Flirting With Pete

Flirting With Pete A daughter s struggle to win the approval of the father she never knew becomes a journey of self discovery in Barbara Delinsky s latest novel

  • Title: Flirting With Pete
  • Author: Barbara Delinsky
  • ISBN: 9780743489607
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • A daughter s struggle to win the approval of the father she never knew becomes a journey of self discovery in Barbara Delinsky s latest novel.

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    1. Barbara Delinsky

      I was born and raised in suburban Boston My mother s death, when I was eight, was the defining event of a childhood that was otherwise ordinary I took piano lessons and flute lessons I took ballroom dancing lessons I went to summer camp through my fifteenth year in Maine, which explains the setting of so many of my stories , then spent my sixteenth summer learning to type and to drive two skills that have served me better than all of my other high school courses combined I earned a B.A in Psychology at Tufts University and an M.A in Sociology at Boston College The motivation behind the M.A was sheer greed My husband was just starting law school We needed the money Following graduate school, I worked as a researcher with the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and as a photographer and reporter for the Belmont Herald I did the newspaper work after my first son was born Since I was heavily into taking pictures of him, I worked for the paper to support that habit Initially, I wrote only in a secondary capacity, to provide copy for the pictures I took In time, I realized that I was better at writing than photography I used both skills doing volunteer work for hospital groups, and have served on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and on the MGH s Women s Cancer Advisory Board I became an actual writer by fluke My twins were four when, by chance, I happened on a newspaper article profiling three female writers Intrigued, I spent three months researching, plotting, and writing my own book and it sold My niche I write about the emotional crises that we face in our lives Readers identify with my characters They know them They are them I m an everyday woman writing about everyday people facing not so everyday challenges My novels are character driven studies of marriage, parenthood, sibling rivalry, and friendship, and I ve been blessed in having readers who buy them eagerly enough to put them on the major bestseller lists One of my latest, Sweet Salt Air, came out in 2013 Blueprints, my second novel with St Martin s Press, became my 22nd New York Times bestselling novel soon after its release in June 2015 Making Up, my work in progress, will be published in 2018.2018 Yikes I didn t think I d live that long I thought I d die of breast cancer back in the 1900 s, like my mom But I didn t I was diagnosed nearly twenty years ago, had surgery and treatment, and here I am, stronger than ever and loving having authored yet another book, this one the non fiction Uplift Secrets From the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors First published in 2001, Uplift is a handbook of practical tips and upbeat anecdotes that I compiled with the help of 350 breast cancer survivors, their families and friends These survivors just blew me away They gave me the book that I wish I d had way back when I was diagnosed There is no medical information here, nothing frightening, simply practical advice from friends who ve had breast cancer The 10th Anniversary Volume of Uplift is now in print And the money I ve made on the book Every cent has gone to my charitable foundation, which funds an ongoing research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital Connect with me on Facebook facebook bdelinsky Look for my photos on Instagram instagram barbaradelinsky

    425 thoughts on “Flirting With Pete”

    1. OK, can I just say that I cannot wait until I finish writing my thesis (which I should be working on right now but cannot focus. I am so tired, but can't sleep). Anyway, back to my review. I am a Barbara Delinsky fan for life!!!! She is right up there with Bernice L. McFadden. If you like mystery, intrigue, drama, humor, sorrow, and hope all rolled into one book, well this is your book. I read this book in two days. Should I mention my newborn son was only two months old and I was working on my [...]

    2. What a page turnerI read it in one day as it was impossible to put down…Prepare to skip meals and not want to do anything else but read this one. The story will grab you from the very first page and won't let you go until you've turned the final page.There are some reviews that don't give this novel justice and I feel it must be because they don't understand the family dynamics that are presented on these pages. I could relate to these characters, have experienced and witnessed much of what wa [...]

    3. Casey Ellis is a young woman whose father, a renowned psychiatrist, never acknowledged her (Casey was the result of a one-night stand). Until his death, that is. Casey's taken off balance when he leaves her a very valuable piece of property and is reluctant to accept anything that was a part of him. Casey is a likable, hard working character whose only living family is her mom who lies in a coma.When Casey finds a journal among her dad's things with a note that says something along the lines of [...]

