Adolf: A Tale of the Twentieth Century

Adolf A Tale of the Twentieth Century This drama began on the eve of World War II with three men named Adolf The fate of Adolf Hitler the dictator of the evil Third Reich we know but Tezuka s series continued after the war following t

  • Title: Adolf: A Tale of the Twentieth Century
  • Author: Osamu Tezuka
  • ISBN: 9781569310588
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • This drama began on the eve of World War II with three men named Adolf The fate of Adolf Hitler, the dictator of the evil Third Reich, we know, but Tezuka s series continued after the war, following the other two Adolfs one the son of a baker, a German Jew the other the son of a gentile German diplomat.

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      From Dr Osamu Tezuka was a Japanese manga artist, animator, producer and medical doctor, although he never practiced medicine Born in Osaka Prefecture, he is best known as the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion He is often credited as the Father of Anime , and is often considered the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney, who served as a major inspiration during his formative years His prolific output, pioneering techniques, and innovative redefinitions of genres earned him such titles as the father of manga and the God of Manga.

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    1. Who said Graphic Novels can't be entertaining AND educating? In Osamu Tezuka's "Adolf" Series, you get deep insights into the Japan's History in WWII, the Axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo, the rise of the NSDAP and tidbits about Hitlers biography. History will never get more gripping.On the other hand, you have three protagonists named Adolf: a little German boy, and a little Jewish boy - both living in Japan and witnessing the start of the war. The lives of these two fictional characters are wonderfully [...]

    2. One of the most accomplished works of Osamu Tezuka is the series “Adolf,” a historical drama that imagines epic events behind the horrors of WWII.The story opens in Germany during the 1936 Olympics games with two boys named Adolf. One, Kamil, is a Jewish son of a baker. The other, Kaufmann, a half Japanese son of a Nazi diplomat. The boys become best friends just as anti-Semitism is sweeping over the world. Deadly circumstances are about to get in the way of friendship.Meanwhile a Japanese r [...]

    3. An acclaimed novel by one of the founders of Manga. Understanding that this was a more adult themed book than Astro Boy, I approached this book with an open mind and some interest in how Germany and the axis alliance of WWII was viewed by Japanese. My disappointment with this book will keep me from reading any further in the series.The slow development of the plot through this volume is only the smallest of the many problems I had with how Tezuka approached this story. Like other Japanese fictio [...]

    4. Une épopée poignante que cette double histoire entre le Japon et l'Allemagne de la fin des années 30. D'un côté, le journaliste Sohei qui enquête sur la mort mystérieuse de son frère Isao à Berlin juste après les jeux olympiques de Berlin en 1936. De l'autre la vie de 2 Adolf de 7 ans, l'un juif fils de boulanger, l'autre allemand fils de dignitaire nazi vivant tous deux au Japon. Inséparables compagnons qui sont obligés de se tenir à distance du fait de leur origine. Entre ces deux [...]

    5. "Nemu" di obralan Gramedia (baru tahu kalo seri ini terbit di Indonesia). Kisah-nya dibuka oleh seorang wartawan Jepang bernama Touge yg mencari jenazah adiknya yg hilang. Sang adik disinyalir adalah anggota komunis dan saat itu Nazi sedang santer-santernya mendapat perlawanan dari golongan ini. Mayat sang adik dilenyapkan begitu saja.Lalu setting berpindah ke Kobe tahun 1936 dan tokohnya berubah menjadi duo Adolf, yg satu anak dubes Jerman, Adolf Kauffman, yg satunya lagi anak pembuat roti Yahu [...]

    6. Well-plotted and exciting, the first installment of this manga series sets up the story well. There is quite a lot of historical detail, and aspects of Japanese society, such as the left-wing resistance to the war, make this book different to many others of its type.

    7. This was soooooo booooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg.I was not surprised that in 1936 they only mention German, American and Japanese athletes, nor that we out of nowhere get some flashback to a dead geisha in Japan for no reason. However, they try to pull it off that the brother of the guy was murdered and yet his wrecked room is quickly refurbished in a few hours and a family lives there suddenly? And his brother was shallowly burried under a tree, the people living nearby (or maybe ev [...]

    8. Spoilers ahead. Osamu Tezuka is the best manga writer/artist out there it seems. I somewhat expected that setting would dominate this piece, as it is a historical manga and that was somewhat true of Tezuka's other historical manga, but actually this is a really heavily character driven comic. I very quickly became invested in the characters, and felt strong emotional reactions whenever a character was facing conflict. And the conflicts here are pretty dang real considering 2 of the main characte [...]

