The Measly Middle Ages

The Measly Middle Ages The Measly Middle Ages portrays life as it really was in the days when knights were bold and the peasants were revolting

  • Title: The Measly Middle Ages
  • Author: Terry Deary MartinBrown
  • ISBN: 9780590139007
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Measly Middle Ages portrays life as it really was in the days when knights were bold and the peasants were revolting.

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    1. Terry Deary MartinBrown

      A former actor, theatre director and drama teacher, Deary says he began writing when he was 29 Most famously, he is one of the authors of the Horrible Histories series of books popular among children for their disgusting details, gory information and humorous pictures and among adults for getting children interested in history Books in the series have been widely translated into other languages and imitated.A cartoon series has been made of the series of books and was shown on CiTV for a period in 2002.The first series of a live action comedy sketch show of the same name was shown on CBBC in 2009 and a second series is due.Terry is also known widely throughout children and adult reading groups alike for his True Stories series see below for series list.He received an Honorary Doctorate of Education from the University of Sunderland in 2000 His numerous accolades also include the Blue Peter Best Nonfiction Author of the Century Award in the U.K.

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    1. I guess you already know from my previous review that Terry Deary is one of my favourite authors, because he knows how to retell history in a laid-back and funny way. Now I'm going to talk about a historical period that began to interest me since I have learnt about Beowulf and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in my English Medieval Literature class. Though Romantic writers tried to reinvent and paint the Dark Ages in pinkish shades, it's pretty hard for me to understand how come courtesy, beautiful l [...]

    2. Who says history has to be boring and serious? Measly Middle Ages tells the history of the middle ages while completely entertaining the reader. The book itself is filled with lots of interesting information, surprising facts, and insider jokes. It's great fun! Measly Middle Ages is part of a series of Horrible Histories which teaches history in a interesting, fun, and humorous way. All of these books have great titles like Rotten Romans, Awesome Egyptians, Groovy Greeks, and Vicious Vikings. A [...]

    3. As a child history was one of my favourite school subjects thus making Horrible Histories the perfect books for me.Nowadays children have the television series yet I belong to the older group that had the books. Personally, I believe any child who has an interest in history should give these books a go. They’re truly gripping and so many topics are covered. Honestly, Horrible Histories are well worth a read.

    4. OK, clearly I got this book for Balint, but I ended up reading it too. I heard different opinions about this series and wanted to make sure it was something I am not going to regret putting in my son's hands. I have to say, it was a very fun read. History facts were correct, plenty of cheeky English humor, all the horrible history stuff boys like and I loved how the author finished the book with his take on history. I will be checking out the other "Horrible" books (history, science) and heard t [...]

    5. More about the morbid and un-merry men of the middle ages, as part of the Horrible Histories collection, prepared by Terry Deary for Books collection. So, it is full of glorious bits of information on salient subjects for the young reader's curious mind, I love the pictures the best! Always have!

    6. I've always liked the subject of history, not matter how weird it can get, so I couldn't help but like this unromanticized and irreverent view of medieval Europe. Through words and pictures, The Measly Middle Ages details just how bizarre, gruesome, and dangerous life in ye olden days could be. The people of the Middle Ages had to deal with corruption, disease, filth, poverty, violence, inequality, etc etc. Of course many of those problems are just as prevalent today as they were back then(as th [...]

    7. This silly book has been kicking around our house for quite some time and I've never really looked at it. I picked it up while preparing to teach one of our "heroes" classes, hoping to find something amusing to get the kids to laugh. Hard to star, 2 for discerning adults, probably 4 for kids! They loved it. I read them some "foul food facts" and some bathroom facts and they all had a good chuckle. Silly little book that gives some insight into how bad some things were at that time, but I felt th [...]

    8. 2 stars for being occasionally very funny, especially for illustrations. I used to love these books, but now I am a medievalist and I strongly disapprove of generalisations that this book uses. "Cruelty alongside saintliness. That pretty well sums up the measly Middle Ages." No, it does not. I know this is supposed to make history more interesting to a younger audience, but it also gives them an idea that that period of time was pure darkness and that all people were superstitious and stupid the [...]

    9. Horrible Histories: The Measly Middle Ages, by Terry DearyI first read this book when I was about 10 or 11, and it's held a fond place in my memories ever since. Deary retells some of the history of the Middle Ages, with plenty of humor and excellent illustrations by Martin Brown. Normally, I skip graphics, but Brown's images add a lot to the text. Aimed at kids, the Horrible Histories series, and especially "The Measly Middle Ages" is full of gory details and funny anecdotes. The historical con [...]

    10. Another Horrible History to add to the collection. As always, these books are mildly educational and breezy reads. I especially enjoy reading about anecdotal tales of antiquated medicinal practices and absurd superstitions.

    11. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book, as well as the rest of the Horrible Histories series. They are a really great educational resource for children learning about history, but also keep children entertained with their humorous and light-hearted tone. I greatly enjoyed reading this book (and others in this series) as a child and now, looking back, I can appreciate their merits in helping children to learn. Firstly, the introduction to the book helps readers to understand that the his [...]

    12. I picked this book up recently because I am interested in anything to do with the Middle Ages and i thought that this would be good research for my own books. I have read some Horrible Histories books before and while i know they are for children, I like them too. (I am no longer a kid.) They're so funny and I always learn more when I'm laughing at something or when I'm enjoyiing something. (and with these books, I'm doing both.) There were loads of facts that I didn't know and I liked the fact [...]

