La porta

La porta un rapporto molto conflittuale fatto di continue rotture e difficili riconciliazioni a legare la narratrice a Emerenc Szered s la donna che la aiuta nelle faccende domestiche La padrona di casa un

  • Title: La porta
  • Author: Magda Szabó Bruno Ventavoli
  • ISBN: 9788806186173
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • un rapporto molto conflittuale, fatto di continue rotture e difficili riconciliazioni, a legare la narratrice a Emerenc Szered s, la donna che la aiuta nelle faccende domestiche La padrona di casa, una scrittrice inadatta ad affrontare i problemi della vita quotidiana, fatica a capire il rigido moralismo di Emerenc, ne subisce le spesso indecifrabili decisioni, non sa c un rapporto molto conflittuale, fatto di continue rotture e difficili riconciliazioni, a legare la narratrice a Emerenc Szered s, la donna che la aiuta nelle faccende domestiche La padrona di casa, una scrittrice inadatta ad affrontare i problemi della vita quotidiana, fatica a capire il rigido moralismo di Emerenc, ne subisce le spesso indecifrabili decisioni, non sa cosa pensare dell alone di mistero che ne circonda l esistenza e soprattutto la casa, con quella porta che nessuno pu varcare In un crescendo di rivelazioni scopre che le scelte spesso bizzarre e crudeli, ma sempre assolutamente coerenti dell anziana donna, affondano in un destino segnato dagli avvenimenti pi drammatici del Novecento Pubblicato in Ungheria nel 1987, ma in qualche modo disperso negli anni della transizione politica, La porta il romanzo che ha rivelato la pi grande scrittrice ungherese contemporanea.

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    1. Magda Szabó Bruno Ventavoli

      Magda Szab was a Hungarian writer, arguably Hungary s foremost female novelist She also wrote dramas, essays, studies, memories and poetry.Born in Debrecen, Szab graduated at the University of Debrecen as a teacher of Latin and of Hungarian She started working as a teacher in a Calvinist all girl school in Debrecen and H dmez v s rhely Between 1945 and 1949 she was working in the Ministry of Religion and Education She married the writer and translator Tibor Szobotka in 1947.She began her writing career as a poet, publishing her first book B r ny Lamb in 1947, which was followed by Vissza az emberig Back to the Human in 1949 In 1949 she was awarded the Baumgarten Prize, which was for political reasons withdrawn from her on the very day it was given She was dismissed from the Ministry in the same year.During the establishment of Stalinist rule from 1949 to 1956, the government did not allow her works to be published Since her unemployed husband was also stigmatized by the communist regime, she was forced to teach in an elementary school during this period.Her first novel, Fresk Fresco , written in these years was published in 1958 and achieved overwhelming success among readers Her most widely read novel, Abig l Abigail , 1970 , is an adventure story about a schoolgirl boarding in eastern Hungary during the war.She received several prizes in Hungary, and her works have been published in 42 countries In 2003, she was the winner of the French literary prize Prix Femina tranger for the best foreign novel.Her novel Abig l was popularized through a much loved television series in 1978 Abig l was also chosen as the sixth most popular novel at the Hungarian version of Big Read Her three other novels that were in the top 100 are F r Elise, An Old Fashioned Story, and The Door.

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    1. How on earth could the telling of the life and character of an aged Hungarian cleaning lady feel so eerily uncanny? Because, do not be mistaken, this is not a mystery book. This is a novel about the relationship between two women: an illiterate servant and her considerably younger employer, a writer. The latter narrates the story, which is set in Hungary around the 1960s-80s. So, how could this be such a memorable story? Magda Szabo (1917-2007) proves in The Door to be an astounding writer. Afte [...]

    2. The Door by Magda Szabo is a fictionalized autobiography of the author's relationship with her octogenarian housekeeper named Emerence Szerebas. A friend from Hungary recommended this novel to me because she sees that I enjoy reading women authors from around the globe. Szabo wrote many prize winning novels during the course of her career, including both this book and the one depicted in it. During the course of this award winning novel, the readers experience post life in post Holocaust Hungar [...]

