I segreti della casa sul mare

I segreti della casa sul mare A Whiskey Beach c un gioiello incastonato sul promontorio un guardiano a protezione della costa una villa che affaccia sul mare per i turisti un sogno irrealizzabile per Eli Landon avvocato di Bost

  • Title: I segreti della casa sul mare
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Whiskey Beach c un gioiello incastonato sul promontorio, un guardiano a protezione della costa una villa che affaccia sul mare per i turisti un sogno irrealizzabile, per Eli Landon, avvocato di Boston, semplicemente la casa di famiglia Ma ultimamente sta diventando qualcosa di pi importante, un rifugio lontano dai problemi Sua moglie stata uccisa, e la poliziaA Whiskey Beach c un gioiello incastonato sul promontorio, un guardiano a protezione della costa una villa che affaccia sul mare per i turisti un sogno irrealizzabile, per Eli Landon, avvocato di Boston, semplicemente la casa di famiglia Ma ultimamente sta diventando qualcosa di pi importante, un rifugio lontano dai problemi Sua moglie stata uccisa, e la polizia sta scandagliando la sua vita alla ricerca di una prova di colpevolezza La villa sul mare il luogo della consolazione e dei ricordi, la casa della sua amata nonna E poi l non solo con lui c Abra Walsh, una donna determinata e instancabile, dai molteplici interessi e dai mille talenti incluso quello di riuscire ad aiutare Eli a riprendere in mano la sua vita e riscattare il suo nome Quello che li lega pi forte di una sincera amicizia, qualcosa che unisce indissolubilmente i loro destini, anche ora che sembrano minacciati da qualcuno intenzionato a distruggere Eli Landon una volta per tutte

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    1. Nora Roberts

      Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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    1. 'Whiskey Beach' was my first Nora Roberts book ever, believe it or not. I don't know how I've managed to avoid this talented author's work for so long, but shamefully, I have. When I saw this book on the bestsellers lists for such a long time, I got a little curious. I was between audiobooks and nothing on my Audible shelf was calling to me. So, on an impulse, I downloaded 'Whiskey Beach' and started listening. It ended up being a great choice.The hero, Eli Landon, has returned to his grandmothe [...]

    2. I only wish I could say this is typical Nora Roberts. This has to be a rehash of earlier work. The story line wasupid.aractersying I listened to this on audiobook.d I literally slept through 6 hours of it.d lost nothingAbbahaha I wasn't paying attention but if it was a homage to the 70's group.ey have more substance than this flaky yoga teaching house cleanerwho works for Eli's grandmother who had a serious fall and can't live in the HUGE OLD MAINE house like the one described in Three Sisters T [...]

    3. I can't recall the last time I read a book by Nora Roberts, but I know it's been quite a while. And after reading Whiskey Beach which by the way was a fabulous read I said to myself that I mustn't take so long to take another one of her books. Whiskey Beach was not only written well in my opinion, but it also had twists and turns that kept the reader turning the pages rather quickly wanting to know what would happen next. I normally shy away from what I call "chunky" books (close to 500 or more [...]

    4. Opening a Nora Roberts book is like stepping into a Thomas Kinkade painting. In Noraland, everyone is privileged, everyone is beautiful (and almost everyone is white. Super!), everyone loves dogs, and children, and babies, and problems are solved by the final chapter. If Thomas Kinkade-ish literature pisses you off, then you won't like Noraland, but for many of us it's a pleasant place to spend a few hours.Whiskey Beach at first seems like it might slightly warp Nora's usual rules. Abra, our her [...]

    5. Let me just say NORA's BACK the last couple of stand alone Nora Roberts books have been good but for me they haven't been Great Yeah I know it's Nora of course they are great but I expect something undefinable from Nora and missed that in the past few books. Of course that is going to happens when you write as many books as Nora does. Not everyone is going to fall head over heels for every book and that's ok. But Whiskey Beach puts Nora back on top with me!!Eli Landon has had a really bad year. [...]

    6. I wanted to like this book. I really, really wanted to like this book and in the end, I did, but only because it's Nora Roberts. The set up was intriguing - a guy suspected of murdering his soon to be ex wife retreats to a family house on the beach? Yeah, sign me up. Eli Landon was the perfect hero and his growth throughout the course of the book - from a man barely hanging on to sanity to a person who'd rediscovered themselves - was a joy to read. My main complaint, the thing I really just can' [...]

    7. Oct 2014 Update: This book now has a new narrator so I will reread at some point and update my review :)3 1/2 StarsGreat storyline and characters. I think the problem for me was that I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was not really into the book he sounds almost bored while reading, which is unfortunate because I think I would have enjoyed it much more if I read the book (or she had a different narrator).

