The Semi-Attached Couple and the Semi-Detached House

The Semi Attached Couple and the Semi Detached House Born the daughter of Lord Auckland in Emily Eden was a witty nineteenth century aristocrat whose two delightful novels were first presented to an admiring world one hundred and fifty years ago T

  • Title: The Semi-Attached Couple and the Semi-Detached House
  • Author: Emily Eden
  • ISBN: 9780140162332
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Born the daughter of Lord Auckland in 1797, Emily Eden was a witty nineteenth century aristocrat whose two delightful novels were first presented to an admiring world one hundred and fifty years ago These matching masterpieces satirize the social world Eden knew, loved, and laughed at Like Jane Austen she is concerned with love and marriage, money and manners But her voBorn the daughter of Lord Auckland in 1797, Emily Eden was a witty nineteenth century aristocrat whose two delightful novels were first presented to an admiring world one hundred and fifty years ago These matching masterpieces satirize the social world Eden knew, loved, and laughed at Like Jane Austen she is concerned with love and marriage, money and manners But her voice is distinct Eden s charm and humor both above and belowstairs and her sharp social commentary make her work enduringly captivating.

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    1. Emily Eden

      Emily Eden 1797 1869 was an English poet and novelist who gave witty pictures of English life in the early 19th century.

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    1. Eden is touted (by Noel Perrin, among others) as the writer to turn to when you've finished Jane Austen. I can see that. I'll make one strong suggestion, though: read them in the order they were published, not the order they were written. That means reading The Semi-Detached House first.Like Austen, Eden will suddenly turn on the laser for a paragraph or so, producing something you want to read to anybody else in the room. Here's the long opening paragraph of the second chapter of The Semi-Detac [...]

    2. Anyone who, like me, is made miserable by the failure of Jane Austin to live forever, should read these charming novels.

    3. Find them at Manybooks: Semi-Attached Couple - manybooks/titles/edeneotheSemi-Detached House - manybooks/titles/edeneotheEnjoy! 24 MAY 2015 -- Completed reading of The Semi-Detached House. I found the writing style easy to read, the storyline funny (with all the typical players - morose brother-in-law, know-it-all mother figure, flighty heroine, and non-silly sister (the one who has all the brains and holds the story together)). This book is what Bettie and I call a "palate cleanser," an enjoyab [...]

    4. I adore these two books and wish Eden had written more. They're in the style of Jane Austen but more realistic. You get to see real neighborhoods in England, witness social-climbing pretenses, young married life, and my very favorite kind of character, the know-it-all female who is convinced that she and she alone knows everyone's secrets, holds the hearts of all men around her, and is on speaking terms with the rich and powerful. Every time I read them I find more to be charmed about, and the t [...]

    5. I have no idea where i got this but i loved it -- a parody of jane austen written in the same time period. It's hilarious, but only if you are the type of soul who finds jane austen funny.

    6. I have written separately reviews for each of the novels ( link to my review of The Semi-attached Couple and link to my review of The Semi-detached House).Here I add that The Semi-attached Couple is two times longer than The Semi-detached House. That, in the first is more of the charming love stories than in the second.Nevertheless, both novels are worth reading. Especially if you like read a charming, witty books taking place in UK in XIX century, with characters from upper class. Perhaps Emily [...]

    7. Ok, so I first thought I was buying a book with the silly title "The Semi-attached couple in a Semi-detached house" but that was my mistake, not the author's. Two fun little novels from the start of the 20th century. Aren't we lucky to have Virago looking out for us? You would have had to have gotten very lucky to find these in their original bindings.

    8. Emily Eden is an author I only 'discovered' relatively recently thanks to a recommendation from a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed both books- Semi-Attached Couple deals with a more serious theme while Semi-Detached House is much lighter novel overall but both were excellent reads.

    9. These were fun books, and hey! Two books in one! She's no Austen or Gaskell, but I flew through both books and enjoyed them thoroughly. They aren't in print, though, that I could find, but widely available through online used booksellers.

    10. Emily Eden's two best known short novels, THE SEMI-ATTACHED COUPLE and THE SEMI-DETACHED HOUSE, have often led the author to comparisons with Jane Austen. This is a little unfair to Miss Austen, whose novels are more finely nuanced. Here are some of the ways Emily Eden's two best-known novels differ from those of Jane Austen:~ They were written about a generation later, ca. 1830, and published two generations later, ca. 1860.~ They are set, specifically, in the newly suburbanizing Victorian mili [...]

    11. The Semi-Detached HousePregnant Blanche and her sister move into a semi-detached villa while Blanche's husband is away on a government mission to Berlin. Initially prejudiced against her neighbours, the Hopkinson family, Blanche gradually comes love and rely on them. In addition we meet Baron Sampson, an apparently rich businessman who has dealings with the Hopkinsons' son-in-law, the perpetually miserable Willis. This was a warm, amusing book in which common sense and kindness were prized. It i [...]