    3. "I know now, what I didn't then, that affection can't always be expressed in calm, orderly, articulate ways; and that one cannot prescribe the form it should take for anyone else."What an unusual sort of book and a very peculiar relationship examined therein between Magda, the narrator of The Door, and her housekeeper, Emerence. This novel really grabs you from the start – right away the reader knows that there is some mystery surrounding these two disparate women. Magda is a writer, privilege [...]

    4. I still don't know how she fitted so much living into one life.Hope and despair go hand in hand whenever I try to form a rather fragmentary sketch of a far-off Hungarian landscape. It is one place which has become an essential part of my past as well as prospective literary sojourns and whenever I decide to visit there, to meet another storyteller and to hear one more hypnotic tale, there’s always a throbbing anticipation to receive a treasured souvenir made out of unfamiliar lives but excepti [...]

    5. L’AMICA GENIALE Magda Szabo gioca con il lettore spargendo nella narrazione fragili elementi autobiografici: il marito della protagonista è uno scrittore proprio come era Tibor, il marito della Szabo; Szabo e suo marito subirono l’ostracismo e la messa al bando, a lei fu addirittura ritirato un premio appena consegnato, e durò per anni, dal 1949 al 1956. Poi ci fu la riabilitazione e il ritorno alla scrittura a tempo pieno. E allora una domestica entrò effettivamente in casa Szabo-Szobotk [...]

    6. Johannes Brahms can make autumn leaves dance in one of nature’s most graceful circle. The chill in the air was about to birth the season’s very first snowflake. The clatter of rusty shovels being removed equated to the asinine banters of old women gossiping on the porch. After the death of its final leaf, the trees lay barren like a country that had abruptly lost its people. There were no birds to be seen, yet I heard them chirp a summer song. The fervent barking of a mongrel was followed by [...]

    7. Magda Szabo really makes the reader work hard with this book and I for one found the characters and the story unconvincing The Door is a novel by Hungarian writer Magda Szabo. The novel documents two decades of life in Budapest after the Communist takeover in 1948, The novel tells the story of a developing and complicated relationship between a young Hungarian Writer and her housekeeper and is partly autobiographical.Having visited Hungary only last year I was up to date on the history and was g [...]

    8. In modern postwar Hungary, an old woman who is now a famous author recalls a nightmare: herself as a young woman. The novel begins after she has passed through a “politically frozen” time and started to be able to write again and to be publicly lauded for it. She and her husband move up a step on the social ladder. They hire an old woman, Emerence, as a servant. Or is it the other way round? “I don’t wash just anyone’s dirty linen,” Emerence says, coming to see their flat in her “c [...]

    9. I found the atmosphere of this novel to be full of darkness and despair. The friendship between two woman, one an up and coming author, the other an older woman revered on the street. Emerence is a character I will not soon forget, a woman who has seen much, sheltered unbiasedly different people throughout the war, a hardworking woman of the utmost honor and pride. The title has many different meanings in this book, the literal door and other doors, internal and psychological. This book raised s [...]

    10. An uncomfortable look at the barriers that we put up to protect ourselves, and the price that is paid for that self protection. Does it ever really work?Magda Szabo wrote this in the original Hungarian in 1987, but it is now translated and available in English. It tells the story of the relationship between two women: Magda, a writer, living with her husband, and Emerence, an older peasant woman who is hired as her housekeeper. Both women come from vastly different backgrounds. Emerence is an al [...]

    11. I finished this novel a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t had time to review it until now. Turns out that was a good thing. Two weeks ago, I would have given The Door three stars and moved on. It was slow. It felt a little pointless. I didn’t like the characters. But, because I wanted to review it, I kept the book in the front of my mind and over time a deeper truth began to emerge for me.The Door is slow because its subject matter is difficult and slippery. It felt pointless because I didn [...]

