Diana Tregarde Investigates

Diana Tregarde Investigates Long before Buffy showed the world how tough girls could be Mercedes Lackey created Diana Tregarde Diana is a Guardian charged with saving innocents and destroying evil wherever she finds it Because

  • Title: Diana Tregarde Investigates
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • ISBN: 9780739477038
  • Page: 443
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  • Long before Buffy showed the world how tough girls could be, Mercedes Lackey created Diana Tregarde Diana is a Guardian charged with saving innocents and destroying evil wherever she finds it Because if she doesn t, evil will find herand kill her first.In Children of the Night, Diana is running her friends occult shop in New York City when trouble does finds her Mr TroLong before Buffy showed the world how tough girls could be, Mercedes Lackey created Diana Tregarde Diana is a Guardian charged with saving innocents and destroying evil wherever she finds it Because if she doesn t, evil will find herand kill her first.In Children of the Night, Diana is running her friends occult shop in New York City when trouble does finds her Mr Trouble, as she calls him, is a vampire whose psychic power makes her radar go off the charts So when she discovers that hes the new benefactor of ex boyfriend Dave Kendalls band, shes not surprised to see how bad Kendall looks It will take all of Dianas powerand the aid of a sexy vampire protector with a score of his own to settleif shes to save Kendall now.In Burning Water, Diana gets a call from Detective Mark Valdez, an old college friend turned cop When Valdez realizes that the serial killer stalking Dallas is not human, he knows he needs help Unfortunately, Tezcatilpoca, an angry Aztec god, is on the rampage and Diana fears shes met her match But as luck would have it, Texcatilpoca isnt the only god in the world.In Jinx High, Diana is summoned to Oklahoma by an old friend who fears that his teenage son is in supernatural danger from a fellow classmate Faye Harper, the it girl with a mean streak a mile wide, is actually a sorceress whose power is disturbing So disturbing, in fact, that an ancient being who slumbers underground is being awakened by itd all hell is about to break looseliterally Jacket art by Chris McGrath Approx 800 pp 1989 1991.

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      Mercedes entered this world on June 24, 1950, in Chicago, had a normal childhood and graduated from Purdue University in 1972 During the late 70 s she worked as an artist s model and then went into the computer programming field, ending up with American Airlines in Tulsa, Oklahoma In addition to her fantasy writing, she has written lyrics for and recorded nearly fifty songs for Firebird Arts Music, a small recording company specializing in science fiction folk music I m a storyteller that s what I see as my job My stories come out of my characters how those characters would react to the given situation Maybe that s why I get letters from readers as young as thirteen and as old as sixty odd One of the reasons I write song lyrics is because I see songs as a kind of story pill they reduce a story to the barest essentials or encapsulate a particular crucial moment in time I frequently will write a lyric when I am attempting to get to the heart of a crucial scene I find that when I have done so, the scene has become absolutely clear in my mind, and I can write exactly what I wanted to say Another reason is because of the kind of novels I am writing that is, fantasy, set in an other world semi medieval atmosphere Music is very important to medieval peoples bards are the chief newsbringers When I write the folk music of these peoples, I am enriching my whole world, whether I actually use the song in the text or not I began writing out of boredom I continue out of addiction I can t not write, and as a result I have no social life I began writing fantasy because I love it, but I try to construct my fantasy worlds with all the care of a high tech science fiction writer I apply the principle of TANSTAAFL There ain t no such thing as free lunch , credited to Robert Heinlein to magic, for instance in my worlds, magic is paid for, and the cost to the magician is frequently a high one I try to keep my world as solid and real as possible people deal with stubborn pumps, bugs in the porridge, and love lives that refuse to become untangled, right along with invading armies and evil magicians And I try to make all of my characters, even the evil magicians, something than flat stereotypes Even evil magicians get up in the night and look for cookies, sometimes I suppose that in everything I write I try to expound the creed I gave my character Diana Tregarde in Burning Water There s no such thing as one, true way the only answers worth having are the ones you find for yourself leave the world better than you found it Love, freedom, and the chance to do some good they re the things worth living and dying for, and if you aren t willing to die for the things worth living for, you might as well turn in your membership in the human race Also writes as Misty LackeyAuthor s website

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    1. What a surprise! I am a huge Lackey fan - I've read everything ever printed set in Valdemar, and most of her other books too, including the collaborations - and for whatever reason, I had never heard of Diana Tregarde. Recently, though, while wasting time on the internet, I found a reference to something Lackey wrote called "The Last Straw."My interest piqued, I hunted it down and was a little surprised to see what could only be termed an online temper tantrum. (Not saying I blamed her, exactly, [...]

