Agatha Heterodyne and the Monster Engine

Agatha Heterodyne and the Monster Engine The collection begins as Agatha finds a new ally in Krosp the Cat a genetic experiment with a smattering of Napoleon s brain cells and becomes better acquainted with Gilgamesh the Baron s son who gen

  • Title: Agatha Heterodyne and the Monster Engine
  • Author: Phil Foglio Mark McNabb Kaja Foglio
  • ISBN: 9781890856328
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • The collection begins as Agatha finds a new ally in Krosp the Cat a genetic experiment with a smattering of Napoleon s brain cells and becomes better acquainted with Gilgamesh, the Baron s son who gently breaks the news that Agatha has the spark for Mad Science Othar Tryggvassen escapes the Baron s lab as the Monster Engine is activated by a revenant, and pandemoniumThe collection begins as Agatha finds a new ally in Krosp the Cat a genetic experiment with a smattering of Napoleon s brain cells and becomes better acquainted with Gilgamesh, the Baron s son who gently breaks the news that Agatha has the spark for Mad Science Othar Tryggvassen escapes the Baron s lab as the Monster Engine is activated by a revenant, and pandemonium ensues on the city sized airship as Agatha and Gil battle the awakened behemoth Adam and Lilith arrive in time to make crucial explanations about Agatha s identity and attempt her rescue, but are devastated by the Baron s forces, and Agatha and Krosp must make their dramatic escape alone.

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      117 Phil Foglio Mark McNabb Kaja Foglio
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    1. Phil Foglio Mark McNabb Kaja Foglio

      A popular science fiction fan artist in the 1970s, Phil Foglio began writing and drawing cartoons and comics professionally in the 1980s His work includes Magic The Gathering, Buck Godot, and the popular series of comics and novels, Girl Genius, co written with his wife, Kaja Foglio.Awards Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist 1977 and 1978 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story 2009, 2010, 2011

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    1. In which Agatha learns a heck of a lot about herself, her cat, the problems of a too-fast romance, and the downsides of rescuing a hero.

    2. Finally. In Volume 3, Agatha finally learns that she is a Heterodyne and a Spark. Seriously, girl. This whole time… what did you think? I mean really. Sometimes, her innocence and ignorance really annoys me. And then she does something SUPER AWESOME out of nowhere, and I stop being annoyed for a little bit.In this volume, we continue to meet new characters, and get to know some old ones better. It's a great place for developing relationships, and I think a few key new characters are introduced [...]

    3. The romance part of this story comes into play as things spark up between Agatha Clay and Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. Things become more complicated when both Tryggivssen and Agatha’s parents show up to rescue her, revealing their true identies, and more of Agatha’s past. All of these factors compel Agatha to get off the Wulfenback airship as soon as possible. Amidst this wacky environment, Agatha faced a classical dilemma for strong women in patriarchal settings involving marriage and political a [...]

    4. HUGE improvement over the first two books. Finally Agatha learns what was so painfully obvious from about page 5 of the first issue. Sad that she didn't figure it out, but then, these books don't seem to think that women are capable of complex thinking. And all the arched-back ginormous boob poses are getting a little tiresome (though at least less underwear in this issue). But still, an entertaining book.

    5. Finally! Volume 3 brings the ongoing story to the meat of the plot, rather than build-up (which is, I realized after reading this volume, why I felt so dissatisfied- I was reading the meta-prologue!) Random thoughts:(view spoiler)[- Why didn't they explain to Agatha that Othar was a psychotic spark-killer? Then sleepsparking Agatha wouldn't have built the rescue clank, and she wouldn't have thought so ill of Gil and the Baron. (Of course, the in-story reason is so we get the nice surprise when t [...]

    6. Volume 3 continues the awesome of Volume 2, and then throws a huge wrench into the plot. I'm actually a little annoyed with that I would have loved to see more of just everyday life on Castle Wulfenbach (the castle is an airship).I also empathize with the 'villain' and think in some ways he is in the right. He comes back from a long trip and finds his land in ruins, the world at war, all the good things he and The Heterodyne Boys worked for (as heroes) come to ruin. His solution was to unite the [...]

    7. For many years I have followed Girl Genius Webcomic as one of my daily rituals. I have been following the Foglio's quirky humour and idiosyncratic drawings.What I really like of the series is the depth of scope and worldbuilding, with many details becoming obvious much later than when they appear. As such the recently appeared novels are the perfect complement, as you can finally be inside the head of Agatha, overcoming one of the limitations of comic: wordcount. So instead of being sparse with [...]

    8. Another chapter in the story (she repeats from her reviews of the first two volumes, like an automated recording), with spoilers for the first two. But this one is a definite end of the beginning. The opening questions are clarified here, to end with a sharp turn.Gil does, as promised last time, take on Agatha as a lab assistant. His father the Baron goes to perform an experiment on a prisoner, to remove his Spark. And a secretive mole starts trouble.Action, adventure, explosions! Daring rescues [...]

    9. Adventure! Romance! MAD SCIENCE!I don’t read many graphic novels — though I’ve tried many of them, they’re just not my thing. In fact, I only read one graphic novel and that’s GIRL GENIUS by Phil & Kaja Foglio. I love this comic and I must not be the only one —it’s won the Hugo Award three times (and lots of other awards, too). Therefore, I was thrilled to see that Tor is releasing hardback omnibus versions of GIRL GENIUS because this comic is a work of art that deserves to be [...]

