My Wicked Pirate

My Wicked Pirate First he gave her a wicked kissAzure eyed Alanis was by far the most exquisite treasure ever claimed by the black pirate known as the Viper but his motives went deeper than his silken promise to ravi

  • Title: My Wicked Pirate
  • Author: Rona Sharon
  • ISBN: 9780821780572
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • First he gave her a wicked kissAzure eyed Alanis was by far the most exquisite treasure ever claimed by the black pirate known as the Viper, but his motives went deeper than his silken promise to ravish the feisty Yorkshire heiress Commanding the waters of the Caribbean was his means to an end reclaiming his birthright and his blood debt against those who had betrayedFirst he gave her a wicked kissAzure eyed Alanis was by far the most exquisite treasure ever claimed by the black pirate known as the Viper, but his motives went deeper than his silken promise to ravish the feisty Yorkshire heiress Commanding the waters of the Caribbean was his means to an end reclaiming his birthright and his blood debt against those who had betrayed him.Then he gave her nights of wicked pleasureComfortably betrothed to a nobleman, Alanis never imagined the heady emotions involved in the true games of seduction games this blackguard seemed to thoroughly enjoy playing with her Swept up into an adventure that soon revealed a gentleman and kindred spirit beneath the ruthless veneer of a privateer, Alanis began to soften towards her enigmatic captor, as her pride and her heart fell under his erotic spell.

    My Wicked Pirate by Rona Sharon Jan , My Wicked Pirate is the first novel of Rona Sharon and without a doubt it is an impressive debut Rona Sharon is a gifted writer for she is capable of My Wicked Pirate Zebra Debut Kindle edition by Rona My Wicked Pirate Zebra Debut Kindle Edition by Rona Sharon Author My Wicked Pirate Zebra Debut Mass Market Paperback Nov , My Wicked Pirate Zebra Debut and millions of other books are available for Kindle Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer My Wicked Pirate All About Romance My Wicked Pirate is set against the War of Spanish Succession It s not a much used era for romance and now I understand why It s not a much used era for romance and now I understand why This war is very convoluted and can be incredibly confusing if not explained correctly. My Wicked Pirate by Rona Sharon NOOK Book eBook My Wicked Pirate is the kind of book that makes you envy those who haven t read it yet It is the kind of book you devour in one sitting and want MORE It is the kind of book you don t want to miss. Books similar to My Wicked Pirate Find books like My Wicked Pirate from the world s largest community of readers members who liked My Wicked Pirate also liked Perils of the He My Wicked Pirate book by Rona Sharon Thriftbooks Buy a cheap copy of My Wicked Pirate book by Rona Sharon First He Gave Her A Wicked Kiss Azure eyed Alanis was by far the most exquisite treasure ever claimed by the black pirate known as the Viper, but his motives Free shipping over . My Wicked Pirate by Rona Sharon OverDrive Rakuten Rona Sharon is the author of the historical novels Royal Blood, Once a Rake, and My Wicked Pirate She lives in Tel Aviv, Israel More about Rona Sharon My Wicked Pirate by Rona Sharon Read Online Nov , Summary First He Gave Her A Wicked Kiss Azure eyed Alanis was by far the most exquisite treasure ever claimed by the black pirate known as the Viper, but his motives went deeper than his silken promise to ravish the feisty Yorkshire heiress. My Wicked Pirate Chapter Nightly Shadows, an inuyasha My Wicked Pirate Chapter I Nightly Shadows Disclaimer Alas, I do not own Inuyasha Summary During the middle of the night, she tries to flee from the hell that is her home Her town is attacked by pirates She is taken captive by the most feared pirate captian In order to survive, she claims to be the daughter of the most rich and

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    1. Rona Sharon

      Rona Sharon is the author of critically acclaimed historical novels of intrigue, passion, and danger Her latest, ROYAL BLOOD, is a tale of lust and violence in the treacherous Tudor Court From her home on the Mediterranean Coast in Tel Aviv, surrounded by thousands of years of history, Rona brings her passion for culture and travel to her writing and never fails to deliver a story that carries a punch and a dagger.

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    1. If you love sexy historical romances with a lot of history woven into the story, you will LOVE this book. This book offers a thrilling, passionate romantic adventure set in time when Louis the XIV, the Sun King, reined France. The war between countries sets the background. The story follows Eros "the Viper", a dark and dangerous pirate with a mysterious past, and Alanis, the beautiful and intelligent granddaughter of a powerful English Duke. It takes you on an incredible "Indiana Jones" type jou [...]

    2. Bajak laut di novel ini lebih unik drpd bajak laut lainnya yg pernah saya baca. Boleh dikatakan bangsawan pelarian yg sedang menyamar sbg bajak laut.Dari sisi petualangan dan peperangan lumayan mengasyikkan alur kisahnya. Dari Jamaika, Aljazair, Italia, Perancis, Inggris semuanya ditampilkan dgn apik dan diromantisir. Saya suka sisi historical dari novel ini, terlihat bhw author nya mumpuni dan menguasai sejarah, dari masa keemasan Louis XIV hingga masa pemerintahan Paus Clement XI di Roma. Wala [...]

