The Memory Game

The Memory Game The Memory Game is a haunting psychological thriller from the Top Ten bestselling author Nicci FrenchYou remember an idyllic childhood But your memory is deceitful And possibly deadlyWhen a skeleton

  • Title: The Memory Game
  • Author: Nicci French
  • ISBN: 9780140271294
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Memory Game is a haunting psychological thriller from the Top Ten bestselling author, Nicci FrenchYou remember an idyllic childhood But your memory is deceitful And possibly deadlyWhen a skeleton is unearthed in the Martellos garden, Jane Martello is shocked to learn it s that of her childhood friend, Natalie, who went missing twenty five years ago Encouraged byThe Memory Game is a haunting psychological thriller from the Top Ten bestselling author, Nicci FrenchYou remember an idyllic childhood But your memory is deceitful And possibly deadlyWhen a skeleton is unearthed in the Martellos garden, Jane Martello is shocked to learn it s that of her childhood friend, Natalie, who went missing twenty five years ago Encouraged by a therapist to recover lost memories, Jane hopes to find out what really took place when she was a child and what happened to Natalie.But in learning the truth about hers and Natalie s past, is Jane putting her own future at terrible risk

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    1. Nicci French

      Note Nicci Gerrard and Sean French also write separately Nicci Gerrard was born in June 1958 in Worcestershire After graduating with a first class honours degree in English Literature from Oxford University, she began her first job, working with emotionally disturbed children in Sheffield In that same year she married journalist Colin Hughes.In the early eighties she taught English Literature in Sheffield, London and Los Angeles, but moved into publishing in 1985 with the launch of Women s Review, a magazine for women on art, literature and female issues.In 1987 Nicci had a son, Edgar, followed by a daughter, Anna, in 1988, but a year later her marriage to Colin Hughes broke down.In 1989 she became acting literary editor at the New Statesman, before moving to the Observer, where she was deputy literary editor for five years, and then a feature writer and executive editor.It was while she was at the New Statesman that she met Sean French.Sean French was born in May 1959 in Bristol, to a British father and Swedish mother He too studied English Literature at Oxford University at the same time as Nicci, also graduating with a first class degree, but their paths didn t cross until 1990 In 1981 he won Vogue magazine s Writing Talent Contest, and from 1981 to 1986 he was their theatre critic During that time he also worked at the Sunday Times as deputy literary editor and television critic, and was the film critic for Marie Claire and deputy editor of New Society.Sean and Nicci were married in Hackney in October 1990 Their daughters, Hadley and Molly, were born in 1991 and 1993.By the mid nineties Sean had had two novels published, The Imaginary Monkey and The Dreamer of Dreams, as well as numerous non fiction books, including biographies of Jane Fonda and Brigitte Bardot.In 1995 Nicci and Sean began work on their first joint novel and adopted the pseudonym of Nicci French The Memory Game was published to great acclaim in 1997 followed by The Safe House 1998 , Killing Me Softly 1999 , Beneath the Skin 2000 , The Red Room 2001 , Land of the Living 2002 , Secret Smile 2003 , Catch Me When I Fall 2005 , Losing You 2006 and Until It s Over 2008 Their latest novel together is What To Do When Someone Dies 2009.Nicci and Sean also continue to write separately Nicci still works as a journalist for the Observer, covering high profile trials including those of Fred and Rose West, and Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr Novels include Things We Knew Were True 2003 , Solace 2005 and The Moment You Were Gone 2007 Sean s last novel is Start From Here 2004.

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    1. I was not very enamoured with this book, it took way too long to get going and the whole twist felt pretty adequate and absurd when we got there, plus I had already figured it out. I just couldn't take to the main character (a sign of how unispired I was that I finished this book 10 minutes ago and have already forgotten her name) and was quickly fed up of her 'I need a cigarette', 'I'm having a cigarette', 'I am smoking my last cigarette' and so on, ALL the way through. I also found the other c [...]