    2. Anyone else out there sure that Misty is kicking herself over her blatant refusal to write any more Tregarde considering the recent paranormal popularity? Of course, Andre would have had to be a more central character-read trilogy (again) in March 2011 the original covers were God-Awe-ful! the Hugh Syme covers were gorgeous and why do we have the Chris McGrath rip-offs everywyere?

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As an omnibus, the first book was enjoyable but not great, and the second and third books were absolutely amazing. My only real issue with it at all is that the endings of Burning Water and Jinx High simply felt too rushed. I felt Mercedes Lackey could have expanded those last two books and made them more coherent, maybe tied up some of the plot lines a little better and altered the twists, but the pacing, the characters, and the plots were incredible. I so badly [...]

    4. I originally discovered the Diana Tregarde stories when I was in high school. Years later I was excited when I found this particular addition that included all three books in the series. While I am a HUGE Mercedes Lackey fan, these books are among my absolute favorites.Diana Tregarde is a great, down to earth, heroine who deals with bills, magic, and personal tragedy with an air of competence and determination that makes her character likable. Children of the Night, the first story in the trilog [...]

    5. So far I have only read one novel in this collection of three so this review will be updated in due timeChildren of the nightThe book is set during the early-mid seventies in New York City. You have a vampire, psychic vampires, a Japanese monster, witches and gypsy's, go figure eh? The story of decent and could of been better if the lead character Diana wasn't so weepy and always breaking down. Sure I know she had to work through things from a previous incident, which must I would hope come in a [...]

    6. I started to read this and then found myself lose interest half the way through. I found the first book rather enjoyable and started to get hung up on the second. It just seemed to draw on for no particular reason. The characters were more shallow and fluffy than most of Lackey's books. She is one of those authors who has books that range from almost too intence to seemingly novice - this was definitely the latter. I also found it odd that her website had them in the wrong chronological order (o [...]

    7. Diana Tregarde Investigates comprises the three volumes of Mercedes Lackey's 1989-1991 Diana Tregarde trilogy - Children of the Night, Burning River, and Jinx High. The compilation presents the books in a logical order rather than in print release order.Diana Tregarde is a witch/sorcerer, Guardian whose has the job of protecting a sction of the world from malevolent spirits, witches/sorcerers, and demons. Each of thesewell-written and entertaining stories cover one of these cases. The stories ha [...]

    8. These stories were pretty good, but not great. They are essentially detective novels with a fantasy twist. Diana Tregarde is witch (in the movie sense of witchcraft) who consults for a police department on a series of murders and associated mayhem. She has the typical attraction to the lead detective, even if he can't possibly understand what being a witch is. This are a different direction for Mercedes Lackey as she typically writes fantasy novels-knights, goblins, and the like. She is a remark [...]

    9. Fairly good characters and background. I am not totally convinced Lackey does not make up the rules for magic as she goes along, but at least she is not blatant about it. One of the novels within this collection of three does get resolved by a literal deus ex machina, but in a way that works for the story. And the action leading up to the end is at least as important as the end itself.I found Lackey's style of expressing her character's thoughts essentially as lines of dialog to be off-putting, [...]

    10. I quite liked the first book of this 3 book compilation, but the second and third were disappointing.The main difference was that the first book was told primarily from Diana's perspective, while the other 2 were told by the perspective of not terribly interesting secondary characters. The result was to make the title character 2-dimentional.

    11. I love them, but Jynx high is not for the weak of stomach. Not that any of them really are, but I definitely had to wonder about her inspiration a bit during a few scenes.

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