Erotic Research

Erotic Research It was just a little innocent researchRomance writer Julia Martin is fine with her life just the way it is Her simple apartment successful career and Thursday night pizza dates with her too hot for

  • Title: Erotic Research
  • Author: Mari Carr
  • ISBN: 9781599988948
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook
  • It was just a little innocent researchRomance writer Julia Martin is fine with her life, just the way it is Her simple apartment, successful career and Thursday night pizza dates with her too hot for words editor Ross are than enough for her At least, that s what she thinks until her cat dies.Ross Philips has spent years lusting after his shy best friend, but fearsIt was just a little innocent researchRomance writer Julia Martin is fine with her life, just the way it is Her simple apartment, successful career and Thursday night pizza dates with her too hot for words editor Ross are than enough for her At least, that s what she thinks until her cat dies.Ross Philips has spent years lusting after his shy best friend, but fears his rather strong sexual desires will be too much for Julia When she falls into a depression over the death of her cat and stops writing, Ross decides she needs a change.His suggestion Try a new genre erotica And, of course, being such a good friend and editor, he even plans to help her do a little research.

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      Writing a book was number one on Mari Carr s bucket list and on her thirty fourth birthday, she set out to see that goal achieved Too many years later, her computer is jammed full of stories novels, novellas, short stories and dead ends and she has nearly eighty published works.A Virginia native, Mari Carr is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller of contemporary erotic romance novels With over one million copies of her books sold, Mari was the winner of the Romance Writers of America s Passionate Plume award for her novella, Erotic Research.Join her newsletter so you don t miss new releases and for exclusive subscriber only content Find Mari on the web on Facebook Twitter Email mari maricarr.

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    1. This novel drove me insane!!! Julia Martin is a Historical Romance novelist by trade,she has spent the last 10years,hiding away in her small apartment,writing about damsels in distress,hunky lords and knights and glorious adventures. In reality she thinks she doesn't need a man to be happy YEAH RIGHT!! Honestly? What year is she living in? Now as For her Publisher/Best friend, Ross Philips.Ross has tried for many years to pull Julia outta her thick cocoon, and give her advice to open up and live [...]

    2. Som de Tom WaitsClosing Time!youtu/NEyTyHtiptkFantasias e banqueteCardápio variado com carboidratos e tudo:-Mm-hmm.AdultosRoss e JúliaOlhos castanhos e melSais de banho.Odor e sabor!Render ou recuar?AnjoEntrar sem protecçãoOh Deus!Aumentar a velocidadeMais.Bem fundoVamos ao mar?Uhhh.Quinta-feira é dia de pizza@gmailAtirem água fresca

    3. It is what it is. And we’re back to it again. Female mc is speechless when she sees a (big) dick. A writer nonetheless supposedly smart and so insecure, zero self esteem. Eye rolling /review/show

    4. Review de Rosa Ramôa:Som de Tom WaitsClosing Time.Fantasias e banqueteCardápio variado com carboidratos e tudo:-)Mm-hmm.AdultosRoss e JúliaOlhos castanhos e melSais de banho.Odor e sabor!Render ou recuar?AnjoEntrar sem protecçãoOh Deus!Aumentar a velocidadeMais.Bem fundoVamos ao mar?Uhhh.Quinta-feira é dia de pizza@gmailAtirem água fresca5 lik

    5. Another great best friend to lover short story. LOVED the hero who is an editor and I loved that the heroine is a romance writer. I got a little mad at her in the end when she was so mean to Ross. The thing I did like though was it didn't have a quick resolution to her insecurities but took some soul searching on her part to find her HEA. This story had some 5 alarm sex and Ross is one creative guy. Yummy.

    6. Julia and Ross have been coworkers and best friends for ten years. She is a best-selling romance novelist and he is her editor. But for those same ten years, Julia has been somewhat of a recluse - she hardly dates or goes out. Ever. And then her cat dies and she loses it.To help her out of her funk, Ross suggests she try writing erotica and he gives her a ton of books and the keys to his mountain cabin so she can go do "research". But underneath his helpful exterior, Ross is plotting to seduce h [...]