    4. Flirting with Pete is a story within the story of a young woman who never met her father in life, and like him, Casey Ellis becomes a therapist. She's a whiny character that about drove me crazy for 3/4's of the novel, but she does redeem herself in the last 150 pages. The story line that held my attention was that of Marybeth Jennifer Clyde. Her father killed Jenny's mother as the woman beat Jenny. Jenny has no friends. Folks in Little River shun her - maybe out guilt, shame, or pure meanness. [...]

    5. Main character, Casey, was flat and one dimensional. Delinsky tried to give her depth, but there was still something flat and one dimensional about the writing. Just didn't much connect with her except in the beginning scenes when she was talking with her Mom. I thought those were quite creative.Jordon, similar to Pete, was too perfect.Before I get into the spoiler, I will say this book was a little hard to rate because what I most didn't like about it ended up having a legitimate reason for exi [...]

    6. I found this book hard to get into but I persevered and it was well worth it. I have a bad habit of reading the back page of any book that I read and I knew it had a happy ending, this probably why I kept going.Casey Ellis is a young woman whose father, a renowned psychiatrist, never acknowledged her (Casey was the result of a one-night stand). Until his death, that is. Casey's taken off balance when he leaves her a very valuable piece of property and is reluctant to accept anything that was a p [...]

    7. I love it !!! Iv read it so many times . I could read it again ! I'm trying to get other people I know to read it also :).

    8. Difficult to rate It was certainly a fantasy on several levelse heroine inheriting a gorgeous home in a prime Boston neighborhood with a hunky gardener and maid who's an amazing cook -and taxes all paid for. The writing is engaging and pulls you along. I had sympathy for Jenny and wanted her to find a way out of her problem.Here are the things I didn't like about it: The resolution of a subplot was w-a-a-y too drawn out for me, and the resolution of the main plot was a disappointing deus ex mach [...]

    9. This book pulled me in and kept me hooked. The main character has some flaws, she's not too smart, she's judgmental, plus she's a therapist who has terrible family conflict resolution skills. However, I liked her and all the secondary characters, except the bad guy, of course. There is a story within a story, that gives you a bit of a mystery. Some of the subject matter is disturbing and dark, but it is necessary for the story line. The depiction of Boston is beautiful, I felt at home there. I w [...]

    10. Casey Ellis is a therapist who is the result of a one night affair. With her mother in a coma from an accident 3 years ago and her father, a famous psychologist with whom she has had no relationship, Casey is on a journey of her own to discover who she is and what is real. Casey's dad leaves her a Beacon Hill townhouse and that starts a search for answers to why he would do that after ignoring her all of her life. The search leads to a manuscript left by her father that tells the story of a youn [...]

    11. I got riveted in this book! I really found it exciting and intriguing. Toward the end though I started to feel a bit like I was struggling. The main character is very similar to a Nora Roberts book I just finished. I felt it became bogged down and started to involve too many new tangents. Toward the very end it felt like a neverending ending! Just when you think a conclusion has been reached it goes on a bit more, then it seems sufficiently ended then STILL goes on! So that was rather tedious I [...]

    12. Didn't take me but about 1/3 of the book to realize I'd solved the mystery of Jenny. The mystery of Jordan snuck right past me, though. Casey took about 2/3 of the book to grow on me. Jenny's relationship seemed much too real to be true, but so did Casey's relationship with Jordan. Irked me a bit that one got to keep her "too good to be true" relationship, but the other didn't.I've loved the other Barbara Delinsky books I've read, but this one left me a little bored.

    13. I absolutely loved this book. It was I think, the first one of Barbara's books I have read and it pulled me right in and I could not put it down until I read it cover to cover. The characters were amazing, the story line was so interesting and contained so many ups and downs that I really enjoyed the ride she took me on. I cried sad and happy tears along with everyone else. I look forward to reading more of her books, as she tells a great story.

    14. This one should get 3.5 stars.An interesting story with many psychological turns and strange happenings that touched me.

