/mystery set in Hawaii. Not as horror-based as the cover makes it look.

    4. "Bury Me Deep" is the first Christopher Pike book I've ever read when I was 12 years old. It then started the Pike-reading frenzy of my early teens. It begins with Jean Fiscal on her way to Hawaii for spring vacation. She's going to meet her two friends in Maui, who have already started their vacation a couple days earlier. Jean is expecting to have a great time there, but she doesn't even leave the airplane before her vacation is changed for the worse. The young man, Mike Clyde, who was sitting [...]

    5. So, scuba diving.Before I read this book, what little I knew about scuba diving was comprised largely of reruns of Sea Hunt I've caught over the years. I also knew little about young adult horror, particularly of the 80s/90s variety. When this style of book was overflowing junior high shelves, I was reading Stephen King and Dragonlance.If this book is any indication, I made quite the oversight.Bury Me Deep is awash with the softening haze of a well-watched VHS of a made-for-TV movie. The beach w [...]

    6. Christopher Pike, I loved you when I was a pre-teen and now I'm not sure why. The plot was decent but nothing spectacular but it was the characters who turned me off the most to this book. I'm starting to suspect that Pike just doesn't know how to write females because the first thirty pages of any of his novels seem to contain self centered monologues from the female character about how ugly they are and how they want a guy to notice them but they won't but hey, don't worry about it because by [...]

    7. 80s and 90s young adult horror books are like 80s hair metal bands. You know they're not winning any awards, but every now and and then you have to shut your brain off and have some fun.

    8. I give this one 3.5 Stars. Bury Me Deep was a good Spring Break beach read (especially when commuting back and forth between Pennsauken and AC.) Of course there was a strong female lead in Jean, which I tend to gravitate towards and so does Christopher Pike with the majority, if not all of his YA novels. It took me a long time to pick this up and actually finish it because of a review I had read somewhere a long while back that basically complained about the many details of deep sea diving and s [...]

    9. another Pike that I really liked as a pre-teen. I'm still slightly terrified to go scuba diving because of this book.

    10. This was a good book and it has a good little twist at the end. If you enjoy a quick chiller/mystery then this is a good book for you. I enjoyed Christopher Pike as a teenager and I still enjoy reading him from time to time. In this story, you find a young girl who finds out that her dreams are actually becoming a reality. The ghost of a boy comes to her to help her reveal the truth behind a big secret of a scuba diving instructor. The story will keep you on your toes and because of the detail, [...]

    11. Having read a couple of Pike's other books, I was really looking forward to reading this one. But I was severely disappointed in it. The plot description on the back on of the book is not at all a fair representation of the book's plot at all.On an amusing note, on the back of the book, the main character, Jean, is said to be vacationing in Hawaii with her friends Mandy and Jill. but then you read the book, and Jill is actually named Michele

    12. Wasn’t impressed with this book like i was the last one. I don’t like books with catty bimbos find that boring. If u like scuba diving or Hawaii u might like this novel but otherwise don’t pick it up.

    13. This could also be called "A Tribute to Christopher Pike's New Scuba Diving Hobby." The 90s were certainly a simpler time, and the bar for YA-lit was undoubtedly lower, but this was weirder (and more boring) than I remembered it. Pages and pages of details about how scuba tanks work, and then, oh yeh -- Ghosts! Murder! Cute boys who end up being evil! Pagers! Phone booths! Not a "good" read by any stretch, but the nostalgia factor earned this an extra star from me.

    14. All in all, this book Bury Me Deep by Christopher Pike is a very good book. Each chapter just has you craving more with its gruesome details. Death after Death, Jean is left to cope with the pain of losing her friends, while on what is supposed to be a fun vacation. It all starts with Jean having to change her flight because she was called home from school to help her mom deliver puppies. Jeans gets on her flight Monday morning instead of Saturday. On her ride, she meets a guy named Mike, and th [...]

    15. Christopher Pike has an amazing endowment for winding together complex, deep plots, especially for young adult tales. Bury Me Deep isn’t the most composite of the lot, but it still harps an intriguing tale that’s a mystery from day one. Jean gets on a plane headed for Hawaii , to meet two other teen girl friends for a week of paradise. Next to her seat is a boy, Mike, who never reaches his destination. Instead, he starts to mysteriously suffocate, and then falls away dead, in front of Jean [...]

    16. Reading about the experience of being underwater was unique. It was a strange tension, trying to remain calm with the character. Jean went deeper and way further into the cave than I ever would have so it was interesting to follow her and read about her being calm and me, the reader, being tense and waiting for something to go wrong and then it DID and OH NO! and then frantic. I wish someone would measure my heart rate when I read this stuff sometimes At a certain point near the end the mystery [...]

