The Perfect Lie

The Perfect Lie CIA Agent Jonah Slade returns from undercover work to find that the woman he loved and lost years ago has been murdered and her year old son kidnapped Her sister Macie Blaine informs Johan the mi

  • Title: The Perfect Lie
  • Author: Dinah McCall Sharon Sala
  • ISBN: 9781551666754
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • CIA Agent Jonah Slade returns from undercover work to find that the woman he loved and lost years ago has been murdered and her 15 year old son kidnapped Her sister, Macie Blaine, informs Johan the missing boy is his son, and asks for his help in the search.

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      247 Dinah McCall Sharon Sala
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    About "Dinah McCall Sharon Sala"

    1. Dinah McCall Sharon Sala

      Dinah McCall is a pseudonym for author Sharon Sala.It was a job she hated that drove Sharon Sala to put the first page of paper in an old typewriter, but it was the love of the craft that kept her writing Her first efforts at writing came in 1980 when she began a book that wound up under her bed A second book followed in 1981 and suffered a similar fate, but she claims the writing bug had bitten hard However, she let life and the demands of a growing family delay her from continuing until a tragedy struck.Her father died in May of 1985 after a lingering illness, and then, only two months later, her only sister died unexpectedly She vowed then and there that she was not going to wind up on her deathbed one day with regrets for not following through on her dreams.She joined writers groups and attended conferences, and she slowly learned her way around the written page By 1989, she decided she had come far enough in her writing to attempt another try at book length fiction and began a book that would later be entitled Sara s Angel As fate would have it, the first publisher she sent it to bought it, and she hasn t looked back.As a farmer s daughter, and then for many years a farmer s wife, Sharon escaped the drudgeries of life through the pages of books, and now, as a writer, she finds herself often living out her dreams Through traveling and speaking and the countless thousands of fan letters she has received, Sharon has touched many lives One faithful reader has crowned her the Reba of Romance, while others claim she s a magician with words.Her stories are often dark, dealing with the realities of this world, and yet she s able to weave hope and love within the words for the readers who clamor for her latest works.Her books repeatedly make the bestseller lists, including those of The New York Times, USA TODAY, Publishers Weekly, and the Waldenbooks mass market fiction list, and she s been nominated for a RITA Award seven times, which is the romance writer s equivalent of having an Oscar or an Emmy nomination.Always an optimist in the face of bad times, she finds that many of the stories she writes come to her in dreams, but there s nothing fanciful about her work She puts her faith in God and still trusts in love and the belief that, no matter what, everything comes full circle.

    205 thoughts on “The Perfect Lie”

    1. This is my first Dinah McCall book. I had left it on my TBR pile after discovering my usual book review site gave it a 'D' rating. I am so glad I picked it up anyway. I found it very entertaining and did not agree with any of the criticisms except those of Macie, the heroine. I not only fully agree she was put there just for 'girlfriend' material, I find it hard to accept any hero finding her alluring! Macie is sweet and caring, a paragon of virtue almost, but she is so ignorant and clueless I e [...]

    2. I love Sharon Sala's books, and this one was no different. The books starts out with Jonah Slade proposing to Felicity Blaine. She turns him away, telling him she had aborted the baby, her father told her that if she married him he would disown her. 15 years later, a break in at the mansion ends up with Felicity dead, her father is severely wondered and her son (yes the boy was born, not aborted) is kidnapped. Macie, the younger sister, has to find Jonah, who went to work for the Company(CIA) no [...]

    3. This is a great book. It's a story of love gone wrong and true love that waits. It is also a story of the unconditional love of a parent and proves that no matter what, there is always someone out there who your actions will affect. There is also no such thing as a perfect lie. All lies come out in the wash.Ms. McCall does a marvelous job with this novel. She captures and describes emotions that most of us wouldn't know how to put into words. She spins a captivating tale that you will not be abl [...]

    4. Excellent from first page to last. The writing was so good I got jealous. And I learned a lot about structure and pacing.

    5. This is a very good book. It has a hot romance and a great suspense plot. Jonah is a CIA agent who, on his last assignment, kills the son of a Columbian drug lord, Calderone. Jonah's son is kidnapped and held, not for ransom, but for revenge. Jonah is unaware of the boy's existence until Macie finds him and tells him. Evan's mother decided that life was better with ubber rich daddy than with Jonah so she told him she had an abortion. Jonah joins the CIA never realizing that he could put someone [...]

    6. Well after let me put this straight, this book is boring, atleast it is to me. Its like 2 humans a male and a female, who have a addiction to sex have been somehow twisted into a crime thriller story in which after every 5 lines theirs is intimacy kind of conversation or atleast thoughts in the mind of the hero or the heroien, n while reading u will come to a point where u will get so bored that u think of skipping a page or two n guess what, even if u skip a page Or two n then resume u wont fee [...]

    7. "The Perfect Lie" probably wouldn't qualify as one of my favorite McCall/Sala reads, but I enjoyed it. The storyline was perfectly suited to the title. It all tumbled down from one well-placed lie. I liked Jonah and Macie, and liked how Jonah dealt with discovering he had a son.My quibbles with the bookme of the things dealing with one of the antagonists were questionable. There were bits that just didn't workbut I won't say what so I don't spoil anyone. The romantic development also came across [...]

    8. Jonah Slade is devastated when his pregnant girlfriend aborts their baby. He goes on to become a CIA operative. Then suddenly after 15 years, his ex-girl-friend's sister, Macie Blaine, finds him and springs some shocking new on him.I love the way Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall writes. I have liked just about everything I've read by her. Some more than others. This was not my favorite of her books but I did like it more than some.

    9. Loved itI really enjoyed this book! It had a lot of action, family dysfunction, happy endings with hard work to get there! It totally stressed the idea of never giving up fight for your happiness!

    10. Excellent readThis was a book that was hard to put down. I was hooked from the first page to the last. Suspense, danger, love and everything else that makes The Perfect Lie a pretty excellent book. Another great Book by Sharon Sala.

    11. "There's no such thing asThe Perfect Lie." Good lead into the titlegood lead into the novel. Fast-paced action and suspense. I didn't see one of the twists and by storyline end, I feel as though I should have but I didn't and I actually love that.

    12. Jonah Slade returns from undercover work in South America and finds that the son he didn't know he had has been kidnapped. The boy will die unless he finds him. Of course, there is a romantic interest, too. So far, I like all of Dinah McCall's books.

    13. GoodI really liked this book, especially Jonah, Macie and Evan. Sharon Sala is really good about writing with mystery and characters that you like to read about. She never disappoints.

    14. im writing this review because its probably been five or six years since ive read this book, but I still find myself thinking about it almost every year. its kind of romanticy bs, but the story balances nicely. definitely worth your time

    15. THE PERFECT LIEThriller, suspense and romance with very likeable characters. Although I do think the author rushed things between Jonah and Macie.

    16. Love Sharon's work.I have come to love Sharon Sala's books, she is one of the best. And this one had a great plot, a time sensitive rescue, and lots of remanded.

    17. This was my first read from this author. I liked the story znd the suspense, was missing a little something yo fet a 5 star, but still worth the read

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