    3. salah satu buku favorit. Pas beli kaget juga begitu buku dateng krn ternyata teballllll, udah kayak buku pelajaran ajaapin waktu buat baca nih en ternyata begitu baca nga bisa berenti ^.^b top abis deh.

    4. Eros, also known as the Viper, is the most notorious pirate and privateer of the Caribbean. No one knows who he really is and he is wanted by the law. Now he has a mission, to save his beloved sister from Lucas Hunter, viscount Silverlake, who hunts him. Eros has abducted his betrothed Alanis and wants to exchange her for his sister. There is just one problem with his brilliant plan, his sister does not want to be saved for she and Lucas are in love. To help his sister he takes Alanis with him, [...]

    5. idenya memang klise mainstream tapi in a very goooood waayyyy \(^ o ^)/Cinta bergairah yang dimulai di atas lautan karibia, makin membara dalam petualangan menyusuri negeri 1001 malam dengan segala eksotisnya, hingga diuji kematangannya dalam intrik politik kerajaan di kota kelahiran Leonardo Da Vinci.Ga bisa berhenti baca berulang2x inihhhhh (> x <)

    6. Great a long time ago, but got it again for my kindle so I can do a reread and see if I still love it7/ll.

    7. Whoa! THIS is quite an epic drama! You're swept along and exhausted with all the adventures. Highly recommend.

    8. Eros The Viper, membajak kapal yang ditumpangi Lady Alanis ( Granddaughter of Duke Delamore , Queen Anne's Advisor ) yg menuju Jamaica. Sang lady bermaksud mengunjungi sang tunangan Lucas Silverlake aka Pirate Hunter. Selama berada di Alastor ( kapal sang Viper ) Alanis stayed at Eros's Cabin. tp Eros memperlakukan Lady Alanis ( meski pada akhirnya Eros mencium lady Alanis karena ternyata mereka pernah bertemu di pesta dansa yang diselenggarakan King Louis di istana Versailles) dengan baik layak [...]

    9. Adoro este libro, aventura, romance, misterio y secretos muy bien guardados, pero sobre todo me quedo con la historia.

    10. For any Historical Romance reader, My Wicked Pirate is one you’ll love to sink your teeth in and receive full satisfaction upon closing this historical treasure! And this is why:The characters are diverse and distinctive from one another with Alanis and Eros leading the story. While Alanis is hungry for adventure, seeking the freedom to pursue this and see the world, Eros “The Viper” is a complicated, pensive, remote, multilayered man that deems himself irredeemable. He taunts the vested l [...]

    11. Lady Alanis is on a ship headed toward her fiancee one she hasnt seen in years, but is nonetheless dedicated to marrying him. However on the journey, her ship is attacked by pirates, with their leader the well known "Viper". Who usually attacks fleets not single ships. However he has a ulterior motive for attack Alanis's ship. He believes his sister is captive by her fiancee no less, so he plans on making a trade. Eros is a tormented man, that is the lost prince of Milan, who lost his birthright [...]

    12. THIS WAS THE MOST INTENSE AND FULFILLING BOOK I HAVE READ THIS YEAR! IT MADE SUCH AN IMPACT ON ME AND I AM SPEECHLESS. A STORY LIKE THIS IS HARD TO COME BY AND I AM GLAD TO SAY IT IS A KEEPER. The author has written this story in a way that you feel like you are on an adventure, sailing from one place to another, encountering perils and falling in love with the characters. This story goes way beyond a love story. It is the story of a fallen prince.OUR HERO is the said prince, and he captivated a [...]

    13. Alanis sailed to Jamaica in order to meet up with her fiance, whom she hadn't seen for 3 years, in order to light a fire under his butt and get their marriage started. But enroute, her ship is seized by Eros, who plans to use her as collateral to get his sister back from Alanis's fiance. They connect and both acknowledge that there's an attraction, but neither is there a future for them. The exchange doesn't go as planned, and Alanis, longing to be free and see new sights, agrees to an adventure [...]

    14. Too many contrived conflicts keep the couple apart. The surrounding story of political intrigue and danger didn’t engage meORY BRIEF:Alanis lives with her grandfather the duke. Her parents died when she was 12. She has been engaged to Lucas for most of her life. Lucas has been away for several years with the British Navy. Alanis is tired of waiting so she sails to Jamaica to be with him. Along the way the pirate Eros attacks the ship and kidnaps her. Lucas has possession of Eros’ sister Jasm [...]

    15. Lady Alanis, granddaughter of the Duke of Dellamore has been patiently waiting for the last three years for her betrothed, Viscount Silverlake to return from Jamaica and marry her. Her patience now worn thin and a desire to see what the world has to offer, Alanis, disregarding her grandfather’s warning that war time is no time to travel unescorted as well as the high seas being infested with vicious, cut-throat pirate’s sets sail aboard the Pink Beryl. The excitement and sense of freedom are [...]