    7. Julia is apparently a successful and prolific writer, and expanding her work into erotica however her own life experience and confidence in things sexual are VERY limited. Her editor, Ross, has been encouraging her to delve deeper into the subject matter, and suggests a way for her to do that.She takes his advice and sequesters herself out of the city for some uninterrupted alone time to do some reading and thinking. Then seemingly out of the blue comes Ross to give her some help, which very qui [...]

    8. Greatly writtenI thought this was a well written book that really dug into to the characters and had an unconfusing and in dramatic plotline. It really helped me figure out what my preferences in a romance novel are.

    9. Sometimes falling in love is the bit you never realised happened, sometimes it takes research to realise the love of your life is right there in front of you.

    10. 2.5 starsFrom what I understand, this is Mari Carr's first published piece and frankly, it kind of reads that way. I liked the two main characters and enjoyed their connection, plus there were some places with decent chemistry and sizzle. Overall though, it all felt very inconsistent. At some points Ross seems very alpha, at others we're told he's alpha but really see no evidence of that.The beginning of their sexual relationship felt a little awkward, with them running hot and cold and bouncing [...]

    11. 3.5 starsHistorical romance novelist Julia Martin is in a bit of a rut. Personally because it seems like everyone she loves, dies or leaves her, most recently her beloved cat. Professionally she's experiencing a bit of writers' block. Her editor and best friend Ross Philips suggests a change of genre from historical to erotic to get her creativity back and offers to help her with the research. But soon the research takes on a serious character unveiling simmering feelings between Julia and Ross. [...]

    12. GIST After her pet cat dies,romance novelist Julia's long-time editor Ross suggests she try her hand at writing erotic romance. She goes out to a cabin after nearly a month of book research, not realizing that he has lured her out there under false pretenses. He has been secretly in love with Jules for years, and vice versa.The problem is that Julia has trouble letting people past her defenses for fearing of losing somebody else that she cares about. She also has a low self-esteem from all of th [...]

    13. Wow! I mean, that was fan-f***ing-tastic! Mari Carr just moved to the top of my favorite authors list. It's amusing that this her first novel, and the first one I've read. It has a very simple story and I've always liked friends-to-lovers. Ms Carr made it work with the other side of the double-edged sword, Julia and Ross were supercharged together, and I'm impressed with how the story went on, the character developments, the layout of the plan, and the plot.This story exceeded my expectations in [...]

    14. I picked this up to have something to read while I was out at the cabin. Rarely do I want to read anything remotely heavy while I'm out there because I'm constantly picking it up and putting it down. Plus, I like motoring through a handful of books while I'm out there, despite how shitty they might be.This was one of those books that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Granted, it was nothing great but I flew through it and didn't complain.The protagonist was a little too ditzy for me at tim [...]

    15. If you like a hero who's alpha with a big heart, this is the book for you. You know right off the bat how he feels for his Jule's, and you are rooting for him to get his girl. Ross wants to take his friendship with Julia to the next level, and you so want him to succeed, he's just got to show her just how good it could be between them. He's gentle, but rough and loving, but honest and to the point.I like my heroines who are independent regarding their career, but not so saavy about their persona [...]

    16. This was such a meh read for me. I absolutely adore best-friend-to-lover books, but this didn't do it for me whatsoever. It was a short, so I do take that into account, but there was no demonstration of their being best friends. And Ross's personality was all over the place. Either he's forceful and there with a purpose or he's not. Getting all upset and emotional and storming off when Julia reacted EXACTLY THE WAY HE KNEW SHE WOULD is not hot and doesn't fit in with what the author was trying t [...]

