You've Got Male

You ve Got Male AveryIsIn hi HJFan you ll never guess what happened Supposedly I m a dangerous cybercriminal and the feds have come knocking down my door They think I m in contact with some supervillain but I never

  • Title: You've Got Male
  • Author: Elizabeth Bevarly
  • ISBN: 9780778301301
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • AveryIsIn hi HJFan you ll never guess what happened Supposedly I m a dangerous cybercriminal, and the feds have come knocking down my door They think I m in contact with some supervillain but I never leave the house, and you re the only one I talk to Lv it to the govt, huh LOL DixonOPUS Avery Nesbitt made e mail contact with target today Although suspect seemsAveryIsIn hi HJFan you ll never guess what happened Supposedly I m a dangerous cybercriminal, and the feds have come knocking down my door They think I m in contact with some supervillain but I never leave the house, and you re the only one I talk to Lv it to the govt, huh LOL DixonOPUS Avery Nesbitt made e mail contact with target today Although suspect seems unaware of target s true identity, I can t be sure she s uninvolved My next move get inside Time to rattle Ms Nesbitt s perfect online world.

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    About "Elizabeth Bevarly"

    1. Elizabeth Bevarly

      Elizabeth Bevarly was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and earned her BA with honors in English from the University of Louisville in 1983 Although she can t recall ever wanting to be anything but a novelist oh, all right, she toyed briefly with becoming an archaeologist, until she realized how awful she looked in khaki and flannel, and there was a brief fling with the interior decorator thing, until she realized she had trouble distinguishing chintz from moir , and Where was I Oh, yeah My brilliant career Anyway, her career side trips before making the leap to writing included stints working as a bartender, a waitress, a movie theater cashier, a soap hawker for Crabtree Evelyn, an apparel hawker for The Limited, and a bridal registry consultant for a major department store She also did time as an editorial assistant for a medical journal, where she learned the correct spellings and meanings of a variety of words like microscopy and histological which, with any luck at all, she will never use again in this life.She wrote her first novel when she was twelve years old It was 32 pages long and that was with college rule notebook paper and featured three girls named Liz, Marianne and Cheryl, who explored the mysteries of a haunted house Her friends Marianne and Cheryl proclaimed it Brilliant Spellbinding Kept me up past dinnertime reading Those rave reviews only kindled the fire inside her to write .Since sixth grade, Elizabeth has gone on to complete than 60 works of contemporary romance Her novels regularly appear on the USA Today and Waldenbooks bestseller lists, and The Thing About Men was a New York Times Extended List bestseller She s been nominated for the prestigious RITA Award, has won the coveted National Readers Choice Award, and Romantic Times magazine has seen fit to honor her with two count em TWO Career Achievement Awards Her books have been translated into two dozen languages and published in three dozen countries, and there are than ten million copies in print worldwide She has claimed as residences Washington, DC, northern Virginia, southern New Jersey and Puerto Rico, but she now resides back in her native Kentucky with her husband and son and two very troubled cats where she fully intends to remain.

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    1. DNF.I stopped at 25%I felt nothing for either one of the main characters. The secret agency Dixon worked for sounded like something a ten year old would have made up. Sorry, no recs for this one.

    2. Wow. There are a lot of really bad reviews of this book. I rated it a 4 here, but if I had half stars, it would have gotten a 4.5. And, yes, as I have said before, my rating system is based completely on its readability and how much I've enjoyed something. So I'm not saying that this is on par with War and Peace or anything (although the fact that I have no interest whatsoever in reading Tolstoy definitely gives you a sense of my reading priorities), but I'm also not sure why it has so many bad [...]

    3. Heroine is a computer geek who once went to prison for a destructive virus she wrote and released to get revenge on a boyfriend who hurt her. Now she lives online--and in a fancy NYC apartment--and has just discovered her virtual lover is a cheat and wants revenge on him too. Not Revenge, revenge--just the virtual kind. But this cheating cyberguy happens to be an evil mastermind who's after something big, there's a government agency tracking him, and when she turns up on the radar, the hero (who [...]

    4. I stopped reading this book after only a few chapters. It seemed pointless. There was little flow to the story and the main character was just pathetic. I get that she was some cyber computer genius who didn't leave her house, but this makes for a very boring characterization. It felt like this book was going nowhere, so I didn't even bother skipping to read the end.

    5. there comes a point when a literary genre doesn't evolve; for me this book is the point. Contrived plots, stilted dialogue, and control issues that all the characters have, made this book unbearable after a while. I finished it because I liked the author's earlier works, but I wouldn't recommend this title.