    10. EXCITING ACTIONY ADVENTURES. I totally called it on things getting more interesting when Agatha worked out her powers. Also lololol Gil (view spoiler)[oh my God, he proposed after she kissed him one time. HE PROPOSED. Ridiculous failcake, (hide spoiler)] I don't think I'm going to stop laughing at him any time soon.Basically this volume has wicked pacing and Agatha getting a power boost. No bonus story this time around but hey, Agatha (view spoiler)[pushed the annoying superhero guy off her diri [...]

    11. The adventure continues as the mysteries pile up and the plot thickens, simmers and comes to a nice rolling boil. The reader also gets “lessons” in dealing with recalcitrant employees, meddlesome assistants and so-called heroes. The story gains in subtlety as the reader finds that good guys don’t necessarily have other people’s best interests at heart and bad guys aren’t necessarily insane plotters. But Agatha learns more startling truths, as well as stumbling into the kind of jaw-drop [...]

    12. The first major story arc in the Girl Genius saga closes with a veritable whirlwind of exposition, thrills and mortal danger. We see considerable development of most of the major players, including the unknown, sinister Other. During a climactic battle, Agatha, learns her parents' and her own true identities, as do Baron Wulfenbach and his son, Gilgamesh.Both the story and the art are in tip-top form in Book 3. The plot builds and accelerates nicely, culminating in a veritable explosion of cruci [...]

    13. I had an experiment going with this series. I've read these before though it's been a long time. Recently they've started putting out novelizations of the graphic novels, and I wanted to see which I prefer. So I've been re-reading the graphic novels, WHILE I read the novel. I honestly thought I would probably like the novel better, but I really haven't so far. So much of what is awesome about Girl Genius is the visual humor, and that is just not being portrayed in the novel. Some of the humor ha [...]

    14. Volume three of the ongoing webcomic Girl Genius, this volume introduces us to the revenants, and the hive that go on to become a recurring threat in the story and Agatha starts to come to terms with the fact that she is as Spark (and acquires a talking cat).I've been reading Girl Genius for a while now but it's nice to go back and start again, and read it in a much more compressed format, rather than three pages a week. It makes it much easier to follow the story and remember the characters, no [...]

    15. Originally published online as a Web comic (where it can be found at girlgeniusonline), this series follows the exploits of a young woman, Agatha, who discovers she is the lost heir to a long-feared dynasty. Instead of a terribly serious version of this tale, the author/artist stick to humor over horrors. Still friends and enemies die, leaving their mark on Agatha as she grows to understand who she is and what she can do.

    16. After all the setup in vol. 2, vol. 3 has quite a bit going on. Gil, the baron's son, realizes Agatha is the spark and makes her his assistant and gives her her own lab space. Agatha and Gil also have the fight slaver wasps and a queen. Meanwhile, she realizes her cat can talk, Agatha rescues Othar Tryggvassen (self-identified hero) and Gil proposes marriage.Quite a bit of action and moving the storyline forward in this volume.

    17. Οι χαρακτήρες έχουν πια σκιαγραφηθεί αρκετά, οπότε ξεκινούν να χτίζονται οι συγκρούσεις και να διαφαίνονται τα διακυβεύματα της ιστορίας, καθώς στον τρίτο τόμο των περιπετειών της, η Agatha μαθαίνει ότι είναι μια Heterodyne, διάδοχος της θρυλικής ομάδας τρελών επιστημόνων. Οπλισμ [...]

    18. These books definitely have some really funny parts, like the would-be hero who doesn't understand that Agatha isn't going to to be, among other things, a sidekick. And it's good to see some of the mysteries about Agatha being revealed. The problem is that my library doesn't have any further book sin this series. I need to consider whether I'm enjoying these books enough to buy them. I'm not sure I am.

    19. This third volume in the "Girl Genius" series is the best yet! Wonderful storytelling, great dialogue, and brilliant artwork make this action-packed, hilarious steampunk tale irresistible. And we get to meet Krosp, the Emperor of All Cats, a construct cat with human intelligence. Now I have to get hold of more books in this wonderful series!

    20. I really enjoyed this chunk of the story. It was a lot of nicely combined action and backstory. The reveals weren't always a super-huge surprise, but the bounce they were delivered with made that not a problem.Catching up on this comic is one of my more fun projects for the year. So happy to hang out with Agatha & Co. again.

    21. The first three collections together are almost one full arc. We finally have Agatha's true name out in the open and she strikes off on her own.Girl Genius is ongoing and can be read online here. Volume 3 starts here.

    22. The first two books hooked me, so had to read this oneexcept decided to go with an audio book. If it had been the physical book, I'd have skimmed a lot of pages. Also, didn't appreciate the cliff-hanger ending.

    23. I read all 12 volumes over the space of a few days so can't separate one from the other for the sake of reviews, but can say that I'm not disappointed at having had this pointed out to me, only that it took so long for me to get on the bandwagon.

    24. This volume is really where I consider Agatha's story to begin. She both finally learns the truth and sets out on her adventures. I really enjoy this series and recommend it to any fan of comics, adventure stories, or tales of pulp action.

    25. I'm digging Foglio's "Gaslamp Fantasy" as a more fantastical side of the steampunk literature out there. I mean, what's not to like here? There are monsters and robots and zeppelins and mad scientists . . .

    26. I liked this one a bit better than previous Now that we're really getting into Agatha's world and her story

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