Erhoffte Versprechen

Erhoffte Versprechen Buch in der Serie Keeping Promise Rock Shane Perkins wollte immer ein Held sein Doch dann wird seine Karriere zerst rt weil er nicht aufgeben wollte und gek mpft hat Als er aus dem Krankenhaus entl

  • Title: Erhoffte Versprechen
  • Author: Amy Lane Anna Doe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Buch 2 in der Serie Keeping Promise Rock Shane Perkins wollte immer ein Held sein Doch dann wird seine Karriere zerst rt, weil er nicht aufgeben wollte und gek mpft hat Als er aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen wird, bleiben ihm nur eine leere Wohnung, eine Unmenge Geld und die Sehnsucht nach einem Menschen, der ihn vermissen wird, falls er noch einmal im Dienst verwundet wBuch 2 in der Serie Keeping Promise Rock Shane Perkins wollte immer ein Held sein Doch dann wird seine Karriere zerst rt, weil er nicht aufgeben wollte und gek mpft hat Als er aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen wird, bleiben ihm nur eine leere Wohnung, eine Unmenge Geld und die Sehnsucht nach einem Menschen, der ihn vermissen wird, falls er noch einmal im Dienst verwundet werden sollte Er endet als Polizist in einer Kleinstadt namens Levee Oaks Seine Sehnsucht nach einer eigenen Familie bringt ihn dazu, sich mit seiner flatterhaften, unbest ndigen Schwester Kimmy zu vers hnen Kimmy ist T nzerin, und als Shane sie das erste Mal mit ihrem Tanzpartner auf der B hne sieht, bleibt ihm die Luft weg Mikhail Wassiljewitsch Bayul tanzt wie ein Engel, hat aber keine sehr himmlische Vergangenheit Nach seiner Ausreise aus Russland hat er sich zwei Dinge versprochen Nicht mehr auf der Stra e zu landen und mit seiner Mutter vor ihrem Tod noch eine wunderbare Reise zu machen Es kommt f r ihn nicht infrage, Verpflichtungen einzugehen und anderen Menschen Versprechen zu machen Aber das war, bevor er Shane kennenlernte Der ernsthafte, mutige und so bescheidene Shane spricht Mikhails Sprache und was Mikhail am meisten berrascht Shane hat die unerwartete Eigenschaft, seine Versprechen zu halten.

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    1. If you have seen a grown man behind the steering wheel of his car in a traffic jam sobbing his eyes out, then it was probably me! Once again Amy Lane reduced me to tears, but also put all the pieces back together again for one wonderful HEA.This time it’s Shane’s story. We are introduced to him briefly in the first book as the nice new cop in town who calls on the family at The Pulpit regarding Benny and her child. He finds himself accepted and also ends up with his feet under the table and [...]

    2. It's been years since I read Keeping Promise Rock but I put off reading this book for a while after I bought it. Why? I honestly have no idea. Maybe I didn't want my heart to be ripped out of my chest, ran over by a stampede then put back together with glue? In any case, when I finally read this, I absolutely loved it. Even more than Keeping Promise Rock. Ms. Lane has such an amazing ability to get me so drawn into a story I don't want to put it down. I absolutely loved Mikhail and Shane. They b [...]

    3. What a wonderful second book for the series! It's been a while since I read the first book so some of the details were a bit fuzzy but as I read this bookI started to remember Deacon & Cricks journey and I wondered to myself WHY has it taken me so long to read this story.Shane was an all around great guy. He just wants to see everyone in his life happy even if it means that he's not. Mikhailoh goodness. This fiesty Russian is by far one of my absolute favorite characters I've ever read! He w [...]

    4. kay!! so i dont have the write words to explain to you how much i loved this book,it was just so AMAZING!!!The Love and Passion and understanding and forgiving of each other was just out of this world!!Shane and Mickey Were fantastic i couldnt put it down, I love the way Amy Lane writes and draws us into her world!! I Just loved it i can not wait to read another one in this series!!I cried and Laughed i got anoyoyed but no much i fell in love with every single cat,dog, Family member and just wan [...]

    5. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Loved.“Just when you think you got it down.“Promises in the Dark”—Pat BenatarOh I loved this story! Shane is a fascinating character with all his quirks and "weirdness" and secrets, but Mikhail was the one I grabbed onto - his beauty and aloofness and underlying vulnerability just kept me holding my breath for him at times, hoping he'd let some of his frailties and fears escape for Shane to take care of. “ You are still my hope, and now, I’m your promise.” [...]

    6. Amy Lane is an awesome writer.This is the second book in the Promises Series. In this we follow Officer Shane Perkins (who joined the family at The Pulpit in the last 40 or so pages of Keeping Promise Rock) and Mikhail Vasilyovitch Bayul (who we also met briefly the previous book). Shane is big hearted and Mikhail is damaged and they need each other but they just have to figure that out. We follow them from their meeting through their courtship and them finding themselves and each other. This bo [...]

