Their Virgin Brat

Their Virgin Brat Super hot twins for one bratty girl Liam and Aiden Dad has remarried and our new step sibling is a brat But we re good at soothing difficult mares a slip of a girl should be no problem When we learn t

  • Title: Their Virgin Brat
  • Author: S.C. Daiko
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Super hot twins for one bratty girl Liam and Aiden Dad has remarried and our new step sibling is a brat.But we re good at soothing difficult mares a slip of a girl should be no problem.When we learn the brat still has her V card,riding horses isn t the only thing on our minds.We can t stop thinking about bratty Samantha,breaking her in and making her ours.Just for a short Super hot twins for one bratty girlLiam and Aiden Dad has remarried and our new step sibling is a brat.But we re good at soothing difficult mares a slip of a girl should be no problem.When we learn the brat still has her V card,riding horses isn t the only thing on our minds.We can t stop thinking about bratty Samantha,breaking her in and making her ours.Just for a short time.At least, that s the rule.Except rules are made to be broken, right Samantha I ve never been with one man,let alone two,and that suits me fine.Men are trouble.Aiden and Liam are so freaking hot, though soon all I want is their touch, their kisses,their gorgeous shafts.I know what we re doing is wrong.They re my twin step siblings if our parents find outall hell will break loose.One rule it s only for a short time.Will we lose everything by breaking that rule Early reviews for Their Virgin Brat Hot, hot, hot Fun, sexy and taboo The characters are well developed and I loved them all so much The epilogue is everything a reader would want from this feel good story.

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      325 S.C. Daiko
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    1. S.C. Daiko

      SC Daiko, aka Siobhan pronounced Shivawn , is an author of kinky, steamy romance featuring hot alphas and sassy women Her stories are sexy and emotional reads Originally from the UK, she now lives in Italy with her husband and two cats Nothing makes her happier than connecting with readers and fellow authors You can find Siobhan at Facebook page facebook SCDaikoAuthor Twitter twitter S_C_DaikoInstagram instagram scdaiko hl en author show viewauthor SCDaikoBlog scdaiko Facebook group facebook groups SiobhSpotify open.spotify user 213r4bdYou Tube youtube channel UC9S2Sign up for her newsletter at eepurl cS11mf

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    1. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.Aiden and Liam's dad has remarried and their new step-sister is a brat. However they are good at taming difficult mares; a slip of a girl should be no problem. But, when they learn the brat still has her V card, riding horses is no longer the only thing on their mind. They can not stop thinking about Samantha. Breaking her in, making heir theirs just for a short time. That is the rule after all. However [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsThe Roberts twins, Liam and Aiden, 30, show and train horses on their family farm, but they’re still skeptical of the arrival of their new step-sister, Samantha, 19, also a horse enthusiast. While the premise suggests the tale’s smutty nature, it does in fact have a fairly developed story with intricate details of the horse business. For the most part, I think it balances the steam and story elements well. “The door swings open and they stride into my room. They’re naked as the [...]

    3. What a perfect taboo story. This book brings the sweet and sexy in abundance. I loved Liam and Aiden who can't stop about their bratty stepsister Samantha. The chemistry between these three is instant. Sam has had a traumatic past that leaves her very closed off, especially around men. The fact that these three in close quarters makes the tension ten times stronger. I loved the twins tenderness, compassion and utter devotion to Sam, it was so sweet to he how protective they were of her. I defini [...]

    4. When Samantha joins her twin stepbrothers Liam and Aiden at the Farmhouse and Stables there is instant friction between them. Though the boys had instant attraction to her horse Jason. As expert horse riders, they had an appreciation for good horse flesh and knew instantly that Jason had champion potential.Almost immediately Samantha felt something for her Stepbrothers, and it wasn't very sisterly. Working with them day to day would become problematic if she didn't get her hormones under control [...]

    5. Aiden and Liam's dad remarriage has brought his sons a new step mother AND a new step sister named Samantha. Thing is, Aiden and Liam aren’t so sure about the new sister…she is a brat. She acts all bratty and sassy. But the only time she acts decent is when she works with their show horses. So the men realize that they can tame her like they would a difficult mare but all that changes when they realize Samantha is still a virgin. Soon the men and Sam are engaged in taboo relationship. There [...]

