John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat

John Brown Rose and the Midnight Cat Rose s dog feels he can look after her without any help from a cat but Rose has different ideas

  • Title: John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat
  • Author: Jenny Wagner Ron Brooks
  • ISBN: 9780140503067
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rose s dog feels he can look after her without any help from a cat, but Rose has different ideas.

    John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat by Jenny Wagner The opening line of this story is Rose s husband died a long time ago Now she lived with her dog His name was John Brown John Brown is a very sweet sheepdog who is perfectly content with his and Rose s life together and Rose feels the same way. John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat YouTube John Brown s Baby children s game LYRICS WORDS BEST TOP POPULAR SING ALONG SONGS not Pete Seeger Duration SZABO MUSIC , views John Brown, Rose And the Midnight Cat Picture Puffin This is a wonderful picture book, tender and touching and with so much in it for children to think about and discuss Rose and her old English sheepdog John Brown live together very contentedly, until the Midnight Cat appears at the window. DadReads John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat by Jenny Little did I know that the old widow, Rose, was tired of life Little did I know that the Midnight Cat represents death, and that it was highly symbolic that John Brown the protective dog refused to allow the cat inside. John Brown Rose and the Midnight Cat by Wagner Jenny John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat by Jenny Wagner and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks. John Brown, Rose Midnight Cat NHPBS JOHN BROWN, ROSE AND THE MIDNIGHT CAT by Jenny Wagner, ill by Ron Brooks Themes Friendship, Pets, Sibling Rivalry Grade Level Pre K Running Time minutes, iconographic Rose Petal JBW About John Brown Wheels John Brown Wheels is a friendly Warwickshire based company specialising in brands of alloy wheels accessories, we also carry a varied selection of tyres. Bobbi Brown John Lewis Partners Shop for Bobbi Brown at John Lewis Partners Free Delivery on orders over . Joe Browns Womens Mens Clothing Summer Collection Shop Our Summer range of clothes for women and men Discover Joe Browns unique, fashionable womenswear, menswear and shoes with personality New collection in store and online. John Lewis Partners Homeware, Fashion, Electricals More Shop new season trends in homeware, furniture and fashion at John Lewis Partners Discover the latest beauty products and browse must have electricals, including iPads and TVs Find gifts and much at johnlewis

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    1. Jenny Wagner Ron Brooks

      In 1974, Jenny Wagner s book The Bunyip of Berkeley s Creek won The Children s Book Council of Australia s Picture Book of the Year Award as well as a Special Award in Book of the Year for that year.Her book, Aranea a story about a spider was commended in the 1976 Picture Book of the Year awards John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat was winner in 1978 of the Picture Book of the Year award.Jenny Wagner continues to write picture books and shorter fiction that are much loved by children.

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    1. Note: I didn't read this; I saw it on "Sammy's Story Shop." This story is appalling! Rose, an old woman, and John Brown, her dog, live together happily, until one day the Midnight Cat begins lurking around the house. Rose likes the cat and makes overtures towards it, but John Brown feels threatened and is afraid that (a) Rose might not have enough love for both him and the cat, and (b) the balance of their happy relationship will be changed if the cat moves in, and maybe not for the better. Unde [...]

    2. I got my very own library card! I borrowed this book because mummy recognised the cover. She’s not sure if it’s from when she was a librarian or from when she was a bubba like me. It is first published in 1977, so possibly is both. It got a bit sad when Rose fell ill :-( John Brown is a good doggie, I love him.

    3. I have actually seen this book on a video which was apart of “Weston Woods” and I enjoyed it then and I enjoy it now! “John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat” is a children’s book by Jenny Wagner along with illustrations by Ron Brooks and it is about how an old woman named Rose wanted to have the midnight cat over for company, but her dog, John Brown, will not allow it. “John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat” is a great tale of true friendship that children everyone will enjoy for m [...]

