Vertical Run

Vertical Run You think YOU had a killer workday Get ready for the FASTEST thriller of the summer Each morning in his th floor executive office David Elliot savors the quiet moments until the workday begins Unti

  • Title: Vertical Run
  • Author: Joseph R. Garber
  • ISBN: 9780553573923
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • You think YOU had a killer workday Get ready for the FASTEST thriller of the summer Each morning in his 45th floor executive office, David Elliot savors the quiet moments until the workday begins.Until today, when his boss walks in and aims a gun at him.For the rest of the day, he will be trapped in his midtown office building, and everyone David Elliot meets will tryYou think YOU had a killer workday Get ready for the FASTEST thriller of the summer Each morning in his 45th floor executive office, David Elliot savors the quiet moments until the workday begins.Until today, when his boss walks in and aims a gun at him.For the rest of the day, he will be trapped in his midtown office building, and everyone David Elliot meets will try to kill him.He has 24 hours to find out why.In Vertical Run, you can escape into a world on fast forward, a dramathat plays out with electrifying intensity No one who reads this book willever see the office the same way again Vertical Run is available now run for it A Book of the Month Club featured selectionSoon to be a major motion picture from Warner Brothers and Peters Entertainment Company

    • ☆ Vertical Run || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ Joseph R. Garber
      128 Joseph R. Garber
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    1. Joseph R. Garber

      Joseph R Garber was an American author, best known for his 1995 thriller Vertical Run and for the articles he wrote on technology for Forbes magazine.Garber was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moving often as an army brat He attended the University of Virginia, but quit to join the U.S Army himself, eventually graduating from East Tennessee State University in 1968 with a philosophy degree Garber worked for ATT as a business long distance consultant and a writer for the ATT in house magazine He then worked as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton for a decade, writing fiction and non fiction freelance in his spare time After a prolonged flu, he quit his job and moved to Woodside, California, where he wrote for Forbes magazine and as a consultant in Redwood City, California until he was laid off.Garber had written a manuscript, In Search of Shabbiness, as a response to the Tom Peters best seller, In Search of Excellence On the advice of literary agents, he rewrote it as the novel Rascal Money.In 1995, his second novel Vertical Run, a corporate thriller, became an international best seller The book s setting is 200 Park Avenue, the address of Booz Allen It was bought by a Hollywood studio in the 1990s only to be shelved in pre production His third novel, In a Perfect State, was published in 1999 His fourth novel, Whirlwind, with a retired CIA agent as protagonist, was published in 2004.Garber died of a heart attack on May 27, 2005

    192 thoughts on “Vertical Run”

    1. Okay.Bought and started to read it more than year ago, but couldn't finish it. Great author and story. Got confused at the start, because story keeps going back to his Vietnam stories when he was in the service. Sad, gruesome happenings in there. They want Dave Elliot dead, for what he knows and carries in his blood.

    2. Transsexual gangs, deadly viruses, and Vietnam flashbacks. Vertical Run has it all. But as we’ve learned from Universal Soldier 2 and Jane Eeyre alike, guns and trannies aren’t always enough to fill that plot-shaped hole. And this is holier than the Swiss cheese the pope used to hit Jews with back in his youth.The basic story goes like this: Dave Elliot goes into work. It’s just an average day until his boss tries to shoot him in the back of the head and a group of goons tries over and ove [...]

    3. My brother forced me to read this book. It's his favorite novel of all time. I didn't want to read it, especially after seeing the nasty, yellow-stained, warped paperback copy he brought over for me to borrow. It looks like he dropped it in the toilet or something. Disgusting. It took me about a year to work up the nerve to touch it, and then I had to read it with my shirt pulled over my hands and a thick coating of hand sanitizer on. Anyway, it goes to show how good the book is that I was willi [...]

    4. This reminded me of why I like to read. Yes, it was far-fetched. At times it seemed to throw logic out the window. But it was damned fun.

