Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead The first book in a steamy new rockstar series that will appeal to fans of New York Times bestselling authors Sylvia Day and J Kenner Ricki Hamilton and her sister have just inherited a vast estate in

  • Title: Taking the Lead
  • Author: Cecilia Tan
  • ISBN: 9781455533633
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first book in a steamy new rockstar series that will appeal to fans of New York Times bestselling authors Sylvia Day and J Kenner.Ricki Hamilton and her sister have just inherited a vast estate in the Hollywood hills Unfortunately, with that legacy comes the most exclusive club in Hollywood history, a secret BDSM establishment where only the rich and the naughty comeThe first book in a steamy new rockstar series that will appeal to fans of New York Times bestselling authors Sylvia Day and J Kenner.Ricki Hamilton and her sister have just inherited a vast estate in the Hollywood hills Unfortunately, with that legacy comes the most exclusive club in Hollywood history, a secret BDSM establishment where only the rich and the naughty come to play Ricki wants nothing to do with this business, and is trying to find ways to get out of having to run it until she meets Axel a sexy enigmatic rock star who makes her want to submit to needs she didn t know she had.

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    1. Cecilia Tan

      Susie Bright says, Cecilia Tan is simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature Since the publication of Telepaths Don t Need Safewords in 1992, she has been on the cutting edge of the erotic form, often combining elements of fantasy and science fiction in her work She is also founder and editor of Circlet Press RT Book Reviews awarded her Career Achievement in Erotic Romance in 2015 and her novel Slow Surrender Hachette Forever, 2013 won the RT Reviewers Choice Award and the Maggie Award for Excellence from GRW in 2013 She has been publishing Daron s Guitar Chronicles as a web serial since 2009 and her Secrets of a Rock Star series Taking the Lead, Wild Licks, Hard Rhythm is published by Hachette Forever In 2018 Tor Books will launch her urban fantasy paranormal series, The Vanished Chronicles In her other life, Cecilia is also the editor of the Baseball Research Journal and publications director for SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research.

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    1. Ricki and her sister Gwen are Hollywood royalty.They inherited their grandfather's billions but the weirdest part of their inheritance is their grandpa's beloved secret BDSM sex club. A club where kinky Hollywood A-listers have been living out their fantasies for decades.Besides trying to keep the club a secret, Ricki is busy working for a film company - she has to work somewhere else for three years, before she can take over her grandfather's movie empire.No time for relationships.That's when s [...]

    2. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewTaking The Lead by Cecilia Tan is an erotic charged romance that centers on discovering your sexuality and finding yourself. Although this book dealt with sex and BDSM, it also explores the concept of taking the lead emotionally and what society expects a woman to be in today's business world.“While he fucked me Axel became my everything. My absolute everything. And in the moment that felt so right, so good, so noble and true.”When Ricki [...]

    3. Den Anfang des Buches fand ich eigentlich noch ganz unterhaltsam, aber dann nahm es leider immer mehr und mehr ab.Die Geschichte um den geheimen Club, das Erbe von Ricki und ihrer Schwester fand ich eigentlich interessant, aber die Art und Weise wie die Geschichte gestrickt wurde fand ich einfach nur einfallslos und langweilig. Es gab kaum Spannung oder Höhepunkte (von den sexuellen mal abgesehen) und vieles wirkte komplett unglaubwürdig.Die Charaktere waren ziemlich flach und ohne Persönlich [...]

    4. Cecilia Tan is an author that has popped up on my various news feeds for a while and I’ve always told myself that I’d pick up one of her books when I had the time, but as is typical when it comes to my TBR list that had not happened. So when the opportunity to not only read something by her, but that it was also a first in a new series about an heiress who is in charge of a secret BDSM club but doesn’t want to and a rock star with Dom inclinations who has decided that he’s found his perf [...]

    5. 3 Stars – 3 Flames This is a hard one to review. I have mixed feelings about how I feel about, not only the storyline, but also the way it was written. As you can see, I’ve given it 3 stars, so there’s obviously “something” there. I’ll try to write this without too many spoilers. I’ve read my share of BDSM books and this, in my opinion, doesn’t seem right. Yes, the female runs a secret club (thanks to Grandpa), but hasn’t even experienced the lifestyle. Although we know that sh [...]

