Amie and the Child of Africa

Amie and the Child of Africa Amie has no idea of the dangers she ll face as she sets out to find the child she lost in Togodo when the civil war erupted She finds herself alone in the bush with only her wits to protect her agains

  • Title: Amie and the Child of Africa
  • Author: Lucinda E. Clarke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Amie has no idea of the dangers she ll face as she sets out to find the child she lost in Togodo when the civil war erupted She finds herself alone in the bush with only her wits to protect her against Africa s wildlife and a terrorist organization with international connections.She meets up with friends old and new but, who can she trust One of them is not telling her tAmie has no idea of the dangers she ll face as she sets out to find the child she lost in Togodo when the civil war erupted She finds herself alone in the bush with only her wits to protect her against Africa s wildlife and a terrorist organization with international connections.She meets up with friends old and new but, who can she trust One of them is not telling her the truth The witch doctor predicts her future but can Amie believe what she says A fast paced adventure story set against the background of the Dark Continent.

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    • Unlimited [Chick Lit Book] ☆ Amie and the Child of Africa - by Lucinda E. Clarke ✓
      451 Lucinda E. Clarke
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    1. Lucinda E. Clarke

      Born in Dublin, matured in England, wanted to follow grandfather into Fleet Street, family not wildly enthusiastic unfeminine, unreliable and dangerous Went to dockland Liverpool safe, respectable and pensionable Returned south with teaching qualifications, extremely good at self defence Went crofting in Scotland, bred Cairn Terriers among other things Moved to Kenya with 7 week old daughter, abandoned in the bush On to Libya, surviving riots, public hangings, imprisoned husband and eventual deportation Queued with the unemployed millions in UK Moved to Botswana still teaching opened and ran the worst riding school in the world, with How to book in hand Moved south to South Africa taught for four years, then in 1986 became a full time freelance writer, for major corporations, UNESCO, UNICEF and the South African Broadcasting Corporation for both radio and television Moving into video production in 1986, received over 20 awards, specializing in education, documentaries, municipal and government, one script for National Geographic Returned UK Jan 1994, back to SA before April elections Taught in 7 countries, including Britain, Kenya, France, Libya, Botswana, Swaziland and South Africa Also found time to breed animals for pet shops, write a newspaper column, publish two books, Heinneman Macmillan, and work for several years as a radio announcer Married with two daughters, a stepson and stepdaughter, moved to Spain in 2008 I now write a monthly column and have published two books, a memoir and an adventure story set in Africa.

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    1. I reached for Amy and the Child of Africa, despite the fact that it’s a sequel and I wasn't sure whether I should start with the first book. To be honest: I didn’t even notice this was a sequel until pretty late—the book is very well-constructed, and you can get right into it without knowing Amy from the previous book.Maybe the reason I had such an easy time entering to the world of the novel was the fact that Amy is simply likable. And so are the other characters—I instantly got to like [...]

    2. This is very adventurous, surprising novel and a real page-turner! The main heroine is very relatable and I enjoyed setting on the journey with her. The story is heart-breaking and keeps you on your toes. The twists result in an ending that makes you want to turn to another page, which is a wonderful setting for the other novel. I think the author has a gift of creating a special atmosphere, and for keeping the reader entertained as well as emotionally satisfied. I look forward to read on.

    3. What a storyteller Lucinda E Clarke is! I see others reviewers have said the same and I can only confirm and endorse it. Amie and the Child of Africa is a terrific page turner from the start and I was completely swept along by the action and the adventure. In fact, I could hardly put it down and finished it in just a few evenings. The story follows that of Book 1 and I would definitely recommend reading that first to understand why this book begins with Amie and her husband and friends camping o [...]

    4. I’m new to travel lit, having just discovered a fondness for it a few years ago. I’ve been, on the other hand, a long-time fan of action-adventure tales and fast-paced thrillers. Just my luck this book (and this series) is all three combined. And in none of the dimensions does it disappoint. Amie, back in Africa once again, this time to rescue a young girl she dearly loves, must subject herself to international armed forces, spies, and the intrigue and tumult that is Africa during a civil wa [...]

    5. Amie and the Child of Africa by Lucinda E Clarke is the sequel to Amie and is every bit as exciting and fast-paced as the original. I'd read the first book and the sequel pretty much takes up where the first book left off. In this story, we follow Amie's exploits as she tries to rescue her husband from a band of cut-throat ISIS terrorists in deepest central Africa. This was a very enjoyable read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes fast-paced adventures, especially in foreign clim [...]

