Blood Red

Blood Red Take a bite of desire Althea Yates is a vampire hunter skilled with the crossbow and the stake But she knows nothing of a man s touch or how to control the unladylike dreams that haunt her sleep That

  • Title: Blood Red
  • Author: Sharon Page
  • ISBN: 9780758215437
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Take a bite of desire Althea Yates is a vampire hunter, skilled with the crossbow and the stake But she knows nothing of a man s touch or how to control the unladylike dreams that haunt her sleep That is when they come, two men of unearthly beauty who ravish her in sweet carnal games, taking her to the precipice of exquisite desire and unimaginable erotic pleasure It isTake a bite of desire Althea Yates is a vampire hunter, skilled with the crossbow and the stake But she knows nothing of a man s touch or how to control the unladylike dreams that haunt her sleep That is when they come, two men of unearthly beauty who ravish her in sweet carnal games, taking her to the precipice of exquisite desire and unimaginable erotic pleasure It is scandalous Forbidden Unholy For her lovers are not men, but vampires the very beasts she and her father have sworn to destroy.It is only a dream until the elegant carriage arrives at the inn, drawn by four black horses Until Yannick de Wynter, Earl of Brookshire, alights, silver eyed, determined, and hungry for something she cannot name And suddenly, Althea is no longer certain whether she has had a dream or a dangerously erotic premonition

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    1. Sharon Page

      Sharon Page is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous novels of historical and erotic romance She is a two time, consecutive winner of the National Readers Choice Award, winner of the Golden Quill and the Colorado Award of Excellence, and a multiple finalist for the Daphne Du Maurier Award She has twice received the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, and is a four time finalist.Married with two children, Sharon Page holds an industrial design degree and has worked for many years for a structural engineering firm When not writing, she enjoys reading with her children, downhill skiing, and mountain biking Writing romance has long been her dream and she is thrilled to share her stories.

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    1. Blood red describes the love affair between a vampire hunter, Althea, and her two demon lovers: Yannick and Sebastian. Having grown up on True Blood, Coppola's Dracula, and Twilight, I love vampires and paranormal romance. This is one sexy romance. For me, I think vampires are the sexiest paranormal creatures. To be honest, I wasn't sure about the menage aspect among brothers. If they were humans, I would not have read it. Sleeping with brothers, simultaneously no less, is just a bit too much fo [...]

    2. Maidensby, Yorkshire, 1818Sir Edmund Yates and his daughter Althea are vampire hunters and came to Maidensby to resurrect a very powerful vampire whose help is needed to destroy an evil and ancient vampire once and for all. When Althea starts having erotic dreams about two men she´s scandalized and really disturbed when suddenly one night Yannick de Wynter, Earl of Brookshire arrives and she recognizes him as one of the men of her forbidden dreams. Yannick is a vampire and the brother to Bastie [...]

    3. First I want to say that this book was the first I don’t finished. Unfortunately I have to say that I don’t like this book.The story is very thin, well in my opinion there isn’t a story. Two vampire brothers, one virgin and her father who want to kill the brothers as soon as they killed a very strong vampire.And then, many many sex scene in this book. Yes, it is a erotic roman, but it was too much. Althea don’t know one of the vampire brothers, but she let the vampire Yannick in her room [...]

    4. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. It really has a bit of all sexual avenues in it (M/M/F, M/M, F/F, Orgy, and even a little BSDM) and I found that they all were done in a very tasteful manner. Not once did I feel disconnected from the romance aspect of the story and that is normally what seems to happen when I read a book centered on a threesome romance. It contains a M/M scene that is very intriguing with a bit of voyeur kink. All in all I liked it a lot! It has a really goo [...]

    5. I looked up this book for a GR friend that wants to read a vampire erotic book. This one instantly came to mind. It's been at least a year since I read it the first time. I'd say it's pretty damned good if I remembered it for that long. Review - Oh hell, it's staged in Europe in the Edwardian Era I'm guessing. Basically - extremely hot vampires and sex, sex and, oh yeah, sex. Really GOOD sex.