    9. Tidak dapat dipungkiri bahwa Adolf Hitler merupakan seorang sosok yang mengerikan bagaikan sosok iblis sendiri di muka bumi. Peran singkatnya dalam sejarah manusia begitu katastropik. Hitler adalah seorang penjahat perang terbesar sepanjang sejarah yang menyebabkan kematian bagi sekitar 35 juta orang. Seorang megalomaniak dan rasis fanatik. Lahir di Austria tahun 1889, Hitler tidak dapat sepenuhnya disebut orang Jerman asli. Beberapa leluhur Hitler mungkin petani Ceko. Sungguh aneh rasanya memba [...]

    10. I first picked this up on the cheap at an anime convention in D.C. back around '96 - '97. At first I was a bit disappointed as the art had that very early Disney-esque manga feel and at the time I was more into the modern manga feel. However, once I got a few chapters in I was hooked. Honestly, this is some really great historical fiction. The main character is Toge. A Japanese reporter who gets caught up in a web of intrigue after his brother is murdered in Germany at the time Adolf Hitler has [...]

    11. I had quite high expectations for this graphic novel. I thought it would be a Japanese take on Hitler Germany.I thought it was a bit of a let-down however. I liked the art and the way the story was told, but the story itself was a bit transparent in the way all the Japanese characters seemed to see right through the Nazis and all the German characters supported them.A lot of the plot served to show how terrible the Nazis were, and that all people supporting them are terrible people who do terrib [...]

    12. This is the story of three Adolphs on the brink of World War II - Hilter, and two little boys who share his name who live in Japan. One is the son of a German diplomat and his Japanese wife, the other is the son of a German/Jewish baker. The two boys named Adolph are friends, and have been since they were small. With the rising tide of hatred against the Jews in Germany, the adults in their lives try to tear apart their friendship. Interwoven with this is a secret that was carried in a bust of W [...]

    13. I live in Germany and I have read a lot of literature about German history (including, of course the Nazi era), but I keep distance enough for not being a German myself. But in any case, when I began reading "Adolf" I had the strange sensation that the author was not accurate enough and that he wasn't taking it seriously the history he was telling. But once you realise that this is way to cope with the terrible history he is telling, you are awarewhy this graphic novel is amongst the most acclai [...]

    14. Got this from Penerbit KPG, and I'm pretty psyched to read it since I'm into World War history, the Holocaust etc.This one's about 3 people named Adolf whose stories are interrelated. There's also a murder mystery or two, a Japanese reporter whose life becomes messed up due to this correlation of events during the first introduction. It's pretty fast paced, with a lot of mysteries surrounding the events and I'm quite interested in what's happening to the characters.I'm not that fond of the drawi [...]

    15. PfffAtmosfera pe care o creeaza Osamu Tezuka este de-a dreptul apasatoare. Desi sunt unele probleme din punct de vedere al adevarului istoric, eu trec peste aceste inadvertente de dragul povestii imaginate de Tezuka.Din punct de vedere grafic primul roman din seria Adolf este superb. Discursul lui Hitler de la adunarea de la Nurnberg are cateva panouri care par sa fie efectiv in viata.Am sa revin cu o recenzie mai pe larg, mai dezvoltata dupa ce termin toata seria.Pana acum, impresia este poziti [...]

    16. Wow! Osamu Tezuka!Cara menggambarnya mengasyikkan! Mengingat ini karya tahun 1983, tentu saja saat style beliau sudah well established.Mungkin tema yang cukup berat untuk anak-anak meskipun dalam format komik.=========Update 30-09-2011Namanya juga komik, penggambarannya sesuai imajinasi penulis / penggambarnya dong. Kira-kira seperti itu catatan di bagian belakangnya, semacam pernyataan minta maaf dan saran agar para pembaca menerima karya ini sebagai karya yang sekarang mungkin tidak sesuai sec [...]

    17. La historia como siempre te envuelve de manera muy original, con el trasfondo de las olimpiadas en Berlin, capital de la Alemania Nazi, se maneja un thriller interesante en su primera parte, esto para introducir a el personaje del narrador. En la segunda pasamos a la historia de los dos Adolf en Japon, un hijo de un diplomático Aleman, miembro del partido Nazi, y un judío alemán, que vive en la misma ciudad. Ambos niños, en su candor descubren un secreto importante para la continuidad del r [...]