    16. Critax baguuussTp syang g mnimbulkn kesan lebih d hati jd ksih 3,5* ajaaahErosx kreeen(suka cow b'rambut hitam n mata biru ;p)liat bukux nan tebal,sempat mkir kl alanis n eros bkal lama ktmuxTernyata bru 2halm mreka sudah bertemuAlanis yg sdg berlayar dri inggris k jamaika utk b'temu n menikah dgn tunanganx lucas hunter dculik oleh eros utk djadikan tawanan yg nantix akan dtukar dgn "sesuatu" milik eros yg ad pda lucasTernyata sbelumx eros sdah pernah melihat alanis 3thn yg lalu dsuatu pesta d p [...]

    17. A torrid historical romance written artfully well is my chief guilty pleasure in life, and this book fit the bill. However, if you're hoping for a swashbuckling pirates of the Caribbean romp, like I thought this would be from reading the description, keep moving. If you're into Italian culture, like really really REALLY into Italian culture (I'm not, but hey, to each their own) this book is SO for you. The author does a fairly good job of shoehorning an Italian pirate into the golden age of pira [...]

    18. Sang Viper, nama lainnya Eros, El-Amar, Stefano Andrea Sforza, Count of Pavia, Duke of Bari, Prince of Milan ItaliaSeorang bajak laut yg ternyata adalah seorang pangeran!Wuaah! Hatiku telah dicuri bajak laut pangeran yg sangat tampan mempesona, menggairahkan, kejam, pintar, tinggi, ramping, berotot, berkulit kecoklatan, dan berlesung pipit (bajak laut berlesung pipit??!!) membayangkannya membuatku mati bahagia!! *meleleh* LOL X'DEros ini dikenal sering membuat wanita menangis, pria yg tdk dapat [...]

    19. sukaaa bgtru n gak bosenin bela2in baca nonstop.os sang bajak laut terkena, bermata biru, tinggi, gelap, rambut panjang dan memakai antingterkenal di slrh dunia krn kejam sadis apa aja deh sebutannyaulik alanis, cucu duke yg super berkuasais diculik utk ditukar dgn jasmineda saat pertukaranternyata jasmine ogah ditukar krn dia terlanjur jatuh cinta dgn penculiknya, lucas hunter "tunangan alanis"karena bbrp insiden, akhrnya alanis lah yg pergi bertualang dgn sang bajak laut, pertualangan berawal [...]

    20. Jatuh cinta sama Eros! Terutama bagian dia nembak kepala salah sati Count-nya. *lolAwalnya agak keder juga liat tebelnya. Tapi HR ini nyuguhin sesuatu yang beda, dan lebih "kaya". Dengan penjelasan yang rumit dan panjang, buku ini sama sekali nggak ngebosenin. Tapi sebagai penggemar berat Kapten Jack Sparrow series, aku agak ngarep si Alanis ini berubah jadi pemberani. Nggak sampe ikut perang juga sih, tapi senggaknya ada satu adegan di mana dia sanggup angkat pedang. Tapi secara keseluruhan, a [...]

    21. IncredibleThis book is a magical, historical journey. I have no idea how much is based on fact but I'm willing to believe that Eros and Alanis really did save Milan. The story is an epic romance that romps through exotic locations absorbing the sights and smells along the way. As a pirate of Algiers, Eros has a formidable and lethal reputation. As an orphaned and abandoned Italian prince, he is sympathetic and heroic. However, it is through Alanis that he understands his true worth. The journey [...]

    22. An enjoyable historical romance set during a portion of the War of Spanish Succession. There are appearances of actual historical figures interwoven into this fictional romantic adventure of a pirate/prince and an English Duke's granddaughter. The story moves from their encounter in the West Indies and Kingston to Algiers and Agadir, then on to Rome, Tuscany, Versailles, Vienna, Milan and England.

    23. absolutely loved this one! the book was tedious at times but definitely worth it! eros was despicable at 1st but he changed gradually, bcoz he loved alanis. their relationship was very intense, these two either loved or hated. they fell for each other madly. i especially loved dat scene where eros finally asked her if she wud his wife here in paris and in doing so, he renounced his birthright of being prince. for me, he redeemed himself there:-)

    24. The book begins much like a typical pirate/captive story, BUT that is where the similarities end much more than a typical pirate story full of action, emotions, angst, history, family connections, and romance. Since i read this i can't stop thinking about Eros ( the dark and dangerous pirate with a mysterious past) Giving ME 'nights of wicked pleasure' ;) haha

    25. Have read this book three times! I love it! When I downloaded it I thought it was just some mills and boon type book that would entertain me for a few hours but what I found were strong characters, adventure all over the globe and lots of history! OK so there was plenty of sex but not too much!

    26. One of my favorites! I just couldn't put it down! The pull between Alanis and Eros is what kept me intrigued. There is also the trips all over the Atlantic from Jamaica to Morocco to France and Italy! There's so much to say, and yet I can't put it into words!

    27. I took so long finishing this but it was SOOO GOOD! Eros<3<3<3 oh my, i love him so much. And i have so many assignments to be done that's why i rarely read these days, busy with college, need to find the title of my thesis soon, ughhh i'm so old >,<

    28. i read this book a few years ago and i absolutely loved it. i've read it like 6x it was so good. it is a cute endearing historical romance. a man falls in love with a women, wisks her away against her will and convinces her she really loves him. historical romance at it's best.

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