A Perfect Storm

A Perfect Storm The brand new short story in the bestselling series The Chronicles of St Mary s You don t have to travel through time to experience catastrophe on an epic scale as the disaster magnets from St Mary

  • Title: A Perfect Storm
  • Author: Jodi Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The brand new short story in the bestselling series, The Chronicles of St Mary s You don t have to travel through time to experience catastrophe on an epic scale, as the disaster magnets from St Mary s are about to find out For Max, what starts off as a perfectly normal week is about to degenerate into a quagmire of egotistical film producers, monumental pub crawls, unsThe brand new short story in the bestselling series, The Chronicles of St Mary s You don t have to travel through time to experience catastrophe on an epic scale, as the disaster magnets from St Mary s are about to find out For Max, what starts off as a perfectly normal week is about to degenerate into a quagmire of egotistical film producers, monumental pub crawls, unsigned contracts, exploding rocks, Professor Rapson and his megaphone, the world s biggest bacon butty and Angus the third component of the most notorious love triangle since Menelaus, Paris and Whatshername the one with the face they launched ships off A Perfect Storm of calamity, devastation and misfortune only ever encountered at St Mary s.

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    1. Jodi Taylor

      Jodi Taylor is, and always has been, a complete history nut It takes vast amounts of chocolate to get her out of bed for anything after 1485 And if it s raining, there s no chance.Habitually tongue tied when asked to talk about herself, she gets round this by describing herself as tall, incredibly beautiful, witty and technically proficient The Chronicles of St Mary s Just One Damned Thing After AnotherA Symphony Of EchoesA Second ChanceA Trail Through TimeNo Time Like The Past published in Feb 2015 St Mary s Short Stories When A Child Is BornRoman HolidayChristmas PresentRomance NovelsThe Nothing GirlLittle Donkey Short Story You can catch up with all the latest happenings on her Facebook page facebook AuthorJodiTaylor

    940 thoughts on “A Perfect Storm”

    1. Sitting down to write a review of this short story made me feel like I was going to have to admit to having the world's most massive groin malfunction.For those of you who've read this story, you should have figured out what I mean. For everyone else, please enjoy this image with my compliments.And on to other news.The story happens to be humorous as hell and it serves another purpose, namely, to fish for compliments on the fact that Ms. Taylor is now on the radar for a movie deal! Congratulatio [...]

    2. Rating: Really? C'mon.How can I convince the habitually skeptical or the hair-shirted Acolytes of Litrachure to try this fun, funny, poignant, deeply satisfying series? I can't and, if I'm honest with y'all, don't feel much need to. Reading exists for moments like these, wherever you yourownself find them, the moments where you laugh, sniffle, connect in a truly satisfying way with people who aren't real. As in birth-certificate real. Because they're sure as life real to the readers who love the [...]

    3. This St. Mary's short story is proudly presented byas well asand exploding rocks (don't ask).Is it just me or does Jodi Taylor make some not-so-pleasant remarks about the film industry here? Does that mean she was approached by some movie companies for an adaptation of the series (and wasn't very pleased, which I could totally understand)? *is getting excited*Anyway, this short story is taking place shortly after the last novel. Leon, Guthrie and Markham are back but severely injured (Guthrie wi [...]

    4. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes A Perfect Storm was just what we needed after And The Rest Is History. It was a much lighter read and more like the earlier works, where Max is more, well, Max. Expect everything you've come to expect from St. Mary's and you won't be disappointed!

    5. St Mary's It's standard St. Mary's-they aren't called disaster magnets for nothing. After the last full length book though, I need a good laugh as a reason to keep reading the series, and damned if Jodi Taylor didn't leave me in tears at the end. Tears. In a short story. These are supposed to be only fun, not heartwarming too. Buttears.

    6. And with a crash and a bang, St Marys is back, on top form as ever! I really didn't like the last offering in the Chronicles, #8 And the Rest is History, so I was apprehensive to say the least about this short story, coming so soon after and also part of the Long and Short of It compilation. There were a lot of painful avenues in ATRIH that led readers down some dark paths so to read this was a joy, as it's like reading Jodi Taylor's earlier works all over again, but with new storylines and quir [...]

    7. This new novella takes place at St Mary's where the team are in various degrees of rehabilitation after their last mission. Max has just two tasks: get one of their former colleagues to destroy his latest novel (about time travel) and get a film producer to sign a lucrative contract with St Mary's for historical research and/or costumes. But the producer is an ass and Max allows Professor Rapson to recreate Hannibal's fire setting techniques. There are foetid vapours, fake accents, superheroes, [...]

