Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work

Disrupt Yourself Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work Are you a high potential charting your course within your current organization a leader trying to jumpstart innovative thinking in your company Or are you ready to do something new Consider this simp

  • Title: Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work
  • Author: Whitney Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781629560526
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Are you a high potential charting your course within your current organization, a leader trying to jumpstart innovative thinking in your company Or are you ready to do something new Consider this simple yet powerful idea disruptive companies and ideas upend markets by doing something truly different they see a need, an empty space waiting to be filled, and they dare toAre you a high potential charting your course within your current organization, a leader trying to jumpstart innovative thinking in your company Or are you ready to do something new Consider this simple yet powerful idea disruptive companies and ideas upend markets by doing something truly different they see a need, an empty space waiting to be filled, and they dare to create something for which a market may not yet exist An expert in driving innovation via personal disruption, Whitney Johnson, will help you understand how the frameworks of disruptive innovation can apply to you if you want to be successful in unexpected ways, follow your own disruptive path Dare to innovate Dream big dreams Do something astonishing Disrupt yourself In this book, you will learn how to apply these frameworks to building a business, career and you.We are living in an era of accelerating disruption those who can manage the S curve waves of learning and maxing out will have a competitive advantage But this is a skill set that needs to be learned Disrupt Yourself will help people cope with the unpredictability of disruption, and use it to their competitive advantage.

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      240 Whitney Johnson
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    1. Whitney Johnson

      Whitney Johnson is an investor, speaker, author, and leading thinker on driving corporate innovation through personal disruption Johnson is a Founder and Managing Director of Springboard Fund, and co founder of Rose Park Advisors along with Clayton Christensen where they led the seed round for Korea s Coupang, currently valued at 5 billion Having served as president from 2007 2012, Johnson was involved in fund formation, capital raising, and the development of the fund s strategy During her tenure, the CAGR of the Fund was 11.98% v 1.22% for the SP 500.Previously, Johnson was an Institutional Investor ranked analyst for eight consecutive years at Salomon Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch, and was rated by Starmine as a superior stock picker As an equity analyst, Ms Johnson s stocks under coverage included America Movil NYSE AMX , Televisa NYSE TV and Telmex NYSE TMX , which accounted for roughly 40% of Mexico s stock exchange.Johnson is a frequent contributor and writer, including to the Harvard Business Review, as a LinkedINfluencer, and through other channels She is the author of two books, Dare, Dream, Do 2012 , and the forthcoming Disrupt Yourself Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work, out October 6, 2015 She is also a prolific speaker and has spoken to audiences of than 25,000 on her ideas and vision Johnson is represented by the New Leaf Speakers bureau, along with other thought leaders in innovation like Steve Wozniak.Johnson has received widespread recognition for her work and ideas and was named one of Fortune s 55 Most Influential Women On Twitter in 2014 She was named a finalist in the Future Thinker Award for Management Thinkers50, as well as fellow at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards She co founded the popular Forty Women Over Forty to Watch Johnson and her work have been covered in The Atlantic, BBC, CNN, Fast Company, the Guardian, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, and .

    332 thoughts on “Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work”

    1. If you’re well-read (especially in the areas of business, strategy and human behavior), Disrupt Yourself is a good read that synthesizes much of what you know into a structure that is simple to recall and put into practice. As I read, there were many “Oh, I know that…” moments followed by unexpected, “Huh, didn't think of it that way though…” moments. I appreciated having my old, latent knowledge reframed in a different way. It was like finding gold – eureka! Plus, Johnson includ [...]

    2. I honestly did not expect to enjoy this book At a cursory glance, the author's business background and a distinct emphasis in some early reviews on innovation, financial analysis, and so on turned me off. I tend to go for more of a leadership and personal development focus and this seemed way too "businessy", if that word exists.However, I had the opportunity to hear the author in a webinar and my attention was fully engaged from the first minute. Whitney Johnson is a successful businessperson, [...]