    12. It took me 10 days to read this book, which is unusual for me as I can read fairly quickly, especially when I really love a book. But this one demanded to be read slowly, not only to savor the language, but to get inside the mind and heart of Emerence, which proved impossible in the end.Emerence was a servant, working for an author and her husband. When she turned the tables on them at the interview, claiming that she was in fact interviewing them ("I don't do just anyone's dirty laundry, you kn [...]

    13. (4.75 stars)this story is tragic, but so amazing. there are facets of bleakness/frustration/misfortune/mystery. emerence is quite a character with the ability to be likeable and loathable almost simultaneously. even taking her stupefyingly sad past doesn't excuse all her actions, yet time and time again you are drawn to her. it is unbelievable how magda's (character) concern/action to help emerence becomes such a burden/jagged concrete brick to the face to the both of them. i feel like this stor [...]

    14. In Würde leben und sterbenMagda Szabos Romane sind Trauerarbeiten. So ist auch die Hauptperson ihres 1987 entstandenen Romans schon lange tot. Sie schreibt:" Ich bin schuld an Emerencens Tod. Daran ändert auch nichts die Tatsache, dass ich sie nicht umbringen, sondern retten wollte.Emerenc verdingt sich als Haushältern in der Familie Magda Szabos. Dabei vertauscht sie mit einer Selbstverständlichkeit die Rollen, dass es eine wahre Freude ist. Sie kommt und geht, wann sie es für nötig hält [...]

    15. Romanians and Hungarians have a long history of not liking each other. I'm no xenophobe and I have a few friends in Budapest, yet I was sometimes wondering: what does Hungary have to offer in terms of art, music and literature? They could say the same about Romanians, too; what the heck, we are questioning our place in art history ourselves! Well, after reading this novel, I've come to think that Hungarians do have their hidden gems, just the same as we do. Magda Szabó's novel was my first fora [...]

    16. In this work of Hungarian minimalism, the narrator is Magda Szabó, same name, same occupation, same childless marriage. Her, but not exactly her. She is a witness.She hires Emerence to be a housekeeper of sorts. Well, that's not exactly true. Emerence gives them a probationary period, then allows herself to be hired. Emerence is a tireless worker, but decidedly sets her own rules. She suffers no fools and abjures education, religion, pretense. The Magda of the novel is an award-winning writer, [...]

    17. 4.5At some point during my reading of this, I was reminded of The God of Small Things in that I felt as if this too can be read on two levels and that if I knew more of the history of the country of origin (here it is Hungary), I would’ve gotten even more out of the novel. Because I know basically nothing of the latter (I googled some), and even though this can be read as a character(s)-relationship study, I feel as if something essential has eluded my grasp. Yes, we are told in perfect pacing [...]

    18. Magda Szabó lauded as Hungary's foremost female writer was renowned in Western Europe for her powerful prose and memorable heroines. She won France's Prix Femina Étranger for The Door in 2003; it is considered her most notable achievement. Written in 1987, the Door tells the story of the strange and complicated relationship between two strong women of opposing backgrounds and personalities: Magda-the intellectual,the writer; and Emerence-her mysterious housekeeper, the relentless worker.Emeren [...]

    19. I found The Door to be an unexpectedly moving and profound story. It tells the story of the relationship between an eminent writer and her somewhat cranky cleaning woman. For much of the book, not much actually happens, but the last third just tore me apart emotionally. It raises ethical issues in relation to friendship, love, death and dignity that have no easy resolution. I have rated this five stars, not so much on how much I enjoyed the book so much as how much it got under my skin. I will b [...]

    20. This is a strange little book translated from Hungarian about the unlikely postwar friendship of Magda( our narrator) a writer married to an academic, and a very secretive illiterate village woman named Remenence , who though hired as a household servant, quickly has them wondering who is really in charge. Reading like a mythic tale full of symbolism , this book chosen by NYT as one of 2015's 10 Best Books (though it was originally written in 1987) is not one of those warm fuzzy books about frie [...]

