Duck Soup

Duck Soup Max the duck is cooking up an amazing soup But what s this A feather floating in the soup And where s Max Brody the dog Dakota the cat and Bebe the bird race about in their hilarious search for the

  • Title: Duck Soup
  • Author: Jackie Urbanovic
  • ISBN: 9780061214417
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Max the duck is cooking up an amazing soup But what s this A feather floating in the soup And where s Max Brody the dog, Dakota the cat, and Bebe the bird race about in their hilarious search for the missing Max But remember, sometimes things just aren t as they appear.

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    1. Jackie Urbanovic

      Jackie Urbanovic Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Duck Soup book, this is one of the most wanted Jackie Urbanovic author readers around the world.

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    1. Audience: primaryGenre: Fantasy (talking animals)Golden Sower 2011 Primary HonorPre-reading strategy: A picture walkThis story really lends itself to making predictions through the very expressive illustrations. It has words in different text, colors and font on each page which lead the reader to thinking about what will happen next. Using a picture walk on the first pages, I would discuss the soup pot and what the steam represents. The next pages introduce the other characters and I would talk [...]

    2. 1. Max was one that loved to cook soup, but has never made his own recipe. One day Max decides he wants to create his own soup recipe. He was throwing together random ingredients to tr and perfect the soup. Max steps out and soon his friends enter the kitchen His friends are looking for Max and come to the conclusion that Max has indeed cooked himself inside of the soup. They are not sure what to do so they pour out the soup in hopes of finding Max within the pot. Soon Max enters the house and i [...]

    3. The main character in this book is Max the duck, who is an aspiring chef of soups. Max enjoys cooking the perfect soup and one day he decides to make the masterpiece of soups. However, upon tasting the soup he feels there is something missing from it. In search of the perfect ingredient, Max goes out into the garden to get some herbs. While out in the garden his friends come to visit. On discovering Max is not in the kitchen, they assume Max has fallen into his pot of soup that’s bubbling away [...]

    4. A group of animals think their friend, the duck, has fallen into the soup he was creating.The first thing the title of this book reminded me of was when my 4th grade class read Stone Soup, and then created the soup in class. Once I started reading the book, I was then reminded of my own reactions with my mom’s cooking and the dislike of some of her creations. Duck finally created a close-to-perfect creation; he is just missing one item that he has in his garden. When his friends came in and th [...]

    5. Duck Soup is such a cute book! It is great to use for sequencing because there are 3 main parts that are easily distinguished. I would use this in my classroom to teach beginning middle and end. A cute activity that I might do would be to bring in a cooking pot with strips of paper that have different parts of the story written on it. Then I would have one student at a time come pick a strip out of the pot and then another and another. The students would then work together to put the strips in t [...]

    6. Duck Soup (Max the Duck #2) / written and illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic -- New York : HarperCollins, c2008. (32 pages)SUMMARY: Max the duck is cooking up an amazing soup. But what's this? A feather floating in the soup! And where's Max? Brody the dog, Dakota the cat, and Bebe the bird race about in their hilarious search for the missing Max. But remember, sometimes things just aren't as they appear. (book jacket)REVIEW: I had to pick up this title since I loved the first appearance of Max the [...]

    7. The story is about poor duck wanting to create his own special recipe. When he goes to garden for herbs his friends pop over and think he fell into the pot. There is lots of excitement in the story and even a little disappointment.teaching application- It would make a jumping off spot for a discussion on feelings. The students could do a journal writing on disappointment or share with a friend a time they were disappointed.

    8. Max the duck is in the kitchen making his own new recipe of soup. He steps out to find the perfect herb when his buddies come into the kitchen and find, or so they think, that Max is in the soup. What will happen when he surprises them in the kitchen?

    9. Duck Soup is a fantasy book that is sure to capture the heart of early elementary children everywhere. Jackie Urbanovic has written six books about a lovable duck named Max and his household of animals he lives with. In Duck Soup, Max decides to cook a soup and in the middle of cooking he goes to the store to get a missing ingredient. While Max is gone, several of his animal friends come home and discover Max's soup with a feather floating in it. What has happened to Max? Did he fall in the soup [...]

    10. This book is another modern classic. Max the Duck is making soup. After trying many recipes, he's crafting his own. But when he goes out to get something from the garden, his friends arrive and can't find Max. Seeing some onions and carrots in the soup, they fear the worst. Max's soup is ruined, but at least he's OK. This one will have both kids and parents laughingmsradius/2017/07/juv

    11. Audience: PrimaryGenre: Picture Book/FantasyPre-reading Strategy: List-Group-LabelThe List-Group-Label strategy works for this story because it has a very strict theme of cooking. Therefore if the students in the class don't know a lot about cooking, this activity will help familiarize the students with the material. This strategy also works well because it breaks down the theme into small parts and then forces the students to see commonalities and differences between all the items they have pul [...]

    12. "Give me a thumbs up if you like to eat soup. I thought many of you would say yes, I love soup too. Give me a thumbs up if you have ever had homemade soup. Mmmup is so good! Today I'm going to share with you a book called “Duck Soup”, written by Jackie Urbanovic." Give me a thumbs up if you have had duck soup. (Show book front and back cover) “Looking at the illustration take a few moments to think about what this book is going to tell us about “Duck Soup.” Turn to a shoulder partner a [...]

