The Maid

The Maid Cage Dalton s reputation crashed to the floor and crumpled at his feet The tabloids and media frenzy couldn t get enough of the Dalton brothers Scandals and mishaps made the billionaire brothers popul

  • Title: The Maid
  • Author: Ava Catori
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cage Dalton s reputation crashed to the floor and crumpled at his feet The tabloids and media frenzy couldn t get enough of the Dalton brothers Scandals and mishaps made the billionaire brothers popular headline material In a bid to turn things around, the triplets hired a PR Adviser to do damage control Can they stay out of trouble long enough to make a difference OrCage Dalton s reputation crashed to the floor and crumpled at his feet The tabloids and media frenzy couldn t get enough of the Dalton brothers Scandals and mishaps made the billionaire brothers popular headline material In a bid to turn things around, the triplets hired a PR Adviser to do damage control Can they stay out of trouble long enough to make a difference Or will their family s legacy go down in shambles like it had in the past When three very different women enter their lives, the triplet brothers find themselves challenged in ways they hadn t imagined Brooklyn Rivera s world shattered Forced to pick up the pieces of her life, she needed to crawl before she could walk again Desperate and alone, Brooklyn must learn to stand on her own two feet Her lavish lifestyle was no The cars, the mansion, and the money were all gone With her father sitting in a federal penitentiary, and all their family assets seized, Brooklyn Rivera was in a bind When Cage offered her a position as the new Dalton maid, she grudgingly pushed her inner diva aside With her dignity on the floor, Brooklyn takes the job Through friendship, laughter, and pain, Cage and Brooklyn travel a bumpy road in search of something Can they find love, or will they only end up hurting each other

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      I spend my days tied to my keyboard, being happiest there With a passion for storytelling, I get lost in the details of building characters and analyzing their thoughts With a conversational tone, I entertain with fast, fun reads There s nothing I like than putting a couple together, only to tear them apart so they can find their way back to one another.I live in New Jersey, but sneak away to Florida as often as I m able I m happily married to a patient man who has the ability to sustain long hours of rambling thoughts spilling from me non stop With the company of three dogs and a cat, I set my writing schedule around their inability to coordinate their potty breaks.

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    1. Cage Dalton is the youngest of the Billionaire triplets, known as the "Pretty Boy" because of his sexy, hot, muscled body with a gorgeous face. Cage has always had a crush on Brooklyn Rivera but has never had the nerve to be more than friends. But after sometime with no one else ever measuring up he finally makes his move when Brooklyn falls upon hard times. Brooklyn Rivera's father was just sent to the Federal Penitentiary. Born and raised in a very wealthy family, Brooklyn was a spoiled little [...]

    2. When I first started this book I was wondering what I thought about the female character Brooklyn. She was one that was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She did not know the first thing about real life; cooking, cleaning, taking care of a baby, or being normal. To her life was about money, name brand clothes and shoes, and servants. At first I found her more than naive. I found her stupid, ditsy, worthless, and self-centered. Now here she was poor and a maid to a Billionaire family. Please [...]

    3. I am not sure who's reputation was worse Cage Dalton or Brooke Rivera. The Dalton triplet's love to live life large and changed women like most folks changed underwear expect for Barrett he found his women and was tied down. Brooke's reputation came from her father who was serving major time in the pen for everything you can think of from drug and gun running to murder and racketeering. Brook and her mom had no idea what was going on and when it all came down they lost everything. Brooke lost th [...]

    4. Review for THE MAID: THE FABULOUS DALTON BOYSI received this as a gift for an honest review.Brooklyn Rivera, former wealthy local girl and diva, now down on her luck. Her father has been convicted of drugs and smuggling and is in prison. She has nothing but the friendship of Cage Dalton, a man she went to school with and is offering her a job as their maid. But is he really ?? Cage has always had a crush on Brook and has put forth the offer of a job just to have her back in Texas. He knows he sh [...]

    5. Cage Dalton the youngest of the Dalton triplets is trying to clean up his act. After all three brothers have ended up in the tabloids. Cage figures he will just keep his nose clean and things will be ok. When an old friend Brooklyn falls on hard times. Going from silver spoon in mouth to nothing, Cage hires her as a maid. How hard can it be. For Brooklyn. very hard. She has never had to clean, do laundry or vacuum in her life. She is used to spending her days, shopping, jetting around or spendin [...]

