Molly's Story

Molly s Story From W Bruce Cameron the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel A Dog s Purpose now a major motion picture Meet Molly a very special dog with a very important purpose An irresi

  • Title: Molly's Story
  • Author: W. Bruce Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780765394934
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From W Bruce Cameron, the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel A Dog s Purpose, now a major motion picture Meet Molly a very special dog with a very important purpose An irresistible book for young middle grade readers adapted from A Dog s Journey, the sequel to the bestselling A Dog s Purpose now a major motion picture Molly knows that her purpFrom W Bruce Cameron, the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel A Dog s Purpose, now a major motion picture Meet Molly a very special dog with a very important purpose An irresistible book for young middle grade readers adapted from A Dog s Journey, the sequel to the bestselling A Dog s Purpose now a major motion picture Molly knows that her purpose is to take care of her girl, C.J but it won t be easy Neglected by her mother, Gloria, who won t allow her to have a dog, C.J is going through some tough times Molly s job is to stay hidden in C.J s room, cuddle up to her at night, and protect her from bad people And no matter what Gloria does to separate them, nothing will keep Molly away from the girl that she loves.Adorable black and white illustrations by Richard Cowdrey bring Molly and her world to life Also includes a discussion and activity guide that will help promote family and classroom discussions about Molly s Story and the insights it provides about humankind s best friends.

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    1. W. Bruce Cameron

      I ve always loved dogs, which puts me in a unique category along with what, maybe two or three billion people What s not to love about an animal who will sit in your living room all day long, waiting for you to get home, and even if you need to work late and then stop for a stress relieving beverage on your way home, when you unlock that front door, is absolutely overjoyed to see you How could you not adore an animal who senses when your day is not going well and tries to cheer you up by dumping a sodden tennis ball in your lap I was probably 8 years old, playing in the back yard of our house in Prairie Village, KS, when my dad opened the gate and in rushed a 9 week old Labrador puppy I fell to my knees and spread my arms and that dog leaped into them as if we had loved each other our whole lives It s a scene that shows up in A Dog s Purpose a puppy and a boy meeting each other the very first time, both of them full of unrestrained joy.We named the dog Cammie She arrived in my life when I was just beginning to connect some of the dots in my memory to make a picture of who I was, forming my identity as a child I remember every skinned knee and bicycle ride in the context of Cammie, who was always there for me And I lost her just as I was starting to leave childhood behind, passing on after I d spent a year in college That s Cammie, the dog of my childhood.Years later I was riding my bicycle in the mountains outside of Pine, CO A chance decision to bounce down a dirt road led me past a few scattered ranches and one small house near a creek, set back from the road at least 50 yards A single woof from a dog caught my attention, and I braked and stood in the dry, clear air, regarding the dog who had called out to me.She was on a chain by the house, and a fence stood between us, so I remained on the road even though I could see that the dog, a black lab mix with a crazily active tail, was clearly friendly I gazed at her and the dog sat, attentive, staring into my eyes exactly the way my first dog, Cammie, used to look at me, really seeing into me.And that s when the thought hit me What if this wonderful dog was Cammie What if dogs live over and over again, and always remember us I dismissed the thought, waved at the dog, and rode away, but days later the idea came back to me What if I ve been a writer my whole life, but never have I ever written anything as important as A Dog s Purpose.I can t promise you that A Dog s Purpose will make you love your dog how could it do that But I ll tell you what a lot of people have told me after reading A Dog s Purpose, you ll never look at your dog the same way again.

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    1. My daughter chose this book as a read-along for both of us to do together. It took a while for us to get through it because she misplaced the book at school. Luckily, it was found and we were able to finish reading it together.I was surprised that this wasn't the fuzzy, warm, feel-good story about a girl and her dog that I assumed it would be from the cover. There were several topics that could be triggers for readers or of a serious nature for young readers: emotional child abuse, cancer, runni [...]

    2. I enjoyed the previous two books from this author's A Dog's Purpose Puppy Tales series, but this one didn't do it for me. The dog part was fine, but writing dialogue, especially from a female perspective is not the author's strong suit. I found the C.J's mother to be so over the top behavior and dialogue wise that she was not the least bit believable. A lot of the situations didn't make sense either, like when the mom's boyfriend, who had never even been heard of before, grabs C. J.'s arm right [...]

    3. I think this book was good and had a lot of heartwarming details about it. I love dogs so when I saw the cover to this book I know I wanted to read it. I am really glad I did.This book took place mostly at Molly's house and is in the view of Molly. Molly lives with CJ her best friend and her owner and CJ's mom Gloria who is not so great. Throughout the book you begin to notice how mean Gloria is to Molly. CJ on the other hand loves Molly so much.I thought this book could have used more of a plot [...]

    4. I did not like this book as much as I liked the other ones. In this book there was not enough action and in the other books something happen to the puppies they were fine. It was a really good book overall though.

