Sepulchre There is a house called Neath that holds a dark and terrible secret In that house there is a psychic called Kline who is part of its secret The Keeper is guardian of the house of the psychic and of

  • Title: Sepulchre
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780515101010
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is a house called Neath that holds a dark and terrible secret In that house there is a psychic called Kline who is part of its secret The Keeper is guardian of the house, of the psychic, and of the secret But now an outsider must protect them from a terrible danger Halloran will combat men who thrive on physical corruptions he will find love of a perverse natureThere is a house called Neath that holds a dark and terrible secret In that house there is a psychic called Kline who is part of its secret The Keeper is guardian of the house, of the psychic, and of the secret But now an outsider must protect them from a terrible danger Halloran will combat men who thrive on physical corruptions he will find love of a perverse nature he will confront his soul s own darkness And eventually he will discover the horrific and awesome secret of the Sepulchre.

    Sepulchre Definition of Sepulchre by Merriam Webster Sepulchre also spelled sepulcher first appeared in Middle English around the beginning of the th century It was originally spelled sepulcre, a spelling taken from Anglo French Like many words borrowed into English from French, sepulchre Sepulchre definition of sepulchre by The Free Dictionary sepulchre a chamber that is used as a grave burial chamber, sepulcher, sepulture chamber a natural or artificial enclosed space crypt a cellar or vault or underground burial chamber especially beneath a church Sepulchre Definition of Sepulchre at Dictionary a tomb, grave, or burial place Also called Easter sepulcher. Sepulchre Idioms by The Free Dictionary a whited sepulcher A person, group, place, or thing presented as being virtuous and morally upright on the outside, but being hypocritically corrupt, immoral, or evil on the inside A sepulcher is a burial vault containing the corpse of the deceased Originally taken from a line in Matthew in the Bible We hope with this report to unmask the Sepulchre Definition of Sepulchre by Lexico What does sepulchre mean sepulchre is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A small room or monument, cut in rock or built of stone, in which a dead person is laid or buried. How to pronounce SEPULCHRE in English How to pronounce sepulchre How to say sepulchre Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary Learn . Sepulchre Synonyms, Sepulchre Antonyms Merriam Webster synonyms of sepulchre from the Merriam Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms Find another word for sepulchre. Sepulchre by Kate Mosse, Paperback Barnes Noble About the Author Kate Mosse is the author of the New York Times bestselling Labyrinth and Sepulchre and the Co founder and Honorary Director of the prestigious Orange Prize for Fiction She lives in England and France What People are Saying About This

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    1. James Herbert

      James Herbert was Britain s number one bestselling writer a position he held ever since publication of his first novel and one of the world s top writers of thriller horror fiction He was one of our greatest popular novelists, whose books are sold in thirty three other languages, including Russian and Chinese Widely imitated and hugely influential, his 19 novels have sold than 42 million copies worldwide As an author he produced some of the most powerful horror fiction of the past decade With a skillful blend of horror and thriller fiction, he explored the shaded territories of evil, evoking a sense of brooding menace and rising tension He relentlessly draws the reader through the story s ultimate revelation one that will stay to chill the mind long after the book has been laid aside His bestsellers, THE MAGIC COTTAGE, HAUNTED, SEPULCHRE, and CREED, enhanced his reputation as a writer of depth and originality His novels THE FOG, THE DARK, and THE SURVIVOR have been hailed as classics of the genre.

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    1. This was pretty excellent. Classic Herbert, a very dark intense story with an added bonus of ancient sumerian secrets. The real strengths of this book are Herbert's trademarks of a nicely developed backstory and detailed and interesting character backgrounds. It's basically the opposite of lazy horror writing, you know the one where someone goes into the woods and something terrible happens or someone moves to a small town and something terrible happens. Herbert wrote genuinely original horror. [...]