    2. Really a disappointment. I have been enjoying Nicci French thrillers (read one and was excited at the discovery of a new author and have been working my way through the rest) but this one just dragged mercilessly. Too many characters were introduced too fast. It took 100 pages for me to figure out who was a family member, an in-law, a former-in-law, etc. and it turned out that most of these characters just weren't relevant anyway. Not to mention that the story was dragging so much, I just didn't [...]

    3. This was an enjoyable book, although it got off to rather a slow start. I guessed the twist long before it actually happened. Overall the characters were not very likeable and I got rather irritated with Jane and her “I had a cigarette…, I needed a cigarette…” - she was a heavy smoker, we get the picture! I didn’t think this was as good as the write-up suggested, but I did enjoy it, although from reading on afterwards, I gather that this is one of the weaker ones and that they do impr [...]

    4. This book cost me a national title once. Well, at least a shot at one. I settled down with it in bed the night before a Nationals started and at 5am I was still wide awake glued to it. I finished the bookd my chances of playing okay the next day. From a professional faller-asleeper - it is by far the thing at which I shine - this is really saying something.How odd. I've read plenty of this sort of book, it isn't the best written (or the worst by any means). It even has the kiss of death of being [...]

    5. This was so boring I couldn't force myself to pay the right amount of attention to the audiobook and despite rewind several times I finished it without fully understanding what happened. I am curious but not enough to put myself through it again

    6. Listened to in audio format. This year I have listened to Nicci French's Frieda Klein series which I have loved. I have finished the series up to Saturday and I was eager to try their standalone thrillers. Apparently The Memory Game was the first collaboration for Nicci Gerrard and Sean French.This book was set in 1995 and it was like a different world. It made me laugh, Jane smoking in pubs, listening to cassettes and the police using carbon paper oh how times have changed.The Memory Game was a [...]

    7. Well, this was strange. It takes a recently divorced woman through "therapy" as she tries to recall some forgotten/supressed memory about the death of her best friend after the body is found on the property the friend grew up on. Then it raises lots of questions about the notion of "recovered memory." It's a strange read. At times I simply couldn't put it down. And it was thought provoking in terms of what memory really is. But there were other times when I found it so confusing that I was annoy [...]

    8. Nicci French patiesībā nav autors, arī autore ne. Ar šādu pseidonīmu grāmatas publicē divi cilvēki kopā - Nicci Gerrard un Sean French. Šajā lieliskajā kriminālromānā (neko nesaprotu no žanru klasifikācijām, bet šis ir pirmais vārds, kas man ienāk prātā, domājot par šo stāstu, tāpēc varbūt pat, ka atbilst) nereti aizdomājos par to, kuras daļas varētu būt rakstījusi autore un kuras - autors. Viņi droši vien viens otra uzrakstīto papildinājuši, līdz galu ga [...]

    9. The following review focuses on the book from a writing perspective, with less focus on the sequence of events/plot. Please note, there will be spoilers.Before I begin the review, I'd like to mention that one of the first books that really moved me as a reader (and actually made me want to write my own novel) was the psychological-thriller called Beneath the Skin, by Nicci French. I had immediately been drawn to the dark and frightening 'stalker' plot, the closeness of the first-person point of [...]

    10. The central character of this book, Jane has recently split up with her husband. Despite this she still wants to be part of the family as there is a lot of shared history as her father and ex father-in-law are old friends. There is also their daughter Natalie who went missing 25 years ago who was best friends with Jane. Whilst at a family gathering Natalie's body is discovered. Jane then takes it upon herself to try and solve the mystery of who murdered her friend. This isn't the best Nicci Fren [...]

    11. The Memory Game is a flash back & forward look at the life of Jane Martello. Her childhood friend, Natalie, was murdered over 20 years ago & her body is discovered at a family reunion. Jane is divorcing Natalie's brother & the novel unfolds as Jane starts to retrace her life & her interaction with the family. This invariably leads to discussions about Natalie. The family had always believed she had run away but now have to face up to her murder & who did it. As Jane remembers [...]

    12. I found this book both slow and perdictable. The last 100 pages are the best, but like the rest of the book it was a fight to stay involved. This could have been a great story and the writing style is interesting any many parts, but nothing seemed to happen after the bones are found. Overall I was not happy with this book.

