Tell Me Three Things

Tell Me Three Things What if the person you need the most is someone you ve never met Everything about Jessie is wrong At least that s what it feels like during her first week of junior year at her new ultra intimidating

  • Title: Tell Me Three Things
  • Author: Julie Buxbaum
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if the person you need the most is someone you ve never met Everything about Jessie is wrong At least, that s what it feels like during her first week of junior year at her new ultra intimidating prep school in Los Angeles Just when she s thinking about hightailing it back to Chicago, she gets an email from a person calling themselves Somebody Nobody SN for short ,What if the person you need the most is someone you ve never met Everything about Jessie is wrong At least, that s what it feels like during her first week of junior year at her new ultra intimidating prep school in Los Angeles Just when she s thinking about hightailing it back to Chicago, she gets an email from a person calling themselves Somebody Nobody SN for short , offering to help her navigate the wilds of Wood Valley High School Is it an elaborate hoax Or can she rely on SN for some much needed help It s been barely two years since her mother s death, and because her father eloped with a woman he met online, Jessie has been forced to move across the country to live with her stepmonster and her pretentious teenage son.In a leap of faith or an act of complete desperation Jessie begins to rely on SN, and SN quickly becomes her lifeline and closest ally Jessie can t help wanting to meet SN in person But are some mysteries better left unsolved

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      Please check out my two novels, THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE and AFTER YOU, both now out in paperback My first YA novel, TELL ME THREE THINGS, debuts April 2016.Please check out my website juliebuxbaum for information about my books.Or to follow my recent shenanigans, please check out my blog, JULIE HAS WRITER S BLOG, at juliebuxbaum blog One of my favorite things about being a novelist is the opportunity to talk to reading groups If you are part of a reading group and would like to set up a conference call, or maybe even a meeting in person, please check out the reading group form and the reading group guide on my website.

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    1. I was very excited to read this book. When I saw someone comparing it to Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, I immediately squeaked with delight!I didn’t like it. At all. In fact, I don’t see why this newly released novel is so popular. I can think of dozens of novels dealing with similar themes that are funnier and a thousand times more gripping.It started out just fine. There were e-mails exchanges and context for the story. Those were okay, really. That is, of course, before I got tired of [...]

    2. I've never given a contemporary book 5 stars before (as far as I can remember Is John green contemporary?!?! If so sorry I lied). "Perfect days are for people with small, realizable dreams. or maybe for all of us, they just happen in retrospect; they're only now perfect because they contain something irrevocably and irretrievably lost." I'm finding this review hard to write That typically happens when I'm so angry at a book that I can't even see straight. This isn't the problem I'm facing with T [...]

    3. I don't think I'll write a full review for this. It seems that all my GR friends loved it and I don't want to be that one party pooper who writes a negative review (again). I'll just say that I made it about halfway before I couldn't take anymore of how almost every single girl but the special narrator is blonde, skinny, nearly naked, flirtatious and mean. Jessie is clearly supposed to be special and different from all of the “mostly blond, vacant-eyed Barbies and Kens.” And the constant L.A [...]

    4. Tell Me Three Things is a charming YA read that has the perfect amount of friendship, humor, emotion, and a touch of romance. Lets start with Three things about this book: 1- There are three boys- and although they all have different good qualities, only one will be worthy of rooting for ;) 
2- There are some feels in this book, but it also made me laugh a good bit! 3- The end will leave you with a permagrin! Jessie is in her junior year of high school and is forced to move cross country from [...]

    5. 5 STARS ”Tell me three things I don’t know about you.”This a delightful, funny, solid, read that I highly recommend to friends who love a well done YA book. The story hit all the right buttons for me and left me with a huge smile on my face. Two years following the death of her mother, Jessie’s father springs the fact that he has eloped on her. Jessie has to leave everything she knows in Chicago to move in with her new stepmother and her teenage son. Things aren't going so well for Jessi [...]

    6. PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS!!! FILIPINO BOOKWORMS! YOU CAN WIN A CHANCE TO READ THIS BOOK EARLY! JOIN MY GIVEAWAY HERE!The deepest smile on my face, the lightest feeling I've had for the longest while, a warmness surrounding my heart these were the things I've felt while AND after reading this book. I went from "Hmmm, this is interesting!" to "OMFG THIS IS THE CUTEST!!! MY HEART!!! ASDFGHJKL;" in like a fraction of a second once the book reeled me in its grasp. And trust me, it didn't even try. It wa [...]

