The Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love

The Game Changer A Memoir of Disruptive Love To make an open marriage work Franklin and Celeste knew they needed to make sure no one else ever came between them That meant there had to be rules No overnights no falling in love and either one

  • Title: The Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love
  • Author: Franklin Veaux
  • ISBN: 9780991399758
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • To make an open marriage work, Franklin and Celeste knew they needed to make sure no one else ever came between them That meant there had to be rules No overnights, no falling in love, and either one of them could ask the other to end an outside relationship if it became too much to deal with It worked for nearly two decades and their relentless focus on their own relatTo make an open marriage work, Franklin and Celeste knew they needed to make sure no one else ever came between them That meant there had to be rules No overnights, no falling in love, and either one of them could ask the other to end an outside relationship if it became too much to deal with It worked for nearly two decades and their relentless focus on their own relationship let them turn a blind eye to the emotional wreckage they were leaving behind them.The rules did not prepare them for Amber I have a question, Amber would say And whatever came next would send a wrecking ball through Franklin and Celeste s comforting illusions Amber was the first of Franklin s polyamorous secondary partners to insist on being treated like a person, and the first to peel back the layers of insecurity and fear that surrounded their relationship Amber was a game changer.A game changing relationship is one that uproots and redirects your life It overthrows your assumptions about who you are and why It awakens you to possibilities you d never conceived of It disrupts And it is the unspoken elephant in the attractive showroom of polyamorous relationships This book is the true story of a game changing relationship that changed not only Franklin and Celeste s lives, but the face of the modern polyamory movement A game changing relationship can happen to anyone How will you handle it when it happens to you

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      Franklin Veaux Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love book, this is one of the most wanted Franklin Veaux author readers around the world.

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    1. Though it's very well-written and Franklin Veaux is a fantastic and quirky individual, I didn't gain much of anything from reading this book. I felt it was a bit of a let down. The game changing relationship only featured for a moment and it didn't strike me as particularly life-changing. Perhaps this is because I'm one of those natural game changers so it's harder for me to understand how others take years to figure these lessons out. While this may be a good memoir of the early days of middle- [...]

    2. I read this book because More Than Two, by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert, is my favorite polyamory how-to guide. It has an ethical stance that I really respect and have learned a lot from, and I wanted to hear more about the relationships that had helped Franklin Veaux arrive at that viewpoint.To a reader of More Than Two, most of the people who appear in this book will be familiar. I felt like I knew most of the story in outline already from the descriptions given in the other book. However, T [...]

    3. This book is billed as a memoir about one revolutionary relationship, but it's really more a cautionary tale of the difficulties of a mono/poly relationship. Franklin and his ex-wife run into similar problems throughout the course of the book until Franklin (finally) gets into a relationship with someone who has enough self-confidence to question the ethics of being treated like a disposable object in order to be in a relationship with him. That, combined with his then-wife's increasingly arbitr [...]

    4. I'm so lucky in so many ways. That I am born in a progressive developed country. That I've been able to have children I wanted. That my life is abundant. And lucky, that others like Franklin Veaux have paved the way for my plural Franklin Veauxrelationship choices on 'new trails through a trackless wilderness.'I haven't escaped pain in my life, nor would I want to, because pain I've discovered presents a hidden path for growth, to a land where you discover new horizons and limitless possibilitie [...]

    5. Full review at xcbdsm/gamechangerThe Short Version“More than anything, I craved being understood.” (Page 134)I finished reading the book less than 24 hours after I received it. It is a compelling story about a fascinating individual. So at its core, it fulfills the requirements of a good auto-biography. Beyond that, it is well-written and structured in a way that gives the reader a great sense of the passage of time and the growth of the individuals across the years. The author successfully [...]

    6. This is loosely to More Than Two what The Husband Swap (by Louisa Leontiades) was to its Companion Book: the story of how the author's polyamorous beliefs came to be.I'll try to keep this without spoilers. This is a pretty short story of the beautiful and terrible things that happened throughout the author's first marriage, which led to the fairly radical idea that, when in a romantic relationship, one person does not own another and is not responsible for setting limits on their behaviour.The s [...]

    7. Full review here thelastchancetosee/201The takeaway from The Game Changer shouldn't be that polyamory is bad, or good. It shouldn't be that everyone needs to go and find three boyfriends or girlfriends right now, or that we need to go give up all hope of ever finding a perfect romance. The takeaway should be that whatever type of relationship is right for you, know that it is going to be challenging. It will require work. It will require you to be aware of people around you, because your actions [...]

    8. I read The Game Changer for book club. It was a pretty quick read, not to deep and not too many pages. The book was not what I expected at all. I thought it'd be about one relationship that changed it all for Franklin Veaux. I imagined that Franklin had been in poly relationships for a long time and that this one, whatever it was, happened to be different enough to shift the way he shapes relationships forever.I was partly right. There was a relationship that changed them all for him, but there [...]

