Twenty-six Princesses: An Alphabet Story

Twenty six Princesses An Alphabet Story His Highness the Prince may be a frog but that s not going to stop these lively girls from attending his ball Starting with Princess Alice the twentysix princesses each with personality to spare hea

  • Title: Twenty-six Princesses: An Alphabet Story
  • Author: Dave Horowitz
  • ISBN: 9780399246074
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • His Highness the Prince may be a frog, but that s not going to stop these lively girls from attending his ball Starting with Princess Alice, the twentysix princesses each with personality to spare head to the palace, eager to make his acquaintance But with Princess Jane being a pain, Princess Kay losing her way, and Princess Betty still getting ready, they ll be lucky ifHis Highness the Prince may be a frog, but that s not going to stop these lively girls from attending his ball Starting with Princess Alice, the twentysix princesses each with personality to spare head to the palace, eager to make his acquaintance But with Princess Jane being a pain, Princess Kay losing her way, and Princess Betty still getting ready, they ll be lucky if they manage to steal any kisses from this prince Dave Horowitz creates a party kids won t want to miss, a wildly fun way to practice the alphabet and a frog s eye view of the courtly life.

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      My name is dave horowitz I grew up in Smithtown, New York in the 1970s Instead of paying attention in school I drew pictures of my teachers Then I went to a famous art college in Rhode Island and studied coloring.In 1992 I graduated and went to Oregon to play drums and drink coffee Then I moved to New York City and worked next door to the Twin Towers Then I learned how to climb rocks and got fired.Then I climbed rocks.I moved up to the Hudson Valley and then to California and then to New Hampshire and then back to the Hudson Valley Then I got a job as a professional rock climber Then I got too old for that.I still live in the Hudson Valley where I write and illustrate picture books So far so good

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    1. I was not expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. The illustrations had me giggling (especially when I got to Princess Nell). I happen to know that kids will get a kick out of this alphabet book, because I did quite literally laugh out loud more than once as I read about these crazy princesses.

    2. An alphabet concept book totally directed to the girl setis book offers up a princess for each letter of the alphabet. Great to see feminine roles blown out of the water with some non-traditional princesses. My girls loved it.

    3. Too much fun. Each letter introduces another princess. Don't miss our good friend, Princess Nell. . .(wink).

    4. Some of the rhymes work better than others, but overall a fun way to go through the alphabet.There are some clever, quirky, and not-so-princessy princesses in here.

    5. Twenty-six PrincessesBy Dave HorowitzPenguin GroupISBN-13: 9780399246074The book is a fun quirky way for children to learn the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet is the first name of a princess. Each Princess has a quirk or flaw that makes the book entertaining to young children. It's a silly way to learn the alphabet.Three out of the twenty-six princess are African American princesses. Twenty-three of the princesses are white. Very few princesses in the book come from a minority background. [...]

    6. Genre: Concept bookReview: Children's Literature - Ken Marantz and Sylvia MarantzTwenty-six princesses go to meet the frog prince in his palace; thus, Horowitz can show a different princess and pithy rhyme for each letter of the alphabet. From "Princess Alice, First to the palace," through "Princess Flo, Waiting to go" and "Princess Grace, Making a face" all the way to "Princess Zaire. Finally there," each has a distinct personality and story. Then, "Put them all together and what do you get? A [...]

    7. You have to love princesses with their unique characteristics and style and this book takes them to a whole new level. The illustrations will make you smile as not all these princesses are fancy and prestigious as princesses are usually portrayed but some of them are shown in their every day natures. Introducing “Princess Elle. Starting to yell.” and “Princess Grace. Making a face.", and we can’t leave out the princess who forgot her umbrella or the princess who ate too much candy. Yes, [...]

    8. We were left unimpressed by Dave Horowitz's Twenty-six Princesses: An Alphabet Story. The book names a different princesses whose name begins with each letter of the alphabet and then has short sentence describing that princess which kinda sorta maybe rhymes. Example:Princess Isabella. Has no umbrella.Princess Olga. Dancing the polka. We guess they kinda sorta maybe rhyme. Maybe. We suppose. The sentences are short and choppy, making it an awkward read-aloud. The pictures aren't great either. Th [...]