    18. Japanin merkittävimmän sarjakuvataiteilijan Osamu Tezukan "Adolf" on viisiosainen tarina kolmesta samannimisestä miehestä toisen maailmansodan kynnyksellä ja sen aikana. Adolf Hitlerin taustaan liittyvä salaisuus nivoutuu osaksi suurta ja moniulotteista tarinavyyhtiä, jossa oma osansa on niin Berliinissä asuvan veljensä kylmäveristä murhaa tutkivalla lehtimiehellä Sohei Togella, Japaniin sijoitetun natsidiplomaatin pojalla Adolf Kaufmannilla ja tämän parhaalla ystävällä, juutala [...]

    19. Awesome!!!It has been theorized that Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood in him, but no one went and built a whole story around the issue, then comes Osamu Tezuka weaving a whole story around the theory in an intrinsic plot covering Germany's and Japan's roles in WWII.I really enjoyed reading this series, but it was not fair in the end as it touches lightly on the Israel/ Arab conflict portraying Arabs who are fighting to free their occupied land like Nazis who were exterminating an entire raceMiM

    20. mind-blowingly amazing. how come there's no bbc-like tv miniseries based on this manga? i was stunned by the way tezuka's round, disney-like, even childish drawing style fits so well with the story, counterweighing the crude madness and violence of it all. adolf has some of the best panels i've seen in any comic, ever. the layouts, the pacing unsurprisingly, everything in adolf shouts 'masterwork'.

    21. This is definitely no comic book for kids. Multiple pages showing sexual intercourse and violence against women and children. Or probably I'm just exaggerating my statement too much. Anyway, what would happen to Adolf the half-German half-Japan boy and Adolf the Jew boy? I also posted a page I photoed from this comic to my Facebook and Twitter account, most notably the gruesome, tragic death of Kinuko, the popular geisha, in the hands of Herr Kaufmann.

    22. Even among Tezuka's varied masterpieces works this title really stands out as one of his master works. The film influence and slightly more realistic style within the art combined with Tezuka's more disney like style really work well in this work. What really stands out about this work, however is how difficult and powerful the story is both in subject matter and style. For the serious manga reader this is a most read.

    23. I'm still liking everything I read by Tezuka. I'm not sure why this one is in our T collection when his others are in adult. Although the content is not too dark for teens, it still reads like it is intended for an adult audience. I'm enjoying the very different perspective on WWII. The action focuses between Japan and Germany, among those affected by pre-war posturing. The individual story lines are all compelling, and I'm interested to see how they'll mesh.

    24. WOW!The first volume in this work is gripping. It is in some ways a WWII drama, a mystery with a real noir feel to it in the first chapter with Inso's brother and Ageisha found mystersly as reporter turned director. This is a fascinating take of this era as it examines the relationship between Germans and the Japanese. Although we know them to be allies they seem strange bedfellows. If you are not careful you might learn something.

    25. Too much pseudo-reality too soon Tezuka! I had high hopes for this for no reason in particular. On a Ode to Hirohito high I suppose. The suspense in this was pretty good (though argh, first book in a series boo), the art was so-so, the historical context was tenuous. Seemed to teeter on the verge of Japanese apologetics for role in Axis during WWII? Just barely. Oh well. Not on the hunt for later ones. Am on the hunt for Buddha Book 2.

    26. A bit more heavy-handed and political than most of Tezuka's translated works so far, and almost entirely lacking in humor, perhaps appropriately for its subject matter. This is a view of the war from the Japanese side, something you probably wouldn't see in school.

    27. Dinamičnim crtežom ispričana priča trojice Adolfa u osvit II svijetskog rata. Priča se odvija u Njemačkoj i Japanu i kroz priču o ubojstvu i tajnim dokumentima oslikava atmosferu paranoje i masovne histerije pod militarističkom diktaturom gdje domovina predstavlja alibi za sve vrste zločina.

    28. Quand le manga rencontre l'histoire de la deuxième guerre mondiale où la fiction fait encore plus ressortir la terrible réalité de cette guerre. Un premier tome dans le style polar qui laisse planer le mystère.

    29. For the most part it was good. My introduction to manga read it in a few hours. Liked the story except it contained several scenes of violence against the female character which I did not appreciate.

    30. It's fascinating to hear about Nazi Germany from a Japanese perspective, but the story takes too long to get going. I don't know what happens in the rest of the series, but it isn't especially satisfying as a stand-alone book.

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