Trollen Rose (Saga of Sinnesemota, #2)

Trollen Rose Saga of Sinnesemota Rev Caern seeks the Trollen Rose an ancient magical artifact that is key to founding an empire of justice But the Oracle wants to imprison him the White Sashers wants to enslave him and the dragon

  • Title: Trollen Rose (Saga of Sinnesemota, #2)
  • Author: P.M.F. Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook
  • Rev Caern seeks the Trollen Rose, an ancient magical artifact that is key to founding an empire of justice But the Oracle wants to imprison him, the White Sashers wants to enslave him, and the dragon who protects the Rose wants him dead

    • Unlimited [Science Book] ✓ Trollen Rose (Saga of Sinnesemota, #2) - by P.M.F. Johnson Ü
      308 P.M.F. Johnson
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      I m a widely published author from Minnesota I write fiction and poetry inspired by magic, spirituality, nature, and the complex relationships we have and survive I also hope to create the occasional smile I hope you enjoy my work Check out my website at PMFJohnson

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    1. Sinnesemota has fallen to the enemy. A long, organized line of humans and orcen, on foot and in wagons, trails out from it and winds through the desert, guards and the newly enslaved.Rev Caern, a twenty-year-old human, and his small crew of followers (human and otherwise) watch from the hills above. His goal is to get the Trollen Rose of Understanding (which determines who will be the next emporer). So, he intends to restore Sinnesomota and wastes no time trying to stop the procession below, put [...]

    2. Trollen Rose, by PMF Johnson, is a high fantasy novel in the Saga of Sinnesemota series (second book). I read it without having read the first novel (Disk of Dragons), and I would certainly recommend reading the first book in the series first. You will be able to get into the story and the characters without having read the first book, but I would definitely have preferred to read them in chronological order. Being high fantasy, the novel is filled with all sorts of exotic beings (including drag [...]

    3. I wanted to give this book 4.5 stars, which to me is the true rating, but I couldn't so I rounded up. I like fantasy occasionally but I wouldn't describe myself as a fan of the genre. Trollen Rose was fantasy how I like it--grounded in reality with elements of magic. Rev, our heroine, steals slaves and ends up getting arrested for it. His journey to free the rest of the slaves leads to him to a quest for the Trollen Rose, which will allow his people to rule. Using a magic disc, Rev teams with hi [...]

    4. A good story line that has already been elaborated on by other reviewers so I won't rewrite their words. This book is definitely worth a read though I would start with the first in the series as to get to know the characters better. Trollen Rose jumps straight into the action and is a fantasy world populated by races and monsters that will enchant you. The author has a great imagination and has created a world that is seamless and makes sense. I would have given a better rating but I personally [...]

    5. As swift as the telling of the tale and word building were, I might have enjoyed a few more explanations and descriptions. There were some great techniques used in this book, and it was overall an interesting world to read of.There are many things that I liked immensly about this book, but there were also other things that put me off. In a certain way, I thought trollen rose was polarising. What eventually caused me to give it a 4 was Ungor.Johnson's writing is clear and to the point. at some po [...]

    6. This was one of the better high fantasy novels I have read in a long time. One big reason was the first act. The place where we get to know the characters and their world. A big problem I have with a lot of fantasy is the authors spend a huge amount of time building their world, then spend pages and pages detailing it in their books.In Trollen Rose, it is clear Johnson spent a long time building his world, but gave us just the amount of detail we needed to visualize it, without getting bogged do [...]

    7. Trollen rose was a great read. I hadn't read the first of the series but I was able to dive right in without any issues. P.M.F. Johnson has moments of brilliance with his writing. I have to admit that every now and then things slowed down a bit too much for my taste but the exciting moments kept me coming back for more. And the characters were great to get to know as well.If anything, I think the writer could work a bit on their pacing and clear up a few rough edges, but the story is there and w [...]

    8. I enjoyed reading this fantasy story. It is populated by several species - humans, orcen, trollen (males and females kept separated although ), elves (mostly nasty), and non- mortal beings although this seems to also include dragons who perhaps can take on other shapes and possibly the vampyren about whom we are told very little and that seems to be all right. A number of other things are not clear, particularly what motivates the various parties.Nine Artifacts are mentioned, but I am certain on [...]

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