    7. I have just one question. Where can I find myself a SN and why hasn’t he emailed me yet???????I’m pretty big on the contemporary genre. It’s my feel goodgenre, it’s my get-me-out-of-a-reading-slumpgenre, it’s my help-me-in-drowning-in-feelsgenre. But lately . . . it’s been letting me down. Maybe I’m becoming one of those cynical readers who criticizes everything (*screams*) but finding a realistic, relatable contemporary that has a good message and is enjoyable to read just seems s [...]

    8. 4.5 stars LOVE. Man, this is turning out to be a good year for funny contemporary YA. Recommended if you liked Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, though I think this actually has more substance and wit to it. Review to come.

    9. Tell me 3 things1). You want sweet. You want amazing. You want cute. How about a lot of smiling?? This is the book for you. 2). Three attractive boys. One that totally sticks out and pushes all the right buttons for you and you are completely yourself with him, but is he your secret admirer?? You get along with the other two but just don't have the right feelings for anything more, right??? I loved the banter and how easy the conversations flowed between each relationship. SN & Jessie, Jessi [...]

    10. Most of the story felt like a blend of a bunch of other YA contemporaries a poor girl ends up in a super rich school surrounded by judgmental kids with whom she has nothing in common. The cute guy is dating a mean girl who calls the MC a skank, slut, fat ugly bitch, whore, etc and trips her in front of a crowd (all of the girl hate got reallllly old). I think the bit that nagged at me the most was how the teens didn't feel terribly authentic. It was like someone watched a Hollywood movie about h [...]

    11. WHAT THE HELL THIS WAS GREAT THOUGH I FUCKING PREDICTED SN AHAHAHAHAHA OBVIOUS AS FUCK. 3.5 stars. Rating and review to come because seriously I don't know whether to give this 3 or 4 stars and while we're on that good reads GIVE US FUCKIGN HALF STARS FUCK DAMNIT.

    12. Tell me three things I don’t know about you.Jessie is having the worst time of her life. At least, that's what she thinks. She's (still) been dealing with her mom's death since the last two years and her father remarried with a rich woman who lives in L.A. So, without even having a chance to speak her mind, she moves to this new, strange and luxurious house. Yes, you read it right. LUXURIOUS and Jessie don't feel good about it. (Well, clearly she's not me. I get it) And she's having a hard tim [...]

    13. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/There’s really not much reason to write any sort of detailed review on this. Rachel summed it up perfectly in hers when she said “this book is the straight version of Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda .” She’s spot on – and she’s also 100% accurate when she says it doesn’t even matter. If you loved Simon, you should love this one too and if you’re anything like me you will have your co-workers terrified and asking . . . . . Two years ago Je [...]

    14. 3.75 stars! “Just because you're strong doesn't mean you shouldn't ask for help sometimes. Remember that.”This book is the straight version of Simon Vs. the Homo-sapiens Agenda, and while they are very similar, it actually didn't bother me that much. I enjoyed each book for different reasons.Tell Me Three Things is about a girl named Jessie whose mother died a couple years ago and now her father has found new love. This means selling her childhood home and moving to LA to live with her new s [...]

    15. Tell Me Three Things is one of the most relatable YA contemporaries I’ve read this year. The story line is simple, the plot not so eventful and yet it’s everything. It’s so easy to connect with Jessie, a teenage girl who just like any other girl is simply trying to figure out who she is. It isn’t easy being a teenager as it is but having to lose her mom at such a tender age and having to adjust to a new life that is very different from what she’s known- new home, new stepmom and step b [...]

    16. miss !!! critical !!! edgy !!! reader practically begged me to read this book since March and now here we are 🎉🎉🎉also, what's with Julie giving me another delicious book cover?? ineedwafflesasap

    17. Tell Me Three Things:1. I will definitely be reading more of Julie Buxbaums YA stories.2. I kind of read this whole story in just one day.3. I absolutely adore Jessie. If you don’t have this book on your radar yet, please make sure you add it to your to read list immediately. I was pleasantly surprised by Buxbaum’s debut YA novel and I think that a lot of people are going to fall in love with her writing and this story once it’s out. Jessie has had her life flipped upside down over the las [...]

    18. Perfect days are for people with small, realizable dreams. Or maybe for all of us, they just happen in retrospect; they’re only now perfect because they contain something irrevocably and irretrievably lost.I’m going to be frank with you all: I never had any intentions of reading this novel. Nope. None. And then…and then I got on this kick where I’m obsessed with online romance types (or even love letter/pen pal types *see Punk 57/Letters to the Lost*) where two people are completely anon [...]

