The Soldier's Rebel Lover

The Soldier s Rebel Lover When Major Finlay Urquhart was last on the battlefield he shared a sizzling moment with daring Isabella Romero Two years later Finlay has one final duty to perform for his country one that reunites

  • Title: The Soldier's Rebel Lover
  • Author: Marguerite Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780373298532
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Major Finlay Urquhart was last on the battlefield, he shared a sizzling moment with daring Isabella Romero Two years later, Finlay has one final duty to perform for his country, one that reunites him with this rebellious senorita Except Isabella has her own mission, which means that no matter how much she craves Finlay s touch, she can never tell him the truth ButWhen Major Finlay Urquhart was last on the battlefield, he shared a sizzling moment with daring Isabella Romero Two years later, Finlay has one final duty to perform for his country, one that reunites him with this rebellious senorita Except Isabella has her own mission, which means that no matter how much she craves Finlay s touch, she can never tell him the truth But she s underestimated Finlay s determination to protect her, and soon she finds herself letting her guard down, one scorching kiss at a time

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      Marguerite Kaye is a prolific historical romance author hailing from Argyll s West Coast She is a voracious consumer of books, Scotland s world class larder, and the occasional cocktail.Find out on her website at margueritekaye Join her on Facebook page at facebook margueritekayepageChat with her on Twitter at twitter margueritekaye

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    1. I've given this a B+ at AAR, so that's 4.5 starsThe second book in Marguerite Kaye’s Companions in Arms duo, The Soldier’s Rebel Lover is a worthy companion piece to the equally good The Soldier's Dark Secret, and like that book, takes a thoughtful look at the after-effects of war on those who fought and what happens to them when war is over. As well as all that, there’s a swoonworthy hero, a tender, well-developed romance, and a dash of adventure – all of it beautifully written and deve [...]

    2. This is the final book in Marguerite Kaye’s Comrades in Arms mini-series and, whilst I enjoyed it, I didn’t find it as compelling or emotionally charged as THE SOLDIER’S DARK SECRET.The son of a Scottish farmer, Finlay has succeeded in rising to the rank of major against all the odds, resulting in Wellington dubbing him “The Jock Upstart”. The army has been the only life he has ever known and, after the war ends, although he loves his family, he knows he could never settle for a life t [...]

    3. Sometimes ye olde Regency feels like tired romance material, and sometimes, there's Marguerite Kaye! Major Finlay Urquhart, with enough of a brogue to make him sexy and fun, is also a man of honour and integrity, the best kind of hero. Now that the Peninsular Campaign, indeed the war, is over, his growing realization of how dispensable England's war veterans are leaves him disillusioned. But he cannot deny his friend Jack Trestain's, Wellington's code-breaker, request to rescue the Spanish parti [...]

    4. This, the second in Marguerite Kaye’s Comrades in Arms duo, is set during the aftermath of the Peninsular campaign or what the Spanish preferred to call the War of Independence. It has at its centre, dashing and honourable Major Finlay Urquhart and bold, beautiful Isabella Romero.Finlay is at a loose end after the bloody war that has seen so many of his comrades killed and injured; however, he is a career soldier, so when his friend and army colleague, Lieutenant Colonel Jack Trestain (Welling [...]

    5. An intensely intriguing historical tale of passionately compelling romance "What the hell do you think you are doing, creeping about in the night in woman's clothing? I could just as easily have killed you?" The sheer audacity of her remark rendered him speechless for a moment, and then Finlay laughed. "This, senorita, is a kilt, not a skirt, and you did not for a moment come close to killing me, though I don't doubt that you'd have tried if I'd given you half a chance."THE SOLDIER'S REBEL LOVE [...]

    6. Good book about two people whose lives are defined by what they see as their duty. Finlay and Isabella meet in 1813 as both come across a cache of French weapons. As one of the Spanish guerilla fighters, Isabella promises to get the information to El Fantasma, a guerilla leader, so that it can be taken care of. Finlay and Isabella are intrigued by each other and share an instant connection, but are parted by the needs of the war.Two years later, Finlay receives a request to return to Spain and f [...]

    7. I was really excited to read this book, as it follows up Jack's story in The Soldier's Dark Secret - which I enjoyed and follows his friend and army colleague Finlay. I have to say, I found the cover disappointing on this one (the heroine looks bizarrely Edwardian, and it doesn't reflect the story), as Jack's was unusual and gorgeous.For me, this was a game - or book - of two halves. The first half, I didn't like so much, the second half was much better. My main problem was with the hero and her [...]

