Wild Wastes: Eastern Expansion

Wild Wastes Eastern Expansion Spoiler for the faint hearted at the bottom of the blurb Please read all the way through Before world war two could reach its conclusion the world suffered what could only be defined as a cataclysm N

  • Title: Wild Wastes: Eastern Expansion
  • Author: Randi Darren Caterina Kalymniou
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Spoiler for the faint hearted at the bottom of the blurb Please read all the way through Before world war two could reach its conclusion, the world suffered what could only be defined as a cataclysm Now, Yosemite city stands as the gateway between two worlds The empire of humanity to the west, and the wild wastes to the east Standing at the helm for Yosemite is Vinc Spoiler for the faint hearted at the bottom of the blurb Please read all the way through Before world war two could reach its conclusion, the world suffered what could only be defined as a cataclysm Now, Yosemite city stands as the gateway between two worlds The empire of humanity to the west, and the wild wastes to the east Standing at the helm for Yosemite is Vince, a Ranger turned city state ruler Supporting him in his endeavors is his inner circle Vince has begun to maneuver through the intricacies of ruling At the same time he must balance his expanding foundation and fend off external threats Thankfully, every single citizen of Yosemite is united to the cause To make their home, permanent To dig out their place in the world and make a stand Things are starting to spiral out of control Almost as quickly as he can put it all back together something else falls apart And with Yosemite rapidly rising into prominence, Vince finds that it really means just putting a bulls eye on your back Warning This novel contains adult themes and moral ambiguities The main character is written as a real person in an apocalypse, and will not make choices that line up with society and cultural norms This story contains a harem and is an Adult Fantasy novel.

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    1. Randi Darren Caterina Kalymniou

      Randi Darren Caterina Kalymniou Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wild Wastes: Eastern Expansion book, this is one of the most wanted Randi Darren Caterina Kalymniou author readers around the world.

    516 thoughts on “Wild Wastes: Eastern Expansion”

    1. Actually a 2 or 3 on the like scalendle Unlimited - Thank you.This one might have killed the series for me. But I decided not to tank the rating because I don't like where the author took the story. Heintz's plausible deniability shield pretty much bites the dust when Gerard steps up at the battle of Vegas. Vince and Gerard step up and put their lives on the line and Heintz sits in his office and lets defenders die. So much for lethal dragon power. And then Heintz cloaks his thoughts while scann [...]

    2. I shot down Book 1 quite a bit. It's not good enough for an erotica. It's not good enough for an adventuring book. It was everything yet nothing. It was good but not good enough. It was literally just a guy going around the world picking up girls and f*cking them and building a family, more or less. Here, in Book 2, there's more. It's a bigger family with even more girls. There's also a bit of city building that tied the whole book together. We can see the issues a city may have, such as food sh [...]

    3. A lot of power fantasy in these books and a lot of unintentional silliness. There are a lot of story threads that seem to have died in favor of the over sex sub story lines with multiple women that seem to kind of fade together. The MC collects women like a stamp collection and the sex scenes are overdone. All these women just seem to get a long fine and dandy, I am waiting for one of them to stab the MC in the back, but I guess his sexual prowess keep them all in line *eye roll*. Though, there [...]

    4. More of the same as the first book, which is a good thing. The female characters continue to be fleshed out and gain depth, but Vince stays very static throughout. Which didn't really bother me, as the female leads are what really make the story worth reading. More world building, more hints and mysteries being teased out, but again the overall arc is wrapped up nicely, and the pacing is well done. There are just a lot of wide open story possibilities that make me look forward to reading more st [...]

    5. "Annnnd Action!"First the good news: this long-awaited (for me, anyway) second book was well worth the wait, was an awesome read, and if you liked the first book, you should buy this book now. I mean, like right now.Now for the spoilers and things I wish were different. You have been warned.Like I said: good book, enjoyed muchly. Worth buying. But One of the cool things about the first book was the slow pacing. We got to learn about Vince, the world, and each girl slowly. Each additional main ch [...]

    6. This one fell short of the first one, but did introduce some new and interesting characters though the protagonist didn't really spend any time with them in this book. He also neglected his love interests from the first book. The main characters that he interacts with here are the most Vanilla of the group. Dryads and elves. Pointy ears and glowing eyes, other then that they might as well be chicks he picked up at a nightclub.The story however was still good but for me the long sex scenes with t [...]

    7. I have a bunch of other books to read, but this and a few others were on my mind since I finished them So I'll put the other books on hold for a while.Book was immensely entertaining. (view spoiler)[Watching Vince go from a bachelor Ranger to a King with a Queen and multiple wives was something else. (hide spoiler)]I know these books are somewhat silly, but they are entertaining. I couldn't put down this novel for long periods of time. I even stayed up late reading into the wee hours of the morn [...]

    8. Sex Power! Building a Kingdom With Magic And Vince powers up his Dryads with magic and is in return is powered up by their grove. Enemies from all directions from all directions want a piece of him and Yosemite City. What's a King to do? Go in all directions to make friends, negotiate, conquer, and the time old method of uniting enemy kingdoms. This series is one of my favorites. I like the humor, action, politics, magic, military science and complex well written characters. I reread the first b [...]