    6. Apart from being an avid reader I have always had an interest in natural history. When I discover a writer who is capable of combining adventure with accurate information of the natural world, I’m impressed and happy. Add to this a liberal mix of topical international terrorism and the realism is increased.When you read this author’s work relating to Africa it is immediately apparent that the research was not done by browsing the web or thumbing through a few textbooks. We have here an autho [...]

    7. What a page turner! Once again Lucinda E. Clarke has written a real action thriller. It’s a genuine page turner and I read it in a few sittings. This book picks up on the events of the first book in the series. It finds Amie, her husband Jonathon and other companions living in the African Bush. The situation in Togodo is volatile following the Government being overthrown. Amie learns that Angelina a child she had become fond of had been captured by a militant group similar to IS. When her husb [...]

    8. I picked up this book without having read the first in the series. Though it would have filled in the story some if I’d had read the first book, this one flowed well without it. Amie is an expat living in Africa. Her family still lives in England but Amis would live no other place than Africa. She loves it with an intrepid naiveté. That is the best way I can describe it. She has courage to step into dangerous situations…where angels fear to tread. There were times I felt she was foolish but [...]

    9. Book 2 is as superior an adventure as book one But prepare for heartfelt dismay and disappointment. I don't want to ruin the story in any way so I won't comment on the ending any further except to say that it reflects the horror and unrelenting pain of real life.The main part of the story was everything one would expect from a first class writer that knows her stuff and writes with explicit authenticity. Also very timely. I have closely followed the battles with ISIS in real time. Looking back. [...]

    10. Lucinda Clarke has written the female version of Rambo in Amie. Amie has an unassuming personality which hides an otherwise adventurous spirit. I was gasping audibly as I read the escapades Amie went into with little thought to her safety. Then I had to take my hat off to Shalima because I couldn’t decide who the badest badass was, Shamila or Amie. What a pair.The author has a good grasp on the African village in which this story is set, even down to the dialogue. Amie and The Child of Africa [...]

    11. Child lost and foundAlthough fiction, I was finally able to learn the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims. (Sunni believe the leader should be voted in, Shia believe the leader should be a direct descendant of Mohammed. ) Amie returns to Africa with her husband. Both are captured by terrorists and the story follows how they escape. Like book 1, great descriptions of the people and the land.

    12. Amie continues on!This second book of the series is awesome! Having been through so much in her Adventure, Amie continues on for more! I loved and hated how I was so completely immersed in the book. It actually took a minute or two to 'return home' whenever I had to absolutely put the book down. Wish I could rate this higher.

    13. A fantastic adventure ride through Africa. I had just finished Lucinda E Clarke's Amie Book 1 when she very kindly sent me a pre-publication copy of her newest offering in her Amie fiction series. I was straight in-it was another quick, easy, action-packed start. I was soon likening Lucinda to 'sort of like a female Wilbur Smith'! Having never ventured to Africa before, I loved learning new things; there's creatures mentioned in here that I've never even heard of so I was absolutely loving all t [...]

    14. It has been a while since I read the first book in this series, but after a few pages I was back in Africa with Amie. This is not a stand-alone book if you have not read the first book in the series you’re going to be a bit lost, but Lucinda puts a couple of reminders in to help us back on track in the Child of Africa. At first I was a bit puzzled as to why Amie wanted to stay in such a dangerous place as Togodo, but it soon became clear that not only had the orphan Angelina taken a hold of Am [...]

    15. Highly recommended page turner for fans of thriller/action/suspense.This is the second book in the Amie series and I've not read the first book. The book stands perfectly well on its own though I suspect reading the first book might have added to the enjoyment. The book is set in Africa and the author has done a brilliant job in taking the reader feel the wild presence of Africa. It's a thriller with plenty of suspense and action in a civil war situation. Amie is not a soldier, she is an ordinar [...]

    16. An African adventure with wide appeal. I'd especially recommend it to lovers of adventure/suspense, readers who enjoy books about other countries and cultures and readers interested in contemporary issues. This book works perfectly as a stand alone but I suggest reading Amie:An African Adventure first if only for the wonderful character arc as Amie leaves her family in England and arrives in Africa for the first time.In this book Amie again courts great danger as she becomes caught up in the unr [...]

    17. Amie, the girl from suburban London, is now very much at home in Africa. Despite civil war, she can't imagine returning to her old life; this means, together with her husband and friends, she must hide deep in bush, and wait for political machinations to bring some sort of order back to the country. Unfortunately, another enemy has infiltrated the country; a holy war is coming their way. It's decided that a few of the group will leave the safety of the camp to check out what is going on. When Am [...]