    17. It felt like Carr spent the first part of this book doing all she could to make me hate Ross. As I recall, she did the same with my last read of hers too, Scoring, but then she flips this switch and in seconds, I love the guy. You get a fairly good back story as Julia shares her memories of meeting Ross, and that one stupid night he had to come to her rescue. Even Ross shares a memory or two. There's seduction and spanking, bondage and roleplay. Oh, yays for the roleplay.Great ending! epilogues [...]

    18. Julia is an author and her best friend and editor Ross sugest that she should write an erotic novel.He even gives her books to make her reseach and sents her to a cabin in the middle of nowhere.He visits her and a blizard forces him to stay there.Since he is going to stay for a while he proposes to "help" her.The book was nice.Happy to see that after 10 years the got together.The epilogue(s)was Epic.Epilogue oneLater that nightJulia gave Ross the best blowjob of his life

    19. Julia is a writer who's switching to erotic writing. Ross, her editor, suggests she go up to his cabin so she can have some time alone to start on her novel. A big snowstorm hits and Ross decides he better go up to keep Julia company and help her with her researching her new novel. Ross isn't aware that Julia, who is also one of his best friends has always had feeling for him so when he basically offers her sex, it's hard for her to turn him down. Julia is a little naïve when it comes to sex an [...]

    20. Sweet Yet DarkJulia and Ross have known each other for a decade and are best friends. He is her publisher and she the author that helped him launch his company. He's been a girl a month guy while she's been afraid to connect, except through her historical romances. When he suggests she make a change and write erotica, she takes him up on his offer to stay in his secluded cabin and research the box of erotic fiction he has given her. Ross shows up to "help her research" and but he has a secret ag [...]

    21. This book is so good!!! It's a short novel, but the the content is great & the story progresses nicely. As I mentioned in another review, Mari Carr is a very talented writer, & I do believe that she's one of the best writers in this genre. She has a very fluid writing style; her books are always well-edited & the content is both entertaining AND informative. I highly recommend this novel to anyone interested in sexual self-exploration & BDSM. *4/5 stars*

    22. Ross, Julia's editor, has sent her to stay at his cabin in the woods to write her first erotic genre novel. Little does Julia know that her sexy editor has plans in store for her and they are more intense than anything she has every experienced. While the story has pretty decent sex scenes, I would not qualify this as a BDSM novel. The story also lacked more depth and feelings on the part of both characters.

    23. I loved Julia and Ross's story. Julia is a very successful historical romance author. Ross is her womanizing editor. Neither one realizes the other has strong romantic feelings for one another until Ross sends her to his cabin in West Virginia so she can begin her new career as an erotic sauté or. He's finally decided enough is enough and gets her to agree to experiment sexually, all in the name of research. This book was extremely hot and extremely enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone.

    24. It was generally a good story. But I had some problems. I was a little wary of how quickly Julia agreed with Ross and how it all played out. There should've been more buildup. There were other minor stuff as well. I like the ending though, very interesting! More like 2.5, but I liked Ross the mc a lot

    25. A very lovely, sexy read. Quite light on the BDSM scale even though it does hint at the beginning that it will be more intense. Fun with no stress although I was a bit put out that Ross claimed to know how Julia would react to his love and when she does, he holds it against her. But for me that was the only downside. I enjoyed this book very much.

    26. Really liked this story. Loved Ross (H)! I liked Julia (h) at first and most of the way through the book, but when it got to the point where Ross told her he loved her and she just was like "ok, whatever" I didn't understand it. Yes she made it up to him in the end (don't they always) but I had a hard time getting past it. Sex ***

    27. Y'know I've been reading a few erotic stories here and there, but this one just didn't really move me. He wasn't likeable. She was too *gaspy* and shocked that this horn-dog she knows goes thru the women would want to shag her (or anyone female) while trapped in a cabin in a storm. Which by the way, is that cliched, or what?I just had issues with it. Too many for it to work for me.

    28. For a short story I thought this was pretty good. I liked Ross, Julia started off good and then she just went down hill. She's just a little too innocent and clueless to be believable to me. I just wanted Ross to give it and find someone else.

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