    3. I read this book at the recommendation of intentional living expert Tara Mohr, who I adore. I was disappointed by the book because it leans VERY heavily on business strategy (not surprising because it was applying a business tactic to individual development, and the author comes from the world of high finance). I found very little, in the strategy and examples of individuals who had "disrupted" their lives, to apply to my own life. Part of me thinks this isn't the fault of the book, which is cle [...]

    4. Disruptors have to be driven by discovery. I recently had dinner with Tai Tran, Forbes 30 under 30 in Marketing. What impressed me the most about him was that he has fully discovered himself in terms of his personalities and what he can and cannot do. The book Disrupt Yourself helped me better understand the power of self-discovery and how we can disrupt ourselves through discovery-driven planning.Discovery-driven planning is what interests me the most about this book. Rather than calculating co [...]

    5. There comes a point in your life, no matter what you do, when the question 'What next?' becomes a recurring one in your mind. While the 'What' is something you can figure relatively easily, the 'How' usually becomes the more daunting question. This book helps you answer that.

    6. This book was different than I was expecting. I was expecting something more personal and applicable to more situations, but it was very business and career focused. There have definitely been times in my life when I have been looking for change (jobs and otherwise) and new ways to grow. I've taken chances and stepped back to try to move forward, but that's not my current situation and the tone is more competitive than is helpful for my mindset, but I did learn some things and appreciated the re [...]

    7. ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 “When you disrupt yourself, you are looking for growth, so if you want to muscle up a curve, you have to push and pull against objects and barriers that would constrain and constrict you. That is how you get stronger.” ~ Whitney JohnsonKey Ideas: 1. Disruptive innovation in your personal life can advance your career. 2. Embrace your limitations and focus on your strengths. 3. Stay flexible, stay curious. 4. "S" curve- competitive risk vs market risk. 5. Sometimes you ha [...]

    8. A clear and concise guide to disruptive innovation. The author writes clearly and uses a wide range of examples. The book is mostly for business-related fields. While it may have other applications the author couches it mostly in the business/finance market and doesn't do much exploring of how this can be applied to someone's personal life. Wonderful examples that illustrate her points are throughout the book along with amusing anecdotes from her own life. The author speaks from a lot of persona [...]

    9. While this comment sounds like a collection of marketing sound-bites, the work is really a good read for challenging your current mindset. I went into this book looking as a way to achieve better results, but came away looking at ways to tear down the concepts of my skill sets to better package myself. In reframing my accomplishments from the "slaying the dragons" of yesterday into presenting myself as a resource of ideas and innovation. The book and podcasts are not specifically a "how to" pres [...]

    10. I was really underwhelmed by this book, perhaps because I expected to like it.Whitney Johnson applies Disruption Theory—a theory that explains how low-end companies disrupt industries—to individual persons. By thinking about S-curves as analogous to competencies, she suggests that you can make big changes, take new jobs, and feel confident that you will make progress.It's a fine idea, but I didn't think there was a lot to the book.

    11. This book was fantastic! It gave me a lot to think about moving forward and allowed me to reflect on my career up to this point. Her thoughts on constraint, failure and risk are fascinating and I want to discuss them.

    12. Light, enjoyable, and refreshing. In a world of heavy-handed business books, Whitney Johnson has synthesized a broad concept into a structured script that explains all from making the case for disruption and the practical how-tos to guide the execution, all in a way that is fun to read.

    13. The premise of the book is insightful and forces you to think broader about your personal growth. Perhaps its due to the subject matter it was short on Day to day specific actions. Great 50,000 foot view. More boots on the ground advice would have filled out the book.

    14. Easy and quick read. Validates a lot of what I've already thought/done in my career. Johnson gives tons of tangible and actionable steps to make disruption feel second nature.

    15. Thinking outside the box. Pop out! Reference 'Bring Me the Rhinoceros' by John Tarrant or 'Psychomagic' by Alejandra Jodorowsky

    16. I did not care for this book. It is geared towards business and corporate life, not someone's personal life. I did not find any helpful information that I would be able to apply in my life.