    9. The author, Franklin Veaux, is the grandfather of modern polyamory in my opinion. His memoir highlighted all his struggles with navigating non monogamous relationships when there was no such thing. He made errors that I'm grateful for, sad to say. Those errors made it a lesson on how to treat your partners ethically and with compassion along with not losing who you were ultimately. His wife Celeste, was a classic example of someone who had a lot of insecurities about herself. Later on in the boo [...]

    10. I could not stop reading it!I didn't know what to expect when I started this book. After the first chapter, I was captivated. Franklin Veaux's coming of age story of how a socially awkward boy became a man who finally said goodbye to fear in his romantic relationships is as compelling as it is quirky.

    11. It was a bit different than I expected, more of a life story than More than Two which is a guidebook. But I enjoyed hearing and seeing the evolution of the polyamorous community through the eyes of someone who had been involved for many years.

    12. didn't get super engaged but it did hold my attention. made me think about the possible pitfalls of rules in/about relationships.

    13. Oh man. I've never met the author, but I want to buy him a beer or a cup of tea. Many states away, I was making a lot of the same mistakes in polyamory for different reasons. (view spoiler)[I had a relationship with veto rights, where my live-in partner wanted to veto my other partner of three years (hide spoiler)]. Like the author, I did it, that was fifteen years ago now, and I've regretted it ever since -- I feel terrible about having treated my erstwhile partner so badly through no fault of [...]

    14. After reading More Than Two I enjoyed learning a bit more about Franklin's life. I think it adds some context around important pillars of polyamory. Ex. you can see where the secondary bill of rights comes from.My notes:“Sexual intimacy can be a gateway to emotional intimacy. Even when it’s confined to text over a computer screen.”We started talk about sex but also about our hopes and dreams, our past loves, the millions of little details that make up our lives."Life rewards people who mov [...]

    15. I knew this book was going to scare me, as the monogamish partner of a polyamorous person who isn't very comfortable with the whole idea of loving multiple people, and it did. Though very different from More than Two, I think this is a very well-written book. I wish that we had been able to see more of how Celeste actually felt and what she actually thought, instead of just Franklin's interpretations of where she was coming from emotionally. As he states himself multiple times in the book, he do [...]

    16. I read this for my book club (which focuses loosely on themes around sex, kink, alternative relationship models, gender and sexuality). From briefly scanning the summary before I began, I expected something much more didactic, but instead it's an engaging and forthright memoir, describing the author's exploration of relationship models over several decades. (Incidentally, it also chronicles his participation in the development of various aspects of computer technology and the formation of online [...]

    17. A great read! I was reading this because polamory fascinates me. I am not currently polyamorous, though I am not strictly monogamous, either. My partner and I are exploring who we are currently, and this book looked interesting to me as we go through our current adventures. I am definitely recommending this book to my partner, so we can talk about it. If you are interested in more of an experience, a view, into this unique way to love, this is a good book for you. It may turn you off to this typ [...]

    18. A thought-provoking read that sheds a great deal more light on many of Franklin Veaux's pontifications in his earlier book. Beyond the heart-wrenching aspect of the author's troubled relationships, seeing how the polyamory community has evolved over the past couple decades in terms of how it has viewed hierarchical and "rules"-based relationships, as well as particulars such as veto, was especially interesting to me. I would recommend as a companion book this to anyone who is reading or has read [...]

    19. Uncomfortably voyeuristic. I had to keep reminding myself that Veaux is a writer I trust, and that he must know what he's doing, but in the end I'm not so sure. The people he writes about are real. How do they feel about his portrayals of them?I'm not sure this book was necessary. More Than Two was beautiful and noble, and I thought it stood on its own. Now I feel like part of it has been eroded.

    20. This book is an autobiographic account of the experiences of the author in his polyamorous relationships. In particular, it examines the damage done to his lovers and himself by the primary / secondary arrangement. Its simple and honest style really captured my attention. I am also polyamorous and have gone through experiences similar to those recounted by the author. For people who are not in the polyamory lifestyle is a very entertaining way to look into the life experiences of those who pract [...]

    21. I liked Franklins humour and insight and his clever writing. What I liked most though, is that he never makes people out to be villains, and he doesn't pretend that he's a saint.If you enjoyed the tiny snippets of personal history in More Than Two and want more of that, you will like The Game Changer. And if the experience of being in a poly/mono relationship hits close to home, read it. It won't solve your problems but it will give you something to talk about with your partner.

    22. I quite enjoyed this book. I have had the pleasure of seeing Franklin speak on several occasions and have used his website many times for discussion material. A quick read, but one that made me feel connected to myself in a way that I haven't been lately.

    23. well written. interesting. received free thru . I do think that Franklin is basically wrong to think any woman will ever be completely satisfied to share the man she loves, no matter how you dress it up or what you call it.

    24. Great storytelling. Franklin's storytelling skills are remarkable. I felt his joys and his pains as he painted a picture of his own heart, and compassionately shared the struggles of his many loves

    25. This is a very quick read that packs a lot of information and thought into a simple retelling of Franklin Veaux's romantic history. It's great. It's thoughtful, and honest. It's useful.Thank you for sharing this, Mr. Veaux.

    26. Very personalized view of Franklin's experiences and emotions through many relationships and described how he evolved in his views and about polyamory in general.

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