    7. Amy Lane writes so beautifully that I get lost in the language as much as the story. I loved Shane, we should all be so blessed to have someone so strong and solid in our lives and Mikhaile way he is short and curt with Shane speaks volumes of the overwhelming love he feels for him. Mikhail's characterization is so real, his ups and downs, he comes right off the page. This book made me laugh really hard, Crick and Deacon's banter is nice to read again, and cryI looked like an iguana afterwards. [...]

    8. Such a lovely installment in this series! While there isn’t quite as much angst as in “Keeping Promise Rock”, I didn’t mind not having my heart ripped out of my chest with every page. Shane really is the hero everyone dreams would be there to stand up for them when they most need it. Mikhail has had such a trying life you can’t help want him to have some happiness now.Shane Perkins has always wanted to help save people. The best way, he always thought, was to become a cop, but after be [...]

    9. Amazingly treacley small town gay romance – he’s a cop, he’s a dancer (not like that). Hit some buttons of mine, missed others, details uninteresting to anyone who isn’t me.But this book did make me think about the value of romance as a genre. This is a story about two people coming together while one loses his adored mother to slow, wasting disease. And it’s about their friends’s struggle to keep a business alive, and a soldier come home but not the same, and making the best of the [...]

    10. OH YES, I’M IN A LOVE FEST!Book 2 in this series and i absolutely loved it! Amy does it again and delivers a story that has everything I love. This story has a great romance, angst (not as much as book 1), great chemistry and heat and emotions that just had me hugging my kindle at the end. *sigh*In this one we have Shane, who we met briefly in book 1. He is a cop and part of the Pulpit Ranch family. A weekend to a Renaissance Fair to reconnect with his sister after many years changes his life. [...]

    11. I liked this book even more than Keeping Promise Rock. The characters seemed real and engaging, and their difficulties were more external than internal. I prefer when the big obstacles to a relationship are not just the characters misunderstanding and doubting themselves and each other, although some of that in the mix is fine. These two guys had a nice assortment of issues and personal qualities and a story line that was intense without seeming over-dramatic. Mikhail in particular is damaged an [...]

    12. The title of this book is so appropriate. Promises are made and Promises are broken but more importantly Promises are kept.The story of two men who are both lost in their own way and looking to find something that will make them whole again. Shane is a police officer who has faced more than his fair share of abuse at the hands of his co-workers. He also has somewhat of a super-hero complex and this is much to his own detriment.“You know that ‘blue wall’ you always hear about when people ta [...]

    13. Absolutely LOVED this book. A much lighter read than the first in the series, even though they dealt with many very serious issues. Mikhail and Shane were a joy. Lots of love, determination, patience and humor went into the foundation of that relationship and it showed. Pretty much a flawless book in my opinion, with guest appearances by the extended family. I love the way they rally around each other in times of trouble. Definitely one I will read again. Oh, and if I wasn't convinced before, I [...]

    14. It's not as intense and heart-wrenching as Keeping Promise Rock, so maybe there's a WOW factor missing, but I think this sequel is just as good. It deals with less cataclysmic events, but it deals all the same with emotions stemming from traumatic events (addiction, death, homophobia). The relationship between Shane and Mikhail is more private and it involves The Pulpit's family, but it focuses especially on the main couple.Shane is a big, good bear of a cop, who'd like to be a hero, to be the o [...]

    15. 1st read March 26th, 20112nd read July 16th, 20113rd read July 16th, 2013I'm sitting here trying to think what to write because I want this review to do justice to how much I loved this story. Both these characters, Mikhail and Shane, have had such sad and hurtful histories, though not at all similar.Shane grew up with cold and uncaring parents and the people he's been in relationships with seem to fit the same mold. They just don't seem to really "see" Shane. They see the big, strong outer shel [...]

    16. I feel like I just had a reunion with old friends, and now I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I first read this book over a year and a half ago, early in my m/m reading days, and although I loved it then, I didn't appreciate the full extent of the story as much as I did this time. This sequel to Keeping Promise Rock is about Shane, the police officer befriended by Deacon and his family, and Mikhail, a dancer who works with Shane's sister Kimmy in the Renaissance Faire. It's about love and re [...]

    17. It's difficult to write a comment at 5AM. SO maybe the best way to do it is chronicle what all I did in the 24 hours from beginning to end as I read. Opened the book, got mad, got sad, cried, blew my noise criesd some more. Had to get up and get something to drink so I could see because tears would stop flowing. Pulled myself together. Giggled, got sad, cried again, blew my nose about 10 times and gave up and just cried it out. Peed. Started reading again. Cried, blew my nose, giggled. Get the p [...]

    18. Shane Perkins came to Levee Oaks, CA from Los Angeles after he was outed to the department by his (work) partner, who was also his lover. That partner threw Shane to the wolves and left, unscathed. Shane, though, was blackballed and then sent into an ambush in a bad neighborhood with no backup. He's not stupid, though, and he made sure there was evidence of what, exactly, went down. Once he recovered, he got a huge settlement from the department and he decided to move somewhere a little less exc [...]