    6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I remember when I read it about 3 years ago it was so much fun, it was cute and funny and a little sexy and yeah :)

    7. I have to agree with another reviewer's review - don't go by the blurb to decide whether or not to read this book, it really makes it sound dumb - and the story is anything but dumb. It's a pretty fast paced romance/suspense though the sex scenes were along the lines of buildup then fade to black, which is not my preferred type of sex scene - give me a little more to enjoy.Besides that there was one thing that made no sense to me in the story line:(view spoiler)[The main character, Avery, has be [...]

    8. I devoured this book, and didn't want it to end. This is a contemporary romance but with a nice story line. I loved the characters and how the author told the story. I will be looking for more books in this series and for this author. Loved it!

    9. Avery is an agoraphobic computer whiz. She lives alone with her cat and does her best to never leave. She has, however, met Andrew on line. He is the perfect man. Or so Avery thinks.In truth, Andrew is Adrian (aka the Sorcerer), an OPUS agent gone rogue. And he's only after Avery's mind (there's something you don't hear too often in a romance). When Avery was barely an adult, she accidentally released a computer virus that caused tons of issues (revenge plot against a bad boyfriend gone wrong). [...]

    10. This was a cute story.I have to say Avery was pretty neurotic, no wonder she was socially anxious.Dixion came off to me as a very serious bookish kind of guy, and the big secrecy about his 'Code Name' was a little funny, and the whole name thing with him and Guillespie was kind of weird. I found myself over thinking the plot, and I was wondering how both Avery and her sister were going to wind up with these two agents from OPUS. Over all I did like this story, and I may just look up the next sto [...]

    11. This review will seem familiar because the same review will go for every book in this series, and that's not a bad thing. It was a fun and fast read. I would recommend to anyone who was looking for something that didn't require a lot of thought. It was cute and worth a beach read or a rainy day read to fill your time. I am giving it a two star even thought I would like to give it a two and half star because even though the book wasn't very deep it was still greatly entertaining.

    12. Picked it up on a whim at Borders. The characters are over-the-top, the plot is corny, the sex is more explicit than I'd remembered from other straight-edged romance books, and I found the secondary characters (and their romance) more likable than the main characters. Still, it was reasonably entertaining -- and probably just what I needed on a lazy Sunday by the pool.

    13. I'm going to give this one a 3.5. It is a fun, sweet romance but the thing that stopped me from giving it a 4 star rating is that it left me hanging on the big suspense of the story. I guess that, unlike many romance series, the stories in this series are all going to be connected by the hunt for Sorcerer.

    14. Generally, I never hate romance books with chick-lit theme. How I adore reading the Shopaholic series and from time to time, I have immersed myself from the likes of Helen Fielding, Meg Cabot, etc. Now, I made an absolute exception. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME I HAD!!The book is full of plot holes, characterization as feverish as it could be, and oh I will never say a thingr

    15. Funny & quirky. Featured two pairings, which I wasn't keen on: I wanted the book to focus and explore on Avery and Dixon's relationship.I was disappointed that the plot wasn't resolved. I suspected midway through the book that the villain would serve as a long running plot point, enabling the author to write a series.

    16. Pretty cheesy and very steamy at times. The writing leaves a bit to be desired. At times I wondered if anyone proofed it. Once I got into it though, I did want to see how it ended. Good book for a lazy day I guess.

    17. I received this book for free as part of a promotion and figured I'd give it a read since it was time to pick up something new. The plot was mildly interesting at times but the overall language and editing of the book was lacking; not that I was expecting much from the title.

    18. Moved a little slowly. I started to get upset with the ending, until I realized this is the first book in a series. Nothing had given me that impression before reading it. I'll definitely read the next one to see where this story goes.

    19. Nothing wrong with the book. I typically like books like this - the light, fluffy romance with a bit of mystery in it. Not sure why I couldn't get into it

    20. 2nd in the series after "Just Like A Man." cute book, but I just can't seem to get into the Bevarly's books as easily as other authors. This was probably the best of the series.

    21. This book was funny! and kinda cool the romance was great. not to hot and heavy if yu like that sort of story like me but still very gud worth the read :)

    22. Fun. Better written than a lot of these. Unfortunately the main plot thread dose not resolve in this book. I found that very frustrating.

    23. Must be my mood, but I couldn't get into this story. Too much of a Get Smart feel to it that isn't hitting my funny bone at the moment.

    24. It was a cute fun read. The story was good, if a tad bit over the top at times, but I enjoyed the story. I'll be on the lookout for others in this series.

    25. It was ok but I had to stop from gagging when the character was calling herself whack. There was an effort I guess to infuse slang into the book. It did not work well at all.

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