    6. If you’ve read one erotic romance, you’ve pretty much read them all. Sure, the sexy scenes vary and change, the plot is different, but ultimately they’re all similar. So instead of waxing eloquently on about how hot Taking The Lead is, I’d like to focus on what sets it apart from all the other erotic romance. What makes me recommend it, other than “it’s a good read”?For me, Taking The Lead explores a topic I’ve discussed with many of my girlfriends on more than one occasion – b [...]

    7. The title says it all. There is an heiress. There is an up and coming rock star. Together they make an explosive story. It's got a bit of angst, it's got lots of, ahem, SEX, it's got love & romance. A strong female lead made this story. The author just "gets it". This is not some wilting flower of an heiress, nope, this is an Ivy League schooled, smart, beautiful woman. Inside and out. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have some issues. Who doesn't? The characters worked for me like butter o [...]

    8. CoverDas Cover ist genauso erotisch wie der Inhalt und verspricht heiße Stunden beim Lesen. Auch die Farbe des Titels ist stimmig. Ein sehr gelungenes Cover dem man auf jeden Fall einen zweiten Blick gönnt.InhaltRicki Hamilton ist die Erbin des Hollywood-Moguls Cy Hamilton. Sie lebt zusammen mit ihrer Schwester in einer riesigen Villa in LA. Doch niemand ahnt, welches Geheimnis diese Familie verbirgt. Niemand, außer die Eingeweihten.Auf dem Weg zu einer Preisverleihung lernt sie den angesagte [...]

    9. Panty Scorching- 5Storyline- 4.5Angst- 1Tissues-0Value-5Overall Rating- 4.5Kindle eARCReviewed by ChristinaHolyWOW! If you're looking for a HOT and STEAMY read this is so it! It had me adjusting in my seat several times. I know from reading previous books of Cecilia's that the girl loves her kinklol. Taking The Lead is about Axel and Ricki. Axel is in the biggest up and coming band and getting ass for him isn't a problem. But after sharing a night with Ricki he can't forget her. Ricki is the hei [...]

    10. Ricki ist eine reiche Erbin und könnte eigentlich ein typisches It- Girl sein. Aber weit gefehlt, sie hat an einer Eliteuni studiert und führt mit ihrer Schwester zusammen den Club ihres verstorbenen Großvaters weiter. Doch dieser Club ist eigentlich so gar nichts für Ricki, denn sie konnte der BDSM- Szene noch nie etwas abgewinnen. Bis sie auf Axel trifft, er zieht sie sofort in seinen Bann und plötzlich entdeckt Ricki ihre unterwürfige Seite als Sub.Axel ist Sänger der Band "The Rough" [...]

    11. Very easy average read. For a rock star read there was little "rockstar" happening. Could have been a case of "insert any public profile career here". Im going to hope that it is a case of this series just continues from where this one finished because there were certain story threads that weren't even finished. Enjoyable enough but not amazing.

    12. Heiress Ricki Hamilton has it all, or so it would appear: designer gowns, Ivy League degrees, a house-sized wing of her own in the family mansion, a chauffered limo, dozens of staff at her beck and call. She’s as renowned for her icy self-possession as for her intelligence and beauty. But it’s all a mask. Ricki is juggling all sorts of issues. There’s the secret BDSM club in the mansion basement, which her recently deceased grandfather requires she maintain—the global media company she o [...]

    13. ARC received via Netgalley for an honest reviewI admit it - I am the president of the Fictional Band Groupie Slut Club - tell me there is a book about a rock star, and I am there ready to party.I was excited to get into Taking The Lead - but for me, it just fell flat. There were just things that to me just felt unnecessary.Axel just didn't feel the rock star to me. In the bedroom (or bathroom, or back seat of limo) he came across domh, but other than that, he felt like a lovestruck teenager.Rick [...]

    14. - I received this book from the publisher via a giveaway in exchange for a review. As I received this book in a giveaway, it is not a book that I ever would have chosen to read on my own, and hence this may have skewed myoverall impression of this. "Taking the Lead" by Cecilia Tan is told in two alternating perspectives: Ricki Hamilton, the "ice Queen" and recent heiress to a huge fortune, and Axel, the frontman of a major rock band. Meeting through a mutual friend at the Grammys, the two immed [...]

    15. Who doesn’t love a rock star romance? Well, actually, I’d never read one, and I am excited to say that I rectified that problem when I purchased Cecilia Tan’s Taking the Lead, the first in her “Secrets of a Rock Star” series. Kinky erotic romance is Ms. Tan’s bread and butter and rightfully so. Her writing pulses with emotion. Her characters are multi-faceted, complex, and wonderfully appealing. The backdrop of the novel’s setting is the Hollywood film industry and the rock music w [...]

