Finding Fire

Finding Fire Paranormal RomanceShe knew they existed But now the truth is terrifying than she realized When Anna sets out to discover the truth behind the tragedy she witnessed she s unprepared to uncover a world

  • Title: Finding Fire
  • Author: Mallory Crowe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paranormal RomanceShe knew they existed But now the truth is terrifying than she realized When Anna sets out to discover the truth behind the tragedy she witnessed, she s unprepared to uncover a world of danger and mystery As she comes face to face with a vengeful, but sexy and intoxicating vampire that proves she was right all along, she realizes that there s a fiParanormal RomanceShe knew they existed But now the truth is terrifying than she realized When Anna sets out to discover the truth behind the tragedy she witnessed, she s unprepared to uncover a world of danger and mystery As she comes face to face with a vengeful, but sexy and intoxicating vampire that proves she was right all along, she realizes that there s a fine line between myth and reality Nicolas has no patience for meddling and annoying mortals After realizing that Anna just might have the answers he s been searching for, Nick decides to use Anna for his own personal gain, putting her fragile life on the line However, as her calming and irresistible presence overcomes him, Nick is forced to choose between revenge for the past and allowing Anna to be the light in his darkness But can he find a way to have both

    • ✓ Finding Fire || ✓ PDF Read by å Mallory Crowe
      421 Mallory Crowe
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    1. Mallory Crowe

      Mallory Crowe has lived in Michigan her whole life and has been in love with romance ever since she d skip to the end of every novel, just to make sure the hero and heroine survived and ended up together She lives with her husband and three dogs When she s not writing, she s spending too much time in front of the TV, hiking, or working with various animal rescues.

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    1. It's ok.Anna knows vampires exist she saw one kill her best friends father Ray fifteen years ago and ever since then she's been trying to find her best friend Evie and her own father Charles who both disappeared that night.She joins a group of vampire hunters called Stakes, members are there for different reasons some want to kill vampires while others want to become one but Anna wants information, she needs to know what happen to Evie and Charles in order for her to be able to move on with her [...]

    2. Mallory is a girl constantly looking over her shoulder. She is scared that a man she hopes is dead may not be, and lives in constant fear that one day he will show up on her doorstep and try to finish the job of killing her that he started 15 years before. While wishing for one man to be dead, she hopes her best friend is actually alive. She fears that a vampire has killed her friend. Paranormal creatures are still believed to be myths, so who can she talk to about this? She joins a group of lik [...]

    3. Vampire romance.In the first book of Bad Boys of the Underground, Finding Fire, we meet, human Anna. Desperate to find out what happened to her bff and father fifteen years earlier she entangles and endangers herself with vampire, Nicolas. An ok read, started well but continued quite blandly. A little intrigue and suspense, with a couple of sex scenes but nothing that gripped the imagination or likened you to the characters. Disappointed really but it was free. 2.5 stars.

    4. I haven't read a paranormal romance in ages. It was similar to a lot I've read previous, but had a nice twist to the end. Although enjoyable, I felt it was a bit flat and if it weren't for wanting to know what happened I may have out it down at around 50%. felt like it took forever to reach there, but after that it picked up. enjoyable. not sure if I'll read the other though.

    5. Good Story line. The writing is a bit highschool. I'll read the next book and see if it gets better.

    6. This book was hit or miss with me.The bad: Major plot holes. Our cute little h decides she is going to meet the big bad vamp and ask him some questions. Exactly how is that going to work?The good: There were a few times that I started to roll my eyes at the obvious direction the story was going only to have it switch things around and really surprise me!The start of the book takes some patience to get through but if you persist (and you can ignore the plot holes), it is a pretty good read.

    7. I loved this book! This is the first book in Mallory Crowe's Bad Boys of the Underworld. I had a hard time putting this book down once I started reading it. I was impressed with the courage of the female lead Anna. I fell in love with the male lead Nicholas who is a vampire. There are some twists in here and a lot of suspense. This is a standalone book. I am looking forward to reading the next in this series. Great job Mallory!

    8. Not quite thereI choose this rating because I liked the characters. She was so introverted that I thought she was endearing however he past issues made it hard to see whAt was in front of her with Nicholas. Nicolas was a hard character because there was no emotions from him it was only intention during most of the story that lead us to see what was going on. The plot was good and Evie was a given because stories wouldn't be good without surprises.

    9. Nicholas is found by Annabelle from the Stakes group. Who are they? A vampire and a woman who saw a vampire years ago, searching for closure. Is her monster of a father still alive? What happened to her BF?

    10. This was a cool story, I imagined myself as the character hunting down vampires because they don't exist right? *grins* The fact that she braves it and goes where she should not was insane, yet intriguing, clearly she was not worried he was there or may be watching her?The interaction between both characters is so good, and clearly, he has no time for humans but the sexual chemistry is simply too high to deny.Really enjoyed this story.