    4. youtubeSubject to interpretation depending on your pov, and your interpretation will color your appreciation. For example, I couldn't disagree more with the reviewer who says this a horrible book because Rose, the 'adult,' is being manipulative, pretending to be sick when all she really wants is for John Brown to let the cat into their family. Otoh, since she and the dog can use words to talk to each other, they should do so, and Rose should encourage the loyal JB to open his heart. And besides, [...]

    5. The opening line of this story is 'Rose's husband died a long time ago. Now she lived with her dog. His name was John Brown.' John Brown is a very sweet sheepdog who is perfectly content with his and Rose's life together and Rose feels the same way. That is until one night Rose spots the midnight cat pottering around in the garden.I wonder what the midnight cat represents? I think sharing this book with upper KS2 pupils would give rise to some very interesting theories. This book could be seen a [...]

    6. When this was read to me a child, I was enchanted by the subtle cross-hatch illustrations and the mysterious cat outside the window. Rereading it as an adult, I found myself feeling cynical about the characters. The dog was possessive, the old woman was manipulative and the cat was just plain sinister. Innocence lost.

    7. I wish the dog were a normal, non-talking dog. I wish the dog learned to like the cat in a normal, animal way. The sort-of-equal relationship between the old lady and the dog made the story weird. If they are equals, why does she not respect the dog's preference to not let the cat in? If they're not equals, why does she have to trick the dog into accepting the cat? The way Rose pretended to be ill to guilt John Brown into doing what she wanted bothered me. I'm sure it was supposed to be funny or [...]

    8. I loved this book when I was little, but had I known what it was really about I’d have been seriously freaked out. To five-year-old me, it was a nice story about a gorgeous Old English Sheepdog, a sleek black cat, and an old lady who reminded me of my grandmother. A couple of outdoor scenes in the dark of night were a bit spooky, but everything was all right because the story had a happy ending.Or so I thought.Little did I know that the old widow, Rose, was tired of life. Little did I know tha [...]

    9. This is a classic Australian picture book, that every school library has tattered copies of. It has been around since the 70s and is still very much in print. It definitely has the feel of an older style of picture book, as the illustrations - pen cross-hatchings and water colour - as well as the story itself have a more mature feel, not at all feel-good or cartoony.This is the story of Rose, a widow, who lives with her dog, John Brown. They have a quiet but lovely life together, one of routine [...]

    10. I love the name of the dog and the relationship he has to Rose. But, I must admit, I didn't like the ending. I felt it was deceptive for Rose to go to bed and claim she was sick. I would have preferred that she explain to the dog more about how she felt - and acknowledge how he felt. It seems she didn't really see his point of view very well. I think I would have felt better if she had said that she was very sad about the cat, rather than sick. I guess that word choice slightly spoiled the book [...]

    11. A big fan of this book! A perfect representation of jealousy. And the fact that is older than I am & yet still in print is testament to its appeal. I'm not sure that it would be an entirely accurate portrayal to describe Rose as 'manipulative' as has been suggested by several reviewers. My interpretation of her statement that she was 'sick' perhaps relates to feeling heartsick about blocking others (in this case, the Midnight Cat) from entering their lives. But as with all great stories, I g [...]

    12. When first read, it was a really plain book that was about a a possessive dog, the old lady he lives with and a cat that seems to want to join the family. Eventually the cat does, but the book ends with the cat that 'purred'. And that was it. However, talking through it with some colleagues I realized just how sad the story was. Kids may not have picked up that the black cat symbolized death, and that the old woman was always trying to welcome it but the dog tried to push away the inevitable.

    13. It was a sweet tale about a dog, and old lady and a cat. Not brilliant, but kind of soothing. Hope the cat takes care of the mice I saw in one picture.

    14. A brilliant book which tells the story of a woman who loses her husband and is left with no companion except her trusted dog John Brown. The author depicts the story with a sad theme as the women has no one left to care for her except her dog who she grows extremely attached to as he accompanies her everywhere she goes. However, there is a sudden guest appearance in the book who is quite mysterious and is not favoured by John Brown as he doesn’t like the way she is entering into his and her ow [...]