    5. This book has been on the back of my mental to read list for twenty years. I remember seeing on a rack in a drug store. It looked like a Die Hard novel and that was enough to keep me thinking about it for twenty years apparently. Now I have started using for the forces of good by using the want to read lists it got my reading priorities straight. Going into it I was expecting Die Hard but in a novel and that's what you see but luckily that is just a setting similarity. Like the movie, it does h [...]

    6. As I got into this book, I realized I'd read it years ago; however, I'd forgotten how it ended, so that was a good thing. This is a fast, easy adventure novel, totally unrealistic, yet an entertaining "popcorn" story with lots of action and adventure.

    7. When the novel Vertical Run is over, Dave Elliot is a changed person. Through excruciating circumstances and several moral decisions David becomes a person that understands who he is, and what he has to do to save himself and those he loves.Early on in the story Dave’s boss walks in his office with a gun and tries to shoot him. After managing to knock out his boss Dave walks out of his office only to be shot at again -- this time by mercenaries that know what they are doing. Also about this ti [...]

    8. Die Hard + Rambo + Outbreak = Vertical RunI read through this pretty quickly, as it felt like brain candy. That's not a bad thing, by the way. Frankly, I'm surprised it was never turned into a movie, especially since the jacket copy says "Soon to be a major motion picture". Maybe the moment passed.Anyway, I was pretty happy with this book Vertical Run was, if I'm remembering correctly, the first book on my to-read list, essentially creating the thing. While 34-year-old Selwa probably wouldn't l [...]

    9. I'm probably giving this too many stars, but hear me out. Before this, I read Private L.A a Patterson book. That book was pretty bad. REading Garber's book immediately after gave me such appreciation for what can be done with a thriller. There can be really interesting back stories, and chapters can be longer than 3 pages, and characters can have some development and quirks, and I can actually care about the characters. Not to mention, in the hands of a good author, I can actually be surprised, [...]

    10. This book was an unexpected treat for me. I really did not think I'd enjoy when a friend reccomended it to me. After the constant nagging from said friend I decided to crack it open. Within what seemed like such a short amount of time I returned the book and proceded to give great thanks. This is still one of the best thrillers I've ever read. Readers will raise an eyebrow here, and there, and then finish with an expression of WTF?

    11. A great read. David Elliot is an interesting character who starts as a businessman living a quiet and well ordered life in New York. Suddenly people are trying to kill him and he doesn’t know why. This action packed and quite violent novel takes the reader back to Vietnam to explore the skills and beliefs of the central characters. It is fast paced, but detailed and gives the central characters enough quirkiness to keep it interesting. I thought the extra page after the ending was very clever [...]

    12. Everyone has (or should have) that one book that you read over and over again, always getting the utmost satisfaction from the experience. For me, that book remains Vertical Run, by the regrettably late Joseph R. Garber. This book called out my name from a spinning book display in a corner store while I was on a mini weekend getaway in the Quebec Laurentian mountains when I was 18 or 19. And from the very first read, it rocked my imagination, and took me on a wild adventure, that I have repeated [...]

    13. Vertical Run is one of those books that stays on my bookshelf and gets read over again every year or so. It's also a book that could easily be made into a movie but then I would be comparing it with the first of the Die Hard saga. The story flows and starts with David Elliot in his mid town New York office tower well before anyone else, as normal. The twist happens right away when his boss comes in a few minutes later and tries to shoot him down. That, plus the two other gunsels waiting in the c [...]

    14. Most interesting story about a former special ops soldier turned businessman for 25 years. He goes to work one morning, as usual, and is confronted by his boss who wants to kill him. He manages to disarm his boss only to discover that there is an entire posse of black ops characters out to kill him as well.Over the course of 36 hours, he manages to elude the traps as his old training kicks in and this gives him time to figure out why someone wants him dead.The language is appropriate, the suspen [...]