    21. It’s a beautiful story of a co-dependent, toxic relationship between a writer and her hired help where a weird power struggle never seems to end. Emerence, the said help, seems to be more in charge than her supposed employers. She is despotic, mysterious and strong-willed. Her employer, the writer and the narrator of this (maybe semi-autobiographical) book seems emotionally volatile which makes her susceptible to Emerence’s moods and tantrums. Emerence is not a demure servant, she comes and [...]

    22. This is a powerful and morally complex novel that details a longtime friendship between two very different women. It asks questions that made me long for my college days in ethics class. I'm so glad this was made available to English readers. This is one I highly recommend and hope to have a chance to read again.

    23. Al centro del libro c'è un personaggio straordinario: Emerenc, portinaia-donna di servizio-tuttofare vigorosissima, imperiosa; una forza della natura piena di convinzioni, durezze, regole di vita autoimposte e segnata da una vita passata mai esibita; custode della porta alla sua personale “città proibita” dove non lascia entrare nessuno. Non avessi conosciuto la mia nonna materna forse penserei che la narratrice-antagonista-amata-figlia la ritrae calcando un po' troppo le tinte, esagerando [...]

    24. Magda Szabo evokes an entry into the wilderness of self inflicted avoidance and therefore exile of the self. The book is peopled with complex characters eschewing the ease of cliche and stereotype; a successful writer growing more successful at her typewriter for hours at a time; her university professor husband now disabled from lung problems. They need a housekeeper. An eighty something year old woman applies for the job and arrives for the interview. She interviews them more than they her. Th [...]

    25. Last night, I finished this book, and had no idea what to say about it. Somehow it took me longer to read than I expected, because events unfold very slowly while you just know everything points to a specific event that is mentioned in the prologue. I kept hearing comparisons with this book and that kind of thing drives me crazy. Can anyone describe a book anymore without immediately saying it is like something else? The novel centers around the relationship between the female narrator who often [...]

    26. Helen Mirren/Emerence - Fotograma do filme de István Szabó”A Porta” é um romance da escritora húngara Magda Szabó (1917 – 2007), publicado originalmente em 1987.Magda Szabó constrói a narrativa em torno de uma profunda e autêntica relação de amizade entre uma escritora, Magda, e a sua empregada doméstica Emerence.A escritora Magda revela: ”Raramente sonho. (…) Os meus sonhos são visões que retornam, absolutamente idênticas: eu tenho sempre o mesmo sonho. (…) Vivi, até [...]

    27. Εν μέρει αυτοβιογραφικό, αυτό το έργο της μια συγγραφέως που θεωρείται από της σπουδαιότερες της χώρας της, και άργησε να μεταφραστεί στα αγγλικά, Η αφήγηση της σχέσης μια συγγραφέως με την οικιακή της βοηθό. Μια σχέση η οποία διαμορφώθηκε πολύ αργά, μα σταδιακά, βάζοντας σ [...]

    28. The Door is a Hungarian novel written by Magda Szabó. I did a little research about this book before I read it, which is kind of unusual for me. I discovered that Szabó is an important and beloved Hungarian writer, with poetry, plays, short stories, and essays as well as novels to her credit. The book was published in Hungary in 1987. It was first published in English in 1995. The most recent translation to English was done by Len Rix and published in 2005. Szabó died in 2007.The story takes [...]

    29. I had strong reactions to Emerance - the name means roughly like worthy of merit , at least in Romance languages; Sazbo wasn’t being subtle there. She certainly has a much better sense for what people need in a material sense, and she knows how to take care of people. She shields people at considerable risk to herself. But there is the darker side of her; the will to dominate, the capacity to organize a suicide and to grab the suicide's property.Recently, I read a transcript of an old intervie [...]

    30. I'm conflicted about this book. There were many things I liked about it and many things I didn't like, so I'm giving it an average rating of three stars. At its core, it is the story of two women told in retrospect by one of them, a writer named Magda who admits this written account is a confession of sorts in which she seeks absolution for her actions from the reader. So right from the beginning, Magda shares a crucial piece of information that introduces just one of the many mysteries in this [...]

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