Promethea, Vol. 2

Promethea Vol Sophie Bangs was a normal college student until a simple class assignment resulted in her being transformed into Promethea a two thousand year old mythical warrior woman In the second installment of

  • Title: Promethea, Vol. 2
  • Author: Alan Moore J.H. Williams III Mick Gray
  • ISBN: 9781563899577
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sophie Bangs was a normal college student until a simple class assignment resulted in her being transformed into Promethea, a two thousand year old mythical warrior woman In the second installment of the series that Entertainment Weekly has given an A , Sophie continues to learn about her powers, abilities, and predecessors But with many answers still missing, SophiSophie Bangs was a normal college student until a simple class assignment resulted in her being transformed into Promethea, a two thousand year old mythical warrior woman In the second installment of the series that Entertainment Weekly has given an A , Sophie continues to learn about her powers, abilities, and predecessors But with many answers still missing, Sophie must fend off an attack by a horde of demons and discover and defeat the secrets behind the sinister cult The Temple if she is ever to live up to the full potential of Promethea.

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    1. Alan Moore J.H. Williams III Mick Gray

      Alan Moore is an English writer most famous for his influential work in comics, including the acclaimed graphic novels Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell He has also written a novel, Voice of the Fire, and performs workings one off performance art spoken word pieces with The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels, some of which have been released on CD.As a comics writer, Moore is notable for being one of the first writers to apply literary and formalist sensibilities to the mainstream of the medium As well as including challenging subject matter and adult themes, he brings a wide range of influences to his work, from the literary authors such as William S Burroughs, Thomas Pynchon, Robert Anton Wilson and Iain Sinclair New Wave science fiction writers such as Michael Moorcock horror writers such as Clive Barker to the cinematic filmmakers such as Nicolas Roeg Influences within comics include Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Kirby and Bryan Talbot.

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    1. Una maravilla de punta a punta, el tomo, la historia, la puesta en escena. El diseño de cada página sigue siendo original y cambiante. Puede que tanta data resulte denso por momentos y es que es un cómic que merece su tiempo de lectura, no se lee a la ligera. Con solo decir que el último número es un repaso de la historia de la humanidad, escrita en verso, a través de las veintiún cartas del tarot. Inmejorable.

    2. The volume where Moore's work begins to slide. The weakest part of this volume is the final issue, the Tarot issue. In it, Promethea is given a lesson in the significance of the Tarot cards -- each one "represents" some moment in the creation of the universe and signifies a step in the path to enlightenment.Yeah, whatever.The issue itself is quite well-done, combining multiple levels of visual and verbal narration. There's one thing you can't deny about Promethea as a series and that's that it p [...]

    3. A bit silly really.I mean, one can excuse the pagan gender essentialism, the Terence Mckenna psychedelia, the Eurocentric reading of human history, the sense you're being lectured deep into the wee hours by Michael Caine's Children of Men character, but then, you can't excuse forever and ever and everDuring the sex scene I was waiting for some inevitable qualification to the idea of transcendent male and female 'principles', the former one of penetrating (the wand) and the latter one of receivin [...]

    4. Excellent volume. The story of Sophie Bangs as the current Promethea continues. Alan Moore, as usual, did a wonderful work here. Sophie learns a lot about how the magic works but also about the connections of her power with the rest of the fabric of the universe. Promethea is without question one of the best works of Alan Moore that many times the people forget to mention along with the rest of his long line of writing hits.

    5. Couldn't stay awake during this one, especially through the tarot card poetry. Yeah, it was over the top. Haven't decided if I'm going to continue to the next.

    6. Raise your hand if you want to see a detailed account of tantric sex between a homeless-looking old magician who is obviously a characterization of the author, and a young college student who is doing this as a form of payment for sought after information?Right. No one. (Maybe Alan Moore, I guess?)Yeah, that was fuckin' weird. Not good weird. The bad kind. I wish I could say that was my least favorite issue in this trade paperback (yes, it takes up an entire fucking issue!), but it was merely an [...]

    7. Although not as strong as the first volume, this one kicks real and magical ass in artwork. The panels, encapsulations and other layout elements work so well in telling the story. Even the lame Tarot chapter is so magically beautiful to look at. They even have panels with real people (not drawn) there and they fit in the story. Oh yeah, there is this sort of meta-sex scene where stars and white flashes replace blurs and blacks on private parts.

    8. Promethea is a delight. While of course the second volume cannot match the newness and discovery of the first, it continues to be excellent, and provides many thrills of the unexpected-solution and character-payoff varieties. Containing several episodes in the life of Promethea, as well as issues of her comic book, this one runs the gamut from your basic city-in-peril to a history of the universe in tarot arcana.

    9. Four stars only because I couldn't get myself to finish reading the tarot card part at the end. But will definitely continue to the third one of the series.

