Grand Conspiracy

Grand Conspiracy Janny Wurts s justifiably skilful and lovingly composed Wars of Light and Shadow series joins the ranks of Robert Jordan s protracted Wheel of Time series et al as either depending on which camp you

  • Title: Grand Conspiracy
  • Author: Janny Wurts
  • ISBN: 9780007102228
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Janny Wurts s justifiably skilful and lovingly composed Wars of Light and Shadow series joins the ranks of Robert Jordan s protracted Wheel of Time series, et al as either depending on which camp you hail from the height of high fantasy or the deeply frustrating yet persistent problem with the genre All that said, Wurts has wooed many fans to her series with compellJanny Wurts s justifiably skilful and lovingly composed Wars of Light and Shadow series joins the ranks of Robert Jordan s protracted Wheel of Time series, et al as either depending on which camp you hail from the height of high fantasy or the deeply frustrating yet persistent problem with the genre All that said, Wurts has wooed many fans to her series with compelling characters, a tremendously complex and painstakingly developed web of plot lines, and distinctively lush and lyric storytelling Grand Conspiracy represents part two of part three of a five part epic to her credit, Wurts broke the series third story arc Alliance of Light into three parts only reluctantly The action in this instalment surrounds Arithon s Ffalenn, the fugitive Master of Shadow and the victim of the title s grand conspiracy Everyone s got it in for him these days, and even his beloved, Elaira, has been shanghaied by her Koriani cronies into playing a role in his betrayal she must transform an innocent, Fionn Areth, into Arithon s double to draw him out Grand Conspiracy delivers of the same, perhaps lacking a bit of the action of previous instalments check out Curse of the Mistwraith if you re new to the series Paul Hughes,

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    1. Janny Wurts

      Janny Wurts is the author of War of Light and Shadow series, and To Ride Hell s Chasm Her eighteen published titles include a trilogy in audio, a short story collection, as well as the internationally best selling Empire trilogy, co authored with Raymond E Feist, with works translated into fifteen languages worldwide Her latest title in the Wars of Light and Shadow series, Destiny s Conflict, culminates than thirty years of carefully evolved ideas The cover images on the books, both in the US and abroad, are her own paintings, depicting her vision of characters and setting.Through her combined talents as a writer illustrator, Janny has immersed herself in a lifelong ambition to create a seamless interface between words and pictures that will lead reader and viewer into the imagination Her lavish use of language invites the mind into a crafted realm of experience, with characters and events woven into a complex tapestry, and drawn with an intensity to inspire active fuel for thought Her research includes a range of direct experience, lending her fantasy a gritty realism, and her scenes involving magic crafted with intricate continuity A self taught painter, she draws directly from the imagination, creating scenes in a representational style that blurs the edges between dream and reality She makes few preliminary sketches, but envisions her characters and the scenes that contain them, then executes the final directly from the initial pencil drawing.The seed idea for the Wars of Light and Shadow series occurred, when, in the course of researching tactic and weapons, she viewed a documentary film on the Battle of Culloden Moor This was the first time she had encountered that historical context of that brutal event, with the embroidery of romance stripped from it The experience gave rise to an awakening, which became anger, that so often, our education, literature and entertainment slant history in a manner that equates winners and losers with moral right and wrong, and the prevalent attitude, that killing wars can be seen as justifiable solutions when only one side of the picture is presented.Her series takes the stance that there are two sides to every question, and follows two characters who are half brothers One a bard trained as a master of magecraft, and the other a born ruler with a charismatic passion for justice, have become cursed to lifelong enmity As one sibling raises a devoted mass following, the other tries desperately to stave off defeat through solitary discipline and cleverness The conflict sweeps across an imaginary world, dividing land and people through an intricate play of politics and the inborn prejudices of polarized factions already set at odds Readers are led on a journey that embraces both viewpoints The story explores the ironies of morality which often confound our own human condition that what appears right and just, by one side, becomes reprehensible when seen from the opposite angle What is apparently good for the many, too often causes devastating suffering to the nonconformist minority Through the interactions between the characters themselves, the reader is left to their own discretion to interpret the moral impact of events.Says Janny of her work, I chose to frame this story against a backdrop of fantasy because I could handle even the most sensitive issues with the gloves off explore the myriad angles of our troubled times with the least risk of offending anyone s personal sensibilities The result, I can hope, is an expanding journey of the spirit that explores the grand depths, and rises to the challenge of mapping the ethereal potential of an evolving planetary consciousness explore free thought and compassionate understanding Beyond writing, Janny s award winning paintings have been showcased in exhibitions of imaginative artwork, among them a commemorative exhibition for NASA s 25th Anniversary the Art of the Cosmos at Hayden Planet