    13. Urbanovic, Jackie. (2008). Duck Soup. New York: HarperCollinsPublishers.Literary Genre: Fiction (Picture Storybook)Max is a duck who loves to cook. Max is in the kitchen working on a special soup that is sure to be a masterpiece when he notices that it is missing something. Max goes out into the garden to find an herb that will make the soup perfect. Meanwhile, his family (a lively bunch of animals) spot a “feather” in the soup and they try to save Max until Max himself interrupts them. In t [...]

    14. Synopsis: "Max the duck is cooking up an amazing soup. But what's this? A feather floating in the soup! And where's Max? Brody the dog, Dakota the cat, and Bebe the bird race about in their hilarious search for the missing Max. But remember, sometimes things just aren't as they appear."My Review: This was a very silly book that Munchkin enjoyed. It does seem as though maybe it is part of a series because there are characters that aren't really introduced, you are just expected to know them which [...]

    15. Duck Soup is a story about a duck making soup. The duck's name is Max. Max has been working on his special soup all day. Max has made other soup before but this one was one of his very own creations. Max needed an ingredient from his garden. As he is outside getting an herb, Max's friends come over. They do not see Max and fear the worst and think he fell into his own soup. His friends, Brody, Dakota and Bebe strain the soup looking for Max. This is a cute story that I would recommend to read. I [...]

    16. This story about a duck trying to cook the perfect soup is a great book to share with children of a young age. The cooking of the soup introduces many food names and cooking terms. The story shows throughout events in the book that friendship is more important than being the best at something. The fun pictures help explain the actions in the story with the different characters in the book. This is a cute story that can be used for many domains of learning or study units.Learning ExperienceLet yo [...]

    17. Even more fun than the first book, Duck at the Door. These characters are wonderful, clever, fun, and have so much depth. It is unusual for picture-book characters to be more than what is on the page, and these are. And the story is fun, too. Duck is making soup. Is that a feather in the soup? Oh, no! Where is duck? My favorite part is the realizing that a strainer is the right tool for the job.

    18. Max the duck is back and is cooking up a pot of soup and steps out to his garden to pick some herbs. This begins a very funny chain of events resulting in pizza for dinner. This is a great read-aloud with simple text big, funny illustrations and lots of emotion. All of our friends from the "Duck" books are here in this laugh-out-loud-funny tale of well meaning friends jumping to the wrong conclusions.

    19. Audience: P-2nd grade, children who enjoy cooking, children who enjoy stories about animals.Appeal: Kids will enjoy a silly story about Max as he attempts to cook soup. The animal characters will appeal to students who like reading about them, and students who want to try and cook on their own. Children will especially enjoy reading about Duck's friend's attempt to find him in the soup, and enjoy the silly story.2011 Primary Golden Sower Honor Book

    20. Readers learned in "Duck at the Door" that Max the duck had a flair for cooking. In this book, Max has decided to create his own soup. How exciting! It's close to perfect, but is still missing something. Max steps out into the herb garden to see if he can find what he's missing. While he's gone, the other animals think he has fallen into the soup and ruin the entire batch in their rescue efforts.A hilarious read-aloud for storytimes.

    21. Duck in this story cooks soups a lot, but he decides that he wants to create his own soup recipe that will be great. He has to leave after he has started cooking to get another recipe when his friends come into the house looking for him. They think he has fallen into the soup and to save him dump the soup out. Duck is devastated that he won't be able to finish creating his soup. His friends remind him he can do it another time and that they are just glad he is safe. He agrees with them.

    22. I found this book while searching for Stone Soup but it is not a retelling of that classic tale. Max the Duck is a chef and he is on the quest to make the perfect soup. When he leaves the house to pick herbs for the broth, his friends come inside and cannot find him. They do, however, find a feather and quickly conclude that their friend is in the soup. This is a silly story with great illustrations.

    23. Not gonna lie, if duck had really fallen in this soup I would eat it. This story follows a duck who loves to make soup. One day he's out in the garden and leaves the soup on the stove (so unsafe), and a feather falls in. His friends think he has accidentally fallen in and they strain the soup in an effort to save him. Cute cartoon illustrations with delicious looking soup. This would be a fun storytime read for K-2!

    24. My 21-mo-old son really liked this, but I didn't find it particularly amazing. A cute story about some animals who think their wannabe chef duck friend accidentally fell into his soup and end up ruining a would-be masterpiece. (is that what it's called in cooking?) But could be a good lesson in disappointment and looking on the bright side. The pictures are very cute, though, and there is a lot of emotion in the text.

    25. Urbanovic is back with another tale of "Max" the Mallard Duck that has made himself at home in suburban household of dogs, cats, and birds. The story in this one is just bizzarre whimsy. It focuses on Max's attempt to make a soup and then his animal friends think he has cooked himself in the soup when he goes out to get herbs in the garden. Not sure what it tells us, but once again Urbanovic wins me over with her evocative and hilarious drawings.

    26. I really enjoyed this picture storybook. It had very nice style of illustrations with the cartoon like animals. The illustrations and the theme of the story went together nicely. I loved how the characters were animals and so the assumption by the other animals that the duck was in the soup made sense.

    27. This targets a younger crowd from K-2nd grades. It could relate to the kids by no matter how hard you try, even if the finished product isn't what you wanted it to be, your effort was seen. Younger kids may imagine something better than what they have shown, but we see the effort and creativity to it. Award Nominee 2010-2011

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