Star Wars: Jedi Academy, The Phantom Bully

Star Wars Jedi Academy The Phantom Bully It s hard to believe that this is my last year at Jedi Academy I ve been busier than ever learning to fly and wash starships sight seeing in the Lake Country on Naboo studying for the Jedi obstacle

  • Title: Star Wars: Jedi Academy, The Phantom Bully
  • Author: Jeffrey Brown
  • ISBN: 9780545621267
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s hard to believe that this is my last year at Jedi Academy I ve been busier than ever learning to fly and wash starships, sight seeing in the Lake Country on Naboo, studying for the Jedi obstacle course exam, and tracking down dozens of voorpaksn t ask But now someone is setting me up to get in trouble with everyone at school If I don t find out who it is anIt s hard to believe that this is my last year at Jedi Academy I ve been busier than ever learning to fly and wash starships, sight seeing in the Lake Country on Naboo, studying for the Jedi obstacle course exam, and tracking down dozens of voorpaksn t ask But now someone is setting me up to get in trouble with everyone at school If I don t find out who it is and fast I may flunk out Why can t middle school just be easy

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    1. Jeffrey Brown

      Jeffrey Brown was born in 1975 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and grew up reading comic books with dreams of someday drawing them, only to abandon them and focus on becoming a fine artist While earning his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Brown abandoned painting and began drawing comics with his first autobiographical book Clumsy in 2001 Since then he s drawn a dozen books for publishers including TopShelf, Fantagraphics, Drawn Quarterly, McSweeney s and Chronicle Books Simon Schuster published his latest graphic memoir Funny Misshapen Body In addition to directing an animated video for the band Death Cab For Cutie, Brown has had his work featured on NPR s This American Life His art has been shown at galleries in New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Paris Jeffrey s work has also appeared in the Best American Comics series and received the Ignatz Award in 2003 for Outstanding Minicomic He currently lives in Chicago with his wife Jennifer and their son Oscar.

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    1. I have no excuse to read this series. My kid is too young for it yet, and I'm way too old for them. They won't be selected for any Best of the Year lists for children's books. But I love them and they make me so happy that I don't care who sees me reading them on the train. I would have been gaga about this series as a kid. Roan and his buddies are just trying to graduate from the middle school portion of Jedi Academy, dealing with tough teachers and bullies and obstacle courses along the way. T [...]

    2. I liked the Star Wars book. It shows humor and action. It compares middle school from real life and Jedi training from George Lucas's Star Wars. It shows what some people go through in middle school and what people in Star Wars might go through in Jedi middle school. I noticed that it is set in the time before the Clone Wars.

    3. Roan Novachez is off to his third and final year at Jedi Academy Middle School. This third title in the series continues the fun and humor that allows fans of Star Wars to find out what it might be like to grow up in that "universe." As you can guess from the title, Roan and his friends are going to be having to deal some more with bullying, but they will also have some other experiences, both fun and not-so-fun.For example, each of the students will get to take Independent Study, which will all [...]

    4. There aren't too many books I can share with my 9-year-old niece and nephew, but this series is very funny and cute. I buy them for the kids, but of course I have to preview them :). Hilarious!

    5. This author really knows students not only in their speaking, but the expressions on their faces. I love all the parts- his home life, the newspaper, the schedule, what Master Yoda and the other instructors say and the plot in graphics. Well done. I took time to read these and my students are rushing me to finish in a night because they want to read them. I don't often give books 5 stars, but in this case it fits. I like these kids books so much that even as an adult I am going to read the one I [...]

    6. Adorable and wonderful fictional treatment of bullying + Ewok pilots!-- Sarah, Dyer-Schererville Branch

    7. In the book Jedi academy and the phantom bully there is a boy named roan and he wants to become a pilot but ends up going to Jedi school and than he changes his mind and wants to become a Jedi so he goes back to the academy for his third year and this is his last year and he wants to graduate so he tries his best to pass the tests. The first test is an obstacle course so he picked a team with his friends and passes by 1 second the second test is a maze that leads to the end but there is a catch [...]

    8. This is Roan's final year at the Jedi Academy before he goes to high school and maybe continuing his training and education to becoming a Jedi. I am still crying and blowing my nose. This is one the best books I have read this year. A children's book!!!??? Yes, a children's book. This series has kept me captivated. I recommend this to any child. These books show the experiences that a child in middle school goes through: learning who he/she is, learning talents, making best friends, learning to [...]