    6. DNF :(This book was story light & bow chikka wow heavy, and unfortunately I just wasn't in the mood for it right now. And I really hate the use of words like (view spoiler)[Quimm & cunny (hide spoiler)] I think I actually threw up in my mouth at that point :(

    7. 3.5 stars. It took me about a week to read, which is very abnormal for me and I was just kind of read to get thru it. I did like it, it just wasn't phenomenal. I loved the dynamics between the de Wynter twins and Althea. The yin and yang-best of both worlds-have your cake and eat it tooyou get the picture. When the big mystery surrounding the twins was uncovered, it didn't think it was all that fantastic. Althea is the virginal (of-course) vampire hunter who is captivated by these gorgeous stran [...]

    8. Sharon Page’s book Blood Red is basically 347 pages of sex scenes linked together by a plot that is so nonsensical, I stopped paying attention to it.Althea Yates is a vampire hunter in England circa 1818. For a while now she’s been having these strange and highly erotic dreams and she is shocked when, one night at the inn where she and her father are staying, one of the men in her dreams (there’s two, naturally) shows up.He’s Yannick. A perfect specimen. But drat, he’s a vampire.His br [...]

    9. I randomly found this book and I am so glad I did. I like vampire books, but this one was a little different. And I did find it a little weird that I liked this one, considering the time frame (I don't' like "historical books") but maybe that's because it was easy to overlook it. The writing was great and the characters were well-developed.

    10. This is the second time that I have read this book. Extremely hot. Not to be left around where the children can find it. I love the Demon Twins. I am so glad that I don't have to choose between them because it would be an impossible choice for me.

    11. Althea träumt davon, von zwei Männern verführt zu werden. Zu ihrem großen Schock trifft sie einen der Männer aus ihrem Traum eines Tages und stellt fest, dass dieser ein Vampir ist - und die gleichen Träume hatte, wie sie. Der zweite Mann aus ihren Träumen ist sein Bruder. Beide Vampire wollen Althea für sich gewinnen. Wieso? Sie ist unschuldig und sie haben von ihr geträumt, das scheint zu reichen für mich leider nicht.Althea verliebt sich auch recht schnell in Yannick, weißt Bastia [...]

    12. I'm gonna go with three stars for this book. But that needs to be understood as three stars on the erotica rating scale. I'm not really suggesting there is a whole different grading system for erotica, but we all know to expect less plotting, character development and world-building from an erotica than from, say, literary fiction. So a three star erotica is still going to have less of all of the above and readers accept that as par for the course. I can sum this book up in seven short words: se [...]

    13. Sinnlich, romantisch und natürlich heiß. Die Geschichte der beiden Vampirbrüder Yannick und Bastien, die um die prüde und zurückhaltende Althea buhlen. Doch wen wird sie wählen? Den kühlen und distanzierten Yannick, der ihr die Welt zu Füßen legen würde und ihr den höchsten Respekt entgegenbringt? Oder doch eher den wilden Bastien, der sie in die Welt der verruchtesten Sexualpraktiken einführen möchte? Althea genießt zwar die gemeinsamen Träume mit den beiden Brüdern, aber kann s [...]

    14. Book 1 of Ms. Page’s “Blood” series. Althea Yates is a vampire hunter, who is seduced by two vampire twin brothers (Yannick de Wynter, Earl of Brookshire and his younger brother by 15 minutes Bastien de Wynter). The twins introduce Althea to the forbidden as all three fall in love. Althea struggles with her feelings as she wants to destroy vampires, but cannot help falling in love with the “Demon Twins.” However, if Yannick and Bastien don’t kill the evil vampire Zayan, then Yannick [...]

    15. Where do I begin? This book is full of sex. Pretty much the only reason anyone should pick this up is if they are in the mood for something freaky-deaky, as in threesomes and orgies. This wasn't my first Sharon Page book, but I'd say it was the dirtiest I've read from her so far. The plot was barely there. I was confused about what was going on most of the time, but that also somehow kept me surprised. Not knowing what was going on meant I didn't know what would happen next. I'm pretty sure the [...]

    16. It's been awhile since I've writted reviews and despite the mixed ratings in this book, I decided to just read it since I was looking for good erotica.Sharon Page is the go-to author because in her stories she has something for everyone (MF, MM, FF, MFM) If you're looking for something philosophical and totally dramatic, then this is not for you. I liked the story and the twists but I was really after her writing style of erotica. It's really raw and explicit, definitely for mature audience. I l [...]

    17. Althea Yates has been plagued lately by dreams of two vampire lovers. Althea and her father Edmund are vampire hunters, therefore her dreams leave her somewhat disturbed but very aroused. While staying at an inn on the eve that she and her father will open a crypt that holds Sebastien de Wynter, an ancient and incredibly powerful vampire that could help destroy the Zayan, Althea meets Yannick de Wynter, Earl of Brookshire, one of the men in her dreams and Sebastien's brother.After an erotic enco [...]