    9. I saw this book on display at our local library and thought it would be a fun book. But I hesitated as it was obviously an alphabet book and I figured our girls would consider it too baby-ish for them. Much to my surprise, our oldest picked it up on her own at the library and read it right there on the floor. Then she insisted on checking it out and reading it aloud to us in the car. I thought the rhyming narrative was entertaining and as I perused the illustrations today, I thought it was a ver [...]

    10. Genre: ABC BooksThis alphabet book features rhyming text and 26 silly princesses on their way to the castle. Kids can relate to the fairy-tale theme of the story and giggle on this alphabet adventure. Themes: Alphabet, fairy tales, rhyming textWays to Use: This book is a fun read-aloud. Kids can give a "thumbs-up" when they hear rhyming words. During their independent re-reads, students can find the letters on the princess written in many different fonts.

    11. This is not a "pretty pretty princess" book. The princesses here range from the feisty to the camera shy ("Princess Lori, not in this story") to our household favorite: "Princess Nell--what's the smell?" with Nell looking innocent as there's an audible "toot"! Action filled pictures--watch for the frog prince on many of the pages add to the fun. A winner with my princess loving 8 year old and with all the other little princess loving girls--and a nice antidote to all the Disney slop!

    12. This book is really cute. My daughter loves it and I have a great time reading it to her. The lines are short and simple, easy for her to remember and follow along with. The illustratons are wonderful and easy to relate to. I would definitely recommend reading it to your own little princess at home.

    13. For each letter of the alphabet there is a princess named by the first letter! It's a very creative idea to introduce the alphabet to children! With each princess with a different name has a sentence that rhymes with their name! It could be considered poetry! This book could be used in many different ways in the classroom!

    14. This is a funny, princess-y, alphabet book. Little princesses will enjoy it, and parents will appreciate the subtle rhymes. I gave it three stars, because I don't think its that great of an alphabet book. The letters themselves are often small, an unusual font, or hard to find. So, read this one for the rhymes and pictures, not to learn your letters.

    15. My five-year-old son picked this book out from the library today. He still loves his alphabet books. I loved this book because these were not dainty, fragile, oh-rescue-me princesses. These princesses could hold their own and then some. The idea of this book was great, and most of the rhyming couplets worked really well.

    16. My 6 yr old daughter loved this book! On each page in alphabetical order was the name and introduction of a new princess with its own individual little rhyme. It was a quick and easy read with cute little sayings that rhymed. We both really enjoyed this book.

    17. Every one of them was a pain? Well, if that isn't something to look forward to. the frog rejects all 26 of them. Get prepared for rejection early.Rhymes were fun. Wish one woman in 26 could have been.

    18. Soooo cute! Must find a way to add it to this summer's storytimes. It's not an instructive alphabet book, but a book of rhyme and terrific illustrations featuring the 26 titular princesses and as many beleaguered frogs. A must-share!

    19. Really like that the princesses are diverse and not all dainty. Some of the rhymes are a little unnatural. Zaire for instance had to be pronounced differently than I would at first in order for the rhyme to work. But it's pretty amazing to come up with 26 different names that also allow a rhyme!

    20. I thought this book was really cute for girls that were working on the alphabet of rhyming words but no so much for boys. Having a name for each letter then a word that rhymes with that name is a really good idea.

    21. The Frog Prince is hosting a party and twenty-six princesses (one for each letter of the alphabet) show up. A good-humored rhyming picture book that will be especially appreciated by fractured fairytale fans.

    22. Not only does this book teach the basic concepts of the alphabet, it also dispels the myth that a 'princess' must be prim and proper. The diversity among the girls in the book is awesome - both culturally, ability-wise, and interest-wise.

    23. Mommy says: A quick read. Horowitz bombs through the letters of the alphabet with princesses in a quirky and funny way. We enjoyed reading it and laughing at the pictures. A small tidbit of bathroom humor lurks within the pages. If you are prissy, forgo this book.

    24. Princess Dot. A lady she's not. Princess Elle. Starting to yell. Princess Lori. Not in this story. Princess Mandy. Ate too much candy The pictures add twists to the text and the whole thing is very fun. All together they make "A royal pain in the alphabet!"

    25. 5 stars for humor.This is a very cute way to engage little girls in learning the alphabet. The pictures are adorable.

    26. An alphabet book with each letter represented by a princess. It's okay, nothing new or inventive.Illustrations are okay.

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