    13. I actually came quite far, read more than 100 pages, but kept thinking that the story is boring (the sittings with her therapeut), and that I'm not in the least interested who murdered Natalie. Very probably someone from the family, but I really don't care and that's why I decided to stop reading in favour of other books.

    14. не розумію досить невисоку (3,4/5) оцінку цього твору на 'ах -- на мою гадку, це найкраще у своєму жанрі з того, що мені довелося прочитати за ці два роки принаймні. дуже рекомендую! для себе ж відкрив нікі френч як ім'я над цілим новим списком обов'язкового читання!

    15. It made me believe in things I don'tbelieve in and then tore the beliefs to pieces in front of my eyes, Ifound that very powerful.

    16. Aizraujošs detektīvstāsts par atjaunotajām atmiņām, kas acīmredzot bija populāra tēma psihoterapijā 20. gs. 90. gados. Kopumā ļoti interesanti bija lasīt gan pašu detektīvstāstu un tā šķetināšanu, gan to, kā notika psihoterapijas process, atmiņu atgriešana un ar to saistītās tālākās nianses.Grāmatā ir ļoti daudz tēlu. Tiem lasītājiem, kam parasti grūti iegaumēt, kurš ir kurš utt varbūt būs nedaudz grūti uzreiz "iebraukt", tā vismaz jāsecina no citām a [...]

    17. An early Nicci French and it shows! The last 87 pages were good but those before were an endurance! The story centers on Jane Martello and the Martello family. When Jane was 16 her best friend Natalie Martello disappeared. 25 years later, when Jane is married to Natalie's brother, her body is found in the garden of the family home. Jane is disturbed and encouraged to get therapy. Her therapist helps to piece her memory together and raises the question as to whether therapy can bring back accurat [...]

    18. Tot diep in het boek vond ik het maar een saai en vervelend verhaal met veel te veel weinig boeiende triviale details. Maar omdat het ogenschijnlijke plot mij iets te vroeg kwam en er nog honderd pagina's te gaan waren toch maar door blijven lezen, eigenlijk vooral omdat ik het niet kon uitstaan dat er nog een verwikkeling achter zat die ik nog niet kende, en ik moet zeggen, met een erg verrassende ontknoping. Blij dat ik het boek toch heb uitgelezen en achter de erg knap bedachte intrige ben ge [...]

    19. This is a thriller by French as only she can do it. It begins with a young woman who is an architect who in the process of beginning a groundbreaking unearths a skeleton of her best friend who went missing years ago. That's where the mystery begins, she was killed, but who killed her, and why? I don't want to give away too much of what happens, but let's just say it involves the woman's memories and what she remembers. It's a great read, and I highly recommend it.

    20. I started the book by drawing up a family tree, because in the first 20 pages litterally are more than 20 new names, which come from nowhere. Some of them suddenly have nicknames which makes if even more confusing.This almost made me stop reading.Later the books gets better and there are some plot twists. I enjoyed reading the book, but it's no masterpiece.

    21. Teleurstellend, vervelend, saaiHet schrijverspaar Nicci & French denken een psychologische thriller te schrijven aan de hand van reeksen sessies bij een therapeut, met als resultaat een opeenvolging van saaie woordenkramerij, hersenspinsels en ongeloofwaardige reacties en uitlatingen van de hoofdpersonages.Puur tijdverlies.

    22. I've recently read a lot of Nicci French and this was quite disappointing. Seemed like an odd, inexperienced approach to psychologist/psychoanalyists. The first revelation was a shock in the sense that I never believed it. I wasn't that compelled by these characters. Why were they shocked when the autopsy said murder? Did they not assume??

    23. This the first time I have read a Nicci French Book and I LOVED IT ALLI would reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries and it kept me gripped the whole way through and the plot twists are amazing as wellAll i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!

    24. Misschien dat ik dit boek een hoger cijfer zou hebben gegeven als de eerste 200blz niet zo ontzettend saai waren. Het koste me echt moeite om te blijven lezen.Het uiteindelijke plot was prima, maar niet compleet onverwachts. Wellicht zijn andere boeken van Nicci French beter.

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