    11. Loved it.Great story great adventure and great romance. Vampires kings and back stabbing what's not to love? The main character are awesome!

    12. GreatLots of excitement and adventure. Finding love in a strange way. Realizing the fear is over and life is just beginning.

    13. OhOh my sweet baby Jesus! This story was incredibled just book one! Annabelle has been searching fifteen years for the vampire who may have killed her best friend. An anonymous caller may have given her the means.Nicolas is a vampire, and wanted nothing more than to kill the vampire she was searching for, so he decided to use her to get to him.There is solid excitement and intrigue from beginning to end. I have to read book 2, Daring Fire, right NOW!Definitely a must read!!

    14. Everyone loves a bad boyBut a bad boy with fangs Damn! Annabelle has suffered badly at the hands of a monster, but that one was human. Can she ever learn to trust the real deal. Loved it. Will be buying book two to hear Marcus' story.

    15. It had potential. I like the premise of an exiled Vampire helping a mortal find answers to something she witnessed when she was younger. But it was poorly executed.***SPOILERS***I had a quite a few issues with this though. So Anna is part of some poser meet-up group that are all about killing vampires although none of them ever have or have any experience doing it. That was kind of silly to me. Then the whole thing with her breaking into Nicolas' (the Vampire) apartment was a bit ridiculous. He [...]

    16. I just finished reading FINDING FIRE, and OMG it was amazing! In the past I haven't been a fan of vampires, but I've had my arm twisted into reading a few books about them. So I came to think vampires weren't totally horrible. I still wasn't real excited when I heard about this book, but I've read other things by Mallory Crowe and usually like her books. Now it must be said that I LOVE VAMPIRES and I seriously need to find me one vampire hottie of my own!This is a book that I just couldn't put d [...]

    17. I'm still on the wild ride with e-books. I don't have much time to really sit and read for enjoyment of reading so I've downloaded a lot of stuff into my phone to steal a minute or two of reading whenever I can. I know that I can't really focus on it since I'm constantly interrupted but that's why I transferred all my free e-books into my phone. They are not brain-challenging. They are just reads. That pains me but what can we do. The internet made it possible. This week I bring you a not-so-bad [...]

    18. Anna sets out to discover the truth behind the tragedy she witnessed when she was younger but she's unprepared to uncover a world of danger and mystery. As she comes face-to-face with a vengeful, but sexy and intoxicating vampire that proves she was right all along, she realizes there's a fine line between myth and reality. Nicolas has no patience for meddling and annoying mortals. After realizing Anna just might have the answers he's been searching for, Nicolas decides to use Anna for his own p [...]

    19. So close. So very close to being a really good book. Mallory starts to create an interesting universe, almost creates really interesting compelling characters, but somehow just falls short. We just can't believe the chemistry between Anna and Nicholas. Oh, it's there in fits and starts, but it never quite develops. And while I can accept that Anna shies from intimacy due to her scars, I find a lot of difficulty believing she's a 30-year-old virgin. In fact, I find that really annoying. Add to th [...]

    20. When I started this book I honestly thought I wasn't going to enjoy it. But then.WOW!!!.I began to get into the story, loved the characters and then I just was hooked . I loved Anna as the female lead who wants to find the vampire monster she saw when her friend Evie disappeared 15 years ago . what a woman!! D of course there 's Nicolas .mmy . sexy Nicolas is a different kind of vampire we are used to read about. An anonymous phonecall leads Anna to Nicolas , who's searching for revenge . Nicola [...]

    21. Anna was incredibly brave but also at times incredibly stupid. She took quite a few reckless risks. Anna had survived a pretty painful past with the scars to prove it. There were things she just HAD to get the answers to, so she saw many of her decisions to be worth the risk. Nick was all about himself pretty much. Especially in the beginning. Beautiful (yes I used that word about a man, that's what the story also said) powerful and potentially deadly. Still with all that said, I'm not saying th [...]

    22. Nicolas to me simply scorched these pages, he was dynamic and a very alpha Vampire and then we were given Anna, who stumbles through life in a geeky club that discuss vampires and wants to find out the real story behind her friends disappearance. Anna has some emotional and physical scars from a horrific incident when she was younger, it was interesting to watch her grow throughout this story.These two are thrown together as they are both linked to events years before and they do not know this, [...]

    23. First and foremost I was disappointed to find a real lack of connection and romance between Anna and Nicholas. Each of them had their own agendas and motives for working together, and while I expected their feelings to develop for one another, the other subplots (finding a vampire who knew about her past, her past with her father - which took on a creepy feel after a short while, etc.) took precedence over the romance. I found that the ending was rushed, a little bit of deus ex machina when Anna [...]

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