    19. I worried before I started this. Mainly because it's over fifteen hours long and after Keeping Promise Rock I honestly didn't know if I had it in me if this story took the same kinds of twists and turns. I swear - Amy Lane can rip out my heart like few others.This story is beautiful in its simplicity. It's all about redemption, love, and, ultimately, finding home and family. I loved every aspect of this story. It touched a little piece of my soul, and I'm better for it.Paul Morey's narration isn [...]

    20. Loved it.I’m so happy right now. This book right here is why I love me some Amy Lane. It’s the characters. Their detailed personalities, their often painful backstories, and their loveability, flaws and all. I like the way they wiggle their way into my heart so effortlessly. Even though, once there they tend to squeeze all the emotions out.Shane is this giant, sensitive Teddy Bear. Skilled in the art of sentence tangles. Mikhail is this beautiful, cynical dancer. Fully equipped with his own [...]

    21. Wonderful follow-up to Keeping Promise Rock. It was great to catch up with Deacon, Crick, Benny and the rest of the gang. I had previously liked Shane but he was new to town and we didn't know him so well. Nice to see him finally come out of his shell. Mikhail was kinda bitchy but that's just his way and also his defense mechanism. He's had a very difficult youth and without his mom Ylena he would have died. He desperately tries to push Shane away's a good thing that Shane can be stubborn too.Oh [...]

    22. Keeping Promise Rock has to be one of my favourite books of 2010, and so it’s inevitable really that Making Promises, set in the same town and featuring the same characters had a lot to live up to. Whilst I enjoyed the book a great deal, and once again had to get the tissues, this one didn’t give that ‘wow’ feeling that I got with the first book, mostly due to the character of Shane.The story follows a concurrent timeline with the previous book. It begins after the time that Crick gets b [...]

    23. This was even better than the first book.I loved this story of Shane and Mikhail, I found them both to be too good to be true, with some exceptions of course, but what I loved above all was them together. Oh my, it makes me get all mushy just thinking about these two sweet people finding each other, overcoming difficult odds to be together, doubts and all and then knowing that they were meant to be. All in one book of course. I did not miss the biblical disasters that were in the first book but [...]

    24. Great second book in the Promises series. I loved getting to know Shane and Mikhail and I was especially pleased to see how much "air play" the rest of the gang got - yeah, I'm still a Deacon-junkie from the last book. I thought the story was wound beautifully around "Shane's new family" without taking away from the new relationship. Shane is an interesting character with all his quirks and secrets, but Mikhail was the one I grabbed onto - his beauty and aloofness and underlying vulnerability ju [...]

    25. 4.5 starsA What a sweet book :) I loved dorky Shane and narky Mikhail! Shane had so much more patience than I could have managed, dealing with Mickey; but it was beautiful to read about. Ylena was delightful; and the ongoing insight into Crick and Deacon's family life was great. Amy Lane has a talent for taking the 'nerds' and making us look beyond the initial 'flaws' to see the beautiful and desirable characters they really are. We all need an Amy Lane in our lives :)I want to start on Living P [...]

    26. That felt very different to the first book. I even though I loved the first one, I'm glad it wasn't the same feeling.I adored Mikhail. He overcame a horrible past. Every time he called Shane "insufferable man" I smiled. I loved it. Shane was very sweet and understanding. Taking things slow, and knowing what would spook Mikhail off.I loved getting to check in with the cast from the first book.Very enjoyable story.

    27. Another great addition to this wonderful series!This wasn't as "out of this world" as Keeping Promise Rock but it still went STRAIGHT into the feels and stayed there for the duration of the story.Shane was an angel. He was an imperfect man with a heart of gold but still an angel nonetheless. Miky on the other hand was as prickly, bitchy and temperamental as they came because of his terrible past. Listening(audio book here) to the progression of their relationship was just a joy. Shane wanted Mik [...]

    28. I think this book suffers in comparison to Keeping Promise Rock due to high expectations. On its own, this is probably a fine book but I definitely found my attention wandering and getting bored with this offering. The story is decent but feels too artificial. There are too many obstacles thrown in just to create more and more tension, but only a few of those issues feel real. The rest feel manufactured to keep the story going when it feels settled at the halfway point. I also found Shane to be [...]

    29. With this book I did something that usually is a no-no for me, I read book number 2 in a series without reading book number 1. Truth be told I have a good reason: when I realized it was a book 2 I had already fallen in love for Shane and didn’t want to wait for read his story. First of all let me say, that yes, you can read book 2 standalone, but indead the supporting characters are so good that is clear they have a story of their own; that is the reason why I realized there was a book 1, it w [...]

    30. Yet another Amy Lane winner, although I did prefer the first book in the series to this one. We have the usual Amy Lane hallmarks - humour, angst, love, tenderness, heartache, redemption etcA very strange pairing in this book - Mikhail, Russian ex-addict and street-whore (his words not mine) and Shane, an American trust fund baby who was also a phenomenal do-gooder, but who in his job as a cop, was not getting the back up he deserved because he was bi-sexual, and had almost been fatally injured [...]

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