The Heiress and the Chauffeur, Vol. 1

The Heiress and the Chauffeur Vol At an all girls school during the Taisho era in Japan rumors swirl that heiress Sayaka Yoshimura is having a forbidden love affair with her chauffeur Shinobu Narutaki Sayaka scoffs at the rumors bu

  • Title: The Heiress and the Chauffeur, Vol. 1
  • Author: Keiko Ishihara
  • ISBN: 9781421586458
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • At an all girls school during the Taisho era in Japan, rumors swirl that heiress Sayaka Yoshimura is having a forbidden love affair with her chauffeur, Shinobu Narutaki Sayaka scoffs at the rumors, but could a romance between master and servant actually be brewing Sayaka wears a crimson ribbon that signals she is at the top of her class, and her classmates all revere her.At an all girls school during the Taisho era in Japan, rumors swirl that heiress Sayaka Yoshimura is having a forbidden love affair with her chauffeur, Shinobu Narutaki Sayaka scoffs at the rumors, but could a romance between master and servant actually be brewing Sayaka wears a crimson ribbon that signals she is at the top of her class, and her classmates all revere her So when Narutaki ignores decorum and breaks school rules to protect Sayaka, will she stand by him or dismiss him as the school demands

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    1. Absolutely not for me. The historical setting is little more than window dressing, and the central relationship didn't feel at all romantic to me. There's a weird imbalance of power and feelings and I just couldn't get into it.

    2. The art is stunning! Then again, I won't pick up a manga unless I like the art. That being said, the story was boring nothing really happened the whole manga goes by and no one makes a move. They just keep close to each other, she whips him just this manga is not for me. Even if there is only one more. I just can't do it.

    3. "I've loved her from the moment we met"Set in the Taishou era, Sayaka Yoshimura is a lady of new money. Her father neglected her after an accident killed her mother and left Sayaka crippled for life. The only solace she had was in her childhood friend and family servant, Shinobu Narutaki. Only he was there for her when no one else was. But the social class forbids anything more between them than business. Sayaka has no idea of the feelings her chauffeur holds for her and most of her knowledge of [...]

    4. The Heiress and the Chauffeur was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I liked the premise (forbidden love during Japan’s Taisho era), because hey, it sounds like a Japanese Downton Abbey. I can get down with that. Sayaka and Narutaki’s relationship feels genuine enough, although there isn’t a lot of context to support their deep connection. I even liked that Sayaka isn’t all wimpy even though she has an injured foot and her parents are gone. She has a lot of girl power that we don’t always se [...]

    5. This one is a real page-turner, however not much is accomplished by the end of the volume. Narutaki makes his feelings for Yoshimura extremely well-known, but she never seems to grow to really see him that way. I feel like a romance could blossom between them in later volumes, if she would stop worrying so much about social classes/statuses and would just follow her heart. I hope that that will end up happening.

    6. This was a great by-chance find for me.The series is complete after volume 2, so after flipping through the first volume in B&N, I grabbed both to enjoy a nice, short series (for once).You know how there are some manga-ka whose art is for the most part really nice, and they're really recognizable (Tanemura Arina, Hino Matsuri, Watase Yuu) but there might be one or two things about it that bug you (for me, Hino's characters having really tall heads, and Tanemura's characters' tiny chins from [...]

    7. Setting this in the Taisho era makes this series very interesting and vibrant. The romance itself has no surprises but that's not really necessary to enjoy it. I loved the costuming.

    8. --- Romance for My Lady 1-2 ---Plot: Ok.Gambar: Saya jujur saja suka dengan protagonis perempuan dan semua baju-baju umum untuk masa itu di buku ini.Penokohan: Sifat protagonis perempuan nyaris sangat saya sukai kecuali di bagian betapa 'lamban' dirinya (roman).Mumpung saya telah membaca Strange Dragon sampai buku dua, rasanya saya ingin membeberkan pikiranku mengenai buku itu. Pertama, buku itu merupakan karya kedua Ishihara sensei yang saya baca dan kedua, saya lebih suka Romance for My Lady u [...]

    9. I read both volumes of this two-book series back to back, and, oh my, is it so very poorly done. The dialogue is awful, the placement of word balloons and captions is annoying, the art and themes are absolutely generic, and the story is just dumb. The creator writes repeatedly in the behind-the-scenes sidebars that the original Japanese editor was constantly rejecting her ideas and dictating changes. Now I have to wonder if that editor kept the series from being even worse or was the reason it i [...]