    9. F+U+N+N+Y=FUNNY!!! I like the ewok comics in the book! (review by seven year old)my kids LOVE this series. the mix of journal entries, comics, and other writing styles keep the books interesting for everyone. content-wise, these books are definitely geared more toward upper elementary/middle school kids; however, nothing is really inappropriate for early elementary kids reading at this level. Some of it simply won't be relevant to them, yet. Jeffrey Brown is humorous and has nice, little message [...]

    10. I thought that this book was amazing because of the humor in it. This book is about a young Jedi in training named Roan who goes to Jedi Academy. This is his last year of middle school and he has to make sure not to screw up. You might think that it's easy to avoid messing up, but there is someone trying to ruin Roan's school year. Will Roan graduate or will he flunk. I recommend this book to people to who love graphic novels and love the Jedi Academy series.

    11. The third and final (as of now) book in this series. Roan finished middle school at Jedi Academy. This year he learned to ignore distractions; a good lesson for all of us. At the end, he and Cronah actually became friends. Ronald, the future politician, was kicked out for all his dastardly deeds. The slimy character certainly would make a good politician.Roan and Gaiana kiss frequently. Ah, puppy love.Fun, but over.

    12. I think this volume was more compelling, as there wasn't just a good/evil side. Instead, Roan starts to see that those who might look like Sith (like Cyrus), might be able to change. The pranks were rather over the top, but I suppose that was the point. I wonder if there will be a high school version of thiswhich I definitely would read but am not one hundred percent sure how it would work, exactly.

    13. Essa trilogia é um amor. Tem lições de moral e mostra situações completamente normais e relacionáveis para crianças: amizades, brigas, bullying, nervosismo na escola, família - só que no mundo de Star Wars (que é bem mais legal!). É uma ótima sugestão de presente para crianças e/ou fãs de Star Wars de todas as idades.

    14. The Phantom Bully is the third book in the Jedi Academy series (which I actually didn't know when I purchased the book). It follows a boy named Roan through his final year of middle school at The Jedi Academy. Roan is gifted in the Force but faces several challenges throughout the book. He is constantly being picked on by two different boys and struggles to understand what the girl he likes actually means when she says things but he always has his friends there to help. I really liked this book [...]

    15. InJedi Acadamy: A New Class, It's Roans last year at Jedi Acadamy, and he is very excited! He is also excited to see Gaiana, but not sure if they are dating or not. When the year starts, Roan notices that things are going wrong and it's with someone else's doing. All students get a teacher for independent lessons, and Roan gets mr. G! There are many challenges in the year, such as an obstacle courses and mazes. The bad part is, whoever this bully is, those are the two most easiest chances to get [...]

    16. This book is about a middle school kid named roan, in Jedi academy. Roan has been training to fly a star ship. A kid named Corona who bullies roan. Corona bullies roan by taking his backpack and hiding it and putting food in it.Roan finish the Jedi obstacle course before Corona did so that cased him to bully roan even more. At the end of the year they had a Jedi maze the had to complete to pass Jedi academy.Roan finished fourth and passed but Corona did not and got held back.This book was really [...]

    17. This book was abou tis kid named Roan and he wants to go to jedi academy to become a jedi pilot.And it is his 4 year at the academy and he passes the last test and he graduates.This book deserves 5 stars because its super cool.And i recommend this book to richi orange because he likes aliens that fight in space.

    18. This is a very humorous story. If you like star wars you will like this series, and if you have read the other books in the series you won't be disappointed. The characters in this story are easy to relate to and funny. This book will go by fast. It's in the style of a journal that is half comics and half real writing.

    19. This book is my favorite book ever. It is funny. One of my favorite parts is how many schools there are. There is Jedi Academy, A plant school, and the Galactic Senate Academy. Those are the schools that I know of for rate now.

    20. My boys both love this series - but mostly because the author captures the coming of age feeling of the original movies in a new format with new characters. Yoda is just a mysterious and goofy in these books as in the second movie.

    21. I rely loved this book. it rely fit me because i love star wars and comics.I love the part where he beet cronah in the light saber exam simulator.I think Jedi academy is split in two. the nice and the bullies. cronah is definitely a bully.Over all this book rely was good . Hope you love it to

    22. This would be a great book for a fourth or fifth grader to read, especially if they are into Star Wars. I find that the main theme is really what it's like to be a middle schooler, with Star Wars as a side item. It's cute!

    23. It wasn't as good as the first to but you must read it it very good book for younger children. But I wished it was colored.

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