    18. Oh how I love this book and Lucinda E Clarke’s storytelling. Where the first book left off, with the mystery of whether her husband is a, oh never mind – I don’t want to spoil the story. From the ending of that first book, which by the way was a very satisfying ending, I wanted to know more. I was compelled to buy the second book, not because the first was left incomplete, but because there was more to read about this wonderful story and Amie’s adventure. And so off I went, back to the b [...]

    19. Another 5 star read from Lucinda Clarke. In this second of the Amie sagas, Amie learns that her husband is a spy and that the orphan girl she had let herself love had been captured by insurgents. When she and her husband are separated in his efforts to keep tabs on IS Muslim groups attempting to entrench themselves, she sets off to find the girl and her husband. Forming a rag tag group of refugees, they make it back to the expat compound only to find that her husband is still missing and may be [...]

    20. This is the second book in the Amie series, which I didn't know until I bought it! The author advices, at the beginning of the book, to start with book 1 and I, though, oh no, I am so going to get lost in this book and not know what on earth is going on. However, I have to disagree with the author big time. There was no need to write that at the beginning of the book because I didn't get lost once. I felt that I didn't need to know the whole back story to understand what was going on now.This bo [...]

    21. A nice follow up to the first bookThis book begins right where the last one left off. Amie has reunited with her husband in the midst of the African wilderness. She is suspicious of her husband’s past and thinks he is a spy. This was where the last book lost me a little bit. The whole spy thing felt unnecessary. There was plenty enough action and adventure that the spy element was just one of those things that felt like too much. But in this book, Amie goes on a new adventure full of dangers a [...]

    22. Amie and the Child of Africa begins after book two left off, with Amie and her husband Jonathan back in Africa, in hiding with several others. Amie is still reeling from her suspicion Jonathan may be a spy, but he minimizes her concerns even as he spends a good deal of time away from the camp. Amie has never forgotten Angelina, the little orphan girl who stole her heart, but disappeared during the uprising that left so many dead. Amie believes she knows where Angelina might be. And so when Jonat [...]

    23. The author makes you feel like you are experiencing being in the African bush as you read. The descriptive landscape and wildlife really come alive and I could imagine it all as if I were really there. Amie is a woman from suburban London who, together with her husband and friends, must hide out in the deep African bush for political reasons. Unbeknownst to her at the time, her husband is a spy. What really intrigued me about this story is the desire for Aime to save and protect a little African [...]

    24. I loved this book - even more page-turningly - edge-of-your-seat writing from Lucinda E Clarke. Follows on from Amie, An African Adventure brilliantly - You really do feel the fear - it's pretty current in it's content - gritty - & believable. Amie is in Africa, Togodo, civil war 'happens' - not only that - she's captured, escapes, finds and loses the child Angelina all over again Is her husband really a 'spy' I have no concerns in recommending this book - if you like a fast read because you [...]

    25. Ms Clarke is quite simply SuperbI read her first "Amie " Book and was thoroughly overwhelmed, in fact I think it is deserved 6 STARS!!! After finishing this book I am totally amazed, it definitely deserves a Whopping 7 STARS!!!! She brings Africa directly into your life, I felt as if I was watching a movie and for a while felt as if I were truly there. Which has always been one of my lifelong dreams. Lucinda please please give us more!!!

    26. Amie and the Child of Africa by Lucinda E. ClarkAmie and the Child of Africa is the sequel to Amie and is as interesting and as fast paced as the original. Amie and Jonathan are back in Togodo and Jonathan is captured by fundamentalists’ Muslim. Amie’s mission is to find him and rescue him from cut throat ISIS terrorists in deep central Africa. Descriptive language that makes Africa come alive with sound, color and emotion. On to book three.

    27. If you have ever dreamed of visiting Africa but know deep down in your heart you will never go (either because of life's fate, circumstance, or money) AMIE AND THE CHILD OF AFRICA will fulfill your dream far grandeur than any film or dicumentary. The novel covers all the good and bad aspects of life in a world that is foreign to most of us. A great read: intrigue, suspence, love, hate - but, as with most of Lucinda's writings there is always hope. Read the series.

    28. I freely chose to review this book and although the plot was intriguing, but I was so sad that the book was a continuation with 287 pages and I only read 5 pages about Amie and Ben who lived over seven thousand away but had come the same conclusion about their education and now I want MORE!! Will Amie get free of her African cell? how did she get there and want had she done?

    29. Having read the first book, I was very happy to find there was a second. Following on from the events of the civil war, Amie and her husband are looking to rescue Angelina. The book is very good, well crafted and at an excellent pace which allows you to follow along through the ups and downs, the death defying and the terrifying parts of the story. I loved it and would recommend!

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