    15. I need a 3.5 button. I enjoyed this book. I loved the story of Jennie because it had a good ending. I loved Jennie's sweet voice that we heard through the manuscript story. I loved that she invented Pete to get through what she couldn't do alone. And I loved that she couldn't commit suicide. She really was too good for that. Interestingly, she was even able to invent a love story of her own, complete with love-making--how she would do it if she had control, since all she had known was dirty and [...]

    16. The story of Casey, who grew up knowing who her father was and yet remained unacknowledged by him until he passes away and leaves her a windfall: a Beacon Hill home, with a hot gardener and a too-good-to-be-true cook/housekeeper, neither of whom she has to pay. Casey spends the book unraveling the mystery of her family through a mysterious journal she uncovers in the house.It was easy to read and interesting, and Casey is very relatable. But the cast of characters was a little too conveniently c [...]

    17. I understand where they got the title, and it is appropriate to the book, BUT the title is misleading in that it leads you to think it's a light, fun romance. Far from it.Jenny is a 24 year old in stress as she awaits her father's release from his 6-year stay in prison. Jenny's only friend in town is the Deputy Sheriff, Dan. Casey is a practicing psychiatrist hoping against hope that her mother lying in a coma will some day wake up. Casey has attended her renown father's lectures but has never m [...]

    18. I loved this book. Very romantic. Casey Ellis is a successful young professional woman who has always sought to know her father, famous psychologist Cornelius Unger. Her birth was the result of an almost passing relationship between her mother and the father she has never known. Now, her mother lies comatose, the result of an accident, and her father has died. Surprisingly, he generously remembers Casey in his will, leaving her an elegant townhouse on exclusive Beacon Hill. Not only is the townh [...]

    19. Nice, light, easy and fun read!"Psychologist Casey Ellis never met her father, but that didn't stop her from following in his professional footsteps. Now he has died, and Casey is shocked to have inherited his elegant Boston town house, complete with a maid and a handsome, enigmatic gardener. When she finds a manuscript that could be a novel, a journal, or a case study of one of her father's patients in her new home, she becomes engrossed in the story of Jenny, a young woman trying to escape her [...]

    20. An illegitiate child grows up loved by mother of one night stand bitter against father but trying to immitate…in being a therapist. He never acknowledged her, met, talked to her but leaves her a beautiful house and garden and parts of a story called, flirting with Pete. She falls for the gorgeous gardener, seeks the rest of the story about a sad girl and a vicious father who raped her repeatedly, the mother who is jealous of her for stealing her father’s affections and beats her. She kills t [...]

    21. By ANNETTE MARDIS"Flirting With Pete" will touch your heart on so many levels, and it's a story (within a story) that will resonate long after the last page is turned.The twin tales of Casey Ellis and Jenny Clyde are skillfully intervowen throughout the novel and offer some surprises at the end. The "aha" moments are no less powerful if you manage to figure them out in advance before the big reveals.I've enjoyed other works by Barbara Delinsky, but this one really stands out. While there are str [...]

    22. This is the second one I’ve read from Delinsky and it got me again. With an amazingly well thought plot and believable characters, the book features two parallel stories that develop together and end up entwined on a very dramatic and unexpected conclusion. The setting the scene part at the beginning was a little bit too long for me… but as I went forward, the plot started to unfold and things begin to connect with each other on ways that I wouldn’t have ever imagined. At the end, I found [...]

    23. Life has a way of dipping way down on you when you least expect it, but somehow you find your way up again with the help of friends and family. Even when you didn't know you had any family left. Casey Ellis is having a really bad time, the father she's never known has just died, her mother is in a coma, and one of her office mates took off with the rent money. I've always heard that bad things always seem to happen in three's and this story is no exception. There are some great characters who he [...]

    24. This light hearted title led me to believe it would be a light story, but I was wrong. Delinsky does it again with vivid characters that you love or hate, or just don't understand. But this book has wonderful twists (I won't say where so I won't give it away) that will have you saying, "Oh, I didn't expect that!" The relationship with Jenny's father is disturbing but Delinsky doesn't go for details, which I'm glad about. I know abuse is in our world. But there is so much to read in this story I [...]

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