These Days of Ours

These Days of Ours Kate and Becca aren t just cousins they re best friends Growing up together they ve shared all the milestones childhood parties eighteenth birthdays and now a double wedding day Kate and Charlie we

  • Title: These Days of Ours
  • Author: Juliet Ashton
  • ISBN: 9781471155055
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate and Becca aren t just cousins, they re best friends Growing up together, they ve shared all the milestones childhood parties, eighteenth birthdays and now a double wedding day.Kate and Charlie were meant to be That s what everybody said So why have things turned out so differently Best friends are forever, and true love always finds a way Doesn t it

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      I write books I m an introverted extrovert, a homebody who loves going out, a nosey parker who can keep secrets I live by the Thames My study feels like the centre of the universe I share my house with Matthew, who writes songs and composes film music in his studio upstairs, and our daughter, Niamh Two dogs sleep at my feet all day, Mavis and Zelda, both pedigree idiots.I m five foot six, mostly Irish I find humans fascinating, whether they re evil or sweet or saintly or annoying or I just like humans, and that s why I write about them.

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    1. When Books And The City revealed the glorious cover for These Days Of Ours I was extremely excited! The cover represented everything I love and the tagline had me wanting to know more straight away. I was over the bloody moon when I received a signed proof copy of this book (thank you SO much SJ and Juliet) I truly wasn’t expecting it and it was such a beautiful thing to open! Impatience is my middle name and so I started to read straight away and oh boy…what a book.Have you ever read Where [...]

    2. These Days of Ours is one of those slow-burning emotional books you absolutely devour. It might not be fast-paced, but the emotion is raw and real, and I quite enjoyed how gentle of a book it was and it doesn't half pack a punch. Everyone wonders if they had moments they let go, or people they let go, because of misunderstandings or miscommunication, and this whole novel is about the great love of Kate's life. It was very How I Met Your Mother, in the way that Ted and Robin were clearly meant fo [...]

    3. Oh wow. The first book since a long time that I wanted to devour every single word. Marvellous, magnificent read! It reminded me so much oo the books by Lucy Robinson or Jimmy Rice and Laura Tait - the writing style, the story - but it's a great thing, as I am a huge fan of the above mentioned authors. And now Juliet Ashton has just blown my mind with her new novel.First things first, I have this extreme pleasure to be the owner of a very special signed proof copy of this book (thank you so, so [...]

    4. Firstly I’d like to thank the publisher for sending me this fabulous signed proof. There was a real buzz surrounding this book and I couldn’t wait to delve beneath the beautiful cover to find out more.Getting to know Kate and Becca was lots of fun, they were great characters who kept me on my toes throughout – I should have known that when it came to a wedding, things wouldn’t be as they first appeared! This was a fab twist that really got me thinking.The storyline took me through some m [...]

    5. I recieved this book in a giveaway. This book is set out by lifes party invitations. Each chapter is an invitation to the next life event in best friends and cousins kate and becca. We follow their lives, and charlies from kates 5 th birthday party right till around her 40th. Theres weddings engagements births and funerals. I didnt want this book to end, i could have read about their lives forever. This book is pure chick lit. Full of love and romance.

    6. Although some parts were a little far-fetched, I really enjoyed this will-they-won't-they romance and even shed a few tears at the end!

    7. Ever had those friends where you just want to scream at them to kiss already? Even after twenty years and a marriage or more to different people? If you don't, you're about to and they're called Kate and Charlie.Charmingly presented through vignettes of Kate's life (weddings, birthday parties, a book launch), These Days of Ours takes us through the twenty years of relationships, the ups downs, births and deaths, that make up a life until middle age. Although the focus is on how Kate's relations [...]

    8. " 'Seit jener Nacht habe ich eine Menge über die Liebe nachgedacht. Sie ist keine Entscheidung, die man trifft. Sie muss nicht logisch sein. Sie ist oft unbequem und schmutzig und gnadenlos in dem, was sie von einem fordert.' "S. 188Die Geschichte von Kate und Charlie beginnt mit einem Prolog, der ein kleines Stück vom Ende wegnimmt, dabei aber nicht zu viel verrät. Danach springt die Handlung 35 Jahre zurück zu Kates 5. Geburtstag. Über drei Jahrzehnte bekommt man dann mit, wie sich die Be [...]

    9. 5 star Review These Days Of Ours By Juliet Ashton This was a new author to me.I will admit that I was a tad confused at first, but once I got myself and the partners sorted out it was all good from there. To be totally honest, when I first started the book, I really wasn’t sure that it was for me. However I dived in and read the first half of the book in just over two hours and became totally immersed in the book. Kate and Becca are cousins who are more like best friends. They do everything to [...]

    10. But best friends are forever, and true love will find a way, won’t it…?Look at this cover. It’s so pretty! It gives me hope that Spring is just around the corner, and we can leave this miserable month behind…I was lucky enough to receive a signed ARC from the publisher (thank you, SJ, you wonderful woman, you!) in exchange for an honest review. (though obviously I never do dishonest reviews – that would miss the point ha ha!).Their story is told through milestone events, and we learn h [...]

    11. What a magnificent story of friendship, relationships and long lasting love. With each chapter being preceded by an invitation to a specific life event, be it 5th birthday party, wedding party, hen night etc this is the tale of Kate and Becca, from when they were young right up until now. They are cousins and the best of friends, and share everything, even it turns out partners. Their initial childhood sweethearts feature heavily in the book, as does their family. These Days of Ours proves that [...]