    16. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I love this book. Omg I love this book. I usually don't do rock stars, but my gawd I love Axel. I want more Axel. I also want more Ricki. She is so badass. I love me some strong female submissive characters and she does not disappoint. I can't wait for the next book in this series. I seriously want it now. I don't want to have to wait. Thank gawd I still have books to keep me entertained until the next one comes out. And another thing, PER [...]

    17. Rock star, uptight film exec, and a BDSM romance. You get all that from the cover blurb. But beyond that, this is a proper romance. Axel and Ricki have to work their relationship out, and deal with all their feelings, and learn to communicate AROUND the excellent sex they are having. Great, well rounded characters who are complicated but engaging three dimensional people trying to figure out how to trust each other enough to match their feelings for one another.

    18. Axel is quite the understanding guy, “let me be the judge of how sexy you are. If you don’t feel like having sex, that’s one thing. If you think I shouldn’t find you desirable just because you’re having a normal biological thing, sorry, you don’t dictate how I feel.” I liked this book Axel was really sexy.

    19. This book was OK. I was a bit disappointed in the instant jump into bed. I wish there was a bit more push and pull before that happened. The ending of the book got a bit better in terms that there seemed to be more of a real connection between the two in terms of a relationship. I was looking for more of that from the beginning.

    20. Reviewed for NetGalley:I didn't really like this. The whole we have to run this secret club so we inherit, seems ridiculous. Couldn't get into it.

    21. I'd give this more a 3.5/3.75 Rating. I liked the characters, the writing was good, but at times found it rushed especially the ending. Am looking forward to Gwen's story!

    22. Title: Taking the LeadAuthor: Cecilia TanPublisher/Year: Grand Central Publishing 1/26/16Length: 277 PagesSeries: Secrets of a Rock Star #1OverviewWhen the rich and famous come out to play, nothing is off-limits . . .Everyone knows Ricki Hamilton as the icy heiress living in a billion-dollar mansion, high up in the Hollywood Hills. But few realize that behind the gilded gates, Ricki is the mistress of LA's most exclusive private club. A place where no fantasy is forbidden and no one goes unsatis [...]

    23. Ricki and her sister are Hollywood royalty. They are also the heirs to a secret, high society dungeon that was founded by their grandfather. While running the dungeon is no big deal, Ricki has never participated which is turns out to be a sticking point with the rules of the clubAxel Hawke, the newest hottest rock star with a bad-boy reputation. He thinks he might be a dom and a chance encounter with Ricki proves it but now she won't give him the time of day. Power struggle anyone? Ricki is used [...]

    24. Inhalt: Rikki gehört zur High Society, doch im Verborgenen führt sie den exklusiven BDSM-Club ihres Vaters weiter. Sie ist gelangweilt von ihrem Leben, doch dies ändert sich als sie auf den Rockstar Axel trifftFazit: Dieses Buch hat ganz knapp die 4 Sterne verfehlt bei mir. Es lebt hauptsächlich von den erotischen Szenen, welche übrigens sehr gut sind. Die Geschichte an sich könnte schon toll sein, wenn nicht die Wankelmütigkeit der Hauptprotagonistin so sehr im Vordergrund stehen würde. [...]

    25. This barely eked by as a 3. I thought it'd be a little sexier, but it was all about Ricki running away every time she got nervous about liking Axel and liking being a submissive. And the relationship didn't even seem like the focus, but a sub story to a very weird plot. Ricki's grandpa left them a secret BDSM club in the basement in their mansion. Ok. I suppose I can accept that the family talks so openly about their kinky natures, but I got very weirded out when Ricky's Dad tells her to promise [...]

    26. Ricki and Axel are hot hot together. She is a rising power in the movie industry who just happens to get kidnapped during a Grammy performance by hot rocker Axel. She just happens to be hiding a BDSM club in her basement of the family Hollywood mansion. So much is going on in this book in a great wayn't wait to read more in this series.

    27. There’s something about the way Cecilia Tan writes. I love it. Just love it. So much that twenty pages into her newest book, Taking the Lead, I had to stop and send e-mails to half my book friends, telling them they needed to read this, too. Tan gets the world of the rich, famous, and rock star royalty. She knows how the power players work. And it shows in these books she’s turning out. If that’s your thing, don’t miss Tan’s books. Period. That should be my whole review.Except, did I m [...]

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