    8. Pero qué maravillosos son los personajes de esta novela. Desde Eli y Abra, los protagonistas, hasta los secundarios más secundarios y los villanos más villanos aunque no sepas que lo son. Puede que la historia no sea lo más original del mundo, pero Nora Roberts sabe cómo convertirla en algo entretenido y disfrutable sin dejar de lado la caracterización de los personajes, los diálogos trabajados que llevan el peso del ritmo de la novela y, sobre todo, los diversos misterios que acaban conv [...]

    9. Whiskey Beach. What a great title!!! Just so grabable and just so Nora Roberts. Her book titles are always amazing.Page 1 and I was back into the warm “arms” of Nora Roberts’s world. Like coming home!!!! You know that there will be a mystery filled with twists and turns, engaging and delightful characters, great dialogue filled with wit and warmth, marvelous settings, passionate hero/heroine and of course a HEA – THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL AND MORE. A treasure hunt, lovable dog, yoga and karma [...]

    10. 2.5A nice story with nice characters. Nothing ground-breaking here. If you're a Nora fan you know what you're getting: semi-alpha males, strong women, some nice banter with a coherent storyline and solid sex scenes. I'm taking this one down a half-star for the transparent thriller aspect. I'm not expecting to have to put on a Holmesian deerstalker cap to figure things out but still I called the murderer and the intruder really early on in the read.If you're sitting down and looking for a cozy ro [...]

    11. UPDATE: Check out this note Melinda received from Audible today. Fabulous news! "We wanted to let you to know that there is a new version of Nora Roberts' Whiskey Beach available in your Library. Because an overwhelming number of customers were unhappy with the original narrator's performance, the audio publisher decided to re-record Whiskey Beach with a new narrator, Luke Daniels.If you'd like to listen to the new audio, simply re-download Whiskey Beach from your Library.We hope you enjoy the n [...]

    12. Quick review:Cover: Fitting Rating:NC-17 Thumbs Up:3.5Overall: InterestingCharacters: Well Written Plot: Old tales of treasure spike fearPage Turner: Kind of Series Cont.? N/A Recommend:NoBook Boyfriend: EliSUMMARY (50 words or less)I actually didn’t like this one and DNF it only to come back. I finished out of curiosity not much more. The who done it became too easy to figure out. But it was still an okay read.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at:mybookboyfriend/2015/0Audio Re [...]

    13. This has to be one of the most boring books I have ever read! Not even my uni books compare to this(and isn't it sad that I'm comparing them?). The hero seems to be whining and the heroin is too fucking sweet! No.I don't have the patience to read more.DNF 20%

    14. Final rating: 5/5 starsSince I have read translation, I have a little worth of putting quotes in the review. This is my first Nora Roberts book. I own 2 more translated books on my language but I never had the chance to read them (and I wish to have more, so I would love some suggestions!). And then I recently bought paperback of this one, stunned by it's beautiful cover and it's synopsis that really made me interested in it. Especially after reading Thicker Than Water, similar themed book with [...]

    15. This one was sort of different. I know that Nora Roberts is normally shelved in the romance section but this was not a true romance. Most of the story is told from the hero's POV. In fact the few times the POV switches to the heroine it seems intrusive. The romance while there is very easy and low key. There is no tension in the situation at all. These two people meet and are a perfect fit for each other. No trauma no problems just easy peasy. The heroine was not very interesting. She was so per [...]

    16. I liked this book okay meh it was well-written as you'd expect from Nora Roberts, but it was just ordinary. I will forget this within the next day - well, I think I was forgetting it as I was reading it. She just phoned this one in. And the heroine, oh boy, was she annoying. The hero was okay. Just didn't get a feel for either of them, and especially not together. Like he had a choice, she was so pushy he just had to get with her cos she said so, and he was so meh, he just went okaaaay. And he [...]

    17. 4 "Proving His Innocence" Stars for the story and narration.Narration by Luke DanielsLovers of romantic suspense titles with strong independent heroines are sure to enjoy Whiskey Beach. Combining an undeniable attraction, with a race against the clock to find a killer, Whiskey Beach will keep you on your toes. Former lawyer, Eli Landon has had a life altering event. Needing a respite to recover some semblance of normal after his wife is murdered--and the cops begin to take a serious look at him [...]

    18. Maybe I've read so many books that I'm not as easily impressed as I used to be.Maybe Nora Roberts has written so many books that she's not as impressive as she used to be.Whatever the case, I feel about "Whiskey Beach" the way I've felt about a lot of this author's most recent books: I liked it but didn't love it.I'm still waiting for Ms. Roberts to make me feel the way I did when I read "Northern Lights" or some of her other earlier works.Maybe it's not fair to judge a book by what came before [...]