    12. These two novels are charming and very much in the Jane Austen style of manners. The Semi-Attached Couple focuses on a couple who marry, but with very different ideas of what marriage should be. It's only when the husband becomes very sick, that he appreciates his wife's love. Some of the humor is a little heavy handed, especially that of a nearby neighbor who loves to think the worst of everyone.The Semi-Detached House was written some thirty years later, but published first. Another newly marr [...]

    13. An entertaining read but without the heft of the Austen novels (to which these novels are so often compared) despite the similar cosy domestic upper class milieu. The characters are well realised and generally charming, and the writing is deft and entertaining but the plot, such as it is, seems very disjointed. Several fragmentary threads are briefly raised and closed, and all ends in matrimonial felicity except for the bad characters who are either snubbed or bankrupt, but it all feels a little [...]

    14. Hm, so I can't find a listing for the kindle edition that I read, and am too lazy to go look up the isbn to see if it's actually listed. In it, the order of these two novels are reversed, so I read the Semi-Detached house months and months ago and only now got around to The Semi-Attached Couple. I loved the first novel and eventually I was very fond of the second. Bit of a slow starter, though. Delightful though, ultimately.

    15. Emily Eden's The Semi-Detached House is a very engaging and entertaining read. Many readers have compared Eden with Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell. However, the comparisons fall a bit short and the reader does not plumb the depths and explore the inner landscape of the protagonists, with all its contradictions and longings. Instead, Eden’s omniscient narrator observes all the characters and their interactions, but does not establish such extreme intimacy. Thus, there is not the episode of a [...]

    16. I first read these books nearly 60 years ago when I was in high school and they have not lost their charm in the slightest. Emily Eden was born 22 years after Jane Austen and lived a much longer (72 years to Austen's 42) life. She was also wealthier, more worldly, from a titled family - traveled, lived in India for years. This more sophisticated, wider social experience influences her fiction. Austen was in her early 20's when she wrote Pride & Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Eden was i [...]

    17. L'autrice dichiara nella prefazione di essere tornata su un racconto parzialmente scritto trent'anni prima (l'anno di pubblicazione è il 1860) ma di non aver voluto 'aggiornare' il mondo in cui la storia era stata originariamente pensata, «before railroads were established, and travelling carriages-and-four superseded», e forse il fascino di questa semplice storia sta proprio nel sapore di un mondo antico che si sta perdendo. Vi viene citata ogni tanto Jane Austen, ma il romanzo mi è sembrat [...]

    18. Had previously read "The Semi-attached Couple" -- have gone back to book to read "Semi-detached House"Many people have recommended Emily Eden "someone to read if you like Jane Austen", she just isn't Austen's equal. The characters are not memorable for me. There is a lack of intimacy with Eden's characters -- nothing that distiguishes one sister from another (in The Semi-Detached House) -- you don't know the characters. (The complete inverse of what one experiences when reading Austen of the Bro [...]

    19. I like Emily Eden's style, and the fact that the Semi-Attached Couple talked about a not so great couple after the marriage took place, instead of before like Pride and Prejudice did, which reminds me of the short stories I'm writing about the Darcys. If you want to check it out it's at smashwords/profile/vi. But she has a very comical and relatable voice, and her characters seem to be very gritty and real, as she talks about actual servants going about their work in detail as well as the wealth [...]

    20. These books were recommended as "what to read when you've finished all of Jane Austen". And they are somewhat similar. It's the regency period where people spend a lot of time sitting around being social. Some of the characters are quite funny - the author is a little brutal in exposing personality flaws. These books have a little romance in them, but I like the focus of adjusting to marriage. I didn't always think the writing is as good as Austen's though. These books are fun, but forgettable.

    21. This is what Jane Austen's admiring neighbor might have written if she weren't feeling particularly pretentious or ambitious. It doesn't pretend to anything; it's a simple novel of manners with a bit more exposition than might be found in a truly masterful work. Along with fellow writers Mrs Radcliffe and Mrs Henry Wood, Emily Eden is a charming linguist with her own brand of humor that an Austen fan can appreciate. But don't expect great emotional revelations.

    22. 4 stars for The Semi-Attached Couple (y o y a saccharine conventional ending to a promising Victorian trainwreck marriage novel with such enjoyable comic creations as insufferable Lady Portmore and lugubrious Mrs Douglas); 2 stars for The Semi-Detached House, which too often substitutes anti-semitic cliché for the amusing skewering of social pretensions and personality quirks alike in the former.

    23. I read one of these two novels, the Semi-Detached House, which is pretty much the equivalent of a series of sitcoms, with pay-offs, the good-guys-triumph-the-bad-guys-suffer, every thirty minutes. Light, silly reading if one's in the mood for an English aristocracy story, which I was, though I should have turned to Jane Austen, of course.

    24. thank you Noel Perrin for writing "A Readers Delight" and suggesting this book for all the Austen fans out there. My daughter read this and loved it and suggested it for my book club. All the ladies enjoyed the read. Fun.

    25. Never finished it. Was listening to LIbrivox audiobook, whihc was well-read. But it did not live up to the comparisons to Jane Austen, though there are humorous events, just could not get into the characters.

    26. Light reading about romances and troubles in the English upper classes. A bit like Jane Austen (but not as wonderful, of course).

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