    10. *Review in Progress*Reasonably cute. I love the artwork. Very well done. Sayaka is naive and her views of others and how society works is broken. I love that she doesn't want to see a difference in her relations with Narutaki. He is amusing and very obviously cares for her but she is oblivious. Each chapter beginning is the same and I didn't care for the repetition. And each time was several pages long. So it took away panels that could have given more unique story depth. I look forward to seein [...]

    11. Today's post is on The Heiress and The Chauffeur volume 1 by Keiko Ishihara. It is the first in a duology. It is 192 pages long and is published by Shojo Beat. The cover has the two main characters on it looking at the reader. The story is told from third person close of the two main characters moving one to the other as the story goes. The intended reader is someone who likes cute shojo stories, historical romance, and pretty art. There is no foul language, no sexuality, and very mild violence [...]

    12. I like shojo manga just as much as the next person, but this volume was way too vanilla for me. That being said, the artwork was beautiful. The chauffeur is total eye candy and so is the bandit in the cute little after story. I've read much better elsewhere is all. Since there is only one more volume, I'll probably finish the story and hopefully it gets better.

    13. The first book of this series may feel a little detached, but where it pales in romance in the first volume, the 2nd volume makes up for.

    14. Review by K.M.: "This manga is sweet, like very sweet. It's a love story about two worlds: the daughter of a rich household and the hired help."

    15. In SummaryIf you’re looking for a historical romance with spot-on details, you’re better off looking elsewhere. But if you like devoted bishounen in servant attire longing for a love that cannot be, Heiress is worth a try. It does have its dramatic and poignant moments but for the most part stays a lighthearted story of one-sided affection.The ReviewWhen I first read the title, I thought The Heiress and the Chauffeur was going to be a Japanese version of Downton Abbey. After all, Heiress tak [...]

    16. Teen me would've eaten this novel up. Adult me is like HOMGOP IT. If they tell me ONE MORE TIME how she's injured and that her dad abandoned *exhale* It's like those times when they re-cap after every episode and say the SAME DAMN thing in every recap. You'll have her life story memorized by page 30.Moving on to the good and bad. In the sidenote space, Ishihara talks about how the original idea evolved. She also mentioned A CRAZY tidbit (true story) about back the Meiji era (I think this is in t [...]

    17. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/The Heiress and the Chauffeur is a light slice-of-life shoujo series about a willful servant and the mistress he protects. The artwork is quite lovely and the Taisho setting (in this case, 1920s) is beautifully (if not accurately) portrayed. The story is sweet and subtle and not meant to have much in the way of angst or excessive emotion. Story: Teen Sayaka Yoshimura hails from new money in 1920s Japan; she is wealthy but for the mos [...]

    18. ~4/5This is a historic series, and while I’m not usually a historic reader, I don’t mind it here. Though the setting isn’t given a lot of depth, and might not even be fully accurate. That’s not a big deal to me. Mostly we get the clothes, little technology and modern ideals, and more modesty in society. It is very pretty, too.Sayaka goes to an all-girls school, and spends a lot of time with her chauffeur Shinobu, making people think indecent things. Even when Sayaka is being bullied and [...]

    19. Oh I loved this manga so much. I am trying to read more manga this year was I think it is an interesting form of story telling and I love looking at the art styles that different manga writers use. This was such a simple but sweet premise that I absolutely adored. I've got to admit that I've always been a sucker for the type of relationship that Sayaka and Narutaki share. They're very close to each other and fiercely protective of each other and I live for it. I thought that this was a sweet man [...]

    20. This feels like generic historical across-class romance. It reads like generic historical across-class romance. There's not much to make it stand out compared to other manga of that ilk other than this time it's about a rich girl and her driver (as opposed to butler, teacher, servant, cook)Our rich girl is supposed to be smart and pretty and popular, but she is absolutely clueless when it comes to social decorum. She is best buddies with her Chauffeur and treats him like family. He may or may no [...]

    21. This was two volumes of quick and adorable cuteness! Set during the Taisho era (early 1900s) when social classes were still alive and well, this is the story of an heiress who grows up lonely (due to her mother’s passing and a resulting injury to her foot making walking difficult and her father constantly away for work) and ends up making friends with the only other child nearby, a servant boy who later becomes her chauffeur. She is charmingly naive and seems to be exactly the kind of girl I w [...]

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