    19. I had taken a deliberate break from Nora Roberts. Too predictable, too formula driven. Well the formula is still there, but she has switched it up very nicely with Whiskey Beach. Eli Landon has returned to his family beach house,who are we kidding, beach front estate, after a year long existence in Boston. Living with his parents, he has been on the defensive, the prime suspect in his estranged wife's murder. Unable to continue practicing law, he arrives at Whiskey Beach, a bitter broken man. En [...]

    20. This was sure a waste of time. I kept thinking something would happen. I kept thinking that there would be some sort of mystery or suspense. I kept thinking that she would develop some of the little curiosities that she dropped in the narrative. I even thought there might be some character development.The characters, themselves, were not at all likeable nor believable. Our protagonist, Eli Landon, was somewhat sympathetic and from time to time had some surges of intelligence. Our female lead, Ab [...]

    21. Mi último libro abandonado, y el primero que no logro terminar de Nora Roberts. Bueno, no es el primer libro de Nora que no me ha gustado, pero si el primero suyo con el que me he rendido.Tenía verdaderas ganas de volver a leer a Nora. La última obra suya que me gustó fue Emboscada, y de eso ya hace mucho tiempo. Así que, en cuanto vi este libro en el expositor de la biblioteca, me lo llevé conmigo. El suspense romántico no me gusta mucho pero cuando la historia de amor es buena no me imp [...]

    22. My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: joyfullyreviewed/new-rAfter a year spent at the center of a murder investigation, Boston lawyer Eli Landon has taken refuge at Bluff House, his family’s home in Whiskey Beach. Eli’s tired of the spotlight and the accusing stares from people who believed he killed his wife during their acrimonious divorce. He wants peace and finds it at Bluff House. Until housekeeper/yoga instructor/massage therapist/jewelry designer Abra Walsh turns his world up [...]

    23. A light Romantic Suspense, that was enjoyable but could have been better. With Romance, Murder & Pirates Treasure, I was expecting more. I liked it; it was an enjoyable read but just a little slow paced & lacked excitement in both the Romance & the Suspense.

    24. I've said this before: Nora Roberts knows how to tell a story. That's why it's always been so disappointing when she gets lazy, using stock characters and recycled dialog and settings for her books. And while this one isn't completely original, it's so much better than her past few novels that I found myself thinking "finally!"Eli Landon is suspected of murdering his estranged wife but, after a year, the Boston PD can't pin the murder on him. That's because he's innocent. To get away from what's [...]

    25. As Eli Landon slowly drove into the driveway of Bluff House in Whiskey Beach, he reflected on the last twelve months of his life. His wife, Lindsay had been murdered; he had found her body, but it was on the same day he'd had a fierce and public argument with her…the day he'd found out she’d been having an affair for a number of months. He was accused of her murder, and had been hounded by the police, the press, had lost friends and colleagues, plus his job as a lawyer. He was cleared of the [...]

    26. As I’ve mentioned in a number of previous Nora Robert’s reviews—I’m a very big fan. I’ve read most of her books—and would have to go back to the ‘90’s to find one I haven’t read. Some have been better than others, and happily, Whiskey Beach falls into the “better” category. After being very disappointed in Nora’s latest book in her murder mystery/romance series written under her pseudonym of JD Robb, it was with a sigh of relief to find Whiskey Beach a very engaging, well [...]

    27. Este es el único libro de Roberts que he leído. No se describir lo que me pasó con el, pues no es que sea malo, he leído cosas mucho peores; pero no captó mi atención, no me gustaron ni me creí los personajes y no me atrapó la historia. Me aburrió bastante, me lo encontré bien meh.Creo que esta novela quiere ser muchas cosas y por eso falla en todas. Quiere ser romance pero la protagonista es insufrible, no es realista, es pegajosa, plagosa, molesta y si existen en realidad personas as [...]

    28. Put my feet to the fire and I'd consider giving this one 3-12 stars, but that would be a stretch. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it - every time I had to put it down for a while I looked forward to opening it up again, at least sort of. But from the git-go, it just didn't grab me the way a thriller should (especially one from the usually talented author Nora Roberts, whose books I've always enjoyed in the past).My lack of interest mostly centered on the characters -- starting with Boston lawye [...]

    29. Upon a re-read, I must lower this rating from a 4 to a 3 maybe even a 3.5.I can say I still enjoyed the story for the most part and I can even say that I like the characters but for me the heroine took down this rating.The story is about Eli who was accused of his wife's murder, who he was about to divorce, but was cleared to due lack of evidence but still has the shadow of doubt hanging over him since no one was ever caught. He moves from back to his Grandmother's house at her request since she [...]

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