    10. II.Sin permanecer contento con su figura cuasi-mitológica, el barbudo estableció una organización secreta que planea enfrentarse y dar muerte a la anti-heroína que parece no poder dejar de existir, a condición de poder estar ligada a un cuerpo físico. Y no sólo hizo eso, sino que, para aquellos morbosos ―todos nosotros― que buscan siempre algo de satisfacción propia, ofreció una sesión de sexo tántrico. Uno casi se puede imaginar a los sacerdotes que lo hacían mucho tiempo atrás [...]

    11. Promethea is one of those books I enjoy rereading when I can. It's amazingly well written and, at the same time, it's terribly clever. I do have a thing for magic-based superheroes, but this is far more than just that.However, I mentioned before what this book is about (high magic, hermetic beliefs, etc.) so, this time, I'm focusing on the superhero-aspect of Promethea, since there is a lot more action in the book.I never really enjoyed mainstream superheroes with a magical origin, because the p [...]

    12. In Alan Moore’s Promethea: Book 2, Promethea finds herself waking from the coma of Imateria to find that the hospital is being attacked by monsters and the Painted Doll. To save everyone on earth, Sophie must come up with a plan more clever than simply turning into Promethea: turning every woman in the room into Promethea.As the second volume begins, and Sophie continues to learn from the other previous incarnations of Promethea, she must also learn what it means for her to be Promethea. Unlik [...]

    13. More Moore is good Moore. I think the series hits its stride here, the heroine Sophie Bangs' is allowing her learning of occult and imagination to flow and we ride with her enjoyment. A couple of minor issues I have around the book are just how powerful Promethea is, when she has still so much to learn. The magickal learning, one of the most thrilling chapters as she is taken through the Tarot deck, allegorising the story of the development of human consciousness, is thrilling and fiendishly cle [...]

    14. Menos impresionante que el #1 pero igual de divertido, interesante y variado, sobre todo esto último: Un capítulo entero que es un polvo tántrico entre dos personajes, otro que cuenta la historia del universo a través de las cartas del tarot, otro que narra una historia de amor intercalando los dibujos con fotos (del capo de José Villarrubia), otro que muestra una batalla entre diosas posesivas y demonios polimorfos, y así durante los 6 capítulos, que dejan con ganas de más. Ni bien pued [...]

    15. -Rated 2.5-This was really, really, really weird. I don't know if it was a bad weird but it wasn't necessarily a good weird. I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy the plot in this one, but I also wouldn't say that I did enjoy it. There's a lot of abstract stuff which normally I actually really enjoy, but Not this time, unfortunately. I'm not sure if I'll be tuning in for the next one, but we'll just have to see. The artwork was absolutely amazing though.

    16. Spoilers!***********Ok, I did not need to see Jack Faust naked, but as far as Moore's usual scenes of that nature go it was quite tastefully done. I am no prude in general but I don't like it when an artist draws sex for the hell of drawing it, or for shock and it seems tacked on to the story and plot. Moore seems to do this a lot. Otherwise, another really great issue of Promethia.

    17. Worthwhile for the creative approach to the Tarot trumps (closer to Crowley's model than to its forerunners, though not exactly followingThe Book of Thoth ), even if the verse borders on doggerel.

    18. I liked this one less than the first. There was just so much stuff that made me want to stop reading. The goofy photos issue and stupid rhyming snakes are the first things that come to mind. I'll probably still finish the series but it's not at all what I was expecting.

    19. Ever work I've read by Alan Moore makes me feel like I've been on an Acid trip, and the second addition of the Promnethea series is no different.

    20. This book contains pages and pages of the most tedious sex scene I've ever seen. Like, you'd think drawings of people getting it on would be enough to make sexy time, well, sexy. And maybe it would. But once the weirdo stuff about putting his wand in her cup or whatever starts, it's like "Dude. Stop talking."I have an aversion to Promethea which started with the first book, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Now I think it's the exceeding grossness of the "divine feminine" flimflam with w [...]

    21. I cried, I screamed, and I was awed reading this volume. THIS is good storytelling. I was overwhelmed by how true it FEELS (that's why I cried at the sex scene), even when my intellect had yet to process how or why it was true. The nerd in me was also screaming at the breadth of knowledge Moore demonstrates. Awesome.

    22. this series is excellent. alan moore doesn't disappoint ever! on reflection it's like an all female cast with like 2 evil male characters.'s entertaining and also instructional about esoteric western magick.will continue the series for sure.

    23. The volume that serves as the first step into magic after the more gentler introductions of volume 1, the tarot chapter is probably one of the most complex constructions in the world of comics, as is the chapter with Jack Faust. Brilliance continues.

    24. Where Alan Moore predicts the world will end in 2017 and our leader will be a psychopath. Time to take drugs and faith in your personal reality. Or am I losing my mind?

    25. This one had a lot of really cool imagery and I like the mixing up of metaphors and how trippy this is getting. Quite enjoying it.

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