The Sugar House

The Sugar House Tess Monaghan s life is back on course She is where she likes to be downtown Balti her relationship with her boyfriend Crow is getting serious she s beginning to make a name for herself as a PI she

  • Title: The Sugar House
  • Author: Laura Lippman
  • ISBN: 9780752844213
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tess Monaghan s life is back on course She is where she likes to be downtown Balti, her relationship with her boyfriend Crow is getting serious, she s beginning to make a name for herself as a PI, she s even banking good money And then her father asks her a favour to investigate the death in prison of a friend s brother convicted of killing an unidentified girl, oTess Monaghan s life is back on course She is where she likes to be downtown Balti, her relationship with her boyfriend Crow is getting serious, she s beginning to make a name for herself as a PI, she s even banking good money And then her father asks her a favour to investigate the death in prison of a friend s brother convicted of killing an unidentified girl, otherwise known as Jane Doe Tess s search for Jane Doe s real identity soon reveals that she is Gwen Schiller, a teenage heiress with a serious eating disorder who has recently escaped from the Sugar House , an institution where bulimics and anorexics are subjected to the most brutal regimes Tess s enquiries as to Gwen s subsequent movements lead her first to a bar, Domenick s, where the proprietor supplies something a lot murky than food and wine, and then to the State Senate where two of the leading politicians appear to be living a double life But it is the links between Tess s father, a liquor licensing officer, and Domenick s that worry Tess the most What favours has her father done the Balti underworld in order to stay in business Why is he scared enough to beg Tess to drop the case It is not until her parent s house is set on fire and a body pulled from the wreckage, that she realises that her life may have taken a very wrong turning indeed one from which there is no going back

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    1. Laura Lippman

      Laura Lippman was a reporter for twenty years, including twelve years at The Balti Sun She began writing novels while working fulltime and published seven books about accidental PI Tess Monaghan before leaving daily journalism in 2001 Her work has been awarded the Edgar , the Anthony, the Agatha, the Shamus, the Nero Wolfe, Gumshoe and Barry awards She also has been nominated for other prizes in the crime fiction field, including the Hammett and the Macavity She was the first ever recipient of the Mayor s Prize for Literary Excellence and the first genre writer recognized as Author of the Year by the Maryland Library Association Ms Lippman grew up in Balti and attended city schools through ninth grade After graduating from Wilde Lake High School in Columbia, Md Ms Lippman attended Northwestern University s Medill School of Journalism Her other newspaper jobs included the Waco Tribune Herald and the San Antonio Light Ms Lippman returned to Balti in 1989 and has lived there since She is the daughter of Theo Lippman Jr a Sun editorial writer who retired in 1995 but continues to freelance for several newspapers, and Madeline Mabry Lippman, a former Balti City school librarian Her sister, Susan, is a local bookseller.

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    1. Book # 5 in the Tess Monaghan series has the former reporter turned private investigator taking on a job as a favor to her Dad. Ruthie is a waitress whose younger brother Henry died in prison after confessing to killing a girl. The girl was never identified, but Ruthie thinks that perhaps her brother was killed because of something to do with that Jane Doe. So she asks Tess to find out who the girl was. But the more she digs, the more Tess is puzzled by the intricate web of connections that seem [...]

    2. A really excellent entry in this series. It feels like all the groundwork Lippman laid is paying off: Tess's family, love life, & career are firing. It's not that they're running smoothly. There's turbulence on two of those fronts. But it all feels very organic. For example: I remember being turned off by Tess's vanity early on. Learning about her struggles with an eating disorder eventually lent some perspective to that view. Here, those seeds that Lippman planted & nurtured bear fruit, [...]

    3. If I hadn't already purchased this, I might never have read another Tess Monaghan story after the last one. Which is lucky, because this was several degrees smarter. I'm not sure I can think of another series where the quality of the entries has been so varied - Block's Scudder books, perhaps.This was political and plotty, with enough actual detecting and making things happen among all the coincidences and accidental witnesses. I actually feel good about continuing on with the series now even if [...]

    4. This review actually applies to the audio version--I can't find the correct one listed.#5 Tess Monaghan mystery set in Baltimore, MD. Having returned from Texas with boyfriend Crow in tow, Tess is beginning to settle into somewhat of a routine with her PI business and her personal life. She is asked by her father to take on a case for an old friend. Ruthie wants her to find out the identity of the Jane Doe her glue-sniffing, addict brother was sent to prison for killing, albeit accidentally in a [...]

    5. all I want from a mystery novel is interesting complicated characters, suspense/confusion/creepiness, and a vast conspiracy that goes all the way to the top (or Annapolis, as the case may be), exposing the ruses of power and how individual human lives get swept up in their machinations. and while misogyny is part of that, I would prefer that fiction not revel in the details of chopped up and/or violated women's bodies. this book fit all those requirements and it was fun to read. that's about all [...]

    6. A strong female-led PI novel, without most of the problems and distractions that seem to plague the subgenre. Yeah, Tess is an independent smart-ass in the vein of a Warshawski, but is considerably more likable. The mystery here is intriguing and, unlike many detective stories, there is a feeling of loss. The characters are strong, over-all, but some of the villains are a bit too blatant and last-minute. Still, highly enjoyable for fans of the sub-genre.