    17. Our innate desire to feel a sense of belonging has a dark side. While its healthy and productive to form mutually beneficial and diverse relationships within our organization we may also become "so cliquish that we refuse to look beyond our borders and think poorly of other cultures or ideas," writes Disrupt Yourself author Whitney Johnson. Thus we are less likely to grow and to innovate, she believes. That effect also make companies and industries myopic, she concludes.Whitney suggests ways to [...]

    18. Disrupting is the act of bringing an exponential improvement to an industry, rendering everything else obsolete. Nowadays disruption is something that appeals to us, but the safe way is to start a new field where no competitors exist, rather than fighting against well established players with mountains of resources. It's important that we specialize in such a way that nobody else is doing the job, often achieved by joining two unrelated fields of study. Strive for difficult learning curves and t [...]

    19. I had the luxury of attending a seminar where Whitney was the main speaker. Her concept is motivating and powerful. It makes you want to do things differently. She is very well versed in public speaking which is evident when listening to her. she doesn't skip a beat. I was eager and excited to read her book in which her presentation was based off of. I was disappointed that some chapters were literally word for word her in person presentation, jokes and all. I imagine I would have enjoyed this b [...]

    20. This is a powerful book for two important reasons. It connects proven ideas in a new way to help both individuals and organizations create new and better results. And it does so in a simple and engaging way.Whitney Johnson was a superstar investment analyst and advisor, then she disrupted her life and career to do something new. It is because of her knowledge of how disruptive innovation can drive business success and her personal experience of doing it for herself that makes this a book that tr [...]

    21. 2.5 stars. This book compiles a lot of really good ideas, but since I read books like this one frequently, overall it didn't really strike me as life-changing (though I marked a few passages to copy down and think about). Although the title is Disrupt Yourself, too often it veered into Disrupt Your Business. There were comments about how to apply the principle of disruption into your life and career, but they were uneven, making this book less applicable to those who are not entrepreneurs or in [...]

    22. Whitney is an author whose intent is clearly to help you succeed, (if you put the work into it) sensing her genuineness within seconds of listening to her speak.There are few books I’ve urgently wanted to finish reading in one sitting. Disrupt Yourself is one of them. The lessons are concise, relevant, and a valuable reference. Here, Whitney reminds us all of the principle truth that there is no end to recreating ourselves, that the launching point is just as important as one’s point of mast [...]

    23. “Disrupting yourself is critical to avoiding stagnation, being overtaken by younger, smarter, faster workers, and fast-tracking your personal and career growth.” That quote from the new book by Whitney Johnson, Disrupt Yourself, is the first of many reasons why this book was a good choice for me and will be a good choice for you. Beginning with the introduction we start to learn how disruptions affect what goes on in our brains and how they can work in our favor. The author’s scrupulously [...]

    24. Whitney Johnson has hit her stride in this book - knocking down wall after wall of what we "think" life is supposed to look like. Her real-life examples hit home, and chapter 4 (on Entitlement) hit me squarely between the eyes. If you're just starting a career, settled comfortably in a career, or at the top - bored - and ready to try something new, you need to read this book. Or if you're "risk adverse" (Chapter 6) like I am, you need to read this book. :) Disruption isn't always fun - but neces [...]

    25. To be honest this book is a kind of recycled self development book with a fancy title. Disruptive today is much more than what the book claims to help you in.Going through the book slow and fast I was trying to find something that will actually make me stand out in today's copy cat or similarity society but couldn't quite put my fingers on anything actionable that we don't, sorry, or I don't already know or have read about elsewhere with more actionable content and ideas.The book is full of famo [...]

    26. [audiobook review] A quick read/listen, around 3h This basically argues when you've achieved a plateau (career wise), arguably because you're on the top of the S-curve (but not necessary), it is a time to step-off into what will hopefully be the bottom of a new/different S-curve.She cites a number of examples where this works: it's obviously scary, frustrating, and even depressing; but the results can be 'amazing'.I think a different slant on this is "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still W [...]

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