The Goddamned #1

The Goddamned Writer JASON AARON artist R M GU RA the creators of the seminal crime series SCALPED reunite for a new ongoing series of stark and brutal biblical noir which begins with a SPECIAL OVER SIZED DEBUT

  • Title: The Goddamned #1
  • Author: Jason Aaron R.M. Guéra Giulia Brusco
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Writer JASON AARON artist R.M GU RA, the creators of the seminal crime series SCALPED, reunite for a new ongoing series of stark and brutal biblical noir, which begins with a SPECIAL OVER SIZED DEBUT ISSUE featuring thirty pages of story And the earth was filled with violence Genesis 6 11 It s 1,655 years after Eden, and life on Earth has already gone to hell TWriter JASON AARON artist R.M GU RA, the creators of the seminal crime series SCALPED, reunite for a new ongoing series of stark and brutal biblical noir, which begins with a SPECIAL OVER SIZED DEBUT ISSUE featuring thirty pages of story And the earth was filled with violence Genesis 6 11 It s 1,655 years after Eden, and life on Earth has already gone to hell The world of man is a place of wanton cruelty and wickedness Prehistoric monsters and stone age marauders roam the land Murder and destruction are the rule of the day Humankind is a failed experiment This is life before the Flood The story of man on the verge of his first apocalypse Welcome to the world of the Goddamned.

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      129 Jason Aaron R.M. Guéra Giulia Brusco
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    1. Jason Aaron R.M. Guéra Giulia Brusco

      Jason Aaron grew up in a small town in Alabama His cousin, Gustav Hasford, who wrote the semi autobiographical novel The Short Timers, on which the feature film Full Metal Jacket was based, was a large influence on Aaron Aaron decided he wanted to write comics as a child, and though his father was skeptical when Aaron informed him of this aspiration, his mother took Aaron to drug stores, where he would purchase books from spinner racks, some of which he still owns today.Aaron s career in comics began in 2001 when he won a Marvel Comics talent search contest with an eight page Wolverine back up story script The story, which was published in Wolverine 175 June 2002 , gave him the opportunity to pitch subsequent ideas to editors.In 2006, Aaron made a blind submission to DC Vertigo, who published his first major work, the Vietnam War story The Other Side which was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Miniseries, and which Aaron regards as the second time he broke into the industry.Following this, Vertigo asked him to pitch other ideas, which led to the series Scalped, a creator owned series set on the fictional Prairie Rose Indian Reservation and published by DC Vertigo.In 2007, Aaron wrote Ripclaw Pilot Season for Top Cow Productions Later that year, Marvel editor Axel Alonso, who was impressed by The Other Side and Scalped, hired Aaron to write issues of Wolverine, Black Panther and eventually, an extended run on Ghost Rider that began in April 2008 His continued work on Black Panther also included a tie in to the company wide crossover storyline along with a Secret Invasion with David Lapham in 2009.In January 2008, he signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, though it would not affect his work on Scalped Later that July, he wrote the Penguin issue of The Joker s Asylum.After a 4 issue stint on Wolverine in 2007, Aaron returned to the character with the ongoing series Wolverine Weapon X, launched to coincide with the feature film X Men Origins Wolverine Aaron commented, With Wolverine Weapon X we ll be trying to mix things up like that from arc to arc, so the first arc is a typical sort of black ops story but the second arc will jump right into the middle of a completely different genre, In 2010, the series was relaunched once again as simply Wolverine He followed this with his current run on Thor God of Thunder.

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    1. Oh HELL. YES. Jason Aaron and RM Guera, the creative team behind the comics masterpiece Scalped, reuniting for a new series at Image? Are you kidding me?! Sold, a thousand times… And yet. How I wish I could say I loved the first issue of The Goddamned unreservedly but I can’t. It’s pretty good although I was expecting so much more and maybe that was the problem? Read the full review over at Need to Consume here!

    2. [Image Comics] FIRST ISSUES: The Good (Full review on the WondrousBooks blog.) The premise of The Goddamned is fantastic. The mix of biblical characters is very interesting to follow, even though the entire comic book was gruesome and, at moments, unpleasant to look at. I do still have many questions about this but I guess I will have to follow the story to find their answers.