    6. ARC given in exchange for an honest review This is a quick read. This is book 2 in a series. I enjoyed reading this story and happy to see how things went. The author did a good job on keeping you focused and the writing was good.Brooklyn had it all until her father was sent away to prison and everything was taken from her. She no longer was living in the rich elite and had to learn how to survive being poor. She must learn how to live as others did when they had very little money. She was learn [...]

    7. 4.0 out of 5 stars I enjoy the story August 3, 2015 The Maid (The Fabulous Dalton Boys Book 2) (Kindle Edition)I received an ARC in exchanged for an honest review. This is a sweet short story, second book in the Fabulous Dalton Boys Series. You do not need to read book one, The Nanny but I will recommend reading it first to get acquainted with the Daltons Triplets Billionaires life and their drama. In this second installment the plot is about Cage Dalton, the youngest of the triplets, a ladies m [...]

    8. I was given a complimentary copy by author Ava Catori for an honest review. Cage Dalton and his brothers are trying to clean up their reputation. When Cage invites Brooklyn for a job things start off rocky and end up hot. Brooklyn Rivers lost everything when her dad was arrested by the feds. Now broke and alone she takes on the job as maid to Cage but seeing him again after all those years left her almost breathless. Can Cage and Brooklyn over come the past to build a future together or will thi [...]

    9. Love takes time I so loved reading this book. I love the name Brooklyn and Cage as well. These two characters knew each other when they were little. Both grow up with a golden spoon and powerful. Tragedy strikes between these two families and downfall takes a big turn especially for Brooklyn's family. I loved that Brooklyn try what normal life is. This rich girl has a hard time. Life is hard for her. Luckily Cage has other brothers to help him and their company get up from the downfall. He offer [...]

    10. Ava Catori does a wonderful job on this story. Cage Dalton has been in love with Brooklyn Rivera for years. Now she needs help. Dalton hires her as the maid and falls even harder in love with her through all her trials in cleaning. She was a pampered rich girl now she is broke thanks to her father. She fully admits it and tries to do better now that she has nothing. She falls for Cage but doesn't think herself worthy. Cage helps her see that she is worthy of a life with him. The story just pulls [...]

    11. A new generation of Dalton Brothers, #2"Kissing Brook was like watching fireworks explode in the sky. It was like watching a litter full of puppies all curled up and sleeping together. It was like listening to a child laugh. It was like an entire world of possibilities opened up to him. He saw his future."Cage is the next of the Dalton triplets to settle down with someone from his past. Read all three novels. They tell the same story from each brothers' perspective. Go back and read the stories [...]

    12. The Dalton brothers are an interesting crew. As billionaire's they are in constant focus by the public but they have a tendency to make those amazing blunders when in public. As they work to clean up their image, Cage, decides to reach out to an old friend who's fallen on hard times to be their maid. Brooklyn has never worked a day in her life. Her family has always had money until her father is convicted and everything is reposed. Now she finds herself on the Dalton's doorstep to be a maid, she [...]

    13. This was a sweet and funny story. Cage, Mr playboy extraordinaire hires his long time crush, Brooklyn as a maid after her life came crashing down thanks to her father. She wasn't the best at being the maid but she tried. She whined about wanting her old life back and how she wasn't cut out for cleaning at first, but Cage distracted her. Anyone could see how they felt for each other and they were perfect together. Cage almost screwed it up with dorky way of saying things and doing things, but Bro [...]

    14. The Maid: The Fabulous Dalton Boys by Ava Catori I think this is the first book I wasn't sure about. Brooklyn is desperate, poor and alone. She is not the kind of female I am use to reading about. She does not know anything about a life you have to work and stand on your own two feet. Cage has come up from the bottom. Working his way back up after his father drank away a fortune. The two have known each other and Cage decides to help Brooklyn by offering her a maid job for him and his brothers. [...]

    15. The Maid by Ava Catori is an entertaining romp through the lives of the rich and famousd the not so rich. If Ms Catori's intention was to frustrate readers, she succeeded. By the middle of the book I wanted to grab Brooklyn and shake some sense into her. Cade and Brooklyn's story is complete with humor, sizzle and characters that are lovable but sometimes rather dense. The Maid is book 2 of The Fabulous Dalton Boys series, but can be read as a stand alone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-ha [...]

