The Bad Island

The Bad Island This beautifully illustrated book is about a very unbeautiful very rocky rotten island with an assortment of rotten inhabitants For the first time ever a beautiful flower appears on the island and t

  • Title: The Bad Island
  • Author: William Steig
  • ISBN: 671665170
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This beautifully illustrated book is about a very unbeautiful, very rocky, rotten island with an assortment of rotten inhabitants For the first time ever a beautiful flower appears on the island and the inhabitants don t know what to do.

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      William Steig was born in New York City in 1907 In a family where every member was involved in the arts, it was not surprising that Steig became an artist He published his first children s book, Roland the Minstrel Pig, in 1968, embarking on a new and very different career.Steig s books reflect his conviction that children want the security of a devoted family and friends When Sylvester, Farmer Palmer, Abel, Pearl, Gorky, Solomon, and Irene eventually get home, their families are all waiting, and beginning with Amos Boris, friendship is celebrated in story after storycmillan author willia

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    1. Really fun, colorful illustrations. The setup describing an incredible ecosystem where unique creatures live and interact with each other is wonderful, if a bit repetitve. I thought the "rotten" island was great, cool, and much more interesting than the "beautiful" world that begins to grow when the rotten environment is destroyed. The new environment looks like the Earth we know, with flowers and birds, and sadly, super boring. Bring back the fighting monsters! Lots to ponder here about moralit [...]

    2. One sees in this book the full, detailed appreciation Steig got from his therapy with Wilhelm Reich, of the depths and savagery of human armoring. Yet one also sees hope for the day when-- armoring having destroyed itself at last-- unarmored life can restore itself. My children loved this book for both the brutal savagery and for the hope bursting eternal with the arrival of every new Spring. Steig's genius was his ability to convey such profound things in terms children can clearly understand.

    3. This is one of my favorite William Steig books, have read it to students out loud several times over the years it never gets old. The vocabulary is exquisite, fun, playful and right on the mark. It's truly a wonderful read to inspire those non-readers (boys) to love reading especially after realizing Shrek was originally written as a picture book.

    4. I'm not sure I can think of any adult illustrators whose art is as uninhibited and truthful as a child's--until now. This is one amazing picture book. The inventiveness of the monsters and the 'horrible island' is amazing.As to the tale, it's certainly a commentary on the idea of beauty that may come after total ruin and chaos. Such a different book! But in a great way. Lots of fun.

    5. This is a bizarre, but insightfull tale about the futility of war and the beauty of nature's ability to renew itself and persist despite the devastating destruction caused by warfare.The narrative is a bit long for younger children and the overall story is likely to appeal to older children. The story is very descriptive and some of the vocabulary is fairly advanced.William Steig's illustrations are extremely colorful and creative; the fearsome creatures are menacing, but cute in a strange way. [...]

    6. "Without question, the monster book of the year."— Boston Globe"Not since Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are has there been such a glorious nightmare of a book."— People"Stupendous."— The Philadelphia Inquirer"As visually exciting a book as has ever been produced for children."— The Detroit News"What a glorious book! [It:] bubbles, almost boils with color."— Washington Post Book World"A gorgeously colored picture book, full of monsters, mayhem and a take-it-or-leave-it message. [...]

    7. Jasper (2.5yo) picked out this book at the library all by himself. I'm not sure what to make of it. It's about a bunch of monsters on a horrible island with bizarre and dangerous weather patterns who take great pleasure in causing others pain. Then a beautiful flower shows up and well, you'll have to read it for yourself. Illustrations are very vibrant - perhaps that's what Jas liked about the book

    8. I really loved seeing TenNapel's art in color! but overall I felt like the story was just alright. It had some really great moments with the brother and sister, but I was really not into the alien side story. I may check out some more of TenNapel's work in the future, but right now I am still underwhelmed.

    9. I'd love to use this book in a middle school lesson on allegory or symbolism, but for now we use it to talk about theme. We also compare and contrast it with Steig's Shrek. I'm ready to conclude this author's study.

    10. The horrible ugly creatures on Rotten Island loved their horrible lives until a beautiful flower sprouted up. The creatures attacked each other until they all died. The next day the island was covered with beautiful flowers.

    11. Really just an excuse for Steig to draw pages and pages of ridiculous monsters. I'm ok w/ this.Rotten Island is actually a peninsula

    12. taken at face value, it's a hoot. you can go deeper, but since it's a kids book, why bother? you can read this one a hundred times.

    13. I know this book by its old title, Bad Island. I spent a lot of time as a kid looking at the illustrations of the monsters.

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