    19. 4.5 stars. 5 stars?NO TRIANGLE. Or any kind of geometry. The synopsis is purposefully misleading - and for good reason!Check out a swoony excerpt!***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Tell Me Three Things by Julie BuxbaumPublisher: Delacorte PressPublication Date: April 5, 2016Rating: 4 starsSource: ARC sent by the publisherSummary (from ):Everything about Jessie is wrong. At least, that’s what it feels like during her first week of junior year at her new ultra-intimidating prep schoo [...]

    20. 2.5 starsWhat I expected:a) a super cute romanceb) a very fun readc) something to smile about✘ d) all of the aboveWhat I got:a) a super cute romanceb) a very fun readc) something to smile about✘ d) none of the aboveI love when books disappoint me!!!!!!!🌷 ANNOYING STEREOTYPESSo you have the MC named Jessie. She recently moved from Chicago (I think) to some fancy place in California. Her stepmom is rich, and she has a big fancy house. That’s realistic enough, I guess. But then literally e [...]

    21. I need to start off by saying that I LOVE this trope. It's random, but I love the whole secret admirer plot. So I had a strong feeling I was going to love this, and I did.Even though there were a few *minor* things that I didn't love like Jessie's attitude sometimes (she did grow throughout and since it'd be stupid of me to expect a perfect MC, once she started changing I wasn't bothered by her) and (view spoiler)[ the multiple guys who were suddenly interested in the girl who'd never been notic [...]

    22. It is just him and me, Ethan is Ethan is Ethan and Jessie is Jessie is Jessie, and his lips touch mine. But sometimes a kiss is not a kiss is not a kiss. Sometimes it's poetry.Tell Me Three Things is about a teenage girl, Jessie Holmes, who is still dealing with the aftermath of her mother's death and longs to find someone who can truly understand how she feels. Her dad remarries a rich woman, and she is uprooted to LA, leaving behind all her friends and her old life in Chicago. Jessie just does [...]

    23. Two minutes into the book, and I already laughed, smiled like an idiot, and snorted. All I was thinking was, "Why is this book so adorable????" And then it went downhill after 5 minutes.Pros-I'm a sucker for romance-before-first-sight where somehow the girl and guy start sending each other secret messages (in this case, email/IM)-Some very cute bantering such as:"I have been watching you at school. not in a creepy way. though I wonder if even using the word “creepy” by definition makes me cr [...]

    24. Tell Me Three Things is a delightful contemporary novel and here are three things I adore about this book:1.) The story is heartwarming and clever. Two years ago, Jessie Holmes lost her mother due to Cancer and she's still grieving about it. When her father remarried a woman he met online, they move to California from Chicago. She lives with her stepmom and stepbrother, Theo. It's difficult for Jessie to adjust in a new environment especially she's attending her new school, Wood Valley High Scho [...]

    25. Soooo good! And it made me cry! Not sure I'll write a review, but Tell Me Three Things is a must read/listen!

    26. When Jessie loses her mother to cancer and her father uproots their lives to move cross-country for a woman she's never met, she's plunged into a world of silicon, mountain climbing, bullying, and $10 minimums on snack machines. Enter Somebody Nobody, a mysterious email correspondent who offers to guide her through her new world, to teach her that home isn't always a place.5 ⭐️! This book was adorable, sad, funny, and sweet. I loved Jessie and her nerddom, and totally would've been friends w [...]

    27. 4.5 Stars!School is starting again, so my reading time is going to dwindle soon. After some serious reads lately, I decided to go in a different direction and read something a little bit lighter, so I turned to a YA book. Not to say all YA books are happy, feel good all of the time because one I recently read gave me a book hangover. But, this book sounded like it could be fun. Especially when the main character receives a random email from a stranger calling themselves Somebody/Nobody. A secret [...]

    28. 3 1/2 Stars.My first read of 2017!!Honestly I was in a bit of a slump for the last 2 weeks. The holidays are amazing but man they can stress an anxiety ridden person out! This book was just what I needed; a light and quick read.I enjoyed the plot and the online pen pal deal and the characters were enjoyable. It's not my favorite contemporary I've ever read but it was a cute, fun one.

    29. FIVE AMAZING STARS******Easily the best and my most favorite book I've read this year!!!! More than loved it!!!! This book became my favorite from the moment I started reading it. By the time I finished it, I just wanted to hug this book so hard and never let it go, EVER!!!!

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