    6. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.Aiden and Liam both jump and train show horses. Their dad remarries and while on their honeymoon the guys must take care of Samantha, their new stepsister. They think Sam is a spoiled little brat and they drew that conclusion from just one meeting at their parents wedding. When Sam shows up at their ranch with her new horse that she needs to train to become a world class show jumper. The guys keep their distan [...]

    7. I have just finished reading ‘Their Virgin Brat’, oh my goodness me! What a fabulous book. The story grabs you straight from the start. I’m not a fan of horses, but I loved the background to this story. Of course the whole book isn’t a story about show jumping, but to me, I found that part really enjoyable. What can I say about the sex between the two brothers and their step sister – suffice to say it’s hot, hot, hot! The author has managed (as she always does) to draw the reader int [...]

    8. This book was amazing, I couldn't put it down. This was my second book from sc daiko and they just keep getting better and better. I thought my iPad was going to catch on fire throughout the whole book it was that hot. I can't wait to read more from you.

    9. To say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this book would be a bit of an understatement, I believe.First, I had never heard of the author but I really love discovering new-to-me authors so that part was exciting. Second, twin brother menage – YES PLEASE! Third, the brothers are horse trainers and showers. This is a subject I know absolutely zero about so I was going to actually learning something while enjoying a great deal of taboo sexy times, so that was a bonus.The characters were [...]

    10. Beta ReadI was really excited to start this one from S.C. Daiko - Twin Brothers Ménage Hot!!!Their Virgin Brat blew me away right from the very start and the epilogue is everything a reader would want from this feel good story.Aiden & Liam Roberts - The twins are Identical in everyway, visually, personality wise one seems harsher than the other but both are gentlemen and work hard and play even harder.Samantha aka Sam - A shy and standoffish Brat, but with a jaded past that makes her act ou [...]

    11. ***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***Oh, My Goodness! I am a HUGE ménage romance reader and this M/F/M taboo story drew me straight in from the beginning! SC Daiko’s Their Virgin Brat, has delivered a fun, hot romance and she is not ‘horsing’ around with some step-love. She has written just enough feels to make you keep flipping those pages to find out what happens to Samantha, Liam and Aiden. Samantha has come to her step-father’s ranch in need of mare-guidi [...]

    12. Aiden and Liam met their new stepsister, Sam, at their father’s wedding and she made a less than favorable impression so they are not happy that she will be staying with them while their parents are on their honeymoon.Sam knows that she comes across as a brat but she acts that way due to her past which is meant to keep all men at a distance and it has worked very well so far.When Aiden and Liam meet the horse that she is training to be a show jumper it brings them closer as they train show hor [...]

    13. Their Virgin Brat (ARC) was graciously provided to me by Enticing Journey Book Promotions for an honest review."The Excitement and Love of Showjumping"Oh my goodnessI absolutely loooved this new story. I'm so glad I read it! Even before I started reading it, I knew it would be a great read, but, I never knew how much I'd really enjoy it. What a treasure of a find! As I sit here with tears still in my eyes at the completion of this new read of a beautiful, heart-warming, sexy, gripping, and dream [...]

    14. I loved reading this book as much as I did reading Their Virgin Nanny. This book is hot and was hard to put down. However, it is a little too similar to Their Virgin Nanny, so much so that there are parts of the book that are an exact copy. There are also a few spelling mistakes/typos in this book as there are with other books by this author. It is still a great read though and I would definitely recommend.

    15. Sweet Jesus I was so excited to read this book that I can't even explain. I was super curious mainly because I've already read another book from this author and oh boy SC Daiko has a super hot writing, full of kinkiness, desire and so much more that will make you hot Their Virgin Brat is her latest release and tells the stories of Aiden, Liam and Samantha. Aiden and Liam are twins that share a special bond. Their dad had remarried and they gain a new stepsister. For them she's a brat but she has [...]

    16. Twins Aiden & Liam's father has remarried, and they have a new step sister who's a brat. Samantha has always believed men are trouble that stems from her childhood, and when she's feeling awkward she falls back on being bratty. But when these three are thrown together, brattiness soon becomes sparks. Will they take the chance of losing everything by breaking the rules? Their Virgin Brat was a super hot read that threatened to melt my kindle. Aiden, Liam, and Samantha were great together, whi [...]