    12. Autorka si mě podmanila. Dokázala všechny strasti a slasti života dostat na nějakých 300 stránek, pořadně je promíchat jako dobrý koktejl a naservírovat to i s paraplíčkem! :-) Dala bych 5 hvězd, ale některé myšlenkové pochody byly trochu zdlouhavější nebyly nudné, ale i přesto byly zbytečné. Ovšem to nic nemění na tom, že to bylo supr trupr počtení! :-)

    13. I received this book for free via First Reads.5 stars.It deserves 5 stars.I also hate the book.I have never hated a book more or started a review in sentences rather than paragraphs.So, I suppose I should explain.I have never cried so much over a book before. The best author in the world could write every tragedy in my life and make them a little sadder but not reach the level of tears I shed reading this book. The author seems to have found most of my tragedies and put them into words using ot [...]

    14. I won this lovely little book in a giveaway so thank you to the publishers for sending me a copy of this book. I've just finished this book sat in my garden, in the sunshine, and as I'm a sucker for a happy ending, this book has given me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside (or maybe it's the sun!).This book is beautifully written and can I just say what a gorgeous cover this book has. I found the characters interesting and sometimes funny and the story itself is utterly heartwarming. A charming, be [...]

    15. First things first I absolutely loved this story of Kate and Charlie. These days of ours is a story which will give a lifetime of emotions compacted and powerfully delivered in its 400 odd pages. It is a love story, a story about life, family and friends. There is going through life just for the sake of it and then there is life in which we try to make sense of it. Kate's journey in this story is beautifully described and is supported by some fabulous characters. This story literally gave a book [...]

    16. Very enjoyable read.While not my first choice of genre I really enjoyed this book & the subject matter. It felt real, relatable & warm. A nice feel good story, that deals with sensitive issues like sexuality, parenthood & adoption in a respectful ,as well as humorous way. Would definitely recommend.

    17. Enjoyed most of the characters in this book but I felt that it did go on a bit too long and it took me nearly a week to finish. On the positive side I did enjoy the way the story was told through invitations to the characters special life events

    18. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Really liked the characters although Kate was a bit too forgiving of Becca in many situations. Really easy enjoyable read

    19. Struggled to get through this, the story felt so disjointed. Would have rated 2 stars but I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

    20. Další knížka, která mě nalákala na anotacia pochopitelně byla kapku jiná, než jsem si představovala. Ale to neznamená, že byla špatná. Rozhodně se jí nedá upřít čtivost. Kolikrát jsem se od ní nemohla odtrhnout a nutně jsem potřebovala dočíst aspoň kapitolu, abych věděla, jak to dopadne. (spoiler - začátek)Sledujeme hlavní postavy od dětských let až do středního věku. A už od první kapitoly je zřejmé, že láska mezi dvěma hlavními hrdiny je naprosto [...]

    21. Deep Breath These Days Of Ours is a book like no other I have read. It's sharp, it's witty, tongue-in-cheek, raw, honest, loveable, devastating, optimistic, unpredictable, fascinating, compelling, enthralling and emotional. I could go on and on for days still, but I'm pretty sure you get the picture.Reading These Days Of Ours was very much akin to seeing a horrible car crash in front of you, and finding yourself unable to tear your eyes away from the debris. Kate and the rest of the motley crew [...]

    22. Slow burning emotional novel about Kate and Charles' true love that spans decades, tragedies, desires, fears and the constant distractions of everyday life. Kate and Charles go separate ways living and marrying other people but always remembering their love for each other that started when they were five and Charlie tells Kate that he loves her. They should always have been together but it was never meant to be.Presented through snippets of Kates' life (weddings, parties, birthdays and a book la [...]

    23. 2 stars seems soo harsh, but it just seemed to go on and not sure it was for me as put me in a mini slump. Full review to follow. Oh and full disclaimer. I put this down in September (2017) and then decided to pick it up on Feb (2018), to try and get my GoodReads pile down.

    24. Loved thisI loved this yoyo of a story, and I especially loved that Kate and Charlie finally got it together in the end

    25. Very enjoyable - read it whilst on holiday easy to pick up - light reading - kept me guessing until the end.

    26. Nooo. Slabší tři. Napsané to není špatně, ale jinak jako podle mustru S láskou Rosie. Co tihleti ostrovani mají na těch příbězích "míjejících se milenců"?! Mě to hrozně otravuje :D

    27. Meine MeinungKennt ihr dieses Gefühl, wenn ihr eine Geschichte so sehr miterlebt, dass ihr anfangt mit den Figuren zu sprechen? Das ist mir bei diesem Roman passiert. Ich kann mich nicht dran erinnern, wie oft ich das Bedürfnis hatte, besonders die beiden Protagonisten mal kräftig durchzuschütteln und gleichzeitig anzuschreien, damit sie endlich zueinander finden. Es gab zig Situationen, wo ich der felsenfesten Überzeugung war, jetzt würde es endlich passieren, doch dann kam erneut etwas d [...]

    28. I enjoyed this very much and really warmed to Kate. Becca infuriated me and I found her hard to like, but respected how Kate accepted her faults and loved her anyway. I really liked the invitations to life events throughout the story as they reinforced the passage of time. It's been likened to One Day but with 'the trials and tribulations of female friendship' and I'd agree with this, although it's got a much happier ending and a nicer male character. :o)

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