Goodnight Bush

Goodnight Bush A brilliant parody of the children s classic Goodnight Moon built around the coming end of the worst presidency ever Goodnight Bush An Unauthorized Parody is a hilarious and poignant visual requiem f

  • Title: Goodnight Bush
  • Author: Erich Origen Gan Golan
  • ISBN: 9780316040419
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A brilliant parody of the children s classic Goodnight Moon, built around the coming end of the worst presidency ever.Goodnight Bush An Unauthorized Parody is a hilarious and poignant visual requiem for the Bush administration In it we see a childlike George W Bush tucked safely away in the confines of his own room with all of the toys he s willfully destroyed, abused,A brilliant parody of the children s classic Goodnight Moon, built around the coming end of the worst presidency ever.Goodnight Bush An Unauthorized Parody is a hilarious and poignant visual requiem for the Bush administration In it we see a childlike George W Bush tucked safely away in the confines of his own room with all of the toys he s willfully destroyed, abused, or defaced Complete with a quiet Dick Cheney whispering hush, this bedtime story lets us finally say goodnight to the disaster that was the last eight years.

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    1. No. No no! Wrong. When this book came out, we couldn't keep it in stock because my book store's in Berkeley and everyone is a smug, self-congratulatory old hippie. Here is my opinion: even if they rhyme and are in a pretend version of Goodnight Moon, Abu Ghraib, the 3017 people who died on September 11th, and the entirety of american foreign policy for the last eight years- they're not funny. I mean, okay, maybe they could be funny, if you said something insightful or mean or irreverent about th [...]

    2. This is a hilarious parody of the original children's book Goodnight moon. With a similar format, what seems at first to be an innocent mockery of the president turns out to be a much more symbolic and meaningful message than one would expect at first glance. In a metaphor where the book's protagonist can be seen as not just Bush but any of us, the room that surrounds the protagonist is an increasingly unrecognizable America, one that we have grown somehow unaccustomed and distant from.

    3. Quite possibly the best, most ingenious, most hilarious, most frightening parody ever created of any piece of media. That it outrages so many (on both sides of the political spectrum) is only testament to that.Of course some of the issues brought up in the illustrations are horrific, that's the point. The Bush presidencies have been years of horror--much worse for some. A parody of a children's book is the most fitting place to chronicle a parody of a Presidency by the most unfit person, the mos [...]

    4. This has to be the worst book I have ever read all the way through, and I don't mean bad writting; it was brilliant. They mercilessly critisized and abolished everything to do with the last eight years of presidency. Picture for picture they warped from the "beloved" Goodnight Moon into Goodnight Bush, and goodnight to Dick Cheney wispering "hush." It was absolutly awful in unmentionable ways, and we loved it.

    5. BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!U can just spend hours going through the pictures finding new, hilarious things to laugh about!!!a great gift for all occasions

    6. “Goodnight Bush,” an unauthorized parody of the 1947 children’s bedtime classic “Goodnight Moon,” written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd.Without giving a way too much so I will just comment on a few illustrations: In place of the bunny rabbit character in the children's book, a childlike George Bush is tucked safely in bed surrounded by toys I'm assuming are suppose to represent different facets of the Bush administration. A tiny Osama Bin Laden peeks out from m [...]

    7. This book is brilliant!!!I grew up with Goodnight Moon as one of my most cherished books, and now as a grownup its great to have this new satirical version. It's brilliantly put together and really funny and enjoyable for both those who have read this book as little and those who have not. And to all of you who are criticizing this book: stop being so huffy and full of yourselves. This book has nothing to do with 9-11 and all the people who died there. That was absolutely a tragedy, but this boo [...]

    8. It’s a rather thin joke, and I was somewhat disappointed with the effort, although I am glad that I read it. I loathe George W. Bush’s administration, and it’s humor that has helped me get through the last almost 8 years so I thought that I’d love this book.Actually, it was kind of cute and I got a few smiles out of it; I also thought that some of it was right on the mark and some of it was in extremely poor taste. Generally, it was just ok.The afterword made me like the book more, and p [...]

    9. I definitely expected more from this ridiculously quick read. The illustrations make the book, but I think I can speak for my family when I say that it was quite dry. Too bad, I was excited to get this book out of the library!

    10. What can I say, after 8 years of being embarrassed by our government, I'm going to enjoy every last poke, joke, and jibe.

    11. Erich Origen and Gan Golan, Goodnight Bush (Little, Brown, 2008)Why, exactly, do I find myself surprised that Goodnight Bush is not a gentle parody of Goodnight Moon, but a whiny book by political activists? Which, in all honesty, I probably would have been amused by were it not for Origen and Golan's afterword, which talks about how nightmarish Goodnight Moon actually is. They're right, of course; when it comes right down to it, kid-friendly media is chock full of stuff that's geared to give ki [...]

    12. Sorry but I didn't like it. I do have a sense of humour, but this one revels in idiocy. I have heard many good things about Goodnight Moon, and you'd think that that book, being a classic in its own right, would be more populated than cheap cheap parodies? So, I was at a book sale, and I wanted to read Goodnight Moon. I was presented with this one instead. There were many copies scattered throughout the boxes.Okay, I admit I didnt know it was political. I thought they'd make it into something as [...]