    7. The Sugar House is the fifth instalment of the Tess Monaghan series set in Baltimore. In this outing, Tess investigates what turns out to be a testing and dangerous case involving the death of an anonymous woman and her killer, organized crime, and politics. The mystery and its investigation are the strengths of the story, with Lippman weaving together a number of plot strands, with plenty of social and political intrigue. There’s also a good sense of place, especially with regards to the soci [...]

    8. Continuing on my no heavy lifting spree, this is the best of the Tess Monaghan books so far. A good mystery with some interesting complexity, some ingenuity, some teamwork and threat. The family relationships were less obvious and discussed here but they were a solid backdrop to the story without being distracting. The corruption and dealings were, perhaps, not as gritty or as far reaching as other authors might create, but enough to keep the plot tight, even if Tess seems to be as surprised at [...]

    9. This is not the first book I've read in the series, but I don't think it was my favorite. I like Tess, but she felt a little flat to me in this book. Also this book jumped around a lot, from plot, to plot, to another plot, and sometimes it was hard to follow. It also didn't always make sense, things were brought up and then never really expanded upon. Basically this was a very plot driven book, and I appreciate a more character driven story.

    10. When I read this series, I think about what non-Baltimore readers must thinkcially with all of the place names sprinkled throughout. I am starting to really like Tess and how each novel (with the exception of the last one) weaves in local politics, social services, and race and class relations in Baltimore. There was one plot point, while I was reading, that made me think "I don't buy this at all" but now I can't remember what it is! (view spoiler)[Edit: I think it might have been the fact that [...]

    11. Laura Lippman does not disappoint. She crafts a thriller like no one else: detailed, interwinding story plots, complex characters. I never want the book to end and find myself reading the last pages slower as to prolong the story as much as I can.This one involved politics, her family, the police and fire departments, a home for rich troubled girls, her personal friends and a boyfriend, Crow and so many more. Tess is strong and able, she makes mistakes and is stumped at times. She is tough and c [...]

    12. Seemed to be a slower pace than others in the series, but that pace always picks up in the last pages. Tess causes serious problems for her parents through her research into a supposed accidental death. A few other deaths are kind of glossed over, but the series really focuses on Tess's sleuthing abilities and near scrapes.

    13. A solid series with a character that is growing as a person and in her relationships. She is coming to realize her strength as a PI, but also its costs to her life. Liked this one as she moves on with her relationship with Crow and ends in her own place vs. part of the 'little girl' under her aunt's roof. Good moves.

    14. Nothing wrong with this book; so why did I have to read it in Large Print? The N word again. I got quite tense waiting for it.

    15. This had a lot of thinking involved and the story at times got dry. But overall a great finish and I can't wait to start the next!

    16. These Tess Monaghan books just seem to get better as they go along. The personal background story always seems to leaved me wanting to start the next book to find out what happens next.

    17. Another book that I read long ago and only remembered the boyfriend bringing home a young kid who needed a little help . . . which was only the first few pages of the book . . .

    18. Tess Monaghan's roots are in Baltimore, where she grew up in one of the blue collar neighborhoods. As a P.I she has traversed most of the neighborhoods and is familiar with their history. She and her father are close, almost like pals, so when he asks for a favor, she obliges. An old friend of his, Ruthie Denbrow, wants to know why her brother Henry was killed in his early weeks in prison after confessing to a crime.The crime, referred to as a Jane Doe murder, because the victim's identity has n [...]

    19. For some reason I had it in my head ever since finishing #4 that I was done with this series. But when I reread the description of #5 a few weeks ago when I was looking for a new book to read, I couldn't remember what I had against Tess Monaghan. So, I decided to give her another try, and I'm glad I did.This story returns the action to Baltimore (after a foray into Texas to retrieve long lost boyfriend Crow in the last book) and settles back into a groove I was afraid might have been lost. Tess [...]

    20. The book jacket says that Laura Lippman has, "been awarded every major prize in crime fiction." I find found it hard to believe!"The Sugar House" seemed to be adolescent and even boring at times. And I love crime fiction! From Christie to Poe, from Patricia Cromwell to Janet Evanovich--I love them! Not to mention the writers of historical crime fiction--whom I greatly admire when their history is spot on while they still write a captivating mystery. I say all of this just to illustrate that I en [...]

    21. Glad to meet Tess in BaltimoreI'm a Maryland boyBorn and raised in Chevy Chase, in Somerset, about a quarter mile from the Western Ave. Washington DC line. So my town was DC. My baseball team was the Senators (American League). My football team was/is the Redskins (Colts & Ravins would've been more acceptable PC). So, for a Maryland boy (attempting) to grow up in the1940's & '50's, focused on the thriving, growing bureaucracy of our nation's capitol and it's sports teams, Baltimore might [...]

    22. Their summary:Jess Monaghan's life is back on course. She is beginning to make a name for herself as a PI, she's even banking good money. And then her father asks her a favour: to investigate the death in prison of a friend's brother convicted of killing an unidentified girl, otherwise known as 'Jane Doe'. Tess's search leads her to 'the Sugar House', a brutal institution where she discovers Jane Doe's real identity. And then Tess's father begs her to drop the case It is not until her parent's h [...]

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