    9. Gratuitous sex and ActionLove it definitely not got the easily offended or disgusted but exactly the read I expected after the first. Please continue, I love the smart enemies and not needing to make Vince a moron to drive the story or create the conflict. Would very much like to see his personal power grow/consious control; felt like that part was dragging, and making him weak to follow especially with his new enemies. Great read, already desperately awaiting book three. On To Denver!

    10. Excellent sequel!Woohoo! That was awesome, sexy, a good plot and good action. Vince collected more female heroines with excellent mindset. But Elysa was the MVP in the book, Vince has become a king and had problems transitioning into his role. There some grammar mistakes the editor didn't correct in the end of the book but they are negligible. It was a good story and I can't wait for the next one!

    11. Good readThis one did not disappoint, it was as well written as the first. I like how Vince realized that he has limitations on the skills needed to be king. I did not like the fact that he did not at least try to learn how to be a proper king and not a figure head.The expansion was a great way to go. I would like to see that the focused of the next one be on stabilizing the kingdom.

    12. A great follow up book I enjoyed this sequel quite a bit. It does quickly take the story from that of a simple ranger to a king. I would have preferred to see that progression occur over several books, as it felt rushed to me and lost some of the flavor of the original story. That said, it’s excellent and I recommend it. I look forward to seeing what is in store with the next book.

    13. I put three stars for everything well done, except the very end , just before the epilogue. Seeing our powerful hero capitulate is never a nice thing. And even though the author clearly wants to push it, I found many other solutions possible to the end of the book.This was a really great read until then, but the conclusion was such BS that I nearly stopped reading. But since it was the very end, I pushed until the two remaining pages.

    14. Rare series where the second book is better than the first.As the title says the second is just as good as the first, if not even better than the first. My only complaint is that I wish he made the time hops a little bit easier to figure out. IIF you're reading the reviews, you should have already have read the synopsis so don't complain when there's sex scenes you weren't prepared for.

    15. Fun readReally liked the story and the direction it took in book two. Growing the kingdom, armies clashing, and even a tease of information about Vince's origin and how the waste came to exist. There is at least a few more books coming and I'm looking forward to reading them. This is a series worth investing in.

    16. Sexy and EntertainingStarted to read the first book and at first I didn't know if I was going to enjoy it. But the Randi brought us so many different types of Characters and setting, that I was hooked. With this book I fell in Love even MORE, loved the the little gem of Vince finding the Secret station. Looking forward to Reading more.

    17. More Please!If you liked Wild Waste book one, you will love book two, Eastern Expansion. More, bigger and better. Vince, the main character is great, and he has a wonderfully interesting and (many times) funny supporting cast. Randi Darren rates up there with Elliott Kay, D. R. Rosier and E. William Brown. It's a shame the third book is six months away.

    18. Fun readGeared toward adult audiences, this is an entertaining read. As the second book in the series, instead of tying up loose end, it expanded the mystery and left me wanting more. Since that is the hallmark of a good book, the author did a good job.

    19. Great continuationThe story line is expanded well. Bringing more characters to the table and finding each one a niche. The author pulls off a perfect scale down of power from the main character, which is very hard to do.

    20. So didn’t know this was erotic fiction. Thought it would just be a bloody or dark fantasy novel. Despite that I tried to go for the story in this one and yeah it’s quite dull. Each situation just sets up more power for the main character and more “wives”. Nothing worth reading here.

    21. Great book, can't wait for the next oneEasy read great story line. Little adult themed but makes for good reading, cast of females is good but getting hard to remember who is who. Really looking forward to the next book

    22. The book got biggerThe story is great but a little unfocused but that works forms for the story. It feels like it's all leading somewhere big. At least I hope it is. I recommend to buy.

    23. Great ReadVery imaginative, not your typical fantasy novel. Great characters, entertaining plot, good character development, I could not ask for more. Definitely looking forward to the next book, now publish it already.

    24. Pretty good stuffJudging by his writing this author has either gotten a lot of bjs or given a lot of bjs. My guess is the latter. The series is pretty good. The idea is unique and that keeps the interest going. That and the bjs.

    25. A perfect sequel. The characters keep getting better with each chapter. I hope that the next book will have a cast list. It is getting difficult to keep all the names correct. Can't wait for the next book!

    26. Let the kingdom and heir building begin. A great addition to this series. We get to see more of the kingdom building side in this story, and although we see less of the original cast the new cast are enjoyable as well.

    27. Great ContinuationA wonderful continuation of this empire building series, with twists and turns and new characters that will intrigue you. If you enjoyed Wild Wastes, you will enjoy this too.

    28. Incredible!Wow! I had no idea the story was going this way, a lot of unexpected developments. This is a great story, very fun characters going toward the same goal. Great second Wild Wastes book!

    29. the sultan blushedI really enjoyed the first one, but in this sequel the harem smothers the story too much. He end up with, I can't even count how many wives, more than 7, and it got repetitiveill, the monster girls were unique for the most part, and the writing solid.

    30. I liked it, but the book contained too much female, too little male. Seriously, every time a new capable female comes up, it's ALWAYS the same thing (not mentioning specifics for spoiler reasons), and I just can't identify with that.

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