    15. This was the 1977 Children's Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year.Rose is an elderly widow, supported by John Brown her talking Old English Sheepdog. Rose sees a regular visit, the Midnight Cat, outside each night, and John Brown feels the cat is going to destroy his special relationship with Rose.I'm not a fan.The story is excessively sentimental - although I did like the jealousy of John Brown.I didn't like the cross-hatched illustrations by Ron BrooksThe ending stretches the sus [...]

    16. Have to agree with Jack and the X-man - not a fan - though I did like the illustrations and seeing Jealousy in a picture book.But - can I smooze in bed until I get what I want? I absolutely believe that complex emotions (like jealousy) are very very difficult to convey through pictures books. "When I'm Feeling Jealous" by Tracey Maroney does a better effort - and my 5 yo at the time at last had a word for what he was feeling when he came 2nd and didn't get the much coveted 1st place medal!)Sorry [...]

    17. This is an interesting picture book. The story explores the relationship between a widow and her dog, John Brown. The two have a very comfortable life together. But when Rose sees a Midnight Cat moving through the yard outside, John Brown doesn't like this one bit. He tells the cat to go away, he isn't needed. When Rose puts out milk in a dish, John Brown dumps it out. When Rose becomes ill, John Brown finally agrees to accept the cat into the family to make her happy. The illustrations are love [...]

    18. I have a faint memory of reading this as a child but all I remembered was that it made me feel a little sad. Read it again the other night with my partner as we were putting his nephew to bed and we both looked at each other and said, is this is a poly story? It could also be interpreted as an allegory for kids of single parents dealing with their parent's new partner, but whether you read the story as standing in for something else or literally, it's a sweet and poignant tale of change in a rel [...]

    19. Rose is an old widow who lives with her dog, John Brown. They were happy together. Then a cat would appear outside the house. Every night John Brown shooed the cat away but the next night the cat would return.But that night, when Rose was safe in bed,John Brown went outside.He drew a line around the houseand told the midnight cat to stay away.“We don’t need you, cat,” he said.“We are all right, Rose and I.”

    20. How can I not give this book five stars? My four daughters were all in its thrall as youngsters and often requested it as their bedtime story. It was a great little tale that reassured them that love multiplies exponentially when there are more people to share it. Maybe this book can take some of the credit for the fact that they are all close as adults.

    21. The surprise arrived today. Thank you! My son loves cats and books about cats. The story a bittersweet one about lost loves and new loves. John Brown the dog has always been there for Rose and now with the arrival of the Midnight Cat he worries that he will be replaced and no longer needed (no longer loved). Fortunately there's a happy ending for everyone.

    22. My son read this to me as part of his goal of 100 books in a month, and you know what - I loved it. Such a gorgeous tale, well paced, and the illustrations are wonderful too.We both enjoyed it - he's seven, and we both agree that having cats and dogs in your life bring you so much more pleasure, then an empty house!

    23. This was my favourite childhood picture story book. After finding it the other day whilst cleaning out my bookshelf, I read it once more, and it's message and illustration is so lovely. Not to mention it evokes so many memories of mum reading it to me when I was ickle.

    24. Quiet story about loyalty and companionship. A widow her dog and then a cat. The meticulous cross-hatched illustrations are endearing. The detail adds to the story. A story of love and longing and a classic.

    25. A masterpiece.One of my top 5 Australian children's picture books. Read about it (and the other four) at:Wild Colonial Girl blog:wildcolonialgirl.wordpress

    26. Another favourite children's book. There is as much, if not more to the story illustrated through the pictures as there is through the text.

    27. I have used this book many times with pupils. It especially deals with jealousy and love in a way that children can appreciate.

    28. Found this little gem while weeding. I'm not usually a fan of sweet, sentimental stories, but I really like this one (probably because of the dog, John Brown). Loved the illustrations.

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