    3. I like the concept, but the story kind of fell flat for me and I wasn’t a fan of the art. It’s that very messy, kind of hard to see kind of art that smudges all together. Especially when there are fight scenes it’s like a Magic Eye trying to figure out.The concept itself is neat, setting the story in the world following the fall of Eden (not immediately but far enough) and showing just how far people haven’t come. They’re basically flopping around the world pillaging and plundering eac [...]

    4. No logro recordar como termine leyendo este comic y no me arrepiento de haberlo hecho.Ya conocia a Jason Aaron por Southern Bastards y uno que otro comic de Marvel, pero estos totalmente diferente, sabe combinar la acción con el argumento, la historia es fresca y el dibujo es perfecto para la historia.

    5. Everything and everyone is awful and there's no point in caring about anybody, but at least we get to say "fuck" a lot. *yawn* Plus everyone is really white except for the Big Bad. Who is God's Chosen except he's an asshole, and the guy who invented murder has a good heart if you dig down far enough, so we're supposed to be impressed by the dissonance of it all. I guess?

    6. Aprovechando que el año que viene ECC va a reeditar Scalped y todos vais a tener que comprarlo, si o si, traigo una recomendación del mismo equipo creativo, Aaron/Guéra. Recomendación que llega del libro de visitas de sinaudiencia y que hay que propagar, aunque parezca prematuro habiendo tan solo un número publicado a día de hoy (el #2 sale a mediados de diciembre).Pero es que el tema es de los que me gustan, bíblico en el sentido estricto del termino y con Guéra desatado en la brutalida [...]

    7. If Robert E Howard had decided to write bible stories it would have looked and felt a lot like this.Cain has killed his brother and for that is cursed with immortality.Centuries later, he's still wandering around a world that has really gone to seed and he's really annoyed and worried what god has in mind for fixing things.Brutal and raw story, taking characters from the bible and treating them like any other mythology.dialogue sounded it bit too modern, but otherwise great art and a really inte [...]

    8. Wow this is this comic I've been waiting for but just didn't know it. I won't spoil it but here's the stories, movies that came to mind as I read this "biblical noir" tale: Unforgiven, The Man With No Namecally a Clint Eastwood bloody biblical reimagining of what happened after humanity was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. The artwork reminds me of something you'd see in Heavy Metal or Warhammer.

    9. Now see if the Bible had been written like this I would have put way more effort into my scriptures class back in high school. I do take issue with the fact that Cain has obviously been whitewashed. I firmly believe everyone back then was at the very least brown if not black. But I really liked Noah's design and his sons as well!! And the dark and gritty art really works for this kind of story! I'll definitely be sticking around!

    10. I am in awe! May be I should get it a rest before speaking about this masterpiece, but let it be!It got me completely surprised. The intro was amazing. I liked the way Jason showed violence and gore scenes. The way he introduced characters and also the art. all in all I liked this volume very dearly. I wish it continues this way for next 4 volumes too.

    11. Copious ultra violence. Sparse story. Interesting take on the book of Genesis. But the art. Oh the art. Invokes Barry Windsor Smith and Lynn Varley. Reminds me of old Conan comics. The best of John Byrne. It's insane how good the art is and I haven't been this excited for a comic artist since the last time Andy Kubert was good.

    12. The appropriate comment might be "holy f***". I'm not even sure what this is, I didn't know the creators before and just stumbled across it because someone posted a screenshot of a review to demonstrate a browser problem. The screenshot had a naked person on it, so of course I googled it. I'm impressed with the art and fascinated by the approach to the biblical story.

    13. A millenia has passed since Cain murdered his own brother and was cursed by God. The land is ruined, full of violence and death, the people criminals or victims. The Goddamned follows his journey to find someone who can finally end his life, told through gritty and brutal illustrations. Also, Cain's kind of a hunk

    14. The art work is so dark and gritty you can barely see what is going on in each panel. And I don't find myself caring about the plot or the characterstely won't be reading beyond this first issue

    15. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect since there wasn't a description on the back. I picked it because I liked the cover art (which is not the same as the cover they have on here). Wasn't too crazy about the art style inside of the story though

    16. Fun times in a post-garden of Eden world. Not. Suspect this will be pretty harsh going forward. Ugly art suits it.

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