    16. Ok but rushed storyIt's a little unbelievable that Brooklyn would just fall at Cages feet after all this time and it be real not about money. There was no relationship development in this book. All three brothers get married but we only get one story. Rich girl is now poor. Rich hot guy she knew hires her as a maid to help her out because he has always been in love with her. She finds out his intention. She doesn't know who she is any more. So let's just not find yourself just marry the hot rich [...]

    17. Brooke is down on her luck when her father went to prison for drugs. She lost everything but what she could fit in her suite cases. Cage offered her a job as the maid until she could get on feet. Every time their in a room together sparks start flying. They try to keep if professional but the only way to do that is to keep their distance. Cage finds his self wanting to check up on her to make sure she's doing ok. Will they be able to work out their problems or will Brooke wall out of his life fo [...]

    18. Cage's StoryBrooklyn has been Cage's idol his entire life. Even though he is a billionaire and a ladies' man, she is the woman for him. Her father is in a federal penitentiary and her mother has run off. Brook has hit rough times and Cage comes to the rescue. Hired as the maid, Brook severely lacks skills but Cage doesn't care. He wants her in his bed.This is the middle book in the Dalton series and I love how the books complement each other to form one overall story.

    19. I loved that this series is written by 3 different authors with different writing styles. I liked this book very much. The characters, while sexy, where flawed and misunderstood by those around them. This was a short-ish read and it will hold your attention. Although it's not necessary, I suggest reading the others in the series in order to know what brought the Dalton to this point and what happens after.

    20. This is the second book in the Fabulous Dalton Boys seriesyou do not need to read book 1 to play catch up in the series. The author does a fantastic job bringing you up to speed without taking up too much of this short story. I loved Cage and Brooklyn's interactions a little bit of backstory to their romance and how they came together in the long run. I think I will be picking up book 1 and also the next one in the series as soon as it is out.

    21. I thought with a different writer the story of this Dalton brother would take another turn. I loved the fact the main characters knew each other beforehand but the situation was just again, unrealistic. Brooklyn was so spoiled and the story overall was too short to really tell a story! I don't think I will continue with the next book. I understand these books are made for a quick read and something cute and fun but for me this one didn't worked.

    22. Unqualified maidThe Dalton brothers know what it’s like to be rich and then poor and have recovered. When Cage offers a past friend who’s down on her luck and father in jail a chance to be their maid, she takes it. Once spoiled rich girl, Brooklyn now has nothing and to be a maid when she doesn’t know the first thing about it is not fun. But Cage doesn’t really want her as a maid and has always liked her. Fun and flirty love story with a nice HEA and is well written.

    23. I was given this ARC for my honest review. Cage was born poor but now is a billionaire. Brooklyn was born wealthy. Her father is sent to the Federal Penitentiary. Everything is taking way. She is poor and with out any friends she thinks. Cage a childhood friend from her home town sends for her. He give her the job as his maid and a place to live.

    24. This book has a lot of heart. Cage is sweet if a little lost in his life. Brooklyn is trying to adjust to a total turn around in her life. Brooklyn tries hard, she's a little whinny, and really confused. I wish she was a stronger character, but Cage makes up for some of her defects, by being a real sweetheart.

    25. As this was such a short story, I didn't really feel there was much character development and the story went from start to finish in the blink of an eye.That being said, this is a sweet short story which is ideal if you're looking for a quick read. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    26. I got this book in exchange of an honest review, and as always Ava is awesome I love her work full life great characters and better start reading it if not and if you have never read her work or know about her better start now with this and reach for he rest she has some amazing lovely books

    27. A cute novella that I neither loved nor hated. it felt a little underdeveloped and rushed. Almost as if a full novel had been written then cut down to the bare minimum so that it could be a novella. All the important parts were there, but there was so much more missing.

    28. As AboveThis really was not the book I would not normally read. I do not like to read what goes on in the bedroomTo me it is uncalled for. But other then that ,I enjoyed it.Shirley Ketcham

    29. Cage one of triplets is a badboy millionaire who has a reputation with the ladies. Brooklyn is a socialite who has fallen on hard times. Cage has had a crush on her and now makes his move but will it be returned. granted a ARC for a honest review

    30. Good BookThis book is good. I really enjoy it . Will read another one of her book next. Did have a nice ending.

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