Fair, Bright, and Terrible

Fair Bright and Terrible Wales is conquered and Eluned has lost everything her country her husband her hope All that remains is vengeance and she will stop at nothing to have it Certain there is no trace within her of the

  • Title: Fair, Bright, and Terrible
  • Author: Elizabeth Kingston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wales is conquered, and Eluned has lost everything her country, her husband, her hope All that remains is vengeance, and she will stop at nothing to have it Certain there is no trace within her of the idealistic girl who loved Robert de Lascaux a lifetime ago, she agrees to marry him to advance the fortunes of her son, to avoid the nunnery, and most importantly as anWales is conquered, and Eluned has lost everything her country, her husband, her hope All that remains is vengeance, and she will stop at nothing to have it Certain there is no trace within her of the idealistic girl who loved Robert de Lascaux a lifetime ago, she agrees to marry him to advance the fortunes of her son, to avoid the nunnery, and most importantly as an easy way to gain access to the man upon whom she will avenge Wales When Robert is asked to marry the woman he has loved for eighteen years, he never hesitates But the lady who greets him at the altar has so little in common with the girl he adored that he begins to doubt that there is anything left of her bold and passionate younger self Marriage to her might gain him the fortune and status his family has always wanted, but no wealth has ever mattered to him as much as Eluned has And she, it seems, does not want him at all Trapped in a web of intrigue, revenge, and desire, they cannot forget their past but can they share a future The fascinating world of medieval Wales is continued in this riveting companion novel to The King s Man.

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      Sign up for the Elizabeth Kingston Newsletter for updates on new publications Elizabeth Kingston lives in Chicago, where she enjoys writing historical romances in what she thinks of as the Old School Romance style She sincerely hopes you enjoy her writing, and that you ll share it with others She also has a YouTube channel where she and her friends invite you to join them in reading and discussing classic old Romance novels But only if you don t mind excessive drinking and cursing.More information can be found at elizabethkingstonbooks

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    1. I really liked this book. What a lot of people don't know about England in the thirteenth century is that one of the big political battles during that time period was the king and co going after the noble's land. Prior to this book taking place, the Magna Carta had been pretty much forcibly shoved down the Monarchy's throat.The Monarchy, as monarchies are wont to do, did not appreciate having legal restraints on their power. Since they could do very little to limit the nobility via the law, they [...]

    2. I've given this an A+ for narration and an A- for content at AudioGalsFair, Bright, and Terrible is the sequel to Elizabeth Kingston’sThe King's Man, and is, like its predecessor, set in and around the final years of the Welsh struggle for independence against the military might of England under King Edward I. The book is an engrossing mix of historical romance and historical fiction; the author has obviously and extensively researched the political and military history of the time and the sec [...]

    3. Very interesting note from the author why she wrote this story. Thank you Kathie for pointing this to me. elizabethkingstonbooksWhat worked for me: 1. The vivid atmosphere that the author created. The history in this book is not just some theatrical prompt, or endless recital of historical facts but living, breathing, and ever changing stormy surrounding.2. Characterization of the heroine that stayed consistent with her portrayal in book #1 The King's Man.What didn’t work for me:1. Romance.2. [...]

    4. Review written June 6, 20175 Stars - Terrific! I'm stunned and thankfulBook #2The second in Elizabeth Kingston medieval romance series Welsh Blades. — Fair, Bright, and Terrible is the second book in this series and this time is it about Eluned, the mother of the warrior heroine Gwenllian of Ruardean in the first book, The King's Man (4.4 stars). Back then a novel I was both touched, stunned and very fascinated by. (Not a plot spoiler: (view spoiler)[Book #1 The King's Man, was gritty, harsh, [...]

    5. 4.5 or A-The companion novel to The King's Man is every bit as well-written and absorbing as the first in the series and shares similar concerns in its examination of iconoclastic women surviving and even thriving in such a hostile historical period. While both novels are heroine-centric, Fair, Bright, and Terrible is probably even more so given Eluned's larger-than-life persona as well as Robert's fairly astonishing desire for her to be the hero of this story. There are plenty of romances today [...]

    6. When I finished listening to the audiobook of The King’s Man by Elizabeth Kingston, an enthralling tale of medieval Wales, I was immediately ready to dive into the next story in the Welsh Blades series. Fair, Bright, and Terrible, while having a separate standalone romance, continues where the King’s Man left off so this review may contain some spoilers if you haven’t read it first. (Go now and read it, then come back). Fair, Bright and Terrible is the story of Eluned, mother of Gwenllian [...]

    7. There are a lot of books I could've chosen for July's TBR Challenge, "Series Catch-Up," given how prevalent series are in the romance genre (and, well, given my well-known penchant for reading entire series in order regardless of how much I want to read individual books). However, it was an easy decision to go with this book. The preceding book, The King's Man is hands-down one of the best historical romances I've read in a very long time. While I didn't like this book quite as much as the previ [...]

    8. In my opinion, Elizabeth Kingston is one of the best - if not THE best - newly published author writing in the historical genre. Fair, Bright and Terrible, the second in her Welsh Blades series ticks every single box on my list of requirements for a stimulating, entertaining and engrossing read/listen. With narrator Nicholas Boulton added into the mix I was quite literally in book heaven - enthralled from beginning to end. This story follows directly on from The King's Man and covers the true an [...]

    9. Fair, Bright, and Terrible is a companion to The King's Man, the first of Elizabeth Kingston’s Welsh Blades books. It’s not absolutely necessary to have read that book first, although I found it helpful and would certainly suggest doing so to anyone interested in reading this one. Fair, Bright, and Terrible tells the story of Eluned of Ruardean, who has lived a life of compromise and sacrifice in service of her beloved Wales. With the country now conquered by the English, and her daughter, G [...]