    8. Major Finlay Urquhart of the Ninety-Second Regiment of Foot has been fighting in Spain during the war with Napoleon. A Scottish man, he prides himself on wearing his kilt. He is on lookout when he catches a Spanish woman named Isabella. At first thinking she is a French spy, he soon learns that they are on the same side. They rest, share some food, and talk. Finlay is intrigued by her but they part soon after.England - 1815Finlay has returned home after the war to live with his brother at Tresta [...]

    9. If there's one thing British authors can write brilliantly and with accuracy, its historical romance. Marguerite's sequel to The Soldier's Dark Secret does not disappoint at all.Finlay and Isabella's romance is seamless in the way both points of view are woven in, capturing the reader's imagination from the very first page, leaving me (the reader) reluctant to say farewell at the end.Their relationship keeps the reader turning over page after page, 'willing' them to have their happy ending, and [...]

    10. The book had likable characters with a strong female heroine and an honourable hero. The plot sees Major Finlay Urquhart venturing into Spain to rescue a Spanish Partisan and falling in love along the way. The plot was good with a realistic historical setting and although predictable it was a good a read. With the exception of the end, it was a clean read. If I have a niggle, I found the build up to the end of the story a little laboured, only to be followed by a sudden finish. The historical ba [...]

    11. “The Soldier’s Rebel Lover” is the final installment in the series "Comrades in Arms", but can be read as a stand alone. I absolutely adored this series! Although, I must say I adore ALL of Ms. Kaye's stories. She is an amazing storyteller who transports the reader to another era with her strong, feisty heroines, her alpha heroes, and her alluring, compelling and compassionate stories.Another intense, intriguing, compelling and passionate tale of romance and love with some twists and turns [...]

    12. Spain during the Napoleonic era is the setting for this strong story of love, danger and sacrifice. A kilted Scots Major is spying out a French arms cache when he meets a partisan Spaniard on the same errand. They are in the wooded, rough, Basque country. The partisan turns out to be a girl, dressed as a man. She agrees to tell El Fantasma, the Phantom, who is a rebel leader, about the arms so that the British soldiers don't need to risk splitting their forces to take it out of French hands. Aft [...]

    13. With the Soldiers Rebel Lover there is no need to worry about historical accuracy with Marguerite Kaye, you can be rest assured the author will have done her research.This is the last book in the Comrades in arms series, although perhaps a book updating the readers on Isabella's family would be good.Our kilt wearing hero is Finlay Urguhart, and i must say i love a man in a kilt. Caputures our heroine Isabella whilst on duty. Initially he thinks that she is a French spy. The novel is set during t [...]

    14. While in Spain Major Finlay Urquhart spent the night in a field with guerrilla fighter Isabella Romero on a scouting mission during the war with France. He never dreamed that two years later he would be back in Spain seeking to find the elusive El Fastisima or The Ghost in order to protect English secrets nor did he think he'd see the feisty Isabella again. As Spain seeks to put an end to the Resistance fighters, Finlay and Isabella face danger together and must flee for their lives. In the proc [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book. The Author builds up the romance, it's a slow burn and I was invested in the outcome. I could understand both points of view as throughout the novel the author explains Finlay and Isabella's ideas, life experiences, regrets and aspirations. This book is the second in the comrade in arms series and as, in my opinion, both protagonists in first book were guided by issues of guilt, in this one both are touched by their duty to others. It's rich in historical detail and p [...]

    16. A page turner book I couldn't put it down. Finlay and Isabella’s love story was amazing. I realky enjoyed the historical scene in which the story was set in. This story has a good plot, that includes unexpected surprises and a few moments of action. I would have liked to read more about Finlay and Isabella's future in the epilogue. Did they make it to America safely. So many questions left unfinished I would have like to read a bit more of their future together in America.

    17. It's a nice story, with some twist till the end even if I was wondering why the author decided to change everything at the last moment, it would have been nice to see their life in America, or at last it would have been for me.È una bella storia, con sorprese fino alla fine, anche se mi sarebbe piaciuto che l'autrice avesse passato piú tempo a descrivere la loro vita in America piuttosto che tutti i giorni della loro fugaANKS TO NETGALLEY AND HARLEQUIN FOR THE PREVIEW!

    18. "Kaye delivers a vivid tale of unexpected love in the next installment of her Comrades in Arms series. The author weaves genuine characters, rich setting and authentic conflict into a delicious, full-bodied historical that readers will savor" (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars).Miniseries: Comrades in Arms

    19. This was a very well developed and written quick novel. I loved the little bit of history between Isabella and Finlay. And I LOVED the way it developed and their loyalties to each other and their causes. Overall a great read.

    20. Another great book from author Marguerite Kaye. As always, the historical setting and facts are wonderful. The hero/heroine are great. I always know I'll have a great read when the book is written by this author.

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