    17. This is a feel good ménage a trios featuring hot twins Liam and Alden and their new stepsister Samantha who they dub The Brat. Siobhan obviously has a detailed knowledge of horses and eventing as that all came across as very accurate. Personally I preferred the set up in her previous book Their Virgin Nanny as the guys had hot sex with each other and obviously that didn't happen here as they were twins! However the sex scenes still sizzled. I did find the twins a tad annoying at times but I gue [...]

    18. 4 StarsI received a copy of Their Virgin Brat in exchange for my honest review.I decided to read this book after reading one similar by SC Daiko not too long ago. This is a short novella, so a quick and easy read. It's about two brothers who are competitive horse riders in England. Their new step sister is arriving at their ranch with her horse and she hopes to train to be a horse jumper. The guys automatically think she's a brat, even though she's really not. One thing leads to another and t [...]

    19. Brats are bestFive stars an amazingly funny yet romantic book. Its so cute I want to read it again. Relationships are hard and this one isn't easy either, but you won't be disappointed.

    20. ❤️I loved this book from start to finish it was a true love story I highly recommended this book great

    21. Amazing!!Wow, another amazing book by SC Daiko! This was my first menage story by her, and I loved it! It gave me feels in all the right places, with just enough drama and angst to make me really feel for everyone, and plenty of heat for everyone. This story focuses on Sam and her twins, Aiden and Liam. Sam has come from a family with domestic abuse that make her skittish around men, but she does everything in her power to not be weak and stands up for herself. She has drive and passion for hors [...]

    22. I did receive a free ARC copy of this book from Booksprouts in exchange for a voluntary honest review. I have read other books by this author and they all are wonderful! In this book we have a shy 19 year old Samantha, who everyone says is a horrible spoiled brat. I just see a shy young girl who doesn't have much 'life' experience. Samantha's mother has married Michael, a kind man, who has two grown twin boys who are his 'adult' children.The identical twins, Aiden & Liam are 30 yrs old, and [...]

    23. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving my review. Samantha and her mum suffered abuse at the hands of her father and it has left Sam very vulnerable near men so she avoids them at all costs and tends to behave like a brat around men. She hasn't even had a boyfriend. Then her mum remarries to a nice man with two twin sons, Liam and Aiden who are a bit older than Sam. They are handsome, hunky, charming and everything a woman could want in a boyfriend but they [...]

    24. I'm such a big fan of MFM books so I knew I was going to like Their virgin brat also S.c Daiko wrote this and she really knows how to write a steamy melt your panties turn you into a puddle of goo story . Aiden , Liam , and Samantha have an instant attraction to one another but their walls are up and don't want to cross that boundary due to the fact that they're step-siblings but it turns out they can't resist one another when the sexual tension becomes to high to stop it . Aiden and Liam are so [...]

    25. I enjoyed this story. I read this book in one sitting and wasn’t once bored. I cannot wait for more books from SC Daiko. I liked Liam and Aiden. I also liked Samantha but I would’ve liked more of her. This story felt more like Liam and Aiden’s story rather then all three of theirs. I liked the chemistry between Liam, Aiden and Samantha. I liked that when it came down to it, Samantha didn’t care what people thought about her relationship. The chemistry and tension between Samantha and the [...]

    26. What a wildly fun and exciting, taboo read! This book brought to life a taboo that so many have thought about, but will never live. Between the poly relationship, steps and age difference, this book has hot as hell written all over it!The characters are great and really bring to life the full fantasy of the story. The fact they have a shared love, and all want to succeed in that field, really works to make the story realistic and easy to see why they work so well. The tension between them becaus [...]

    27. Well written story about stepsiblings - a pair of twin brothers and their stepsister. This book has a great and well detailed story line about the horse business. It has also got steamy hot scenes and it is well balanced all through the story. I like the hot scenes. They are well written and keeping the hotness can be difficult but S. C. Daiko does it. The story flows well through the pages. They way the main characters are described in this story is amazing. The twins are almost acting like one [...]

    28. Overall I enjoyed this one a LOT! Loved the details about the horses and horse jumping - you cold tell that the author knew a lot about this as there was a ton of detailPER HOT (thanks!!) - and loved that the trio grew to have a great love and devotion to each other. There were a few phrases that sort of didn't do it for me at times - 'giving her the 'Roberts touch' to settle her like a horse? No. Sorry :-) But aside from a few places like that I enjoyed the development of the story and that it [...]

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