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    1. 8/12/14 reread #? Have lost count of the number of retreads. I'm always caught up once again in the story. The ending of this one is remarkable. Poor pitiful Lirenda. Mistwraith is an incredibly compelling, action filled, gut wrenching, heart stopping adventure with one of the most incredible love stories I've read in a long time. In this one, the Koriani emerge as a truly evil force, as they manipulate spirit and matter to create a double for Arithon and continue to plot his capture or death. A [...]

    2. I did it! I finished!Phew, what an ending, that moment with Arithon and Elaira. Elaira really does remind me of a woman in a toxic relationship who needs to get out. I hope a way if found soon for her to do so.This doesn't really feel like the end of a book, just a moment of change. It highlights that fact that really, it is the 5-book arc that is a single story, rather than each individual book. I'm going straight on to Peril's Gate because the end of this book really isn't a place to stop.I so [...]

    3. I am completely captivated by the Wars of Light and Shadow series.And if I were not quite convinced, this second book of the Alliance of Light reaffirms once again all the elements that mark for me an encompassing adult fantasy experience: gorgeous writing, rounded, consistent characters, solid world-building, clashes and blood (oh yes), plots and counterplots, political intrigue, calculated endgames, pleasing unpredictability, witty dialogues, though-provoking themes and a cartload of entertain [...]

    4. Each novel peels back layer upon layer, revealing more of the motivations between several key players and philosophies, making it nigh impossible to summarize any plot points, including the myriad conspiracies plaguing Paravia, without spoiling what was, what is and what is yet to come. The last three chapters' pace proved unrelenting, even unto the final triplet. I'll be picking up the next novel (Peril's Gate) to continue this outstanding series.

    5. It gets harder and harder to review each subsequent novel in Janny Wurts’ excellent epic fantasy series THE WARS OF LIGHT AND SHADOW without either repeating yourself or including spoilers for earlier volumes. My previous reviews have highlighted the series’ complexity, level of detail, deep characterization, gorgeous prose, and inventive descriptions of magic. All of those positives can again be found in Grand Conspiracy, the fifth book in the overall series and second in the Alliance of Li [...]

    6. Again, Janny offers a complex set of competing story lines, beautiful prose, and high drama, some of which is clouded by reticent characters. Those opposing Arithon begin to withhold information that leads to shocking revelations. In the end there are winners and losers and it's the way Janny ties things up and ends Grand Conspiracy that makes it an excellent book.The makeup of Lysaer's religion begins to identify itself in frightening ways and you see how powerful people can abuse religion for [...]

    7. One thing I love about this series is that it's like 'ask and you shall receive'. Questions that nag me infallibly get answered-- usually within a few hundred pages of when they start to bug me. This book got much deeper into the Fellowship-- their limitations and the implications/consequences of their compact with the Paravians. The plot mostly focuses on the Fellowship and the Koriani, and other supporting characters. Lysaer is moderately prominant, but sadly, Arithon doesn't feature much unti [...]

    8. Finally! I've finished Peril's Gate. I want to like these books. I like the writing. I like the world and worldbuilding. But I can't stand the decisions the characters make and the emotional exposition that the author uses to beat my head in about what emotions I should be feeling.This book open with Fion Areth and Arithon having just escaped Jaelot. But we're not able to continue with the overall plot because Arithon just absolutely must make a stupid decision to indulge Fionn's need to fight h [...]