    2. A good book, true horrort up well, interesting folks coming and goinga little lesson in fictitious ancient historyme truly frightening imagery, nicely donewith a neat tie in to modern religion, which is always nicel in all a good, tight ending, rare in horror and a treat. Didn't really scare the bejeezus out of me though worries about nightmares waiting after that last page and lights out. Ah well, still a good book, reminds me of Stephen King

    3. As I was reading this, I had a strange impression that I 'knew' the character of Liam Halloran - off course, it is a 'typical' Irish name, so might have been used by another author, but that co-incidence kept distracting me from the book. Anyway, the story itself was ok - a security firm are hired to protect a 'mystic', who believes he is in danger, but doesn't know from what. Although sceptical, they go ahead with the job because of the money. Liam is the operative on close protection, but ends [...]

    4. I've read many of James Herbert's books over the years and this novel pulls you in so easily that you can sometimes forget how talented a writer he was. A bodyguard called Halloran is given a job to protect the mysterious Felix Kline. Soon strange things start happening and they retreat to Kline's remote country mansion Neath where unnatural things creep into the locked down estate.The sense of unease just grows as Herbert writes in flowing passages of pure beauty and terror. This is a first cla [...]

    5. Liam Halloran is an operative for a business that provides security for persons with a high potential for being the victims of a kidnapping. His client is a "mystic" who is at the center of the long success of a major multinational corporation. This is a straight-ahead horror story, so those who don't like horror should avoid it. Also, those who prefer their horror along the lines of Shirley Jackson or Outer Limits should avoid it. There is relentless ferocity to Herbert's story-telling, however [...]

    6. Herbert has managed to produce another outstanding novel here, with a dark tale of corruption and despair. Admittedly, the characterisation isn't the greatest aspect of the novel, as you never really get to feel anything for any of the principal characters, but this does not subtract from the novel as much as one would think. The book races by with a jam packed plot that will truly leave you not wanting to put the book down.There was an extra chapter that was removed from the novel by Herbert hi [...]

    7. Typical Herbert novel where he lets you get inside the heads of multiple characters, which I particularly like. I loved the references to the Sumerians, and I thought all of the storyline's angles made for an interesting premise.I wasn't so keen on the whole Halloran and Cora relationship. I was never fully convinced by Cora's character and at times I found her a little bit irritating, I cant help but wonder if the book might have been better without her. Sometimes the story seemed a little slow [...]

    8. James Herbert's Sepulchre is a good effort at combining the action/adventure/thriller with paranormal horror. Not frightening in the sense most would take the emotion today, but a good, slow-moving character study. Very much a British entry and because of this the reader should expect lots of atmosphere. Worth a look.

    9. When I was a horror-film loving monster kid back in the early 1970s I came across a scary-looking pocketbook in the drugstore called The Rats. Being American--growing up in a sheltered California suburb--but a precocious reader, I added Herbert to my growing eclectic auto-didactic library. I have to say, nothing I had read up to that time had been quite as racy, scary, or hard-hitting as The Rats. It's a real perverse gem of grisly horror and titillating/gross sex. I became a follower of the Bri [...]

    10. I really tried my best to like this book and failed, it was okay, just not what I was expecting. A crazy mix of IRA 1980's terrorism, London companies and ancient Sumerian legends. Bit strange. Three stars.

    11. An ok read, though it seems a little slow to me at times. In my opinion not the best book by Herbert, but still worth a read.

    12. James Herbert is an interesting author. This book takes a concept of immortality and Summarian religion and weaves a pretty interesting horror story. I enjoyed the 80's era of suspense.

    13. Not one of Herbert's better efforts I think. It's basically schlock horror, substituting scares for over the top violence and BDSM on every other page. Nearly every character is deeply unpleasant, and while I realise the text is themed around corruption and the various levels of evil, there are other horror narratives (e.g. The Exorcist) that are also primarily concerned with corruption and don't immediately drop to the lowest common denominator to get there. Focusing so much on each character's [...]

    14. Felix Kline bezit krachten die hij aanwent voor zijn werkgever. Kline is voor miljoenen verzekerd, maar nu loopt hij gevaar.Liam Holloran wordt ingehuurd om Kine te beschermen. Holloran heeft echter nog nooit zo een veel eisend persoon beschermd. Als Kline dan opeens tekenen van verval gaat vertonen, beseft Holloran dat Kline heel veel dingen achter houdt en dat de krachten waartegen Kline beschermt moet worden meer zijn dan mensen alleen. Het leven pakt namelijk wat zij vindt dat ze verdient. - [...]