    5. I thought this was great book. In this book Cj's mothers tries to separate her from Molly, but Molly and Cj always find a comeback. This book was so good I could not stop reading it, I strongly suggest this book.-Maci

    6. The book I read was Molly’s Story by Bruce Cameron. This book is about a dog, Molly, who’s girl is CJ, Clarity June. CJ and her friend Trent go to pick up two little puppys. But when CJ goes home she has to hide Molly since CJ’s mom does not approve of dogs. The setting of the story is in CJ’s house and a couple other places. The point of view is from Molly, who is the main character as well as CJ. There is really no mood in this story, just Molly observing CJ’s moods. The central conf [...]

    7. This was a really cute and sometimes sad book about a girl named CJ and her puppy Molly. The whole story is told through the perspective of the dog and is an interesting take, since I haven't really read stories that seem realistic but are given from an animal's point of view. I thought that was sweet at times. CJ lives with her mom who is not the most understanding woman. In fact, her mom seems to care little about her daughter at all, but you can see she has some pride in her here and there. T [...]

    8. In this Dog's Purpose novel (or Dogs Propose as my 9-year-old says), we get to meet Molly.  She's a sweet as can be puppy eager to find her person.  When 12-year-old C.J. goes with her friend to find himself a puppy, C.J. is immediately smitten with Molly.  She knows her mother would never allow her to have a dog, but she takes Molly home anyway.  Her mother is not really the greatest when it comes to caring about anyone other than herself.  C.J. hides Molly for a while, but her mother even [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book. I was pre-reading it to put in my classroom library and found the content for a bit older age students but still relevant to what I believe some of them may encounter. I enjoyed the story line although quite predictable for an adult. The entire story was told from the dog's point of view which was fascinating. It gave some interesting insight to what dogs may be thinking about what us humans do. I especially, as an educator, liked that the back of the book contained pre read [...]

    10. 203 pages. Realistic fiction about a dog who finds her girl and won't let go. The girl is named CJ and has lot of home issues with a mom who is not the greatest parent in the world. It seemed a bit long and boring in parts. There was a pretty good plot and a few surprising twists. I liked Bailey's Story and Ellie's Story better. I still think W. Bruce Cameron fans will like it. I really think the subject matter is best suited for middle school age students. I would not buy it for my library.

    11. I read Molly's story by W. Bruce Cameron. If you have seen the movie A dog's purpose. This book is about a dog named Molly and her girl CJ. Molly knows that her purpose is to take care of her girl, CJ, but it won't be easy. Neglected by her mother, who won't allow her to have a dog, CJ is going through so tough times. Molly's job is to stay hidden in CJ's room, cuddle up to her at night, and protect her from bad people. And no matter what CJ's mother does to keep them apart, nothing will keep mo [...]

    12. After reading A Dog's Purpose - which I loved -I noticed my 7 yo granddaughter was reading Molly's Story by the same author and geared more towards young people. She urged me to read it so we could talk about it. I did and truly enjoyed it. Again Bruce Cameron captured the mind of a dog beautifully.

    13. Molly has CJ for her owner but CJ's mom Gloria does not like it at all. CJ has to think of an idea fast but Gloria keeps trying to keep them apart. They want to spend their time together and they want to play with each other. Gloria plans bad things out and she also does them. CJ tries her best to keep Molly and actually does.

    14. I thought that this book was spectacular! I have read W. Bruce Cameron's other Dog's Purpose novels, Ellie's Story, and Bailey's Story. I think that W. Bruce Cameron is a great author, and I hope that he keeps writing more Dog's Purpose novels. I would recommend this book for reader's of all ages, and I can guarantee that you will love it almost as much as I did!

    15. A must read book!This is an absolutely wonderful book. I fell in love with Molly, as I have all the dogs in Mr. Cameron's books. I love how it is written in the voice of Molly. I highly recommend this book to all adults and children!

    16. I rate molly's story at 4 because the mother didn't believe her daughter when she said that her moms boyfriend hurt her and barely even cared that her little girl ran away. I think the characters in that moment were not believable. They would have acted different in real life.

    17. I just finished reading this book with my kids and it was another fun and enjoyable story from a dog’s perspective. Not a very deep or riveting storyline, but perfect for any young dog or animal lovers.

    18. Even though this book was for young readers, I thoroughly enjoyed Molly's Story. Molly choose CJ as her person, the bond between them cannot be broken. As always Bruce wrote a wonderful story for any dog lover.

    19. It was the best book of all times! I can't believe that molly the little dog found her person within one chapter and than she almost bit someone so she and CJ (the girl) ran away and the mom did I think!!!!!! But over all it was a great book. I recommend it for ages 8 and up

    20. Beautiful! I really liked how the story tied in despite not being told in the primary character’s perspective.

    21. My boys and I loved the first two books, but this one seems to be intended for a more mature audience than 7 and 9 year olds (early teens, maybe?).

    22. This is a bad book. We start off with a girl obtaining a dog, knowing it will be against her mother's wishes. She proceeds to hide the dog from the mother as long as possible. When Mom finds out, the girl threatens to tell everyone about blatant child neglect. The mother gives in to this blackmail. At the end, the daughter runs away from home. At the inevitable reunion, it appears that Mom never reported her disappearance to the authorities. There is so much better out there.

    23. Such a cute story and learned new facts about cancer sniffing dogs. Overall a great read and easy to finish even with my 8.5 month old twins :)

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