    15. Okay, this is definitely a guilty pleasure book for those liking action. There are predictable aspects to it and the novel is definitely dated now. However, it is still a very enjoyable read for what it is. I call this kind of book "mind-candy". It's easy-reading, sucks you in but isn't too memorable or deep. Just enjoy it as it is which is a book in the vein of the original "Die Hard". I think the author sets a good pace and creates interesting (although stereotypical) characters and scenes. I [...]

    16. What a great book! One of the best thrillers I've read so far. It's really intense and does a wonderful job at keeping you hooked and dying to know what happens next.Both the main plot and the whole background story about the main character are very believable. Dave is a striking character, I sympathized with him and was pulling for the story to work out in his favour. I loved as well that the author included Dave's reasoning and planning of his actions and the traps he'd set.I'm looking forward [...]

    17. I absolutely love this book. Just read it for the 3rd or 4th time. I skimmed a good amount because I also read it just a few months ago (for the first time in years) but it's one of those books I can just pick up and really get into all over again. It owes a bit to Die Hard but beyond some of the premise and a couple details it's wholly original. Great action and a satisfying conclusion, which is one place that books like this sometimes come up short. It's really too bad that Mr. Garber died so [...]

    18. Update: They have it for Kindle now, so I'm downloading it right now.This is one of my all time favorite books. I especially enjoyed the audio book. Stephen Lang is a great reader. I only wish I could get it for my Kindle also. I actually got my sister to read it (she's read about 12 books her whole life :D)I highly recommend this book if you enjoy action, mystery, humor, and a great ending.Read and listened to this numerous times.

    19. Dave comes in early to the office and his boss tries to kill him. A real thrill ride.I really like the character. It turns out Dave is not only good at turning the hunters into the hunted, but he gets a real charge out of it.I would give it 5 stars but there is some stuff about torture, heads on poles, and some bad stuff from his Vietnam days, and the ending had some odd spots, but it is still one of my favorite books.

    20. If you have ever wondered what Die Hard might have looked like as a script then you may finally have your answer. Vertical Run is that and much more. It delivers everything the AV medium cannot and more. The lead protagonist is beautifully constructed and his inner voice is so well done you almost don't realize there is no real conversations during the course of the book. Super fast and super fun. Don't forget it for your next short trip.

    21. Not the most complex book, but if I had to categorize it, Vertical Run would be one of those summer blockbuster movies. Fast paced action, sometimes over the top action, decent enough characters and a fascinating grabber that keeps you turning the pages.

    22. You will LOVE this book. Action, action, action as well as being put in the shoes of the main character trying to figure out why everyone is trying to kill him.

    23. Tidurlah, dan bila hidup terasa pahit bagimu, maafkanlah, bila manis bersyukurlah, meskipun tak bisa meneruskannya lagi. Dan baiklah kiranya bersyukur dan memaafkan.

    24. I read this book for the first time when it first came out in paperback. That was just a little over twenty years ago. I remember thinking it was great and that it would make an aweosme movie. I recently cam e across a copy in a used bookstore a short while back. Since I had enjoyed it so much (but only had vague memories of most of the details), I decided to give a reread. It is true that the book is showing its age, but the story held up for the most part. It would still make an exciting movie [...]

    25. I've owned this book for over twenty years and never read it. It has moved with me from apartment to apartment, house to house. I finally decided to read it. What I thought was a literary "Die Hard" is actually more than that. It's probably one of the best bad books I've read in a while. The dialogue is very often horrible but shockingly never gets in the way of the plot, which is still pretty engaging and effective. While the book is slightly dated with its 90s-era references and the inner mono [...]

    26. finished the book at 3 am, that tells you how exciting it was and I had to just keep readingI think this might be an older book but it was fast paced, not predictable at all and I enjoyed the main character. Flips back and forth between past and present. I really enjoyed this book which is totally different from books I usually read.

    27. Un veterano de la guerra de Vietnam, que lleva una vida perfectamente normal como ejecutivo de un grupo de empresas, se enfrenta a varios intentos de asesinato en su oficina. Una persecución por las tripas del edificio le llevarán a recordar su oscuro pasado.

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