    18. Vampire ohne gefährliche Beisserchen, dafür aber gut bestückt und sehr sinnlich !Dieses Buch ist nicht aufgrund seiner tollen Story zu empfehlen > die hält sich sehr im Hintergrund und lässt am Ende auch einige Fragen offen.Dafür ziehe ich auch einen Punkt ab.Wer aber einen erotischen Leckerbissen "vernaschen" möchte, der ist hier goldrichtig.Das ganze Buch ist eine Aneinanderreihung von sehr erotischen Szenen, in welchen aber auch die Liebe, Romantik und die (tlwch angespannten) Bezie [...]

    19. If I could, I would give this 4.5 stars. I had to choose between 4 and 5, and the only reason this didn't get 5 is it took me longer than a week to read. Yes, things were busy, but for that 5 star book I stay up late and feel compelled to read. This one was just good good good.There are threesomes and some lesbian/homosexual scenes in them, but nothing overtly disturbing for the straight reader who doesn't get offended at the mere mention. The sex scenes are very steamy and detailed enough to gi [...]

    20. Take a bite of desire…Althea Yates is a vampire hunter, skilled with the crossbow and the stake. But she knows nothing of a man’s touch—or how to control the unladylike dreams that haunt her sleep. That is when they come, two men of unearthly beauty who ravish her in sweet carnal games, taking her to the precipice of exquisite desire and unimaginable erotic pleasure. It is scandalous. Forbidden. Unholy. For her lovers are not men, but vampires—the very beasts she and her father have swor [...]

    21. I didnt know whether or not to give this book 3 or 4 stars, but considering some of the other books I've given 4 stars, I had to only give it 3 Ok, lets get to itThis book is freakishly hot I mean, sweet Jesus, there is a lot of hot sex in this book That is, if you're into M/F/M sex And a lot of other ways to do itThis girl is lucky enough to get, not just one, but two hot vampires in her bed Hotness!! I'm so jealous Even though they are brothers Which is a little nasty, but I tried to forget th [...]

    22. This book was nothing more than dragged out sex. I couldn't even get into the story because the main characters back story were little to none, therefore I cannot feel for any of the characters. I was not dragged into the story emotionally either. Usually the author tries to get the readers to understand the main character(s) by being able to relate somehow. I felt detached while reading this book, It was like I was reading the newspaper. I couldn't even finish it I was so bored and disappointed [...]

    23. A rather silly story of two twins who are vampires (Yannick is the older and a titled earl, turned into a vampire by his brother Bastien) They both fall in love with the same woman, Althea, who is a vampire hunter working with her father to find a really evil undead. The twins are the only ones who can destroy the evil one. Some parts are entertaining but not the best writing, which would have salvaged the silliness. Would read others of hers if they were cheap. Not something I would want to spe [...]

    24. Erotic and idiotic. Ok idiotic is a bit strong but I could easily have quit reading this at any time without any curiosity as to how things turned out and I'm actually very surprised that I even finished it. It is certainly hot and spicy which fulfills one half its purpose but the plot exists only to allow sex opportunities and is a poor backbone for complete satisfaction. I will soon forget that I ever read this at all.

    25. I truly enjoy Sharon Page's Rodesson Daughter's series, plus I"m a big fan of paranormal, especially vampiric, romances. Hence a historical vampire romance held great appeal for me, and Sharon Page did not disappoint. I enjoyed the steamy sex scenes but I believed they detracted from the main story. So I read the book twice, the second time skipping thru the sex scenes, and found I enjoyed the tale much better.

    26. If like me you like a steamy paranormal romance, this is a must read. This is not for the Twilight crowd where sex is avoided at all costs. This is a journey for a maid who has devoted her life to hunt vampires only to fall in love with not one but two vampires. Together they take her on a journey to explore all carnal pleasures.

    27. I didn't finish it. This book lacks something, though I can't pinpoint what. I don't believe the characters. Maybe it gets better after 85th page (that's where I stopped) but I don't want to get more dissapointed and waste more time. There are better books in the genre.

    28. This book is very hott so thats why it got 3 stars but other than that it was hard for me to get into and its probably because its historical romance! but again thank the gods for hott sex thats what got me through it:)

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