    13. This book is a parody of the children's classic Goodnight Moon. What a good time to read it - when Obama is about to be sworn in, and Bush is reflecting on his presidency. His reflections are quite funny - he says that although not everyone may agree with his "tough decisions," he hopes that they respect that he was willing to make "the tough decisions." He has a problem with repetition. And then he says that no weapons of mass destruction was a "disappointment." Anywho, the last line of this li [...]

    14. I am not a Bush hater. That's not to say I think he has done an outstanding job as president it's just that I am not one of those who believes he is Evil Incarnate. Having said that I approached this book with anticipation, I love a good parody. However, this one is simply mean-spirited and not all that clever either. Granted, it is based upon what may well be the most overrated children's book of all time. Nonetheless, it failed to deliver. I granted it two stars only because I appreciate the e [...]

    15. OK, I read this, in its brief entirety at the bookstore. It's priceless. Satire at the level of "The Daily Show". Great illustrations, smart references, and a spot on parody of the original "Goodnight, Moon". Should go nicely in the Bush Library. I mean, the Bush Shelf.Cubby Hole?My bias is showing, but if you don't believe we've had the most forthcoming, capable leadership the past eight years, and you can still laugh about it, this is well worth reading or gifting to a Blue-state buddy.

    16. I came across this book while looking for "Goodnight, Moon." I've seen a few parodies of "GM" over the years, but this one is the most overtly political. I'd be okay with that if there was some constancy to what was being told, "good night." For example, there are pages that say, "Goodnight Rule of Law/And goodnight Mardi Gras,"* which makes sense as one could argue these things went buh-bye under Bush. However, there are also "goodnights" for Dick Cheney and FOX, which would've flourished under [...]

    17. i was hesitant to fork over 15 bucks for this (it's as expensive as the original 'goodnight moon' hardback!). but i found it for 10 dollars at the virgin megastore in sf and had to pick it up. i'd already read it, and, yes, it is very funny and totally wrong. it feels as if the onion folks could have been behind this.i love 'goodnight moon', and adore clement hurd's drawings. i think, however, that the purity and innocence of the original book makes this parody all the more shocking. i do think [...]

    18. This book was a great follow-up to Scott McClelland's new book, WHAT HAPPENED. In it McClelland spoke about Bush's mistaken belief that his legacy would bring a wave of democracy across the Mideast as a result of our successes in Iraq and Afghanistan.The book is a lot of fun if you pay close attention to all the pictures. There are lots of little details throughout it that will make you laugh. Remember the little mouse in GOODNIGHT MOON? I think in this book the little mouse is a figure of Osama [...]

    19. As a bookstore employee I can attest that people are COMPELLED to read this book out loud. As such, I've heard it many many times now and am still agape that they managed to get away with it (legally, I mean) because it cleaves so closely to the original. Personally, I'm just about as tired of Bush-bashing as I am of Bush himself, but if you're going to do it, this is the way.Except that somehow it is the most foul-smelling new book I've ever encountered. Not quite sure why that is.

    20. Short and very easy little read, reminds me of Goodnight Moon My favorite part was at the end of the book, and I quote. "Bush himself, while campaigning referred to Goodnight Moon as one of his childhood favorites (along with Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which was not actually published until one year after Bush graduated from college: the president's infancy was clearly an extended one.)" If that puts a tone to the book I don't know what does.

    21. As a mother who has read Goodnight Moon to my children a zillion times (and someone who is not a fan of the Bush administration), I found this parody of the children's classic absolutely spot-on and hilarious. A great gift for parents of small children who lean to the left (or away from Bush and his cronies, at any rate).

    22. Darkly funny scary too. I have never been a big fan of "Goodnight Moon" and neither have my kids, but this one I couldn't resist picking it up from the library and needless to say, it is creepy. Why did I read it? Because it's a reminder of how bad things were during Bush's administration and how it continues to affect our lives even now.

    23. My parents have a copy and the last time she was over there, they read it to her. The next time she asked for Goodnight Moon, when she saw the cover she started crying "No night Bush!" She is still bringing it up occasionally, completely unprovoked. Sorry, Nain and Grumpy, she's just not ready for political satire yet.

    24. Goodnight Bush is a perfect parody of Margaret Wise's Goodnight Moon. If you are a parent or teacher who believes the Bush administration crossed an unacceptable line, you must read this book. The illustrations are so well done, you actually have to look for the differences. And once you find them, you'll laugh so hard it hurts.

    25. This is a very clever book written to mimic the children's book "Goodnight Moon." While it is very short, you must take your time and savor each page. There is a lot in those pictures that is not written.

    26. Four stars for the depiction of Cheney alone.It's kind of sad how relevant this book still is, even after so long.

    27. Hilarious. A fitting way to mock a president whose greatest accomplishment is learning about "the Google". This parody is well written and illustrated with great detail.

    28. If (1) you have ever read this best loved children's book and (2) you know that Bush just left office (and you are shouting hoorah for that reason), you will LOVE this book. Only people who have the knowledge of "Good Night, Moon" will get this book but I promise it will make you pee your pants from laughing so hard.

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