    8. I read this slightly out of order - I haven't read books 7 or 8 yet - so there were some spoilers here for me - but fairly non spoilery as far as these things go (ie people are injured, but you don't get told how/what happened) and the story is fun and as madcap as these novellas at St Marys always are.

    9. Another short story from the wonderful characters at St. Mary's. This time we see Max traversing the perilous role of 'fundraiser' as she escorts a Mr Cutter around St Mary's in the hope of procuring some much needed funds. As usual, we have the added capers from Markham, Peterson and the gang following a pub crawl dressed as various superheroes. Have I mentioned I want a job at St Mary's?

    10. Another great little short story. I've said it many times, Taylor's writing is very episodic and these short stories are the best cause the pacing is spot on and focused. The hijinx this time around is just as priceless and the depth of characters comes from all the time readers have spent with them. The pub crawl was classic. Onward to the next book!

    11. 3.5 but I totally enjoy this whole series so rounded up. This is a thirty minute read with a lot of bang for your buck :-)

    12. loved this latest installment from St Mary's. You just know when Professor Rapson has an idea to impress the film producer that things will go wrong and when Dr Bairstow casually wanders out of the medical ward with Angus I had to laugh. No way can the crew keep anything from his notice no matter how hard they try. Love these books, they can cheer you up on the most depressing day.

    13. This collects together all the short stories (thus far) from the Chronicles of St Mary’s, which if you haven’t read them, go back and start from the beginning. I’ll wait. Done it? Good. Now you know about the time travelling disaster-magnets who comprise St Mary’s historians and their support teams, especially Max our (usually) main viewpoint character. (I particularly love reading about Markham in security.) I’d read (and reviewed) all but one of these before because I buy anything fr [...]

    14. How much I missed this series! I was thrilled to see that a new (even if short) story was released recently. Couldn't wait to grab it.I was reading last night in bed (around midnight) with hubby quietly sleeping next to me, and I had serious difficulties suppressing the shudders of laughter that would convulse my body every now and then while reading, to avoid waking him up. A very difficult feat to do!Please hurry up with the next book, we're already starting here!

    15. Max is in charge of a visiting movie director and putting the kibosh on a way too accurate novel written by David Sands. Meanwhile, St Mary's is recreating the vinegar breaking up water Hannibal mountain trick. It is St Marys so of course things go awry and perfectly all simultaneously. Fun visit in between novels as usual with the short stories of this series.

    16. Still wiping away the tearsof laughter, that is. I wish I could share all my favourite bits, but it would spoil the joy. If you have read all the other St Mary short stories, you will love this one. If you haven't, don't waste any more time. And don't start here - go to the first and begin there. And enjoy.

    17. Really should not have read this before the last few books - some BIG spoilers that have made me upset. (view spoiler)[ - I love happy endings and I ca’t believe Dr. Foster is dead :C (hide spoiler)]Mr Cutter was an interesting fellow. I can feel Taylor’s annoyance with the historical movie portrayals and can relate.

    18. Histrionics at St Mary'sA week in the life of St Mary's was hilarious. Max has to entertain a producer and enlists the DR's which is just catastrophe all on its own!Bashford and Markham are officially the comic element and love when they appear.

    19. R&D as usualI tend to be overly generous in stars when it comes to this series because I officially view it as an epic adventure in many parts. This time the final star is for the last sentence. I'll let you figure out why when you read it.

    20. Nice short little tale filling a bit of space after the last main series novel. The characters are up to their usual antics with all the lunacy and comic escapades to be expected, Mrs Enderby even has an irish accent!Great little nugget for fans of the series

    21. If it has one star I liked it a lot If it has two stars I liked it a lot and would recommend itIf it has three stars I really really liked it a lot If it has four stars I insist you read it If it has five stars it was life changing

    22. BrilliantI loved it, exploding rocks, and Angus. Turk is involved with Markham again, no serious damage. Leon is recovering and max and Peterson giggling together again. And Angus!

    23. Great Short PeekA Nice time will be had by all who read this wonderful glimpse into LIFE at St. Mary's! It will inspire you to enjoy more of the series. Plus pray the author will please write the next novel.

    24. I love Jodi Taylor!! (And Max, Leon, Peterson, Markham et al) I have been pining for a St. Mary's book and this appeared on my Kindle as though it had been sent in a pod and I was a happy girl for an hour. Now I need more! Historians (and Jodi Taylor) never disappoint!

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