    9. This book was awesome. That is all. Okay, okayt all. Just like with her other books, Janny Wurts waxes eloquent, perhaps a bit more than necessary. It does, however, give you a very vivid picture, if you take the time to read everything and imagine it as right in front of you. The story was many-layered, complex, and well-done. The characters were likeable, even the villains, surprisingly enough. I got rather attached to a few of them. I felt sorry for Lirenda, especially. Also, the s'Brydion fa [...]

    10. Well-titled as one conspiracy after another is either set in motion, grows in complexity, or races to fulfillment. Fellow readers have called this book somewhat bleak, and there were many times I agreed. And yet, there are pinpricks of hope strewn throughout and I will cling to them as the series moves forward.Lysaer and Talith were a tragic couple in some ways, but Arithon and Elaira have to be the one of the most heart-breaking couples in fiction. True soulmates, truly selfless in their love, [...]

    11. I don't usually quit books and this is the second one I've quit this year. I tried to keep going because so many other people seemed to like it but the bottom line is this, I don't care about this book.Even after wading through the first one and making it several hundred pages into the second, I don't care about the story or the characters or any of it. To be fair, I think a huge part of the problem is the terrible, terrible font and text size used in the paperback version of this book. It is in [...]

    12. The Mistwraith's curse continues to twist Paravia, in more ways than just one one half brother. Plots by Koriani witches to bring down the brotherhood, the Alliance of Light's growing strength to destroy the Master of Shadow and all who might support him, persecution and murder of any and all magic users who aren't allied, and even a plan to destroy the wards holding the planet safe.Janny Wurts continues to amaze with her depth of character and language. Music, used as magic, and in language. Su [...]

    13. I was extremely disappointed. To me, it was the same feeling as when there was those two entire years of filler episodes before Naruto Shippuuden started. The main characters are very scarce in this volume and I found it utterly difficult to care about the subplot between the Koriani and the Fellowship. I didn't really find that keeping the protagonists away from this book was really helping deepening the other characters.I started the third volume a couple of days ago and it looks much more pro [...]

    14. An improvement over the previous book in the series, Grand Conspiracy ramps up the action while allowing some of the character to show actual growth. The half-brothers take more minor roles in this story with much of the action focusing on newer and peripheral characters, some of whom have only been hinted at previously. The end is surprisingly abrupt, but as the second book in a five book arc, it is leading up to the (presumably) crucial middle act of the next volume.

    15. I am trying to go slow readying this and make it lastbut it's difficult as I want to just devour it as I have the others in the series. But there are currently only 3 to read after this and I am going to go stir crazy wanting to know what happens next once I have read them all!Ok - Loved it. On to the next!

    16. An awesome, fast-paced book in my favourite fantasy series. Loved it.This is the last book in the Wars of Light and Shadow series I have read. I read these in Hungarian translation, and Book 6 hasn't been translated yet I wonder if I should keep waiting for it, or try to get the next books in English.

    17. This book, as with the others in the series, is very good. But, it does take a lot of energy - to follow the sentence structure and to deal with the fact thatt good things happen to good people. I'm glad I've finished, and I'm going to keep reading the series, but I do think I need a little break before picking up the next book.

    18. Grand Conspiracy is the 5th book in 'The War of Light and Shadows' series by Janny Wurts. The story continues of two brothers locked in a life and death struggle under the influence of a mistwraith's curse. Janny is a powerful and emotive writer captivating the reader with her story of intrigue, mystery and deep human love. I find her writing uplifting.

    19. Janny Wurts' seried Wars of Light & Shadow is the best fantasy series I have ever read! I have no words to cover how much I like this series, it is one that I can read over and over again. If you haven't read it, READ IT!! The way it is written is beautiful. The story is amazing. RECOMMENDED!!!

    20. Tough to describe without spoilers This book is faster-paced than the previous book in the series and some things are starting to fall into place that have been slowly unfolding for the previous several volumes - but I have no doubt that there are plenty of surprises left in store =)

    21. Great book. The only sad thing about doing a reread of this book is that I know what happens in the next two and I can't wait for those books to start. So much happens in this story arc it is hard to be patient and fully read this book.

    22. Another excellent book in a very long series. Janny Wurts' use of language is exquisite and her characters are wonderful. Whether you like them or loathe them, you don't forget them!

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