    17. This book was ten percent horror/suspense and ninety percent an instruction manual on how to scuba dive. (Disclaimer: please don't use this as a manual on how to scuba dive. I'm pretty sure some things have been updated since this book was published.)The few elements of horror were pretty creepy, such as the dream of the guy in the plane underwater, but in between those elements, I read everything there was to know about how to scuba dive, how to make sure the hose was clear, how to keep your go [...]

    18. Pretty standard Pike supernatural thriller. Initially the abrupt sentences and flittering narrative annoyed me until I realised that was more about the personality of the protagonist, and then it seemed more natural. There was nothing special or unique about this story, but it was gripping enough for me to read it in only a couple of sittings and it lacked major plot holes which so many stories of this genre don't seem to care about. What I loved the most though was the scuba world. As scuba div [...]

    19. A classic Pike story. Jean is going to Hawaii with her friends, and she's a typical Pike heroine - brown hair, lush bod, unaware of exactly how sexy she is. She's vacationing with her friends Mandy and Michelle - both of whom have met guys who scuba dive off the islands.On the way to Hawaii, Jean sits next to a young man named Mike Clyde, who has won a trip to tropical paradise through a contest. He's never seen the sea before, and his innocence wins Jean over. Unfortunately, midway through the [...]

    20. This book is (As far as I know) one of Christopher Pike's most popular books. Now, after reading I can understand why. Jean is diffrent than his other protaginists. She was smart. Not "in-the-moment" smart, but just smart. Christopher Pike really is the master at horror. I loved the epilouge to this book. It was so touching and lovely. I just don't understand why she had such a hard time figuring out whodunit. But to give her credit, it was not easy to figure out. I loved the idea for this book. [...]

    21. t's that time of year when all I want to read is spooky books that give me the shivers, so who better than the master of teen murder himself, Christopher Pike?? Bury Me Deep was the first book I picked up from my stack and it was just kind of an okay read. Not as great as Master of Murder (but what is?) or Die Softly (which I realized I haven't reread yet!), but not as horrible as Monster. It pains me to write this, mostly because I skinned my elbow and can't lean on the desk, but main character [...]

    22. This was the first Christopher Pike book that I read. I picked it up when I was about nine years old, on vacation, while the adults were doing something in the other room. I needed something to read, and this was on the bookshelf.For some reason, after that, I became a huge Christopher Pike fan. I have no idea why, because this book scared the daylights out of me, especially the parts about rotting corpses and people getting the Bends. I devoured all of his other stuff, reading the ones I liked [...]

    23. I wouldn't really say that Christopher Pike is a horror themed writer, I would say he has more of a mystery and suspense tone. This was the first Christopher Pike book I read, now he is one of my favorite authors. When I read Bury me Deep, it didn't hit me as "scary." But I still got chills when i was reading it. Pike put so much detail in too it! He still has ghosts and killers ect. but to me it's more of a mystery. He is great at plot twists, you don't see them coming. Christopher Pike is a gr [...]

    24. I have a like/dislike relationship with Christopher Pike. You never now what kind of book you are going to get from him. I enjoyed "Bury Me Deep" because it was one of his more straight forward thrillers with a little supernatural mixed in. The characters were okay. The story was interesting but I could predict some of what was going to happen. I also felt there was a bit to much detail in the beginning about scuba diving however it did play a role in the story so it was forgiven. I do not know [...]

    25. I stumbled across this while at a used bookstore and since it was the only Pike they had i could not resist. The story is a simple mystery like his early work but is also the begining of his obsession with the occult and paranormal which makes this a strong mix The only thing I didn't like was the lack of development of the secondary characters--I didnt care about anyone besides the lead and that's sad because Pike has created so many characters I loved

    26. Was this the one where they go scuba diving, and someone dies? Scuba diving is one thing I'm afraid to do, underneath all that water is so claustrophobic. Anyway, I'm not sure if this is the same book, since the cover art is pretty non-indicative. I don't even need to see the closeup--I laugh just remembering how the tombstone's inscription says, "Mike." As if that really identifies someone's grave!

    27. This is pretty standard teen scream "horror," but that's what makes it fun. I really enjoyed Christopher Pike's books when I was a kid and it's nice to revisit them once in a while. I didn't remember this one so I'm not sure if I read it when I was younger or not, though it's not really a big standout among his books. It's worth reading if you are or were a die-hard fan, but it's probably not Pike's best work.

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