    13. Well, I'd say this one was way less entertaining than the other books I've read. The first part, with all the kings who came and went, was extremely boring Jeez, it may depend on me being Italian, too: I'm not that familiar with the English history of the Middle Ages. I know something but most names didn't ring a bell.In the second half it slowly picks up the pace and it gets more interesting. Maybe it's more about the living conditions of the people and less about who kills whom.I still have so [...]

    14. Packed full of facts and figures not too much depth but enough to elicit interest and get the reader wanting to do further research or google it!! These are fun little books and well worth a quick read although I can never remember the facts and figures in the books ehy are fun and nicely illustrated.

    15. Ach ja, das Mittelalter. Minnesang, Ritterturniere und Ehre auf dem Schlachtfeld, so sieht man es gerne im Fernsehen und auf Festivals. Die Realität jedoch sah leider ganz anders und viel unromantischer aus: Vikings attack monatries where the measly murderous maniacs massacre a few monks and nasty Normans and dreadful diseases shorten the life.Die "Horrible Histories" sind eine erfolgreiche englische Buchreihe illustrierter, lustiger Geschichtsbücher. Konzipiert ist sie für englische Schulkin [...]

    16. Okay let's talk about the Horrible Histories.You may be aware of them as a TV show, which I highly, highly recommend, but you may not be aware that they are also books! Which I also recommend!It's hard to talk about the Horrible Histories specifically. They're hysterical short nonfiction books consisting of maybe 120 pages tops? Aimed at children, they set out to tell you all about the really nasty side of history, which I am always down for. They're smart and funny with great illustrations, and [...]

    17. I feel bad giving this book a three out of five. Horrible Histories was part of my childhood; it was the only thing that made history lessons bearable. Sure, it's a bit underhanded - it mimics an anti-learning stance so as to convince children to learn things - but the books were fun, funny and exactly the type of thing a child wants to read when it comes to such a topic.Alas as an adult, I found the book quite lacking. The book is structured more as a series of stories and facts that Terry Dear [...]

    18. An interesting, though often disgusting, look at history, which will appeal to children who enjoy gory details, and have the stomach for them.

    19. I picked this up because I love the Middle Ages and was interested in how they would be represented in a non-fiction comedy children's book. Well, Terry Deary knocked my socks off (just like the other reviewer)! I loved his blend of comedy and fact. The picture/comics were just the right blend too. My favorite has to be one of the first in the book, where at the Battle of Hastings the Anglo-Saxons are all shouting "Stab!" as they fight, while the Normans are shouting "Le Hack!". I laughed till I [...]

    20. The British "Horrible Histories" series is the reason I study history in school today. Hilarious yet educational, I've read almost every book in this series beginning with "Measly Middle Ages" when I was about nine years old. I still enjoy going back as an adult to get a better feel for the average, everyday experience in each time periodtely gives you perspective as your college professors seem to mention everything BUT the human experience. You learn of the wars and regime changes, religion an [...]

    21. I subscribed to the series after watching an advert online, and read them as soon as they arrived, and couldn't wait for the next one to come out! They give such great facts about each time period and even on periods I knew about, the magazines contained information I had never heard before.I enjoyed this one quite a bit! I had not hear much about the Black Plague at the time, other than it killing a lot of people, so it was interesting to read up about it and the theories people had for why it [...]

    22. This book is a good book if you like history. It has more humor in it than you would expect. It has a lot of comics on almost every page. This book is about history way back in time. We are talking like 1300's here. I mean way back. This book is mostly a pleasure read but it is also history that you learn about.This book is about 130 pages and it is a pretty short read. I read through it in 2 days. If you want to read this book you better be able to read through humor and actual facts and inform [...]

    23. Ah ha.If only we had been taught History in this format.terry Deary did quite a good job of putting together a nice, macabre of horrors from the middle agesQuite a lot of new facts tumble out and the cartoons in the book, are quite amusingThe book promotes itself by saying----Want to know---a). A genuine Jester's joke?b). Why Chickens had their bottoms shaved?c). What ten year old treacle was used for?Well, i would say to read this book for some gruesome games, revolting recipes, and fantastic f [...]

    24. A replacement for Harry Potter: This great, enchanting, and captivating series attracted me since i was a child. Not only is this an educating experience, this also provides information in a very enjoyable way. Attractive to the most intelligent minds, and interesting to every child, this makes a great gift and also a great reader. It will make you smile and even laugh out loud as you read book after book. My only question is, why would they ever stop priting? I ask to continue print so all who [...]

    25. We gave our daughter Joanna a box of ten of these, so I thought I'd better read one :) She's loving them! I enjoyed it too, a great way for young readers to get into history. Clearly delights in leaving the gross bits in, but doesn't go over the top. Mostly focused on what life was like at the time rather than historical events, and clearly Anglo-centric. This one was a bit of a depressing read, but I that was everyday life in the Middle Ages!

    26. This book told interesting information about the Middle Ages, which many people do not know a lot about. I liked that it brought it to about a fourth or fifth grade reading level and included pictures and fun facts. I also liked that in the beginning, it told the children to read other books and decide for themselves what is the right view of history. All in all, an enjoyable book and I now know more about the Middle Ages than I have known before.

    27. I've been meaning to read this- I inherited the book from a friend who tuned me into the televised series. The series is better, as is (different author, slightly different intention) the Uppity Women series. It's cute and tells a wide variety of stories, but it feels disorganized -each section and chapter aren't necessarily self contained, but it doesn't always build on the latter. It is accurate, for what I know.

    28. This is by far my favorite book and series of all time due to the fact that I can learn history in an entertaining way. This book has little comics here and there to add to the funny side of the stories presented. It also contains medieval recipes and a timeline of events that have actually taken place. I would read this to my students to teach them more about medieval times and to build their comprehension skills.

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