    15. This is my second reading of this particular book. I read when it first came out and thought I’d give it a second go. In truth, I didn’t think it was particularly good compared to James Herbert’s other books and wanted to re-assess it.This time around I found it more enjoyable although not brilliant. I liked the story and the antagonist. Although work was given to flesh out Halloran did not hold my interest as protagonist; he was too good at everything and I never felt that he was in any p [...]

    16. I really wasn't expecting much with this book and was shocked at how good it was; One of the few books I have rated 5stars (along with Stephen Kings DT series). It was very dark and atmospheric throughout. And it had lots of mysterious elememts (something I particularly appreciate) that were all tied together nicely at the end. Bravo, Mr. Herbert.

    17. Bof bof, Herbert m'avait habituée à mieux avec sa trilogie des Rats ou encore Dis-moi qui tu hantes, du coup j'ai assez peu apprécié celui-ci. Dommage.

    18. Uno que hace rico a las empresas, por tener unas capacidades bastantes rentables: sabe el lugar exacto de yacimientos. Con lo que hay muchas malas personas que quieren matarle, al igual que otra piara que no quiere que muera y contratan a los mejores guardaespaldas posibles, y se atrincheran durante un tiempo en la casa del ser especial. Presencias y fenómenos anormales son con los que tendrán que lidiar esos exmilitares.La historia así parece molona, no lo es. Solamente el 25% es esto, lo re [...]

    19. A blend of the action and horror genre which turned out pretty good. It was an enjoyable read from beginning to end. James Herbert's compelling characters and solid storytelling already makes this one a cut above the rest and I'm really looking forward to reading more of his work.

    20. Not a bad shocker, quite effective and disturbing. Seems, though, that the book feels like a series of setpieces strung together with a very thin plot connecting it all. The resolution of one subplot is all too predictable, serving as a most convenient way to bet the hero out of a tight spot.

    21. This was pretty excellent. Classic Herbert, a very dark intense story with an added bonus of ancient sumerian secrets. The real strengths of this book are Herbert's trademarks of a nicely developed backstory and detailed and interesting character backgrounds.

    22. Starts off as a thrillerd slowly the lurking dread appears. A house haunted by ancient evil; Sumerian & Christian mythology intertwine. There might be eldritch horrors in the lakewaiting. A mysterious security assignment turns into a soul-threatening disaster . Great story!

    23. "There is a house that holds a dreadful secret. "The Keeper", the psychic and thesecret serve a force which threatens mankind itself." This is a breif description of Sepulchre by James Herbert. This is the ninth novel of Herbert's that I've read, and this was my least favorite. I liked it, and respect it for it's story and complexity, but I just didn't get into it that much. I would find my mind wandering while trying to read it. I kept getting confused by certain things in the novel and had to [...]

    24. Ugh. Sometimes I switch from audiobook to eyeball book because I am really digging a book and don't want to miss any. In this case I switched because it had gotten so muddled I needed the eyeballs to try and hold it together. Didn't work. This author is, maybe, England's Stephen King? Terrible disservice to King, even though I haven't read any of his since the Talisman. King's work has depth! Sepulchre is shallow, formulaic dreck. I challenge anyone to read through the swamp of villain's explica [...]

    25. I've read a few of James Herbert's books and enjoyed them. Was very excited to read another one. This was definitely a disappointment. I was so utterly bored through 97% of this book. I had no care for the characters and it was a struggle just to finish it. But I did and was rewarded with the last 3%. That was when it got exciting and then next thing you know it ended. I would not recommend this book. If you want to read any of Herbert's work I would go with Fluke, The Magic Cottage, The Fog (al [...]

    26. As a general rule I don't "do" horror movies or books, but this one for some reason caught my eye. I like to pick up the odd wayward tome from the library shelves and test the waters. In the end I rather enjoyed it, were I more of a horror genre type of person it may have received more stars but with me Herbert is fighting an uphill battle as said, horror isn't my thing. But a complex plot and wide variety of characters all written at good pace and well worth the read.

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