    10. The second book in Kingston's medieval Welsh Blades series tells the story (and backstory) of Gwenllion's hard-driving mother, Eluned. The book opens Eluned defeated, all her plots to win freedom for Wales from King Edward I in ruins. Subject to the will of men once again, the King and her son suggest she remarry—none other than Robert de Lascaux, the man with whom she had a passionate affair as a young married woman. But all Eluned's passions have been ground into the dust by a mad husband, t [...]

    11. A realistic, emotionally powerful historical romance set in a turbulent past. This novel was a surprise for me. It's nothing like the first book in this series, THE KING'S MAN (which I also really enjoyed). This story is one of 'second chance romance'. A man and woman, both around forty years of age, who rekindle their relationship 18 years after it ended. It's certainly not a tale for those who prefer lighthearted romance, but if you're ready to tackle a few heavy topics, and deal with a embitt [...]

    12. WowI ended up enjoying this audio book more than I did , a very good four star read/listen, and I think I have Nicholas Boulton to thank. As one reviewer remarked, I could listen to him just say my name over and over again. He brought Robert de Lascaux to life and what a splendid hero he was. My heart ached for him as he came to realize that Eluned, the woman he had an affair with 18 years ago, was not the same woman today that he had never stopped loving. When circumstances, the death of her "m [...]

    13. To my astonishment, I liked this one even better than the first (or perhaps just as much, only it's been a little while and I forget). The fact that it's narrated by Nicholas Boulton certainly helps (with lovely Welsh accents). Both books have awesome women and are strong on characterisation in general.In the first book, I quite disliked Eluned, since she seemed to be pushing Gwenllian into a war she didn't want to participate in, but this book explains so much of why, and in a way that makes he [...]

    14. I loved the first book in this series and was on pins and needles waiting for this story. I have to say that I had my doubts about the author’s ability to make me like let alone love the character I so thoroughly disliked in the previous story. Let me say that I was stunned at authors ability of expanding and developing such a rich and deeply flawed, yet likable heroine. Eluned imbued humanity that is all of us. The layers to her character made this woman very relatable.But I digress! Let me s [...]

    15. ****Audiobook***Story: 4 starsNarration by Nicholas Boulton: 5 StarsIn the first book of this series, The King's Man, we see Eluned in an unfavorable light, especially in how she dealt with her daughter. She is still dark in this book but now we know her history and losses, most profoundly the loss of her country, its ruler the Prince of Wales, her uncle and nephew. We also learn of a love affair she had eighteen years earlier with a man named Robert de Lascaux whom she has not seen since, yet h [...]

    16. If you read THE KING'S MAN by this author, you're already acquainted with the heroine of this second book of her Welsh Blades series. Eluned is the mother of Gwenllian, the Welsh warrior woman of Book One. Eluned came across as rather cold and single-minded in the first book and there's little warmth and cuddliness about her here either, but Kingston develops her character so that we understand why she is the way she is.It's somewhere around 1283 and the last of the Princes of Wales (the *real* [...]

    17. Eluned and Robert grow on me through the book, because at the beginning I was indifferent to him and openly disliked her, due to her acts on the first book. In the end everything was fine anyway and the plot was really good this time also that I read this book completely in one setting.Eluned e Robin mi stavano completamente indifferenti (lui) quando proprio non mi piacevano (lei) all'inizio del libro, specialmente per come si era comportata lei come madre nel primo libro, ma alla fine tutto é [...]

    18. Oh, god I loved this. The heroine is perfect. She's calculating and intelligent and vengeful and strikes that perfect balance of being extremely competent without being infallible.I haven't read Welsh Blades #1 yet, because the synopsis for this one drew me in so thoroughly, but I'm really looking forward to that one now. The heroine in #1 is the daughter of Eluned, the heroine in Fair, Bright, and Terrible and I think I'm going to enjoy that one even more now that I know and love her mother so [...]

    19. Empassioned and emotionalA work of art, this book tells the tale of a couple separated by 18 years but never separated by heart. I had to think about how revenge would feel after so long. Oh, it's not what you might think. I so wanted the heroine to be successful but it wouldn't be the truth. And what is more romantic than an honorable French noble with a vast winery? Loved this book even though it kept me awake all night!

    20. Disappointed. Heroine Eluned is hell bent on revenge, so much so that she steamrolls over everyone who stands in her way--including her lover and her daughter. Hero Robert seems nice enough but his character is underdeveloped. Narcissistic heroine and enabling hero doesn't work as a romance for me. Nicholas Boulton's excellent narration brought it up to 3 stars.

    21. Captured Again!The depth of character and insight leave this page-turner burning the midnight oil. I wanted to lash out, cry and breathe for choked air in the rapid roller coaster events! Well Done, Ms. Kingston! Well Done!

    22. Loved it! Another great read by Elizabeth Kingston.The second book is just as good add the first one. You will not be disappointed.

    23. Excellent booksWell written and excellent plot.Enjoyed both books and will look for more by the same author.Loved reading about Wales as being Welsh.

    24. Why I read it: I’ve been waiting and hoping for this one to come out on audio. So when it did, I bought it stat.What worked for me (and what didn’t): When I listened to the first book in this series, The King’s Man, I called it a “creditable debut, boosted by excellent narration”. I certainly enjoyed it but felt a little distanced from the characters. I wasn’t sure if some of that was because I had though the story would be more about Welsh independence/rebellion (and I have a soft s [...]

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